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April 15th, 2005, 7:28 PM
Sunshine was everywhere as the gleamed its beautiful rays on the land. People played, froliced, and trained to spend their time. It had been like this for as long as anyone could remember. After the war of the sages finished no one ever worried about real conflicts ever happening again. However, that day the sun was cast out and the warm touch of the rays no longer touched the inhabitants skin. They stop and look up into the sky to see meoters raining down on them. Dragons swopped and went in for attacks. People ran and bounded running from the barbarians tearing the flesh of of people. Everything was turned to choas as all hell broke loose. No one understood what had just happened and everyone was frightened. Now 3 years after the incident, people hide as the watch the dragons, barbarians, and other creatures battled for supremancy. Nobody knows what happened and anyone who tried to fight was killed. However, now is your time to rise. You will search and try to uncover the mysteries about what had happened. What you find could change the fate of the worlds future...... are you ready?

In order to join you must have a biography of 1 to 2 people.
Ex: (is also my character)
Name:Martain Blascawitz
(your characters full name)
(what you would would like your character to be called)
(male or female)
(how old you are)
Village:Keito Village
(where you live during the crisis)
(what you are best at) (examples: Fighting is someone who does most things fighting. Spying is someone who is good at spying at eneimes. Snoopy is someone who is able to find things like clues and other vital things. You have the freedom to make your own class, just make sure it makes sense.)
Weapon: Short Sword
(the weapon you use) (the only weapons available are: Knife, Short Sword, Small Axe, and Wodden Bow and Arrows)
Apperance:Short brown hair, faded jeans, rusty bronze platebody, and soft, blue eyes.
(what you look like)
Personality:A quiet closed in person who doesnt think needs or wants anyones help. Although his soft blue eyes seem inviting he is not pleasant to be around.
(how your character acts)
Motive:Martain wants to bring things back before the crisis and is willing to give his life to change things back to the way they were.
(why your character wants to go on the journey)
Short Biography: Once a happy, go-lucky boy who trained a little with a sword lived very happily with his family. However, when the day of the crisis came he was seperated from his family and turned into a gruff serious young man. Unwilling to speak to anyone, he was known as the quiet one and only spoke when absolutely needed to. Decideing to go on this journey came when he relized what he and the rest or the refugees were: cowards. He decided to do something so, he gathered his old short sword and platebody and went to stop whatever had changed his life. (This is to tell about your characters life before and during the crisis)

That is my character and anyone who joins this should fill out this sheet. Just follow all normal RPing rules and have fun. I'll start it out.

Martain's Story
He layed their, thinking off what he was to do. His rusty sword lay next to him ready to strike if anyone to approach to injure him. In his mind, he thought of plan after plan on how to make a difference but, figured out nothing. He rose from the ground slowly picking up his sword. He stalked along the fields looking for any signs of fighting. He saw none. He wanted to fight yet he also felt as though he needed to hide. He had hid for the past 5 years thinking of how brave he was not going into hot sweats about the monsters finding him like the others. Then when the alarm came on to get into their hiding places, he hid too. How he was disgusted with himself for being such a coward he decided that he would leave the accursed village and go fight. However, he he would have known how hard it was to survive on his own he would have reconsidered. He looked around for some food and saw a small rabbit.

"That will feed me for a little while," he thought. He stalked the bunny until the opertune moment and gashed it with his sword. He then made a small fire and started to skin the rabbit.

"Ick," he thought to himself, "eating a dead rabbit may not be appitizing but it will keep me alive," he thought. After takeing all the skin of and taking out all the organs he cooked the rabbit. He still couldnt believe that he would go and try to fight by himself. After that thought his brain trailed off and started to brighten.

"What if I don't fight myself?" he laughs saying to no one but maybe the cooking rabbit. "I will gather a little army and we will fight and find out what happen to our great lands and turned them to rubble! This idea is brillant! It's fool proof! It's-," he trailed off, "hopeless."

He sighed as he ate the rabbits flesh trying not to concentrate on the revolting taste but his thoughts. "No one will ever want to go in fight...... I was foolish myself for decideing to go myself," he thought. He sat there deep in thought, eat the rabbit as if it were nothing at all.

April 16th, 2005, 10:40 AM
Name:Angel Koutaro
(your characters full name)
(what you would would like your character to be called)
(male or female)
(how old you are)
Village: Domono village
(where you live during the crisis)
Weapon: KNife
Apperance:Short lightish, darkish brown hair,a light blue mini skirt, and lovelying pinksih red eyes..
Personality:Sweet, caring to strangers but is vicious when she has to be.
Motive:ANgel waits the earth to be peaceful.
Short Biography:ANgel lives with her grandma and grandpa because her parents died in a car crash when she was only 1 year old.SHe hits anybody that gets her made. Making her get punished many times a day with her grandparents.

Angel's story
THe wind blows my lightish, darkish brow hair into my face. I take my hair out of my face. Watchs the wind blow the weeping wellow tree's leaves onto the ground besides me. I play with my with my hair by tristing it. Hears something. "Dean don't make me hit you agian" i said shaking my fist at him. "Okay i wouldn't" he said runing lout of the yard. I walk into my room and look out my window. i watch a dragon fly around. "I'll kill all of you" isaid quietly to myself. A tear forms in my eye. "Granpa, grandma i'll make them regret killing you" isaid still watching the evil creature.

April 16th, 2005, 12:58 PM
OOC: You dont write yours as Martains Story you write yours as your character so in your case it would be "Angels Story"
Martain's Story
After finishing his rabbit he lay his sleeping bag out ready to sleep. He fed the fire a few more sticks and nestled into his bag to sleep.

"What can I do?" he thought to himself. "How can I fight something stronger than 10 humans put together?" He kept thinking thoughts like that until he eventually fell asleep. He awoke the next morning to the smell of smoke. However, the smell was much stronger than just some fire he could have built. He rose from his sleep to see the horizon on fire, as if the sun was rising again. He was stupidfied by the sight of it and saw what had caused it. An all out battle had started as he slept between the Ogres and the Barbarians. He got up rolling up his sleeping bag and gathering his supplies. Hoisting his bag over his shoulder, he ran towards the battle. He unsheathed his sword as he ran towards the battle.

"Your all going down!" he yelled blinded by the chance to finally fight. He jumpped and got an Ogre right in its chest. The Ogre stood there stupified that something other than a barbarian attacked him. Martain looked up and was overwhelmed with fear.

"Hes so much bigger up close," he thought to himself looking at the twice as big Ogre. The Ogre yelled angrily and threw Martain to the ground. He raised his club but, his head suddenly disappered when a barbarian cleanly chopped off its head. Martain scurried off running from the battle. He dodged dropping bodies and fallen weapons and got away from the battle. He ran as far away as possible and then fell to the grass gasping for a breath. He lay there not knowing what time of day it was, because no one ever did. With no watches or sun people just slept when tired. He at that point reilzed how utterly useless his quest was.

"What was I thinking?" he asked to no one in paticular. "Thinking I could slay a whole army by myself! That is only something an idiot would do rushing into battle. Argh! If only I could've made a difference!" For the first time in 3 years after the incident, he sat down and wept bitter tears of shame and sorrow.

April 17th, 2005, 6:52 AM
OOC: I wanna join!
Leonard Kyozame




Hakagashi Village

Mage (Very Skilled at Magic)

Staff of Destiny (A Legendary Staff given to him by his father, Craig)

Short, Blue Hair, wearing a light blue outfit, with dark blue pants, oh, and a dark blue cloak.

Very Quiet, and very kind to people. Although, don't let this kindness fool you, as, he's fierce when someone messes with him. He likes to keep his feelings bottled up

Tries to find out why his father was killed.

Short Biography:
Before the crisis, his life was good, he was so happy and contented as anyone during that time. When the crisis occured, his life completely changed, his father has been mysteriously killed and he journeys to find out why, and how.

::: Leonard's Story :::
"Firem, Firem!!" Leonard said, while practicing his magic. A Jet of flame came out fomr the Staff of Destiny. It struck a wooden Totem and burned it to bits. "Yes, I finally mastered the Firem Magic... Now on-" He was interrupted by Chloe, his mother.
"Dear, could you, please, come over here?" She told Leonard.
"Sure, Mom." Leonard replied.

He went in, rather feeling great for finally achieving the Firem skill.
"Dear, I know that you're leaving tomorrow," She replied, starting to cry,"I need to give you something."

She went into the cellar, then, came out with a shiny amulet in her hands.
"This is the Nesohc Amulet. Your father wore it all the time. He told me, if he doesn't make it in the... war...," She began to cry, "I am to give you this..."

"Th-Thanks, Mom..." Leonard replied.
"Now, son," Struggling to keep herself from crying,"You must continue your training. I have faith in you..."

So, Leonard, continued his training...

April 17th, 2005, 7:49 AM
Martain's Story
He wiped away the tears and continued to walk. He looked at his rusty short sword and threw it down with disgust. He started to walk away from his sword when a voice caught his ear.

"Leaving your weapon on the ground like that, how sad," a gruff voice laughed. Martain turned around and saw the barbarian, and his army, that had killed that Ogre.

"Young man, it took great bravery to go and attack an ogre head on like that as well as foolish," he said looking at Martain.

Martain finally found his words and asked, "D-Did you w-win?"

"Of course! Thanks to you we were able to take out their captain!" he laughed!

"Y-You m-m-mean that Ogre I a-atacked was the captain?" Martain stuttered.

"Yes it was young man," he said, "now pick back up your sword and continue on! We decided to follow to thank you and make sure that almost getting killed by that Ogre didnt destroy your battle spirit! You may not believe it but even in the smallest packages there could be gigantic potential." The barbarian army started to walk and then stopped and the barbarian said over his shoulder and said, "Im morlax, if you ever need help Ill help you." And with that they made there way back to their next destination.

"Thank you Morlax," he whispered to the wind as he picked up his sword. Morlax's words inspired him to continue his journey and he trudged onward.

April 17th, 2005, 8:22 AM
::: Leonard's Story:::
"Now, I shall practice my magic" Leonard said to himself.
"Hm... are you leaving without me?" An unknown voice told to Leonard.
"Kristine! What are you doing?!" Leonard said to her.
"Umm... I wanna go with you! Please!!!" Kristine said to him...
"No! I go on this journey alone!" Leonard said to her.
"Hmm... typical, Leo, very selfish!" Kristine teased him.
"I'm not!" Leonard argued.
"Yes, you are!" Kristine replied back.
They began to argue with each other like Five Year olds...
This continued through the day. Leonard casted a "Silencio" spell to Kristine to silence her. It was a success, all Leonard had to say was "Finally..."

Kristine was frustrated and tried telling him to un silence her, then, suddenly, Leonard's mother came running to them in delight.
"Dear! The Ogre Captain has been killed!" She told them.
"By who?" Leonard replied.
"By a man named Martain. One threat has been gotten rid of, finally," She replied, in relief, "You take care, now!"

Kristine plays a very important role in the story, I'll add her bio later.

April 17th, 2005, 10:49 AM
OOC:Peeki I didnt kill him. I helped the barbarian captain kill him...o well.

Martain's Story
"Grumble grumble," Martain's stomach yelled.

"Aw shut up," he yelled punching it. "Argh I need to get something to eat..... ugh." He saw on the ground a dead rabbit covered in ants. "Not even I will eat that." he laughed. One hour later he came across a small village. "Finally! Food!," he yelled running as fast as he could to the village. He stopped at the front gate. "What if its a village of things who want to kill me?" he thought. He cast the thopught aside and walked in. Suddenly, a wolf lunged at him and Martain hit its side with his sword. It yelped with pain but got back.

"Aw ****, the blades so dull it cant even cause a scratch." he yelled. It went for another ttack and met the wolfs teeth with his blade. It snarled trying to pry the blade from his hands.

"Stand down boy!" a girl yelled out running towards the wolf. The wolf let go and ran to the girls side. "Hi I'm Alina who are you?" she asked.

Martain regained his composure and muttered, "Martain Blascawitz."

"Sorry about him," she said pointing at the wolf, "he protects us."

"Yeah, so can I enter the village without your wolf attacking me?" he asked.

She looked at him and said "Only if you come in unarmed." Martain shrugged and took off his platebody, sword, and supplies.

"Can I have something to eat?" Martain asked.

"Sure!" she said, "follow me!" He followed her into a small cabin. He went inside and down the stairs into a very dark room.

"Alina where are you?" he asked.

""Behind you!" she hissed sealing the door. He looked closely and found out that she wasnt a girl but a snakeshifter. And around him, almost a dozen more of them looking very hungry.

Trainer Ben
April 17th, 2005, 1:06 PM
Name: Suzaku Masato
Nickname: Suzaku
Age: 16
Village: Ishimaru village
Specialty: Fighting
Weapon: Short Sword
Apperance:Short silver hair, Dark Blue pants, White T-shirt, and sky blue eyes.
Personality:A quiet, but outgoing person. He does both the right thing and what his heart tells him. He doesn't mind making friends, but he doesn't often.
Motive: Suzaku wants to stop this crisis, and find the one love of his life, who was kidnapped during an ambush from barbarians.
Short Biography: Suzaku lived with his mother in a small house in Ishimaru village. He also had a sister, a brother, and a father, but they all left on some mysterious journey. One day, Suzaku's girlfriend, Princess Tanya Aini, visited him and the village. She needed to negotiate something with the village chief. Suddenly, she and her bodyguards were ambushed by barbarians, some riding dragons. He witnessed her being kidnapped, but he could do nothing without his weapon. After the attack ended, the barbarians were chased off, but still had Tanya. Suzaku promised to find her, and grabbed his sword, determined to get her back.

Suzaku's stroy:

He walked down the path on the road and saw two men talking. He heard one of them say something about the dragons. Suzaku walked over and asked the man about it.

"Haven't you heard? Apparently, them dragons are upraising or somethin'. They're goin' berserk just like the barbarians."

Suzaku pondered for a minute, and then thought of something.

"Bob and Chan might know something. I can't believe i'm saying this, but I need to find them." He thought. He thanked the man for the info and continued along the path.

April 19th, 2005, 4:15 PM
Name: Rune Elegy
Nickname: Rune
Gender: Male
Age: Appears 17
Village: None
Specialty: Battle/Spellcasting (Knows a number of basic spells, but specializes in "unusual" spells)
Weapon: Crimson Blade (Chained to his wrist)
Apperance: Dark hair, one eye covered with bandages, visible eye green
Personality: Rune is not easily angered and is fairly cautious. For certain reasons, however, he rather dislikes growing too close to anyone. Despite his usual calm demeanor, Rune is merciless when his anger is fully aroused.
Motive: Though he does desire to free the world from the darkness, Rune is also searching for the item to end his curse. He foremost reason, however, is simply that he has nothing left to lose.
Short Biography: Before the arrival of the darkness, Rune lived a relatively normal life. Due to numerous unsettling dreams, however, Rune left his family and began to travel in search of the item of his nightmares. The day the crisis began, Rune found the object--a cursed sword known as the Crimson Blade. Unfortunately, on that day there arrived others who desired the blade themselves. After a short conflict, Rune was able to obtain the sword in the hope of preventing the others from using it for evil. But, channeling their power through the blade, they laid on Rune a curse.

Though not yet fully aware of the curse's potency, Rune feared for his family and returned to his village. However, upon his return, he discovered that his entire village had been destroyed. Heavy with guilt and still unsure of the power of both the curse and the weapon he now found himself trapped with, Rune became a solitary wanderer.

Note: Rune cannot removed the Crimson Blade from his wrist.

Rune's Story:

"You know, eating passing travelers can't be healthy."

Suddenly, with no apparent explanation, a young male stood behind Alina, his dark scarlet blade raised toward her neck. No sign of emotion could be seen on his features or heard in his voice as he added, "After all, you've no idea where they've been. So, why don't you let this one go?"

Poke Chaos
April 28th, 2005, 2:10 AM
Name: Leon Greenleaf
Nickname: Leon
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Village: Wilderness
Weapon: Knife, Short Sword, Small Axe, and Wodden Bow and Arrows
Appearance: Like my attachment except younger and with hazel eyes.
Personality: Humorous, but is serious when it's time for it.
Motive: Leon wants to bring things back before the crisis and is willing to give his life to change things back to the way they were.
Short Biography: Used to be a slave but ran away and lived in the wild.

Martain's Story
I drew my sword and stuck it in the ground. Yet another hunt had been missed. I was starting to starve! I heard a noise and quickly regained my sword! Someone was coming! "Nobody comes in this forest!" I thought to myself.

May 1st, 2005, 7:21 AM
Martain's Story
He looked around tears coming from his eyes. He couldnt believe it was all going to end so quickly. He raced though his head for ideas but found. Without relizeing it he had fallen to the ground and was being crawled upon by a scaley body and was shivering.

"Mmmm you look delious," one of the shifters hissed. Then he suddenly remembered something he had read. Snakeshifters hate light!

"But what about Aliana," he thought to himself, "o well its the only chance Ive got!" He quickly drove all the shifters onto the ground and struck a match causing a faint glow.

"Ahahaha, you thought that that little thing could fend us off!" one laughed as the all lunged at him. He was hit but the match went sprawling across the room hit the side of the building and starting to burn.

"O...o no," one hissed as they all starting running wildy out of the room. The place was starting to burn down and as all the snakeshifters attempted to climb the stairs until the sound of splinters was heard as they all feel thought the staircase. Martain jumped up looking down at where the stairs at broke only seeing a hole with the shifters no where in sight.

"Well I guess its just you and me," a voice hissed behind him. It was Aliana and she wanted to fight. "I wont let you escape here alive!" Aliana plunged Martain. Quickly dodging he grbbed a piece of fallen wood and threw it at her and it dug right into her back. Infuriated she slithered toward Martain hitting a wall. Seeing his chance now that she was dazed he pulled the wood out of her back and pounded her with it. She lay in a heep on the floor unable to move. She was defeated however, he didnmt know how he could escape the burning building.....

Poke Chaos
May 5th, 2005, 2:58 AM
I heard a crackling noise. It sounded like fire! I ran towards where it was coming from. It was a huge building, and it was burning down! I saw a person in it. No, two, no, one person in it. They would die if I didn't do anything! I ran to the building and went in. I saw where some stairs had been at some point. Suddenly, I felt myself being pulled down by something scaly. I twisted around, my sword at the ready! There were 5 snakeshifters and they looked mad! I slashed at them, stabbing one in the back! Another lunged at me and I sliced its head off the building was coming down, and I had to get out.....