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Brian Powell
April 20th, 2005, 1:39 AM
Only Fools and More Fools (Another TR Comedy One-shot)

What am I going to do with you three! shouted a man in a red tux, yelling at our favourite yet villainous trio, Jesse, James and Meowth, who were standing with their heads hanging low. They were all inside the bosss office for obvious reasons. Youve been zapped a kids Pikachu! Youve been squashed by sleeping Snorlax! Youve been run over by hordes of Tauros!

As he kept on yelling at them, the trio were waiting to receive their punishment. Suddenly, the phone rang, catching their bosss attention. He picked up the phone to answer it.

Hello? he asked politely. His calmed face changed into anger again. What? What do you mean you changed the date!! he shouted. Ive got guests coming into my office next week and all Im asking for you to do is to fix the chandelier of my office! Fine! Youll be hearing it from my men!

He angrily slammed his phone down on the table, breaking it to pieces, much to his and the trios shock. The boss let out a small sigh out of stress.

Sir? Jesse said as he looked at the two chandeliers. Whats wrong with chandeliers?

The boss gave her an angry stare. Chandelier! he corrected as he pointed at one of them. I dont think much of its appearance. It appears that needs more diamonds to give it more sparkle.

The trio looked at each other and smiled a big one. Well do it! they cried. We are into creativity! Jesse said enthusiastically.

The boss gave this some thought. Very well, he answered. Ill give you three one more chance to redeem yourselves. Do well and you three can be my new decorators. If not, the Water Bridge!

Well do our best! the trio said enthusiastically.

You better do your best! the boss warned. Now go and get some equipment and dont come back until you do!

With that, the trio ran out of the office. But watch out! the boss warned. Theres two Machoke moving a safe out there, I dont want you three to

Before he could say another word, a huge thud was heard from outside. Very well! the boss said. But be careful with our captured Voltorb out there, because

He suddenly became interrupted by sounds of huge explosions outside. The boss let out a small sigh and whispered, Suppose I should mention the horde of Tauros

As he expected, a horde of bull pokemon ran across his office. He let out another small sigh. Well, its tough being the boss, he said.

A few hours later, the trio were back in the bosss office while the boss was out. They were now wearing carpenter clothing as they set up ladders around the chandelier that needed fixing. Jesse then released her Wobbuffet from its pokeball.

Look here, Jesse said as she held a piece of paper close to Wobbuffet. It was a drawing of two chandeliers. One of them was circled. One of them has a circle around it, she continued. It shows that thats the chandelier were going to fix. Got it?

Wobba! Wobbuffet replied, sounding that it understood.

Your job is to go to the upper floor and screw its bolt using these equipment, Jesse continued as she pointed to a bag full of it. Now get going!

Wobbuffet! Wobbuffet said as it saluted to her. It then took the drawing just in case it forgets, picked up the equipment bag and made its way up.

As Wobbuffet left, the trio then held a huge cloth to help support the chandelier when Wobbuffet would do his part of the job.

As Wobbuffet entered a room in the upper floor, a familiar small yellow mouse accidentally bumped into him, making him drop the equipment and the drawing. Pichu pichu, the pichu squeaked apologetically. It was a baby Pichu with a collar with a tag with the word Jerry on it.

It helped Wobbuffet pick up all the equipment and drawing and gave them all back to Wobbuffet. Wobbuffet, Wobbuffet said thankfully as Pichu left. Little did Wobbuffet notice, that Pichu was giving a small snigger as it ran away.

After checking which chandelier Wobuffet had to work on, it got to work, taking off the floorboards until he found bolt that was holding the chandelier underneath. Wobba wobbuffet! it yelled. The trio heard Wobbuffets cried from underneath.

It said dat it found da bolt, Meowth said, translating what Wobbuffet said.

For once, its something right, Jesse said.

Wobbuffet! Wobbuffet yelled.

NO! DONT UNSCREW DA BOLT YET! Meowth yelled in an alarmed tone, also making Jesse and James alarmed as they ran underneath the chandelier, holding the huge cloth.

Just dont unscrew the bolt until we tell you too, you blue blob! Jesse yelled.

Wobba! Wobbuffet responded, which Meowth translated, Okay.

The trio let a small sigh. I need the mens room after this, James said. Im getting scared for some reason.

They climbed up their respective ladders, still holding onto the cloth. When they were close enough to the ladder, they held the cloth underneath the chandelier, ready to catch it. Ready when you are, Wobbuffet, James yelled.

Wobba! Wobbuffet yelled, which Meowth translated, Ready!

Wobbuffet carefully unscrewed the bolt. Wobbuffet! it yelled as the bolt came off.

One more turn, Meowth translated.

Brace yourselves, you two, Jesse said as they gripped the cloth firmly and sweated with anticipation.

Wobbuffet picked up a hammer from the bag and hit the top part of the chandelier only it hit the wrong chandelier as it fell and crashed to the floor! The trio heard the crash from the chandelier as they stood on the ladders with shocked looks in their eyes.

They slowly turned their heads round to see the chandelier that was smashed into pieces. They slowly made their way to the floor and looked at it in horror.

As they were looking, Wobbuffet entered the office, looking quite pleased of itself. Wobba wobbuffet? it said questionably, which Meowth translated, Whats next?

Im going to make you blast off! Thats whatnext! Jesse yelled as her eyes glowed red. The trio began to chase Wobbuffet around the building, while Jerry looked at them from around the corner, sniggering.

Pi he! Pichu Pi Pichu! Jerry squeaked happily, which meant. He he! That switch on the chandeliers was precious!

It then heard some thudding noises from the background, followed by some screams of the trio. Then came sounds of some explosions, which the trio screamed too as well. Then some loud trampling noise was heard, again, along with the trio screaming.

Pichu pichu, Pi pi pichu, Jerry squeaked randomly, which meant, How they fall into these things, Ill never know.

So, what'cha guys tink? ^_^