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April 16th, 2005, 12:35 PM
Ok I got the idea for this rp while I was going home for school and I hope it will be liked^_^;

Our world lacks magic, that is a fact that many knows but what not many knows is that this world acctually held an imense quantity of magic and magic beasts several centuries ago, everything from angels and demons to phoenixes and sea monsters... They roamed freely on land, in the air and in the oceans, they lived peacefully togheter with humans, but then one day the humans started fearing these creatures and that fear turned into hate, and with that hate the humans attacked and killed of many of the fantasy creatures. The Gods and Goddesses decided that they should let all magic creatures flee to other worlds until the humans would learn to not fear things that is diffrent and so they did, they opened portals and let them go to live in other worlds. Now centuries later the Gods and Goddesses has forgotten the blue juwel planet Earth and the humans has forgotten about the war against the magic ones but they still remember the magic ones as fairytale creatures, but the humans has still not learned to not fear the diffrent. Now this day mysterious things has started happening, like things disappearing, animals getting upset for nothing, dark scary shadows in the dark, the list can continue on forever, some thinks that its just the imagination going wild, somethink they are going nuts and some thinks its some unknown alien things that the government keeps quiet about. But the truth is that the world has started to be invaded by the evil magic creatures like demons, aliens, witches and so on... Its not that bad right now, but it will only go down hill from here...When the Gods and Goddesses discovered that the evil had started and invasion of earth, they decided that they should let five young teens possess one angel spirit each that would turn them into great warriors of light, since the gods themselfes couldnt stop the evil for some reason. And so they blew the spirits into the unknowing teens....they doesnt know about it until they gets attacked in a park by a demon.
Now this is where you comes in! You can be one of these five teens or one of their allies (magic or non magic) or even one of the darkness forces.
If you want to be one of the five warriors you have these spirit to chose from:
Metal Tiger Angel of West
Wood Wolf Angel of North
Wind Dragon Angel of East
Flame Phoenix Angel of South
Gold Dragon Angel of the middle- sorry, this is taken by me!^_^;

the five warriors can be girls and boys, it doesnt matter which gender you chose to be as long as another girl is in the team.
Your transformation suit can look anyway you want it to, just remember that it has to be good to fight in, and each time we transform
we gets big wings.

if you wish to be an allie or an enimy you have a wide selection of magical creatures and beasts inkluding humans to be! but Im not going to post a list!

ok here is the rules:
1. no spam!
2.no godmodding!
3.romance is allowed but not anything beyond kissing and hugs!
4. dont swear!
5.have fun!^_^

here is the template:

Summon: (if you got any summons)
SpiritIf your one of the five warriors of light)
Companion/sidekick: (if you got any)

profile for your Companion/pet/sidekick:


my profile:

Name:Sakuya Kamio Oozora
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: human
Personality:Sakuya is a kind girl who would risk anything to help a friend, she is brave but also reckless, hotheaded and a bit immature and childish and even thought she is going through hard things she keeps some of her innocense, but she also easily doubts herself at times.
Bio: Sakuya is a decendant of Konohanano Sakuya Hime no mikoto, a goddess whos decendants mixed with the normal humans(asian,europiens,african and all kind of people you want but Sakuya has genes from europiens), but during the centuries they decendants forgot about their divine ancestor. Most of Sakuyas family is from Europe and she was born in a European country but her parents decided to move to Tokyo when she still was very young. So except for being a decendant of a Goddess she is just a normal tought girl without powers, or so it was untill she was saved from a demon by a talking fox called Byakko. The fox tells her that she and four other has just been blessed with magic powers and an angel spirit inside her to fight against demons, witches, aliens and all other bad fantasy monster that the human mind can make, the fox also told her about her godly ancester and for this reason Byakko calls Sakuya, Sakuya no mikoto.
Description: normal:http://www.deviantart.com/view/10319825/ transformed: http://www.deviantart.com/view/17288358/ her wings becomes black if she gets sad or feels any negative feeling.
Summon: none
Weapon: Heartblade
Spirit: Golden Dragon Angel
Companion/sidekick/pet: Byakko the winged fox

Race: winged kitsune
Personality: Well Byakko is kind of the quiet type and doesnt often tell his friends important things.
Bio:Nothing is revealed about about Byakkos past yet, but one day it might be revealed. But right now he lives with Sakuya and most thinks that he is a just a wierd dog.
Description: http://www.deviantart.com/view/17288400/ his wings can disappear when he wants.

April 16th, 2005, 1:17 PM
Name: Pyro
Personality:sorry i dont put personalitys in my charcters cuz i can never go with them
Bio:his parents died when he was 7 because of a shout out. his sister and him got a way but had to pay. His sister's left arm is "died" and Pyro got into a nucler reaction explation when they were trying to escape, so his skin is realy senitive to light. The nest 9 years Pyro and Jenny (his sister) lived on the street. A month ago Pyro fond a talking cat who gave him a bow with fire arrows. The cat said his name is Roy. Jenny still dose not know Roy can talk.
Description: Pyro wears a black shirt with black pants for his skin. His quiver is made of frozen lova. His bow is made of oak with ivery pictures of Phoenies. The arrows are oak as well with stell tips made in lova.
Summon: Roy can make his arrows in to phoenies when fired.
Weapon:Bow and arrows
Spirit:Flame Phoenix Angel of South

profile for your Companion/pet/sidekick:
Race: Demon cat
Personality:He is outgoing but still wise.
Description:A orange cat with strips of fires when in demon "mode"

When can we start?