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January 7th, 2004, 3:35 PM
hi im a newbie and i need help (on so many levels :P ) anyway, im looking for english subtitles to Pokemon The Movie 5 and a download LINK ONLY to movie 6. PLEASE no bittorrent or irc, my crap 56k modem cant afford for uploads and downloads at the same time. thanks for all your help in advance, bye!

January 8th, 2004, 5:23 AM
I think in pkmn.co.uk
shows the dubbed title of all the movies. (excluding 7th)

January 8th, 2004, 9:13 AM
no, not that kind of subtitle. the kind where i can understand what there saying!

January 9th, 2004, 3:01 AM
The fansub of the 5th movie was done by a group called NYF (No Yen Fansubs). You could try to contact them on http://noyen.ryalth.com/ and ask if they can give you the script. As far as I know there aren't any .srt or .sub files of the 5th movie in English. I have seen a subtitles files in Dutch and Spanish though.