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January 5th, 2004, 7:49 AM
For those of you that read my Fan Fic, Pokemon Mellow Islands, you probably know that I make my own pokemon. So, you'll have to deal with the pokemon in it. Okay, here it goes...

Age: 11
Gender: Girl
Pokemon (at least have one pokemon I made up okay? no legendaries)
3)Leperlil (I made it up, it's a lepard with a flower on it's head and tail)
4)Pocus (It's the evolve form of Hocus [in fan fic])
5)Lingaching (evolve form of Chingling)
6)Fiox (Fire squirell)

Confused? Well, I'll give you some choices...

Maniabo. (Pictures below)
Type: Fire Lion
Element: Fire/Dark
Description: Body of a Tauros, curling horns, fire mane and tail, claws instead of hooves.

Type: Tidal Wave Maker
Element: Water/Psychic
Info:Two horns, a mask, teeth, two fingers and a thumb on each hand, beaver tail, wand, cape (and he's blue)oh, and two-legged.

Type: Evil Tree:laugh:
Element: Grass
Info: Two leaves on vines hanging from the top of it's head, two-legged, claws, sharp teeth, and he's brown.

Type: Flying Peecok
Element: Flying/Normal
Info: Beautiful multi-color wings, large talons, short beak, light green head, blue and pink chest, multi-color feathers from the top of it's head.

Type: Mutate fire squirell
Element: Fire
Info: Orange and white stripes, squirell-like, red mane and tail.

Type: Mutated Water Squirell
Element: Water
Info: Light blue, blue fins on head, mermaid tail.

Type: Mutated Lightning Squirell
Element: Electric
Info: Bolt ears, blue cloud-like mane and tail, yellow.

You can choose some from my fan fic as well, but they must be at level 50.

Oops...forgot the story.
It has been raining for 2 months in the Mellow Islands. There have been floods all over, and no one knows why. In a nearby hospital, there was an old man that died, but before he did, he said "Frost and Heat at the east of the coast there will be the answer to this rain. We need some trainers to figure out what is happening, so that's why people have summoned you.

January 5th, 2004, 8:07 AM
Nice rp,creative infact im joinin

Age: 14
Gender: male
Pokemon :
1: Spirit my flygon(see avatar for pic)
2: aroura,my flygon
3: Fiox
4: zombiyu(pic at bottom)
5: Flames(pic at bottom)
6: Timp
http://www.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/zombiryu.png sombiyu
http://www.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/fireumbreon.png Flames

http://www.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/tealumbreon.png timp

all of those pics go to butterfree(see sig),this is my way of giving credit
here are a few pics(if its okay with you SPon11) to use as discriptions or make a name for them
http://www.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/flamoreon.png http://www.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/grassoreon.pnghttp://www.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/rattatasquirrel.png http://www.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/absoom.pnghttp://www.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/dragon.png http://www.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/dragonkingdra.png http://www.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/griffin.png

January 5th, 2004, 8:17 AM
That first pokemon looks sort of like Fiox (well close enough). The second looks like Leox, which I didn't mention. 3rd looks a lot like Sqox (I presume you've read my fan fic). All the rest look like nothing I've explained. By the way, where'd you get those pictures?

January 5th, 2004, 8:22 AM
the others are just for you to make names,or for other people to make names for them
I think I know the only way to "copy'' them,butterfree knows that I know,and im spreading her art and giving credit

http://www.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/chaletwo.pngtidela without want and cape

January 5th, 2004, 8:34 AM
Hang on...I'm making pictures for my pokemon...it'll take awhile.

January 5th, 2004, 8:38 AM
Hang on...I'm making pictures for my pokemon...it'll take awhile.okay dokie

darn 25 caracter limit

http://www.mewshangout.com/files/volteonTN.gif (http://www.mewshangout.com/files/volteon.html)this goes to mewkitty

http://www.mewshangout.com/files/stalageonTN.gif (http://www.mewshangout.com/files/stalageon.html) same here

January 5th, 2004, 9:22 AM
Darn...5 attachment limit...here's watox and litox.

Now, let's get on with the RP! We need at least two more people...

January 5th, 2004, 9:28 AM
Darn...5 attachment limit...here's watox and litox.

Now, let's get on with the RP! We need at least two more people...we have to wait for school to be out,thats were everyone is

January 5th, 2004, 9:56 AM
But school IS out...I'm getting off topic...
*sits down and puts tape over mouth*

January 5th, 2004, 10:05 AM
sorry about off topic,its moday at 12:04 here
*shuttin up*

January 6th, 2004, 4:24 AM
Well, gee, doesn't anyone like my RP?

January 6th, 2004, 1:04 PM
I dont know....
but I dont think many have seen it, with all of ali(mika umbreon)s spam threads

January 6th, 2004, 3:16 PM
Yeah...Well, did the pictures come in fine?

...............................Gees! If someone doesn't join soon enough, I'm going to start right now!

January 6th, 2004, 3:45 PM
Im joinin! :D since it seems perdy interesting (and Nick i love Butterfrees sprites!) so...

Name: Scott Winters
Age: 14
Gender: Male
1: Charizard
2: Latios
3: Scythizard (from butterfrees sprites it wouldnt let me right click so i guess youd just have to visit the site)
4: Snorlax
5: Crobat
6: Dragonite

January 6th, 2004, 3:47 PM
heh,like I said I think Im the onlyone who knows
I found it outta common sence(or stupidity)
oyeah almost forgot

aww man I gotta go for the night in about and hour or two

lets start!

January 6th, 2004, 3:55 PM
SL, you need one of my pokemon...sorry, but you need to check my pokemon choices. I suggest Maniabo...check out his picture! Man, I sound like a moderater...:X not that they sound like that :nervous:.

Oh what the heck let's start tomorrow...it's 6:54 in Florida, so I'll meet you back here at 6:00 tomorrow (in Florida, so add 11 hours to your time). Is that okay?

January 6th, 2004, 3:57 PM
you mean an hour? we live in america also

January 6th, 2004, 9:41 PM
Okay ill take the peekotay think (its odd lookin but im gonna pretend it looks like a tie-dye Pigeot :laugh: ) and i live in Oregon so i only subtract 3 hours from your time

The Vince Knight
January 6th, 2004, 11:28 PM
I'll join... But do you hav to make pictures for the Pkmn you make up?
I'll post them until you anwser.

The Vince Knight
January 6th, 2004, 11:41 PM
I can't get them sprites from that site.
*Sobs* The owner protected them.

January 7th, 2004, 1:03 PM
well,tell me the one you want

January 7th, 2004, 1:09 PM
What a second, Dragon Master, do you mean Pokemon you make up (I don't mind them, and you don't have to make a picture, just discribe them), or mine? (I don't mind any one you choose, except it can't be legendary)

And Peekotay is NOT weird! I drew it on the computer, that's why! I'll try to do it BETTER...

January 7th, 2004, 3:02 PM
Sorry to double post, but it's 6 and we'd better get started. Okay, but first I need your pokemon, Dragon Master. If you don't post sooner or later, than this RP will become nothing but an Offtopic Discussion :laugh:

January 7th, 2004, 4:09 PM
Sorry to TRIPLE post, but we need to get started! (Dragon Master, just PM me and I'll set it up)

Haley was watching her favorite show, Yu Yu Hakesho (yay!). They just got in a nasty fight with this demon guy when:
"We interupt this program to bring an urgent announcement."
"Oh, COME ON!" She yells and bangs on the TV.
"Proffeser Oak from the Kanto region has an important announcement about all the rain."
"Thank you. I see all of you have noticed that there has been rain over a few months. This may not seem dangerous, but the water has become chest high and we shall not stay indoors any longer. We aren't able to get to our food and many pokemon are dieing (except for water pokemon). Many people have suggested eating some Magikarp for the rest of our lives." His face became a little weird. "I don't think we'll be doing that. I think the cause of the rain is of Dragonair and the pokemon Tiab. I know you've heard of the old man in the hospital, and so this is what I think has happened: legend says that Tiab can take over sick bodies and send messages of what is happening. It does do it on purpose, I might add. It does it because it likes to make humans--er--'freaked out', heh, but it didn't fool me." He gave a nervous glance at the news man near him as he chuckled. "Well, Tiab has a different reaction with sick pokemon. It can control the whole thing! What I'm saying is, PLEASE we need at least 3 or 4 pokemon trainers that are strong enough to take this thing on. Since Tiab already told us where he his, we just need to go there! So come to my lab in Pallet Town if you want to go, Okay?"
Haley flicked the TV off. She forgot completely about the show. She looked in the closet at her dusty back pack. She dusted it off and gripped it tightly. She went over to the phone to call Nick.

January 7th, 2004, 8:36 PM
"Hello?" nick said picking up the phone
"ill be right over"nick said hangin up the phone
"wow"he said to himself
"cant imagine...."
nick ran up to his room and opened his case and withdrew the six pokeballs
"faith be with us" he said
and he was off.....

January 7th, 2004, 9:04 PM
I would join, but we have to have one of your made up pokemon (you guys create too many restrisctions for Rpgs which is why i love pokemon dimension)

The Vince Knight
January 7th, 2004, 9:56 PM
I was so sorry I was so..... busy!
Oh and flygonruler I don't wan it anymore! Thanks anyway!
Metanite (a steel/dragon made out of a metagross and a dragonite)

January 8th, 2004, 2:13 PM
Oh, what the heck! Dragon Master, it's okay, you don't NEED to have one of my pokemon: you can have on of your's. And shep, I don't care anymore, just got on. Let's just go on with the RP!

The Vince Knight
January 8th, 2004, 3:32 PM
Drago is sleeping on the bed with his pkmn.
"Ahhhhh! One nice morning isn't it?" Drago said.
The other pkmn were around him sad.
"Whats the long face?" He said.
All the pkmn were making a hungry sound.
"I forgot to feed them!" Drago said
He fed the pkmn with special pokeblocks five in each bowl.
"I need to make a call." Drago said
Ring.. ring...
"Hello haley?"
"What Drago?"
"Do you mind if I come over cause i'm seeing the terrible news and maybe we could do something about it."

January 9th, 2004, 1:49 PM
"Yeah, come over!" Haley replies. "Nicks coming, too. Be carefull, though: the water's chin deep now. I'll call Scott."
She placed the phone on it's receiver then dialed Scott's number.

January 9th, 2004, 2:15 PM
Nick got onto spirit and rode over too haley's
"cant amahine why the waters so deep eh spirit?"he asked
"FLYgonnnn "she replied
"well I hope your right" he said,his voice trailing off....

January 10th, 2004, 9:43 AM
Haley dials Scott's number for the 12th time.

The Vince Knight
January 10th, 2004, 2:15 PM
Drago and his pkmn are doing are run to haley's house.
" A nice sunny day for a run at the beach to haley's.... right?" Drago said
The others smile.
"But I'd reckon that flying would be mach faster" Drago said
He hoped on dragonite and the others followed.

January 11th, 2004, 5:58 AM
*whispers* Drangon Master: the streets are flooded...

The Vince Knight
January 11th, 2004, 1:34 PM
"The streets are flooded? No worries i'll just use a boat!" Drago said.
Gets tons of logs and uses his pkmn to make it faster.
"One canoo coming right through!"
At haleys house...
"So I can't get into the front because of the flood... but I could go down the chimney.... Return all of you!" Drago said
He returns his pkmn.
"Down the chimney I go!" He said
*The falling noise starts playing*
"What was that?" Haley said

The Vince Knight
January 12th, 2004, 4:49 AM
"Owww my back...." He said
"Are you alright?" Haley said
"I'm fine. Now do you hav any idea to stop the flood?"Drago said

January 12th, 2004, 3:19 PM
"How can you stop the fllod when it's constantly raining?" Haley yelled.
"Proff. Oak said that we have to go to the east coast. I guess I can use my Flygon, Emerald, to fly to where ever we need to go." A beautiful pokemon came out and made it's familiar sound. It's gem necklace sparkled. "Wow..." she looked at Emerald with awe. "All this time and I haven't seen you, Emerald."
She gave Emerald a hug.
"I wonder when Scott's coming?"

The Vince Knight
January 12th, 2004, 3:31 PM
"We can't go now we hav to wait for scott" Drago said
Drago dials scotts number for the 100th time
"I've got an idea." Drago said
"What?" Haley said
"Hows about we seal the chimmney so the flood can't be here?" He said

January 18th, 2004, 3:19 PM
I'm doing first person now...

"Drago, you're missing my point. What I want to do is stop the rain. You see, if we seal the chimney, than we can't go outside and buy food. Oak said that the old man guy said that we need to go to the eastern coast. I think we should bring your dragonite to fly their."

January 18th, 2004, 3:26 PM
"Hello..." Scott said drozilly "This is...Scott Winters...would you like fries with that..." Scott said and sat up rubbing his eyes.

January 18th, 2004, 3:28 PM
(sorry to double post but im a mod! so ha!) :P well Dragon_Master i thought i had Latios...^_^;

The Vince Knight
January 18th, 2004, 3:42 PM
"Scott! Drago here! Are you at a restuant? STOP GOOFING OFF AND GET TO HALEYS HOUSE WE HAV BEEN WAITING 10 HOURS!" Drago said
"Oh and if you don't hurry up we'll hop on my Dragonite and go to the eastern coast..."He said
Drago hangs up.

January 19th, 2004, 1:33 PM
(sorry to double post but im a mod! so ha!) :P well Dragon_Master i thought i had Latios...^_^;
Yay! Your dream came true!

"Next thing you'll know he's going to scream 'GIGANTIC DONUT!' (for those of you who remember my old sig :B)." -picks up phone-"Come ON Scott! We haven't got any time to waste!"

I suddenly hear a noise at the door.

(I don't care who it is: Scott or Nick. If it's Nick, it makes sense, but if it's Scott, that makes no sense whatsoever :B)

January 19th, 2004, 2:00 PM
"yeah, yeah..." Scott said as he pulled on his red sweatshirt and released both Torch (Charizard) and Dragonite and hopped on Torch and flew to Haleys house.

The Vince Knight
January 20th, 2004, 11:28 PM
"Hes coming haley" Drago said
"Finally" She said

January 21st, 2004, 4:39 AM
Nick stepped inside as the water came in
"woh sorry about that"
"so who ya taking too hailey?" nick asked still tierd

January 21st, 2004, 1:29 PM
"It's Haley not Hailey, and I'm taking Emerald..."--pat's him on the back--"Fiox, Bulk, Plug, Chetit, and Friller. Er...is that what you meant?"

January 27th, 2004, 12:34 PM
(Sorry to double post, but this post is literally dead)

April 15th, 2004, 10:17 AM
Can I join?
Name :Caitlin 1.Maniabo 2.Leporlil 3.Sqox 4.Lunafur Awolf like creature with a half moon cap 5.Canard A large bird with two ram horns 6.Duskling A small Fox like beast that can be mistaken as a evil Eevee

April 15th, 2004, 2:39 PM
erm...^_^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; this thread has been 6 feet under since January XD

The Vince Knight
April 15th, 2004, 3:26 PM
Yeah its like it's dead or something....

April 15th, 2004, 3:27 PM
yup the RP died and went to heaven XD

April 17th, 2004, 4:47 AM
[font=arial]It's dead because I haven't been going online that much. Yes, Caitlin, you can join. You got permission from me when we were walking to school. Just come up like your my best friend.

"Hey, Nick: what took you so long? With Spirit, I thought you would be here in a heart beat!"

A knock came to the door (that's supposed to be you, Caitlin!)

April 28th, 2004, 12:49 PM
Yay! I feel included!

I'm not good at this...

What to write...what to write...

"Who's there? I mean...uh...oh, open the door...uh...where's the doorknob? Okay."

Caitlin knocks on the door again.

May 1st, 2004, 7:05 AM
"Caitlin, are you out there? I can hear you talking to yourself again."
*Haley opens the door and water poors in.

"You should have taken the chimney..."

The Vince Knight
May 1st, 2004, 6:11 PM
"Like I did!!!" Said Drago

May 16th, 2004, 9:21 AM
"Yes, exactly. My mom's going to murder me once she finds this water all over the ground. Well anyways, come in. We're waiting for Scott."

May 28th, 2004, 12:40 PM
"Oh,sorry.I Thought going for a swim would be fun." "I wonder where Scott is"*Haley walks over to the phone*

June 26th, 2004, 8:57 AM
"Um...why am I next to the phone?"

Someone comes down the chimney...(Scott! Get in this story before I chop your head off!!!)

The Vince Knight
June 27th, 2004, 3:28 AM
Maybe You should chop his head off..... XD
"Arrrghhhhh Water got into my shoes... UNFAIR. XD"

July 4th, 2004, 10:03 AM
Chop Scott's head off? *grins* I'd be delighted to! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

July 9th, 2004, 5:46 AM
Can I help? *smiles wickedly*

July 11th, 2004, 6:55 AM
Sure. As soon as he comes to the door, bite his head off!

September 1st, 2004, 2:14 PM
OK *Opens mouth wide* Is it open enuff?

September 1st, 2004, 2:25 PM
hmm i think this thing has long died im debating on closing it...

September 3rd, 2004, 5:45 AM
You...you're in this RP, aren't you? The guy whose causing it to be dead! You need to open the door!

The Vince Knight
September 3rd, 2004, 3:43 PM
I think he's going to close...this. I ain't sure...

September 4th, 2004, 8:23 AM
Ah...well...it wasn't too good anyway...you can close it, Scott, it's not doing to good.

September 6th, 2004, 3:42 PM
maybe you should start it over, that could get a fresh start on it =D but im not gonna close it

September 12th, 2004, 8:52 AM
Hey aren't you the one who won't open the door?Could you please open the door before you close this thread?Thats why this thread is dead.