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April 21st, 2005, 3:09 PM
It was quiet.

Too quiet.

An almost eerie silence pervaded the area, and for some strange reason, this bothered me, even though I had once reveled in the peaceful quiet that was loneliness. Still, I found myself longing to hear the innocent laughter I had sorely missed these past few days.

Then, suddenly, there was an odd clatter resonating somewhere in the distance, like stones dropping, followed by an irritated muttering of "Shoot.

My innate curiosity prevailed, and I found myself drifting steadily closer to the source of the noise, despite my old instincts screaming in my head against it. Over the days however, I'd learned to ignore myself when I wanted to, and tried it now, toning out my own disapproval into it dimmed to just a faint whisper in the back of my mind.

Once satisfied, I redirected my attention back to the object from which I assumed the clamor had arisen from. It was a strange instrument, of which the likes I had never seen before. I could probably guess its origin and how it came to be there though, judging by the familiar figure that was hunched over it, operating the mechanism with careful measured movements.

I hovered closer; careful not to disturb the creature, but hoping to examine the object she was manipulating in greater detail. The foundation looked something like a candlestick, a brass stand with a circular base, obviously to prevent the slim structure from tipping over. Another brass bar bisected the pole, forming a cross, and was fastened loosely so that it could easily be tilted on either side. And at the ends of the rod dangled what appeared to be two saucers, strung to the points by seemingly thin and delicate threads. But strangest of all, situated within the bowls, there sat small clusters of pebbles, a varied assortment of shapes and sizes. I also noticed there was a much larger pile in one cup than the other, causing the rod to lean in that direction.

As I was pondering the function of the device, I didn't realize the pink furred feline had sensed my presence and turned to look at me.

"Hello, Mewtwo."

I nearly jumped in surprise, which would have been impossible anyway, since my body was already suspended in the air. Still, the sudden speech had startled me, and I instinctively tensed my muscles, prepared to fight if necessary. Realizing that it was only she however, I knew she had no intention of harming me, and so I immediately relaxed.

"Um, hi," I mumbled after an awkward moment, fidgeting all the while, for I still had difficulty conversing with her character. However, I attempted one of those wry smiles I'd been practicing recently, half-hoping to impress her.

"You're getting better at that," she murmured in that sweet, childish voice of hers, brilliant cobalt eyes twinkling with joy.

"Thanks. I think," I grinned, lopsidedly of course. I waited, wondering if she would say something further to continue the conversation, but she merely turned to resume manipulating the machine before her. I waited hopefully for a minute, but not another word was uttered.

"So, uh, what's that thing?" I attempted to ask casually, feigning disinterest as I picked up a stray pebble that had obviously fallen from the tray.

"It's a scale," she answered simply as she placed another pebble onto the right pile, obviously too occupied to offer her complete focus. I nodded, understanding that, whilst I fingered the keen-edged surface of the stone in my bony white hand.

"What's it do?" I inquired further, still puzzled about the function of the 'scale'.

She frowned and prodded a tiny rock, seated atop the entire mound. "It weighs things," she sighed as a gentle nudge sent the pebble tumbling down, others joining it in a miniature avalanche to the floor. Hastily gathering the fallen stones up in her arms, she began the meticulous task of replacing the objects in their former positions, speaking all the while.

"See these two dishes? You take two objects, place one on this side, and the other on the left side. And whichever one weighs more will drop lower. See?" She drew back, and by way of demonstration, the left plate, witch currently held more pebbles, began sinking steadily, while its opposite rose in response.

I nodded, finally beginning to comprehend the machine's operation. Yes, it was relatively simple to understand now, and in my mind, I was already explaining the finer details to myself as I began examining the complete works of the implement.

"But, right now, my goal is simply to get both sides to be equally balanced," she muttered in a peculiar, somber tone, startling me so that my attention was drawn back to her and the heaps of stones she was adjusting.

It was then that I noticed that the hues of the stones in the left pile were a dark, grim black, and the pebbles in the opposite stack, which contained fewer stones, were pure, unblemished white.

"Except, you see, there's a problem," she continued in that heavy, solemn voice. She lowered a paw and began fumbling about the floor, seeking the two large heaps of stones separated and organized by color on either side of her. I watched with growing interest, as the tips of her carnation fur brushed against what might either be called a gigantic stone or a tiny boulder, almost as large as one of the dishes themselves. Her paw curled around the dented, alabaster surface, gripping it firmly so that it would not escape from her grasp.

It actually took both paws and nearly all her strength to heft the weight onto the right side, or rather, above it. Despite the fact that she'd attempted to lower the object onto the tower of ivory stones as gently as if it were a Pidgey's egg, she couldn't help but drop the rock at the last moment. The sheer weight of it caused the bar to swing and totter precariously upon impact, producing another shower of pebbles from both ends.

"Look out."

I dived. The pole careened chaotically for another moment before the entire structure eventually toppled and collided with the floor, scattering pebbles everywhere.

"You okay?"

I blinked and sat up quickly, for fear of appearing too feeble in the eyes of my opposite. I still had a reputation to uphold, despite the fact that we'd recently agreed to be truthful to one another. Still, old habits die hard.

"Yeah, I think so," I muttered, shifting my position to sit cross-legged on the floor, whilst I watched her reassemble the contraption, the process aided by her psychic powers. I observed that she also reset the pebbles to their original positions, so that there was once again a larger heap of black stones in one plate than white stones in the other. I pondered. Evidently, she'd bewitched the scale and stones to behave in such a manner, but why?

And, time and time she tried again, but to no avail. Each endeavor ended with the exact same result. It appeared hopeless. And still I wondered. Why was she cheating herself of victory?

Suddenly, I became aware of a cold, hard presence in my palm, and glanced down, realizing that I still held the stone I'd picked up before. I handled it delicately, gazing intently at the glassy obsidian surface, deep in thought. I glanced up, and saw that the feline was about to try placing the great stone atop the right pile once again, and it was obvious she would not succeed.

I clutched the pebble tightly, and I felt the sharp facets press against my skin. So harsh it was in comparison to the smooth exteriors of a white pebble, I mused to myself. Yet they were of exactly the same 'worth', as proven by the scale.

"Mew, wait."

She paused; boulder still hoisted in mid-air. She cocked her head at me curiously, watching as I approached, black pebble in hand.

"That's not going to work," I remarked, glancing at the scale. Little had changed from the initial amounts.

She exhaled a faint sigh and lowered the rock, setting it tentatively upon the floor. "I know," she murmured.

I felt the ebony stone in my hand once more, then craned forward, extending my arm towards the scale to deposit it atop the left pile. The feline made a gesture as if to raise a questioning eyebrow, but I ignored her for the moment. Reaching down to the stack of onyx pebbles at my feet, I plunged my hand into the cool center of the mound, gathering a fistful of the fine stones. Trickling them over the heap contained by the left bowl, the cat watched with a worried expression on her face, as that side began sinking dangerously low.

"Mewtwo," she cut in, as the saucer seemed dangerously close to grazing the floor.

"Relax, I know what I'm doing," I muttered back to console her, still attempting to keep my attention on the steadily streaming pebbles.

At least, I hoped I did.

At last, the bottom of the basin brushed the ground, and I turned to her expectantly, waiting. Hesitantly, she obeyed. Once again she picked up the stone, and settled it into place atop the right pile of pebbles.

The rod sloped and swayed, adjusting to the new weight, and we both watched with anxiety, awaiting the conclusion. Slowly, gradually, the rocking came to a halt, and the two plates sat exactly opposite one another. Equilibrium had been attained.

The cat appeared too stunned to react, so I merely stooped and gathered a few more pebbles from the heaps on the floor, and pushed them into open niches in order to even the piles out. Once satisfied that they were perfectly balanced, I pulled back and turned to her.

"There. It's perfect."

She smiled at me, deep blue eyes shimmering as they exuded a brilliant bright light of which the likes I had never seen before, even from her. And I was further surprised by the fact that she gave a small shake of her head.

"No, Mewtwo."

Puzzled, I watched as she reached forward with both paws, and plucked a pebble from the peaks of each pile. With a one swift movement, she exchanged the two, careful to make sure that the balance would not be disturbed. As the two very differently hued stones contrasted brightly against their new surroundings, encircled by either a sea of untarnished white or murky black, she turned to beam at me once again.

"Now it's perfect."

I laughed. And it was a true, genuine laugh, unlike those forced chokes I'd always offered before. She chimed in too, with her childish, high-pitched giggling, echoing throughout empty space.

Once the laughter had subsided, I turned my gaze from the scale to the gargantuan, shadowed sphere below, its surface teeming with dark grey clouds that shifted and seemed to be swallowing the globe whole. And I understood, there was a connection...

My feet pressed against the ground and my body lifted into the air. Bewildered, the feline followed.

"Where are you going, Mewtwo?"

I swerved about and smiled at her. "To see a friend," I answered, hovering in space.

She nodded and fell back, understanding.

"Good luck," she murmured, as I turned and began drifting once again towards the earth, to find the friend I'd mentioned before.

To help restore balance to the world.

To fulfill my destiny.

Eevee Trainer
April 23rd, 2005, 9:09 AM
Nice stuff. this fan fic was pretty good

April 23rd, 2005, 3:24 PM
Nice stuff. this fan fic was pretty good

Heh. Thanks loff. =) *Lolly*