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April 17th, 2005, 7:53 AM
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She struggled against the wind as she fought against the waves. She didn't know what to think as she tried to swim towards any land avaible, With he strength running low, she gave up and let the waves take her. Then she heard a faint growl before passing out...

"Are you okay little girl?" a voice had said. Ten year-old Malon Birch opened her eyes. "I guess so, who are you?" she muttered in her weak voice. She could tell she was in a bed, and she was in a room painted pink. Then she saw the source of the voice, a man wearing a blue shirt and blue cap. "You don't need to know,get some rest, and when you can talk, we'll talk." he replied. Malon then fell asleep again.

When Malon Birch woke up, she couldn't remember anything. Well, anything important anyways, she forgot her last name but strangly remembered her first. She remebered what happened last night but she didn't remember why. She couldn't even remember anyone's names. She was in a hospital room, and the person that talked to her before was back. "Do you remember anything little girl?" he asked in a rough voice. "I know my name, I'm Malon, and... I don't remember what happened, I just remember being in the water, and passing out." Malon answered. Malon opened her eyes and looked around. In her blurry vision, she could make out a table next to her bed with a pot of flowers, and a door with a strange blue emblem carved above it. "My name is Percy," he continued. "I belong to a society called Team Aqua. When I saw you drowning during my routine patrol, I sent out my Wailmer to help you. Aparrently, your parents abandoned you." He took a sip of coffee before continuing, "We of Team Aqua don't like it when people are abandoned, all people are family. I take it that you don't remmember much more than your name" he put down his cup of coffee and pulled out a notepad. "Our team is dedicated to helping those who have been abandoned by their unfaithful parents." Malon, hearing of this great organazation, said, "Can I join your ranks?" she remembered that line from some movie she saw, although she had no idea what a movie was. "Of course you can and when you come of age, we'll let you tackle some jobs." Percy's answer was swift. "You are of age to join our ranks. When you get better, we'll let you train at our base stationed in Slateport." He took out some device, a Pokenav, although it was blue and had the same blue emblem that was above the door. He clicked a few buttons and handed it to Malon. She reached out and looked at it, she remebered its name, what it could do, but she forgot how to use it. She stared at the device in her hand until Percy said, "If you need anything, tap the green button right there." He indicated a small round green button on the side. "Well, I have some things to do." He walked out of the room and closed the door behind him. Malon stared at the device in her hands. She pushed one of the keys. A robotic voice said "Hello, Malon, welcome to Team Aqua. over the next few minutes you will be lectured on how our organazation works. Press the GO button to continue." Malon looked at the screen. After a few moments, she pushed the red GO button.

One month later....
Malon walked the beach in her long blue dress. She stared at the wide ocean, marveling at how beautiful it was. She turned around, and saw the huge city of Slateport. She looked around the beach, seeing many people enjoying the sun and taking turns splashing at each other while sailors played cards under an umbrella. She knew that one of the Sailors was Hagen, a top Aqua spy who was investigating on the sailor's plans. She knew what would happen next, while at sea, the ship will be stopped by Team Aqua, and all the goods and Pokemon would be stolen. Malon walked down the beach, not caring that her feet were bleeding from stepping on glass on the beach. She was used to pain now, although she couldn't remember anything past that night where she was in the water, she remembered what had happened during the last month. She was trained to swim, to fight, and to battle, often pushed to her limits. She knew how to battle with Pokemon, she knew that Pokemon were very powerful, second only to humans. She had battled against many Aqua members in practice, they would ususally outwit her, but somethimes she got her glory. She walked to the side of the beach, letting the water of the tide caress her feet. She heard a boy yelling in the distance, yelling at a girl who was aparently his sister, for she had walked over his sand castle. Then, Malon heard a small crying sound. She turned around and saw a Pokemon in the water, aparently very very samll. It looked injured, for it could not stand. Malon remebered what it was, it popped up a few times during her studies. It was a Lapras, a Pokemon that rarely apeared in Hoen, but passed by in great numbers. This one looked like an infant. Malon ran over to it, not caring that her dress was getting soaked with saltwater, as she bent over to pick up the tiny Lapras. Although the thing was just a little larger than her head, it was heavy. She held it to her eye level, and said to it in a soft voice, "Don't worry, I won't abandon you like your parents did, or like my parents did. I'll raise you up, and you will be able to show everyone that you are better. Just because your parents left you doesn't mean that you can't be better." With that the Lapras stopped its crying. Malon then carried the Lapras to the Team Aqua HQ...

Six years later...
Lapras sprang back as Mightyena slashed at it with its claws. Lapras was not fast enough however, and the claws connected and gashed Lapras. Lapras retailiated and shot an ice beam, it hit Mighteyena, but barely did anything. As the two Pokemon continued battling, Malon watched on from the observetory tower. "Percy, do you think Lapras and I can finally do a mission?" Malon asked. She really wanted to do something, for she felt as if she was not earning her keep. "Don't worry Malon, when Lapras is stronger, we'll let you have an assisgnment. Percy turned to the monitor, and continued watching the battle. They were in the Training Center observetory, where they could observe battles being fought by their Pokemon. These battles did not involve trainers, instead the Pokemon fought for themselves. Malon watched on eagerly. Lapras shot another ice beam as Mighteyena recovered. Mighteyena sprang out of the way, then circled Lapras quickly and struck at its back. Lapras growled, and did a rapid spin, knocking Mighteyena off balance. It stopped, turned, and shot another ice beam, which knocked Mighteyena out. Mighteyena laid sprawled on the floor, breathing slowly. Two Aqua grunts moved in to control Lapras, usually after a battle, Pokemon raised at the Aqua Base would go beserk. Malon smiled at Percy. "Guess you owe me twenty dollars." Malon said with a grin. Percy smiled back. "Whatever, I'll transfer that to your acconut." Percy replied as Malon left the room. He looked on the monitor and saw Malon take out her AquaBall and return Lapras. She returned to the room. "Well, I'm going to my room to change. Today I'm going out to town." Malon told Percy as she left the room. Percy quickly replied, "Don't spend all your money." as she left the room.

Malon walked down the gray corridor and found her room. She swiped her card into the lock, and the green light starting blinking as she opened the door and into her room. First, she took off her sweaty Aqua uniform, she had a workout session today. She went into the shower and took a nice long bath, after coming out, she put on her civilian clothes; light blue jacket, black shirt, blue skirt, and a nice little white hat. She tied a ribbon around her hair. She was ready to go to Slateport. She first took her AquaNav and pushed the yellow button on the bottom. The AquaNav changed color from blue to yellow. She stuck it to her belt, as well as her AquaBall, which changed from blue to red. She walked to the elevator, pushed a button for the top floor, and left the Aqua HQ.

A few minutes after she left the Aqua HQ, she took the secret underwater passage that led from the base to the surface. She held her credit card in her pockett, she knew she would need to use it soon while she was shopping. She walked around town, looking for anything new. She walked and walked and found nothing interesting. She went to a small stand with a young man working there. "Hello. How are you?" the man asked as she aproached his stand.
"I'm doing fine thank you, how much are those bottles of sand?" Malon asked. "A dollar and twenty seven cents, these bottles make great souveniors don't they?" The man replied as he took one out of his box. After paying the man, Malon left and went to the beach, a place that always calmed her. She was always at peace when she listened to the sound of the waves. She noticed a young girl, propably fourteen, walking up the beach. She was wearing a red shirt, white skirt, and a red cloth was tied around her head as a hat. She walked up the sand in a hurry. Malon suddenly had a great idea when she saw the pokeballs on that girl's belt. She followed the girl silently, waiting for a chance to steal her Pokemon. Malon had seen so many videos about it, and whenever she saw a trainer, that trainer was usually in his/her twenties, making stealing Pokemon from him/her very hard. This was the first time she saw a trainer so young. Malon had taken many classes on this, first find the victem, stalk, then strike when they were not being watched. The girl went to the far corner of the beach, and spread a blanket over the sand and laid down on it, with an umbrella over her head, obviously taking a nap. Malon grinned. This would be easier than she thought. Malon scanned the beach. No one was there execpt for a family of four playing tag in the water. Malon crept up from behind, not making any noise at all. The girl had her pokeballs detached and placed next to her inches away. This is way to easy Malon thought as she picked up the two pokeballs. The girl was not deaf however, Malon made a small giglling noise that made her turn around. She saw Malon holding her pokeballs and yelled, "What are you doing?" Malon was terrefied, and she ran. The girl got up and ran after her. "Give me back my Pokemon thief!" Malon thought fast. She couldn't go back to base for the risk of exposing the secret passage. So she then had an idea. As they ran into town, with the girl screaming and screaming, Malon ran into an alley on purpose. She held her AquaNav in one hand, in emergency, she could call for backup. She pushed the green button. Any moment, Percy would be coming, he was very fast, and had an abra who could teleport him out of base. After about thirty seconds, the girl caught up to her. She had a boy right next to her holding a PokeBall. "There Brandon, there is the thief!" The boy named Brandon looked at Malon. "Those Pokemon don't belong to you, hand them over before you get hurt!" The boy was waering a white hat, black shirt and black pants. He had a backpack slung over his shoulder. "No, you'll have to fight me." Malon answered. She learned that you should make your opponent feel inferior to you before a fight. However, the fact that she was in the dead end of the alley was sort of an irony.
"Fine then." Brandon answered. "Watch May, this should impress you." He threw out his pokeball. "Go Combusken!" he yelled as the pokeball popped open and revealed his Combusken. Malon grinned. She threw out her AquaBall containg Lapras, and Lapras apeared after a split second. Both pokemon seemed eager to fight. Lapras looked more eager. "Combusken, use double kick!" Brandon commanded. Combusken roared before charging at Lapras. Malon commanded Lapras, "Use water gun!" and Lapras sprayed a jet of water at Combusken. Combusken had to much momentum from his run, he couldn't stop fast enough to dodge the water gun. It was hit and it flew back, greatly weakened. "Darn..." Brandon said, "Combusken, use ember!" Combusken shot flames out of its mouth, but Lapras answered those flames with a watergun attack, and it extinquished the flames while giveing Combusken a heavy blow. Combusken fell back and was down. "No! Combusken!" He cried as he returned Combusken to hid pokeball. Just then the cops arrived. "Freeze thief!" the lead cop yelled. She had a growlith with her. Malon smiled. Did everyone have fire pokemon these days? She guessed so. "Maybe it's you who should freeze." She said as Lapras shot an ice beam at Growlithe. Growlithe was caught completly off gaurd and was thrown straight into the officor. Malon was very very happy with the progress she made. She saw Percy in the distance, wearing his Aqua uniform. A couple of more cops pulled up, both had Electrike. Malon kept up her grin. She knew Percy could take care of those cops. She decided to bluff. "Ooo scary Electrike. What are you going to do? Bite me?" The girl who was named May looked pretty disgusted. "Look, you are surronded. Give up theif!" Malon answered, "Look again."
The cops, May, and Brandon turned around. A Walrien was staring them in the eye. The cops turned their attention towards Walrien. "Call for backup." one said in a shaky voice. Both Electrike snarled. Percy smiled. They were scared, Percy liked it when his opponents feared him. When there were sounds of sirens in the distance, Percy called out to Malon. "Quick Malon! Use my abra!" He tossed out his AquaBall to Malon. Malon caught it in midair. May looked at Percy then Malon. "She works for Team Aqua!" She yelled. Malon didn't care, she sent out Abra, and it used teleport, sending it and Malon back to the entrance of the HQ. Seeing that Malon was safe, Percy called out. "Use icy wind Walrien!" Walrien let out a might roar before sending icy wind towards the Electrike. Both were stunned, even the cops were stunned by the cold. Percy saw his chance to escape, he returend Walrien to its AquaBall, and ran off back to base.

"What were you thinking!?" Percy asked when they got back to base. "These people now know who you are! you risked exposing Team Aqua!." Malon replied. "I was only doing what I am supposed to! Steal Pokemon and get away with it!." She looked away. "I didn't think it would turn out like this." Percy smiled, then placed a hand on Malon's shoulder. "We all make mistakes, don't worry about it." he said in his most calming voice. "Well, at least I stole two Pokemon. Malon said, indicating the two Pokeballs on the metal desk. Percy walked up to the pokeballs, then threw them into a chute labeled POKEMON TESTER. He typed in a few words and on the monitor showed a grew-walled room. The two pokeballs Malon stole were sitting on the ground. A second later, two Pokemon apeared, a Marshtomp and a Grovyle. The two pokemon looked confused at their new surrondings. Percy turned to Malon. "You have done well. But due to the incident you will should not ever apear in town again. It is time you start taking assignments, I guess you have proven yourself worthy." He turned to his work desk, and pulled a few papers out of the cabinets. "Go to your room and read over these papers. I expect you ready to do your assignment tommorow. Good luck. Schemer." Malon took the papers and replied. "Thank you Percy! I'll do my best, I promise!" She ran out of the room. Percy sighed and turned back to the monitor. She would soon learn that life with Team Aqua was not an easy one.

The next day...
Malon got up extra early, nine o clock. She looked around her room. Even though most of the base was undergound, she had one of the upper rooms, so a little sunshine came into the room from the window. She looked outside and saw Tailow flying around. She picked up her Aqua uniform and put it on, throwing her nightclothes into her laundry. She had read the papers for an hour last night, her assignment was to go into the dessert and track down some fossils in there. She was to be joined by Gale, a grunt who Malon had never met. He was a boy who was about fifteen, and he had a Migheyena. After she dressed, she went to the cafeteria for a brief breakfast. The robots couldn't cook as well as humans, but they did the job. After eating down her breakfast of rice and eggs, she went to the Aqua Training Center to pick up Lapras. She went over to Percy's office, and he was in there. He woke up at six most of the time. He looked up from some paperwork he was doing then said, "Excited aren't you?" Malon replied in her jumpy voice, "Of course! When can I leave?" Percy looked on his screen for a moment, then said, "Well, Gale has been waiting for you. He is in Section E Room 33." "Thanks alot Percy!" Malon said as she skipped out of the door. Percy muttered, "Good luck, you'll need it..." before he turned back to his paperwork.

Malon knocked on the door for the fifth time. "Gale? Come out here! Cmon! We have a job to do!" Then she noticed a boy behind her. "Hey, so you're Malon. I'm Gale. Sorry, I was just getting some breakfast." Malon turned around. He was wearing his Aqua uniform, and was holding a banana. He took a bite out of it before continuing. "Percy tells me this is your first assignment. Well come on in to my room, I need to show you somthing." He swiped his card through the mechanism and walked through. Malon followed. "So Gale, I take it this isn't your first affsingment?" Gale said without looking, "No, it isn't, this is my third." Malon looked around his room. He had his bed, a table with some books, looked like DnD, a desk with computer, a grabage and laundry chute, and a AquaBall rack. He walked over to the rack and picked up two pokeballs. He tossed one to Malon, who missed it. "This pokemon will serve you well, he's a Zubat. Caught him during my first assignment." He took another bite out of his banana and then threw it down the garbage chute. "Well, let's go then!" Malon exclaimed. Gale nodded and followed her out of his room and out of the base.

April 17th, 2005, 7:55 AM
"So Percy found you when you were drowning in water?" Gale asked. He and Malon were on the path between Slateport city and the dessert. They were both wearing Aqua uniform, Malon had a striped blue shirt and dark blue jacket as well as blue shorts. Gale was weraing a striped blue shirt and blue shorts as well. Both shirts had the Aqua Symbol stiched into them. "Yeah, so tell me Gale, how did you join Team Aqua?" Gale thought for a moment, then answered, "Well, when I was a child, I was kidnapped by some criminals. But then Team Aqua saved me. I didn't have a home so they gave me one." As they walked on, they were on the edge of the dessert. Malon looked on. "Where is this 'fossil'?" Gale looked as well. "Well, its in a cave somewhere, lets stick to the path." Although there was no sandstorm, there was quicksand pits. "Ahh! to much sand in my eyes!" Gale complained. He scratched his eyes with his hands. Malon quickly gave him a blue hankerchief. "Don't hurt yourself." she said as she handed it to him. He thanked Malon before wiping his eyes with the hankerhief, and after deciding that Malon didn't want it back, he said. "Much better, lets go." As they walked on, they heard I cry for help. They rushed towards the sound, and saw a girl in red and a boy in black stuck in the quicksand. Well, the boy wasn't stuck, he was crawling away. The girl continued screaming. Malon instantly regonized them, May and Brendan. "Gale, we need to help them!" She ran over to the pit. Gale nodded in agreement before running after Malon. Gale threw out his AquaBall containing Mighteyena. "Mighteyena! Help that girl get out of there!" Mightyena roared before leaping into the quicksand and letting the girl wrap her arms around it. When she was secure, Mighteyena leaped upwards to get out of the pit. Mightyena was strong, and made it out quickly. It threw the girl off onto the path. She laid there for a couple of seconds, and the boy came over. "You again!" he exclaimed, pointing at Malon. Gale returned Mighteyena, and asked Malon, "Do you know these people?" Malon gave a quick answer, "The boy is Brandon, the girl is May, and I robbed them yesterday." May tried to get up but couldn't she had scratches all over her from the sand. Brandon helped her up. "Why did you steal her Pokemon?" Brandon continued. Gale then yelled back. "We just saved her life! Can't you show any gratitude?" Brandon put down may and pulled a pokeball off of his belt. "You want to settle this with a battle?" Gale thought that Mighteyena is already weak from that act he just pulled. Then he noticed Malon wink at him. Then he got it. "I'll challenge you Brandon!" She exclaimed while pulling an AquaBall off her belt. "No I can handle it!" Gale said. He was bluffing. "Let me handle it, you can take the next twerp," Malon answered. "Well come on then little boy. Show me what you've got!" Brandon threw his pokeball. "Well, I guess that means I'll have to beat up a girl." His pokeball revealed his Hairyama. Malon threw out her Zubat. She learned that posion and flying type pokemon were perfect to thwart fighting types. "Go Zubat! Use supersonice!" Malon commanded. Zubat shot out its ultrasonic waves that scored a direct hit on Hairyama, causing it to be confused. "Hairyama use arm thrust!" Hairyama was dizzy because of the conufsion, but he was able to throw a punch at Zubat. Zubat was small however, and dodged the attack with ease. "Zubat! Use wing attack!" Zubat struck Hairyama with both wings, one after the other, while avoiding another shove from Hairyama. Brandon was very annoyed. "Hairyama use use vital throw!" Hairyama rushed forward to hit Zubat. In its confusion, it moved straight forward, about to attack anything that came up. Zubat swiftly manevered out of the way, but Malon was standing right there. Hairyama picked up Malon and threw her up in the air a couple of feet. She landed on her back with a cracking sound. Gale was stunned. He ran over to Malon. "Are you alright Malon?" He asked. Malon was unconsious breathing slowly. Strangly enough, Brandon let out a laugh. "Ooo what is of your tough Team Aqua now?" Gale was enraged. Everyone could feel Gale's rage, as if he was exerting an aura. Zubat felt this rage. Gale yelled, "Zubat! use air cutter!" Zubat flapped it wings and hit Hairyama with full force, the air became razor sharp and pierced at Hairyama. Brandon was stunned by the sudden attack. He yelled, "Hairyama use rock throw!" Hairyama picked up a few stones and hurled them at Zubat, each one missed. "Zubat! Use wing attack again!" Zubat struck again, and Hairyama missed again. It was tired out by all the blows from Zubat. Gale ordered, "Finish him! With air cutter!" Again, Zubat flapped its wings to create razor sharp winds which knocked out Hairyama. "No Hairyama!" Brandon cried out. Gale looked around. He saw May sprawled across the path and he also saw Malon on her back. Brandon then called out to Gale. "This isn't over yet!" He ran off into the distance as fast as he could. Gale ignored him as he walked over to pick up Malon and let Mighteyena carry May. Mighteyena had already recovered. Gale then gave Mighteyena orders to drop May off at the hospital entrance and then run back to base. Gale carried Malon through town on his back, he avoided people, and because it was lunch time, that was very hard to do. Many people saw him and yelled, "Team Aqua is here!" but no one found them. He brought Malon back to HQ and to the medical room. Then he told doctors what happened and he watched from another room through the window the operation that was going on. Percy was down there in about a minute. "What went wrong?" Percy asked in a concerned voice. Gale explained everything that happened. "Oh goodness. A Hairyama? Well. Lets hope for the best." Even though he didn't know Malon very well, he still hoped for the best...
Wally strolled around Mauville city, looking for a resteraunt. He had just taken care of his third gym battle, with his badge in hand, he walked on. May and Brendon had gone before him to dessert, they were propably in Fallabor town by now. After about twenty minutes, Wally settled for a hamburger at the burger joint. As he chowed down on the burger, his PokeNav had a message on it. He popped it open with his grease covered fingers and read the message. It was from the Slateport hospital, they had contacted him because May was in the hospital and advised him to come as soon as possible. Wally put down his PokeNav and wiped his hands with a napkin. Not caring that he had ketchup on his face, he went to the subway to go to Slateport.

May woke up in the hospital. She was alone in a light blue room, the light was turned off, but light from the window was good enough. There was a table right next to her, and a television set right in the corner of the room. She heard the door open. Then she saw a boy- Wally -come in. His face had ketchup on it, and she noticed he was wearing the white shirt and dark pants his mom gave him. "Hey Wally." she said, suprised that her voice was so weak. Wally replied, "Hey May, what happened this time? Did Brendan lose his temper?" He didn't think it was to serious. "Wally, my pokemon have been stolen, and the theives are in the dessert." Wally was shocked. "They stole your pokemon? Where was Brendan?" "Brendan ran away after he was beaten." May said, her voice growing stronger. Wally took a seat on a chair that May didn't notice before. "Don't worry May, I'll help you find your pokemon." Wally said while pulling a pokeball off his belt. He handed it to May. "Remember that Wrumple we caught in the Petalburg woods?" he asked, "Well, know its a Beautifly and I'll let you use him until we get your Pokemon back." May took the pokeball. "Thanks alot Wally, well, what time is it?" Wally looked at the clock. "Its like ten minutes till four." He replied. May then asked, "Did you beat Wattson?" "Kirlia and I did!" Wally exclaimed. He took the badge out of his pocket and showed it to May. "Wow, you got one more badge than me! Guess I'll have some catching up to do." Wally then looked at the clock again. "Well, I have to go, I need to get to this place by four. See ya later May!" He walked out the door. "Bye Wally!" she managed to say before he left.

Brendan had been more scared than he had ever been in his whole life. After that Aqua dude beat up his Hairyama, he had been running like crazy. Brendon made it out of the dessert and stopped to breath. He was sure he left that Aqua dude behind. Brendan checked his PokeNav, and the nearest town was Fallabor Town, which was only about an hour away. Brendan then started walking. There was a mountain to his left, which was Mount Ember. Trees surronded him as well as grass. Ten minutes after he started walking, he was stopped by a man with a red hood and a red shirt with a symbol on it, as well as a red cape and dark pants. Then Brendon instantly remembered what the symbol stood for. Team Magma.

After five minutes of searching, Wally finally found what he was looking for, the flower shop. He walked in and looked arounf. Roses, daisys, and ALOT of flowers he didn't know the names of. As he looked at them, a lady behind the counter asked, "Can I help you?" Wally turned and replied, "Ahh yes, there is this girl I like and she is in the hospital, I-" "Say no more." the lady said. "I'll get you the perfect batch in just a minute." She left the room to another one. Wally then thought. He liked May, for May was the only one who went to his seventh birthday party, and May was always there for him when he needed her. Well, she liked Brendan right? So shouldn't he give up on her? As he thought, the lady came back. She was holding a lovely pink vase with all sorts of flowers coming out of it. "Say, what is your name? I need to write it on this card." She bent over to pick up a card. When she looked up, Wally was gone. "Funny, thats the third time this month." She sighed as she put the flowers back to its place.

Combusken's double kick scored two hits on Mighteyena, causing it to flinch. Brendan was still scared. The Magma grunt smiled. "Mighteyena! Use crunch!" Mghteyena ran forward to bite Combusken with its powerful mouth. "Combusken, dodge and use ember!" Combusken leaped out of the way and spread fire from its mouth. However, Mighteyena dodged that. "Mighteyena, slash!" Combusken dodged one slash, only to have it be a fient, and was immediatly hit by the other claw. Combusken fell back a couple of feet. Brenan gritted his teeth. He already was confronted by Aqua, and now Magma. Could it get any worse?
"Combusken, use double kick!" Combusken lunged forward and kicked, Mighteyena dodged it, but was hit by the other. Mighteyena fell back this time. But then, Mighteyena lunged again, both claws slashing. It caught Combusken completly off gaurd, Combusken was knocked out in tjat instant. "Darnit!!" Brendan returned Combusken and immediatly ran back towards the dessert. He heard a barking sound behind him and knew Mighteyena was following. Brendan stopped running and held his hands up in surrender. "Thats good, this way no one gets hurt."

The next morning...
Malon opened her eyes for the first time in hours. Her vision was blurry, her ears were stuffed, and her mouth was dry. Worse, her stomach was empty. Her vision cleared a little more. She was in an Aqua room, perhaps the medical room. There was a one-way window on her left and alot of surgerey equipment to her right. She felt wet near her feet and back. Then she realized what it was. Blood. Had they operated on her? Propably. But the last thing she remembered was being charged at by the Hairyama. Then what? She tried to sit up. After little effort she got up. She could move her legs. She got up off the stand with suprising ease. She looked around. Bottles filled with stuff, cabinets that were closed and a metal door. She walked up to the door and opened it. The first thing she saw was Gale sitting in a chair. He was asleep. There were six chairs total and a clock. She looked at the clock, 6:32 AM. So thats why Gale was asleep. He was propably up the whole night watching her. Malon noticed her back was still stained with blood. Well first she would change into some fresh new clothes. Then she would come back and see Gale.

May woke up from her deep sleep. She had a wierd dream, she was kidnaped by team Aqua and Brendan was captured by team Magma and Wally saved them both. What a wierd dream she thought. She wiped her eyes. Same surrondings as before. She looked at the clock. It read 7:04 AM. She took her PokeNav from the table and called Wally. After waiting for half a minute, Wally finally picked up. "Hello?" he said in a morning voice. "Good morning Wally!" May exclaimed with her high pitched voice. "Hey, you feeling better?" "Yeah I am, I think I can leave now." Wally then said quickly, "Okay, I'll be there in about ten minutes." He quickly hung up the PokeNav. May then got out of bed, suprisingly easy she thought. A day of bedrest and look at where we are! She thought as she looked for her clothes. Her clothes were in the bathroom provided. She took off the boring lime green hospital gown and put on her red shirt and white skirt. She put on her gloves and shoes. Then she tied the red hankerchief around her head. She clicked on Beautifly's pokeball to her belt as well as her PokeNav. She left the room, and went up to the front desk to sign out. Just then, Wally burst into the hospital. "Hey May!" he said, trying to catch his breath. "So ready to leave the hospital May?" May replied, "Well, thats what I was about to do. Lets go then!" As they left the hospital, May asked Wally, "Did you get into contact with Brendan yet?" Wally shook his nead no before saying, "He might have turned it off." They went to the pancake house to get some breakfast and then went to the mall together. May bought a new swimsuit, a nice pink one-piece swimsuit and Wally bought himself the latest issue of Batman. Seeing there was nothing much to do in the city, they went to the beach. Brendan would call soon, they figured, as they walked on the beach.

"Target sighted." Malon said, looking through binloculars. He say that May girl and some boy walking on the beach. Gale was right next to Malon. "We're not in a subarine Malon!" Gale said jokingly. "Let's take the direct aproach." Malon continued, ignoring Gale's comment. Malon moved in. Gale sighed, Malon thought she failed, so she was determined to steal more pokemon. Malon's Aqua uniform was being washed, Malon was wearing a white shirt and pink skirt instead. May saw Malon. "Going anywhere May?" Wally asked May, "Do you know her?" May backed up. "Yes, I do, but she is part of Team Aqua! She wants to steal your pokemon!" Gale caught up to Malon. "Care if I join the fun?" he asked, rasing up his pokeball. Then May understood. She pulled her pokeball out, and advised Wally to do the same. Malon pulled out her pokeball as well. Then they all threw out their pokeballs all at the same time, revealing Beautifly, Kirlia, Lapras, and Mighteyena. All four stared at each other. "Beautifly, Silverwind!" "Kirlia, use confusion!" "Lapras, use ice beam!" "Mighteyena, use crunch on Kirlia!" Instantly, it was all chaos. Kirlia was bitten by Mighteyena, Mighteyena and Kirlia were both hit by silverwind, an icebeam struck Beautifly, and Lapras was hit by confusion. All four pokemon flinched for a moment, then started fighting again.
Kirlia went down after being bitten twice and Beautifly went down after being encased in ice. May and Wally both were stunned. Malon and Gale both smiled their usual evil smile. Malon said, "Should we take your Pokemon?" Malon bent over and picked up May's dropped pokeball. She tossed it up and down in her hand. Wally's breathing problem set in. He collapsed on the ground struggling to breath. May ran over and immediatly did CPR to him. As Malon watched on, she realized that them two were humans too. That made her feel sorry for them. She threw the pokeball back onto the beach. Signaling to Gale they both left while May called for help.

April 17th, 2005, 7:56 AM
The next day...
"Wally, you must remember to take your medicne every day! You forgot to take it and thats why you had trouble breathing!" the doctor scolded Wally. May waited in the lounge. Since they were on the bottom floor, the window view wasn't as nice. But the window was large and she looked out to see the beach. Then an object flew right into the window and fell onto the ground. She looked at it, it was two pokeballs. May then saw a piece of paper attached to it. May ran outside and took the pokeballs, first looking at the paper. It read: "We Team Aqua, find your Pokemon useless." After opening the pokeballs, she could see that her Grovyle and Marshtomp were both in there. She gave them both a hug. "I missed you!" she cried, tears in her eyes." Just then, Wally came out. May got up and wiped the tears away. "Feeling better?" "A little bit, your pokemon came back?" After explaining just what happened, he said, "Gee, Team Aqua is weird!" Then May got a message on her PokeNav. It read: MEET US IN THE DESSERT IF YOU WANT TO SEE YOUR FRIEND BRENDAN AGAIN. -TEAM MAGMA.

Maxie smiled. He put down the MagmaNav he held. He signaled to two Magma grunts holding his prisinor. After splashing water on the boy's face, the boy woke up from sleep powder. His eyes had pure fear in them. He struggled to break free. "Let me go!" he yelled. Maxie then asked the boy. "You know May Birch?" Maxie already knew the boy did. "No, I don't know who she is!" Maxie held up the boy's PokeNav. "Then why is she on your contact list?" The boy looked down, defeated. Then his Magma scouts came. "Leader Maxie, May Birch and an unknown male are coming to the dessert. "Perfect. Thank you." The scout bowed respectfully before standing near the other two grunts. Maxie was pleased. He had found a way to achieve Magma's goal of expanding the landmass, first find a meteorite at Meteor Falls, then use it to activate Mt. Ember. He would hold May Birch prisoner until her father, a professer, gave him what he wanted. He looked at his watch. Soon, his prey would come.

Percy bowed before Archie. "What news Percy?" Archie asked. He was in the middle of training his Walrien. Archie's Walrein is Percy's Walrien's father. "Yes, I found what we needed to trigger the tsunamis that will raise the waterways." Archie smiled. "Well? Spit it out!" Percy licked his lips before continuing. "Well, the item is a meteor from Meteor Falls, our expert professor can locate it for us." Archie replied quickly, "Then we must make haste! Gather your followers! We must snatch the meteor fast!." Percy bowed before leaving.

May looked at the birds in the sky while she walked towards the dessert. Wally was next to her, holding his pokeball nervously. When the neared the dessert edge, she yelled, "Show yourself Team Magma!" A moment passed, and five hooded figures apeared. Two of them carried a prisoner. The prisoner was Brendan. The leader spoke. "Let me make this simple May Birch. You can take his place." May replied, "Fine, but you must release him." The leader snapped his fingers and the grunts threw Brendan into the ground. He quickly got up and ran. May walked towards the leader. May dropped her pokeballs to the ground. She also dropped her PokeNav and waistbag. Two grunts moved in and body searched her. After signaling she was clean, one grunt moved in and injected sleep powder. She fell asleep into the sand. The grunts picked her up, and they left. Wally stood there, scared out of his mind. He was so scared the whole time, he couldn't move. Brendan brushed sand off his shirt. "We must get the cops!" Wally nodded. They both ran down the path to Mauville city.

"Hurry up Malon!" Gale called for the fourth time. Malon came out of her room. "Why did Percy choose us two?" Gale then replied, "I don't know, but lets get the job done." Malon nodded in agreement, and they aproached a helicopter. With Percy by their side, they flew over the dessert and over Mount Ember and finally arrived at Meteor Falls. After getting out the helicopter, Percy said, "According to the professor, meteor lie deep in the ground. The ground his suspectile to moisture, so hit it with cold. However, there are more meteors in the walls. Gale, your Mightyena can take care of the wall. Move out!" They all entered the cave.

"Okay fine, I will tell you how to get the Meteors, just leave my daughter alone." Proffesor Birch said. Maxie and his gang had beaten May, until she was all bruised. The professor finally gave in. "Your Aggron should be able to smash through the rocks with Metal Surge. Meteors are immune to this treatment though." Maxie and his gang were in the Petalburg forest near Meteor Falls. His grunts were behind him. May lay on the ground, gasping for breath. Maxie then said, "We will leave your daughter in the PetalBurg woods, I advise you to come quickly, before something happens to her." With that, he hung up the phone. After kicking her in the stomach one more time, he left for his helicopter. He had better things to do.

An hour later...
"Walrien, use Hyrdo Reverse!" Percy yelled. Walrien shot a jet of water which came from all directions, right at the Magma Admin's Larion. Larion atempted to shrug off the blow, but the great pressure from the water knocked it back. It barely landed on its feet. "Use dig Larion!" The admin commanded. Larion dug a hole right before being hit by another hydro reverse. It stayed undergruond, trying to regain its strength with a moment of rest. Perfect Percy thought. "Use earthquake!" Walrien roared and stomped the ground, letting loose a shockwave which shook the walls of Meteor Falls. Larion hurried to get out of its hole. Walrien hit Larion with another hydro reverse, knocking it out. The admin anrgiliy returned his pokemon. "Maxie, its all up to you!" The one named Maxie stood up. Percy remmebred that name, the grand leader of Team Magma. "Archie! I need you to come!" Archie ran over from Malon and Gale while they were working. "I'll take care of this Percy, you help them two out." Percy nodded respectfully before leaving. Archie and Maxie stared each other in the eye. "About time." Maxie commented. He held a MagmaBall, while Archie held his AquaBall. They both tossed them into the arena at the same time. An Aggron and a Feraligator apeared. "Let's see who is better." Archie said. With that, both Pokemon charged.

"This rock stuff is so annoying!" Malon commented while Lapras froze a chunk of the wall with icebeam. Mighteyena lept upon it and smashed the ice with a chunk of the wall into pieces. "You got a better idea?" Gale asked. Then came Percy. "Percy, shouldn't you be with Archie?" Malon asked. "No." Percy replied," He wishes to fight for himself." Lapras hit the wall with icebeam again. "So, how many grunts are with Team Magma?" Gale asked. He knew there would be a major collision between both Teams soon. "Not today Gale!" Percy replied, as if reading Gale's thoughts. Mighteyena swept away at the wall again. Chunks of shattered rock dropped to the floor. Then Malon noticed something imbedded in the wall. "Look!" she shouted, indicating the wall. Percy and Gale looked at the daimondlike object in the wall. Malon aproached it and picked it up. She showed it to Percy. "No, this is no meteorite. But this is useful, a crystal shard!" Malon looked at the wall again. There were three more of those shards. She picked all of them and handed one to Gale and Percy. "These shards, grant power to Pokemon. I belive with these shards their powers are enhanced!" Percy continued, marveling at the shard's simple yet elegant beauty. He immediatly called out Walrien and made a neckalce out of it with a piece of string. He placed it around Walrien. Walrien roared with power. It shot and icebeam for no reason, and iced a large portion of the wall. "Wow!" Malon managed to gasp. Immediatly Gale and her made necklaces as well, and placed them around their Pokemon. Lapras bellowed and shot and icebea, at the wall, shattering the ice already there and causing it to crumlble. Mighteyena howled, and lept at the debris, cutting them into small peices with its sharper-than-ever-claws. Percy smiled, when he saw a rock that Mighteyena was furiosly trying to rend, yet could not. Percy took the rock and held it up. "This, my friends. Is a meteorite." Percy said, as if he was about to start laughing evily...

A Poocheyena rubbed itself against her bare legs, and she woke up. She looked at her surrondings, trees, trees, and more trees. She looked at the Poocheyena that woke her. It looked at her with deep yellow eyes. It barked happily and jumped on her. May grabbed at her new friend. She spoke to it, "Hello little guy, are you all alone?" she asked. The Poocheyena did not care. It wagged its tail, wanting to be patted. May patted it on the head and stroked its gray fur. It barked happily. May stood up. When she did, she realized she had a major pain, her legs buckled, and her head felt heavy. She dropped to the ground with a crash. She then noticed what happened to her, she was bruised all over, and her clothes were bloody- with her blood- and she realized she had spit that out. Then she remembered- she was captured by Team Magma then thrown here and beaten up. She closed her eyes and decided to rest a little more. Then she fell asleep, with the Poocheyena in her arms.

"Thank you sir." Wally said. They left the MCPD bulding and went to the local resteraunt. It was only five, the sun was still bright in the air. They walked to Pojo's Pokemon card and Pizza shop. A bunch of little kids were in there, looking a Pokemon cards. The kids didn't have Pokemon yet, the played Pokemon TCG. Brendan walked up and ordered a pizza. "And two cokes." Brendan finished. As they sat down and waited for pizzas, Wally asked, "Were do you think May is?" Brendan shook his head and said, "I have no idea, but I hope she is safe." The pizza came, and Brendan gave a $25 bill. "Keep the change as tip." He said as the waiter walkeed away. Wally and him took a piece of pizza. Wally held in his hand May's PokeNav. He looked at it, and May's face apeared on the screen. "Hey, I'm May! Leave a message! Unless you're my boyfriend, leave a message and a kiss!" *beep*. Wally sighed. How would he ever win her heart? "Whats the matter? Pizza not good?" Brendan asked. "No nothings wrong." Wally lied. He took a bite out of his pizza before getting immersed in his thoughts again.

Feraligator dodged the Metal Surge before slashing at Aggron with water slash. Even though it did minimal damage, Aggron flinched from the aggressive blow. Aggron angrily tried to strike with double edge, which landed a full blow on Feraligaror. It growled before using hyper pump, which skimmed Aggron's side. Maxie grunted. Archie frowned. They both thought they were losing, although in reality, the game was at a draw. Feraligator rushed forward to use its water slash, and Aggron used iron defence. THe water slash broke through the defence and hit Aggron hard. Aggron retaliated with double lariet, and the blow narrowly hit Feraligator's leg. Feraligator fell back from the impact. Aggron had trouble mocving. Both sides decided to use their most powerful attack. Feraligator used Aqus Smash, and Aggron used Magma Crush. Both met head on, and the resulting blow knocked out both. Feraligato fell onto its back and Aggron fell over. Both leaders returned their Pokemon. They both picked out another ball. "Maxie, I must say, you have improved much since we were kids." Archie commented. Maxie slyly remarked, "Yes and so have you. Yet here we are, used to be the best of friends, now the worst of enemies." Archie threw out his AquaBall. "At least I do not ignorantly want to increase the land." The AquaBall released his Crobat, which was a Zubat when Archie started caring for it, when he and Maxie were still friends. "Ahh, stirring up memories, are we?" Maxie asked, releasing his MagmaBall which revealed Salamence, which was a Bagon while he and Archie cared for it a long time ago. Both pokemon stared each other. Malon, Gale, Percy, and the Magma memebers watched with interest. Crobat took to the air. Even though they were in a cavern, the walls were more than 200 yards high, and at least 1000 times as wide. Salamence followed it, unleashing dragon flame, which missed Crobat. Crobat turned and hit Salamence with cross attack, hitting Salamence three times before flying away. Salamence shot flamethrower as well, and it hit one of Crobats wings. Crobat revoered from the blow and turned again, this time using triple poision. Salamence deflty dodged the posionous rays, and struck Crobat with wing attack. Crobat started the dropping. Both leaders smiled. But Maxie frowned when he saw Archie smile. Salamence came after Crobat. Crobat broke its fall by flaaping its wings, which made Salamence fly underneath him. As Salamence came back up, Crobat hit him with triple posion. Salamence was hit this time. Its vision became blurry and its head became weak, it could still fly, yet every moment flying took great toll on Salamence. Crobat flew up and struck with pester, which amplified the posions effect. Unable to fly much longer, Salamence fell. Archie smiled. "Maxie, Maxie..." Archie taunted. As Salamence lied there in a heap on the floor, Crobat flew near for the knockout. It was about to hit Salamence with pester when Salamence fired hyper beam. The blow struck Crobat so hard, it was knocked out. The Salamence wask knocked out by the amplified posion. Both leaders stood stunned. "Well Archie. A tie once again just like back at school." Archie grunted. "This is no tie! I shall break this tie as I can. You! Stay out of my buisness. You were gone from my life the day we decided on joining these teams. Do you know why I worked so hard to become leader of Team Aqua? It was so I could finally break the tie. But no. You had to do the same with Magma." Maxie smiled. "And all this time, I thought that being tied all the time meant we were destined to become best friends. I see I was wrong." Maxie snapped his fingers and he and his grunts turned to leave. Before leaving, Maxie said. "We shall meet again. Brother." With a wave of his cape, he was gone. Archie signaled to Percy and his grunts, Malon and Gale. "Move out! We need to go to Mirage Island to activate the Tsunamis!" "Yes sir!" the three said in unison. They boarded the helicopter and left. As their helicopter flew off into the horizon, Maxie said to his grunts, "We have what we need. Lets go."

April 17th, 2005, 7:58 AM
"Why isn't this working?" Maxie asked. His top grunt shook his head. Maxie was furious. By now, Archie had probably gotten to Mirage Island and was starting the tsunamis. Maxie gritted his teeth. He would NOT be beaten by his brother! He was on top Mt. Ember. While his loyal grunts kept the cops at bay, he had to think of something fast. "Maxie, maybe if we tried to amplify the meteorite again, only this time we pour lava over it." A grunt suggested. "Maybe so." Maxie said. He let out his Houndoom from his MagmaBall. "Houndoom, use lava flow!" Houndoom growled and shoot hot lava at the meteorite. It started glowing. "Yes! We did it!" Maxie said in triumph. He carefully picked it up with his heat-resistant gloves, but even then he could feel the heat. He placed it upon the amplifier, which would unleash the meteor's power throughout the whole mountain. He looked around. The green grass and tall trees would be destoryed my the eruption. Still, they would grow back, for all things existed on land. He placed the meteor on the amplifier. He gave an ok sign to the grunt operating the machine. Just as the grunt pulled down the lever, a jet of fire flew out of the sky and hit the amplifier. The amplifier exploded, just as the grunt rolled out of the way, and Maxie looked up in anger. Moltres he thought. He remmebered that pokemon, he atempted to capture it once before. What was it doing in Hoen? No matter. Maxie quickly ordered the meteor be thrown into the crater. Even though it would not be as powerful, it would get the job done. As the grunt looked through the debris to find the meteor, the police beat back Maxie's last admin. Maxie stepped up and tossed out his MagmaBall. His Aggron apeared, and let a huge roar out. The cops faltered. There were only five of them, each with a diffrent pokemon: Magnectric, Dodrio, Loudred, Roselia, and Torkal. All pokemon stared at Aggron, which was twice their hieght. Magnectric barked, Dodrio's three heads squaked, Loudred roared, Roselia stared, and Torkal let smoke come out of its nostrils. All pokemon charged to attack. Maxie looked to his side. The grunt still did not find the meteor! Aggron bashed at Dodrio so hard, it hit the base of a tree and was immediatly knocked out. Magnectric and Torkal stayed back, hitting Aggron with thunder jolt and flamethrower. Aggron was weakened, but not heavily damaged. Roselia fired posion sting, but it had no effect. The grunt found the Meteor, and tossed it into the crater. Then, the ground shook.

Lapras's crystal-shard enhanced ice beam froze the meteor. Archie picked it up. He looked out into the distance, towards the direction of Mt. Ember. He was on Mirage Island, ontop of one of its many hills. A pool of water stood before him. Tropical trees lined the island. Archie then told his grunts, Percy, Gale, and Malon, "The moment has come!" He tossed the ice-encased meteor into the water. Then, the ground shook.

May woke up again, this time, she felt much stronger. She could move her legs, her arms, and her head was clear. She stood up. Although it was a bit-taxing, it felt good. She felt the evening breeze coddle her hair, and she her ripped clothes fluttered in the breeze. The Poocheyena woke up, and it barked happily. May picked it up and hugged it. then she tried to look for a way out of the forest. She walked around, but found no aparent exit. She then noticed a rustling in the bushes. May stepped back, alarmed. She heard a growl, and then a Zangoose jumped into the open. Clearly, May had been in its territory the whole time. May reached for her pokeballs and remmebered she didn't have them with her. Poocheyena backed up, and barked. Zangoose ran forward, its claw glowing. May screamed, and the claw slashed at her lower abdmomen, cutting a deep scar and drawing blood. She fell back, the wound causing great pain. She shouted for help, but she knew it was of no use. She screamed in pain, and blood was flowing freely out of her stomach. Poocheyena charged and bit Zangoose. Zanggose threw Poocheyena into a tree, but Poocheyena was still in. It jumped at Zangoose, who in turn, did the same. They both attacked each other, Poocheyena bit Zangoose, and Zangoose slashed Poocheyena. both pokemon missed, and the battle went on. May collapsed to her side, with her face lying in her own blood. The wound was not as large as she first thought it was, it was no thicked than her hand, but it cut very deeply. May laid on the ground, knowing she was about to die. Then, her vision went dark.

Wally eat the last of his pizza and washed it down with the rest of his coke afterwards. Brendan sat in his seat patting his stomach. "Ah! That was soo good!" Brendan commented. It was now 6 o'clock, and they had eaten for about an hour or two. After leaving Pojo's, they went to the hotel. After renting a room, Wally and Brendan went into their room. The room was plain, two beds, a tv, a table, a bathroom, and so on. Wally jumped onto the bed. "I hope May IS all right, I wonder where she is." Wally said. Brendan took a sip out of his coke before he spoke. "Probably so, I mean, they only wanted her because her father is proffesor Birch." He then threw his soda into the trash. Wally then sighed. He hoped she was alright.

The earth shook, the sea shook, and Archie and Maxie seemed pleased. If only they knew what they had just done. Maxie looked on as the lava was fed with power. Archie looked on as the water fed on power. Then, the shaking ceased. Maxie blinked. "Is that all?" he asked. Archie looked around Mirage Island. "Percy, someone has canceled out the effect of our meteor. But who?" Back at Mt. Ember, Maxie said, "Archie, I knew he had a meteor as well!" Both of them were furious. They both realized that the effects would cancel each other out, two meteors could not work together, they interfered. Maxie, disapointed, got onto his helicopter and flew back to Magma HQ. Archie boarded his helicopter and went to Aqua HQ. Both sides felt failure. Yet none would give up.

"Maxie sir, I just figured out another scheme to increase the land." A grunt said on the helicopter. "Yes, what is it?" The grunt replied, "Awaken Groundon."

Malon opened her eyes. She had a burining pain in her side, she could not quench it. She felt the cold on her bare legs, the moisture of the grass on her face. Yet her stomach hurt. She tried to roll over, but she did not have the strength to. Then, she noticed a figure standing above her. "May! There you are!" the figure said. Judging from the voice, the person was a he. He then said, "May what happened?" She struggled to reply, but her lips would not move. Worse, the pain was hurting even more. Shouldn't she have died by now? She asked herself. She had been sitting there for how long? Then, she heard a bark. She painfully opened her eyes, this time she could see more. The boy standing above her was... she couldn't tell, but Poocheyena was next to her. She noted a metal pokemon in the distance, and a knocked out Zangoose. The boy turned her over. May felt the blood start pouring out of her wound again. The boy gasped, "Don't worry!" he yelled as he stripped off his shirt and used it to bandage her wound. He lifted her and wrapped the cloth around her torso. Then he laid her gently against the foundation of a tree. The cloth was blotted with red. But the blood stayed back. The pain was still excrutiating, but not as badly. "You will be okay!" he said. He pulled out a pokeball. A strange pokemon- a Cradily apeared. "Use your heal powder Cradily!" Cradily shook itslef, and a golden powder came from it. The powder enshrouded May. The boy loosened her makeshift bandage, and the powder connected with her red skin. She watched as the wound was covered in new skin. Even though a slight scratch was still visible, it didn't hurt. The boy smiled when he saw her relief. Then he returned his Cradily and his other pokemon, a Metagross, and tossed out another pokeball, which released a Skarmory. He helped May get up. May could finally speak, "W-who are y-you?" She asked in her weak voice. "It matters not." he said as he mounted his Skarmory. He tossed out yet another pokeball, which contained a Aron. He threw the Pokeball to May, who didn't catch it. Then he said, "Aron here knows the way out. I suggest you and your Poocheyena follow it. I'll let you have him." He turned. "Well, I don't have your name." he said with a smile. "I'm May. May Birch." May replied. "Well then May, we shall meet again." the boy replied, as he and his Skarmory flew off into the sky.

"What a relief!" Wally said. There were in Mauville. The Petalburg City PD found May and was returning her to LittleRoot. Wally and Brendan went to the airport. "Two tickets to LittleRoot town." He said to the flight attendant outside the airport. After getting their tickets, boarding the airplane, and waiting for it to take off, which took about a good forty minutes, they set off for Littleroot town.

One month later....

"Why? Why do I have to go?" Gale asked for the fifth time. Percy sighed, then replied, "You aren't going anywhere! It's just you and Malon are going to move to Lilycove City to spy on Team Magma! You don't want to drop an oppertunity like this don't you?" Gale shook his head no. They were in Team Aqua HQ, Percy was in the doorway of Gale's room. Gale was playing his GameCube, but he shut if off. "Me and Malon will leave tommorow." he said. "I know how you feel, you've lived here for about six years. But don't worry." Percy closed the door behind him as he walked down the hall. Gale could hear the footsteps loud and clear. Then someone knocked on his door. Annoyed, Gale yelled, "Who is it?" "It's me" said Malon's voice. Gale pushed a button on his couch. The door unlocked, and Malon came in. She shut the door. "Hey Gale, I suppose Percy just gave you the news." She said, while taking a seat next to him. He sighed. "This has been my home for so long! I can't just leave!" Gale complained. "Well, at least this is a high profile assignment." Malon told Gale. Gale flipped on the TV. "Ahh, so you did remember it was movie night." She said. They both sat and watched the movie together.

Maxie drank another glass of wine. "So, you still have not found the wherabouts of Groudon?" The grunt bowed before him. They were in the Team Magma Metting room. The grunt replied, "Sir, if we catch that bratty girl again, maybe we can-" Maxie cut him off, "No! That girl's father knows nothing about the mythical pokemon we seek. We must find someone who does." As the grunt left the room, Maxie threw the wine glass against the wall, shattering it. This was going to be harder than he expected.

A week later....
Malon splashed water into Gale's face. Malon laughed as Gale wipped it off his face. They were playing near the beaches of Lilycove, even though they were about seventeen, they enjoyed playing like children. Malon swam to shore, and Gale followed behind. Malon was wearing a pretty pink one-piece, and Gale was wearing black swimming-trunks. "Betcha can't catch me!" Malon said, in the most childish voice she could muster. Gale followed behind, yelling, "Watch me!" As they ran around in circles, their Pokemon sat it the sun. With the crystal shards removed, they would not go beserk until they put them back on. Mighteyena yawned and went to take a nap, while Lapras swam around with the Magikarp. Malon stopped out of breath. She looked to her left. There was Gale, trying to catch his breath as well. She looked to her right. Then she saw a Magma member. She quickly said, "Gale there is a Magma member there!" Gale looked and nodded. They signaled to their Pokemon. Mightyena woke up, and Lapras got out of the water. Malon looked on. The Magma member was training a Wailmer how do dive. Why is he doing that? She thoght. Gale then said, "I'll handle this one." Malon winked at him. "Don't treat me like that just because I'm a lady." She said. She whistled, and Lapras came to her. She took the crystal shard from around her neck, and placed it on Lapras. Lapras roared, and charged at the Wailmer. Since the Wailmer was underwater, Lapras had to swim. The grunt was suprised, and before he could call out orders to Wailmer, Lapras froze the small section of water Wailmer was in. Wailmer was encased in ice. Lapras shot it with hydro pump, and the ice shattered into all directions. Wailmer floated to the surface knocked out. The grunt returned Wailmer and ran. Lapras went back to Malon, and she put on the crystal shard. She patted Lapras on the head. "Thats a good boy!" She said. She turned to Gale. "What did you think of that?" She asked. Gale nodded, then replied, "Malon, Team Magma is up to something, something that involves the sea. I think they are trying to reach some underwater place." His look turned serious. "I think we should report that to Percy. Malon sighed, she wanted to play on the beach a little more. Oh well, that could wait, for now, she had work to do.

Archie recived the news on his email. "I see." He wrote back. "See to it that none of their Pokemon make it out of there undetected." Then Hagen apeared. "Well Hagen, what news?" Hagen then replied, "Another way to raise the sea level has been discovered, we must awaken the legendary Kyogre." Archie then said a single word. "Excellent."

April 17th, 2005, 8:00 AM
"May we were worrid about." said the eager Wally. "Well, i'm glad you did Wally. The pain still hurts a little but it is easing everyday." "Hey you two can't leave me out. I was worried about May, too." said Brendan. "We didn't forget about you and i'm glad you worried, too." "Can we see your scare?" "Maybe when we get out of this airport." "I guess your right." May, Wally, and Brendan walked out of the airport to go home.

"Percy!" Malon yelled as she ran toward the door. "team magma is planning something dealing with the sea. We saw a magma member training a wailmer to dive." "Wow slow down and tell me from the beginning." "Well, me and Gale were playing and I saw a magma member. Gale said it looked like he was trying to teach it dive and that's were we have the idea." "Hagen! Come here" Percy yelled. "What do you want Percy these two suspect team magma of a major skim." "Well, kids what is it?" Malon and Gale told their story once more. Then they returned to lilycove and slept.

May and her friends got off the airplane to Mauville city. When they reached a hotel, Brendan asked, "Can we see it now?" "Fine!" May replied. She lifted up her shirt enough to expose the deep red scar. "Wow May, who saved you from that thing?" Wally asked. "Well, he wouldn't tell me his name, but his Pokemon were very high level looking." May pulled some medication out of her pocket and wiped the wound. It would slowly heal. Wally then asked, "So what about the gym leader?" May thought for a moment, and said, "Well, I guess I'll be a full-time coordinator instead." Brendan then exclaimed, "Okay, So I am now the superior trainer! Muhahah!" May laughed, saying, "I'm still better than you Brendan!" Brendan then replied, "Okay, I challenge you to a battle! Tommorow!" Wally muttered "Whatever!" before he went to the bathroom.

Archie thought to himself. Why would Team Magma need to go underwater? As he was thinking, Percy burst into the room. "What is it Percy?" he asked. Percy then said, "W-we found Kyorge!" Archie lept out of his seat. "Kyorge? Where?"
Percy then replied, "In the sea. Where Magma is putting their noses." Archie sat down. "Well, this should be interesting..."

Maxie was impatient. He looked over the maps the admins have given him. The Magma divers had met resistance from Aqua gaurds, but managed to map the underwater places. There were about ten underwater caverns, one of them contained Groudon. But to awaken it, he would require an artifact, the Ruby. He sighed. Inside the the large meeting room, he was the only one there, the only sound he heard was the ticking of the clock. He looked on the maps again. Some of the caves were marked sealed, Maxie knew that those seals were meant to keep out intruders. Maxie continued waiting for his admins to come back with good news.

Rebbeca was training her Metang when she heard a loud noise. She was training Metang on a small island near Sootopolis. She looked around. No one would question a fifteen-year old girl in a blue tank top and red skirt. She turned and saw a man in a red suit on top of a Wailmer. He had on diving gear, and his Wailmer went underwater.
"Cmon Metang, there's a weird dude." She said, and she tossed out her other Pokeball which contained her Lanturn. The fish Pokemon flapped its fins together. She then leapt upon its back and recalled Metang to its Pokeball. She guided Lanturn to the spot where the weird guy was. She looked down. The man surfaced a couple of yards away from where she was. Before she could say anything, she heard a girl's voice from behind her.
"Stop there Team Magma!" The voice said. Rebbeca turned around and saw a girl riding on a Lapras. She wore a black-white striped shirt and blue pants, and she had a blue bandana on her head.
"Drop that!" the girl yelled.
"Never!" The man yelled.
Rebbeca saw what was happening, the man must have stolen something from her and she wants it back. The man tossed a Pokeball into the water, and a Huntail apeared. It shot hydro pump at the Lapras, and the blow shook the Pokemon while knocking off the rider.
"Use thunderbolt!" Rebbeca yelled, and a bolt of lightning struck Huntail. It recoiled from the blow, and it shot hydro pump at Rebbeca. The torrent smashed into her arm, but Lanturn shocked Huntail again, knocking it out. The man returned his Pokemon and his Wailmer sped away. Rebecca looked at the Lapras. The girl was able to swim to the tiny island and returned her Lapras. Rebbeca jumped back onto the small patch of land.
"Are you okay?" She asked. The girl then threw up. She must have drank a ton of salt water.
"Y-yea, I'm okay." She said.
"Who are you?" Rebbeca asked.
"My name is Malon." The girl said, "Tell me, don't you think the sea is beautiful?" Malon asked.
"Yeah, I think it is beautiful." Rebbeca answered.
"Don't you wish it could be expanded?" Malon asked.
"Wouldn't you like to expand it?"
"I suppose."
"You would then."
"Yes. I would."
"Good. Then I need your help."
"Okay, go on."
"Do you know anything about Kyogre?"
"Why do you need to know?"
"Just tell me."
"All I know is that Kyogre will not apear if the person who wants to see it has to have an item called the Saphire."
"Thank you for the information" Malon ended. She called out her Lapras and mounted it.
"Wait, why do you need to know?" Rebbeca asked.
"I work for a great organazation called Team Aqua." She replied.
"Team Aqua? What is that?" Rebbeca asked.
"We work to expand the sea, wanna join?" Malon asked.
"If you work to expand the wonderous sea, I see why not." Rebbeca asked.
"Follow me then." Malon said, and her Lapras swam away.
Rebbeca hesitated before following.

"Gale, where is Malon?" Percy asked. Percy came to Lilycove to visit.
"Malon is pursuing a Magma member we saw apear, she has been gone a while." Gale replied. They were in a nice little cottage on the beach, where he and Malon usually spent their liesure hours. Mighteyena lied on the rug sleeping. Then Gale's AquaNav rung.
"Hello?" Gale spoke.
"This is Malon." The voice spoke.
"Hey Malon!" Gale said.
"I have a new member for us, her name is Rebbeca." Malon said.
"Oh nice, what else?" Gale asked.
"I found out how to find Kyogre." She finished.

Rebbeca stood in her new room, it had plain gray wallpaprer, with a bed in one corner, a garbage chute near the bathroom. There was a ton of stuff on the table. She sat on the comfy bed, and took "The Aqua Handbook" out. She flipped it to some random pages and began reading. Might as well do something while waiting for Malon to give her something to do.

"This better be good Leon." Maxie said. Leon, one of his top scouts, had just returned.
"This is better than good, I have discovered the location of the Ruby! It is located ontop of Mt. Pyre." Leon replied.
Maxie stood up.
"Prepare Reece and Dewey ready to move out." Maxie ordered.
"Yes sir." Leon said as he walked away.

Malon had just recived her latest assignment from Archie. She was to go to Mt. Pyre and retrieve the Saphire. Not to hard. She was to take Rebbeca to it to, give her a little experience. She was going with Gale as well. She got her Aquaball with Lapras in her hand, and also had Golbat in the other hand. Zubat had evolved into Golbat during their latest training session. She then entered Rebbeca's room.
"Okay, ready to go?" She asked. Rebbeca was sitting on her bed reading the HANDBOOK. She placed a bookmark into the book and closed it.
"Okay, I'm ready!" Rebbeca said, and she pulled out her Aquaball containing a Metang. Her other Pokemon included Lanturn and Magnectric. Both of them then walked to Gale's room, and knocked on the door.
"In a moment Malon!" Gale said. He burst out the room a moment later.
"Let's go!" He said, and they all set off.

Wally, May, and Brendan were going to Fortree city. In Mauville, the shortest route was through Mt. Pyre, and then through route 129. After taking a breif ferry across the lake, they treked through a tall grassland. Brendan and May were walking, hand in hand. Wally walked alone beside them, he stared at the Pokemon in the grass. Elektrikes were running around, gnawing at grass. A Tailow flew in the air.
"Look Brendan! Mt. Pyre is not to far!" May said.
"Nice, now we can finally rest when we get there." Brendan said. Wally sighed, and continued walking. He had the feeling that something bad was about to happen.

April 17th, 2005, 8:01 AM
"Sir, we have reached Mt. Pyre." Leon said. Maxie looked out the window of the helicopter. There was a small altar ontop the large mountain, with two glowing orbs on it. The Ruby and the Saphire. When the helicopter was five feet from the ground, Maxie opened the door and leaped out. Leon and Mark followed, Magmaballs in hand. Maxie looked around, grass growing on the sides of the dirt path, graves of past Pokemon springing up everywhere. He aproached the altar, to be stopped by an old man.
"What is your buisness here?" the man asked.
"Move out the way old man, there is no need for you to get hurt." Maxie replied. His grunts clutched their Pokeballs more closely.
"You youngsters have no respect these days." The man replied. He grabbed a Pokeball from his backpack.
"You asked for it." Maxie said. He tossed out his Pokeball containing his Aggron. The steel giant stood three times taller than Maxie. It roared, and the echo was heard throughout the mountain. The man seemed unshaken, and tossed out his Pokeball, containing a Haunter. The ghost Pokemon stuck out its tounge at Aggron.
"Aggron! Use Flamethrower!" Maxie commanded. Aggron opened its mouth and a steady stream of fire erupted from it, and Haunter was engulfed in it.
"Return!" The man said. He put away his Pokeball.
"Leave now!" The old man demanded. Maxie returned Aggron.
"Very funny..." Maxie said. He snapped his fingers, and Leon and Mark held the man agaisnt a tree. Maxie aproached the altar. The glowing Ruby stood before him. And to think it contained everything he needed. Right when he reached for it, he heard a roar.

Archie couldn't belive his eyes. Maxie had gotten to the altar before him! Percy tossed out his Walrien right when he saw Maxie. The walrus Pokemon let out a mighty roar. That seemed to have gotten Maxie's attention, he turned.
"Archie! How nice to see you!" Maxie said. He signaled to his grunts, and his grunts put down an old man.
"Maxie. I should have known!" Archie replied. Archie released his Aquaball containing Feraligator. The aligatoer Pokemon was ready to rend. Maxie and his grunts tossed out their Magma balls, and a Houndoom, Aggron, and Lairon apeared. Malon and Gale had finally caught up.
"Yes! We're not late for the party!" Gale said. Gale's Aquaball revealed his Mightyena, and Malon's Aquaball contained Lapras. All the Pokemon stared at each other.
Rebbeca also finally caught up. Aparently, she didn't run to much.
"Okay...I'm here.." Rebbeca said. Seeing all the Pokemon ready to battle, she released Metang. Metang hovered close to the ground, and it stared intently at its opponents. Then, Archie said, "Strike!"

"May, do we have to go?" Brendan asked. Wally had suggested they stop at Mt. Pyre.
"Yeah, we don't want Wally leaving us again!" May said. They were near the top, Wally was eager and way ahead of them. Brendan sighed. This kinda stuff was sooo boring. Wally then stopped.
"Whats wrong Wally?" May asked. Then she saw what was wrong. Those Aqua members, some Magma people. There were alot of Pokemon. They were all just... staring. Then one of the Aqua people yelled. "Strike!" And the mountaintop erupted into chaos. Wally didn't seem to care though.
"Rebbeca!" Wally yelled. One of the Aqua members turned and faced Wally.
"Wally! Come help me!" She said. Wally ran the rest of the way and held his Pokeball in his hand.
"Wow! This is sooo cool!" Brendan said. He enjoyed watching chaotic Pokemon battles. Wally released Kirlia, the little humaniodlike Pokemon leaped into the fray. The Aggron rammed into Feraligator, but Lapras stopped Aggron with an icebeam. Houndoom was taken down by Mighteyena, and the Pokemon were locked in close combat. Walrien shot Hydro Reverse at Lairon, who dodged it by digging, but Kirlia unleashed confusion, and Lairion was stuck in place. Aggron then blew flamethrower at Lapras, and even though the blow struck, Lapras did little more than flinch. Metang rushed in and slammed itself into Aggron. Feraligator, seeing Aggron's distraction, rushed forward and used water slash, the powerful blow hit Aggron's backside. Aggron roared from the powerful blow and turned and swatted at Feraligator, only to miss and get hit by icebeam. Lairon leaped at Kirlia, but before it struke it, Walrien blew it off with a powerful hyrdo reverese. Lairon was knocked out of the air, and it landed on its back. Mighteyena and Houndoom rended each other with thier claws, but Mighteyena leaped back. Houndoom shot flamethrower, but Mighteyena was able to dodge it. It rushed forward and bit Houndoom with its powerful jaws. Houndoom whelped in pain, and batted Mighteyena away. Metang used its Phycic on Lairon while it was in midair, and threw it agaisnt the ground. While Lairon was recovering from the blow, Kirlia attacked it, knocking it out. One of the Magma members returned the Pokemon. Aggron stomped the ground, using earthquake. The ground shook with such intensity, it fored Lapras and Walrien back to their Pokeballs. Houndoom shot flamethrower again, and Mighteyena was singed. Mighteyena ran through the jet of flame and dark slashed Houndoom, knocking it out. Malon and Percy ran towards the altar. Malon grabbed the blue Saphire, and shoved it into her bag. She looked onto the arena. Aggron and Feraligator were the only ones left standing, both were tired.
"Malon! The Ruby is missing!" Percy said. Malon looked, and saw that Magma had already taken the Ruby.
"We shall meet again." Maxie said. He returned his Aggron and ran towards the helicopter, and when he got in, the copter flew away.
"Good job team!" Archie said. He returned his Feraligator. All Pokemon were returned to their Aquaballs.
"Archie, we have some intruders here." Gale said, and pointed at May and Brendan. Percy pulled out his AquaBall with Abra.
"Sorry, kids, but we have to go!" Percy said. Rebbeca gave Wally one last gaze.
"See you later Wally." Rebbeca said, and she disapeared with all the others.
"That was nice!" Brendan said. He aproached the altar. Wally helped the old man up.
"Help us! The world is at risk!" The old man exclaimed.
"The gems they stole, the Ruby and Saphire, if they are seperated, Groudon and Kyorge will once again wage war!"
The old man shook. May then asked the old man a question.
"Is there anything we can do?" May asked. Then the old man said, "There are two more orbs, the red and blue orb. Without these, they cannot control the two legendary Pokemon. You must carry these to the Legendary Pokemon, this will put them back to their slumber." The old man then went behind the altar and had two shiny orbs in his hands.
"May, I'll take the red one, you can have the blue one." Brendan said. Wally then burst in.
"What about me?" Wally asked. Brendan then did a mock sigh.
"You wait here, me and May are much stronger than you." Brendan then asked, "Where do we go?"
"The underwater cavern under Sootopolis." The old man replied. "And for you, you have to go to Mirage Island. Good luck both of you!" The old man finished.
"Wally, wait here." May said. Then she and Brendan walked away from the mountaintop. Wally turned to the altar.
"Young one, you are troubled." The old man said, turning to Wally.
"Yeah... I feel... so useless." Wally replied. In truth, he felt that he would never win May's heart. But he refrained from the truth. Then the old man brightened up.
"I have something you can do." The man said. He opened a compartment on thr altar. It was a beautiful green gem.
"This, my young friend, is the Emerald."

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