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Aiya Quackform
April 21st, 2005, 10:48 PM
This is currently a one-shot based on Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. Enjoy!

Of Miasma and Myrrh

Dear Stanzi,

In its quest for a miasma-free world, Shella educates us students extensively not only about the miasma itself, but about the monsters that thrive in it. I am finding it all fascinating, and thought provoking, too.

For instance, is it not ironic that miasma, which brings death to us, brings life to tens of thousands of monsters?

The tribes of myrrh and the creatures of miasmaare we really so different?

We of the tribes jealously guard our myrrh air, spreading it across as much of this world as we can.

Long ago the creatures of miasma spread their mist of life throughout the world, and down to this day they fight viciously to keep our myrrh air away from their territories.

We guard our sacred crystals with our lives; they give us safe harbor in this world swallowed by miasma. We slay any creature that dares to keep us from sustaining our crystals.

The creatures of miasma know the myrrh is what replenishes the crystals, and in turn holds the miasma back. That is why every myrrh tree is guarded by hordes of their strongest warriorsthey, too, slay to protect their way of life.

Myrrh is our water of life, miasma is their mist of life. What brings life to one brings death to the other.

Therefore, are we really so different? If, one day, we finally drive the miasma from our world, who will the real monsters be? The creatures of miasma, or the tribes who exterminated them?

Perhaps I am getting ahead of myself; were a long ways off from being free of miasma. You know me, always thinking too much. But still, it is something to be meditated upon. I encourage you to do so, Stanzi, and please write me your thoughts.

May the crystal always smile upon you,
Loki Da

Authors Notes: This is an excerpt from a longer piece of fiction Im currently writing. However, I thought that this letter is very interesting on its own. Think of it as my thoughts on the world of Crystal Chronicles. Please tell me what you think by leaving me a review! If it gets a good response, I might put up a reply from Stanzi, but Im not sure. Thanks for reading!

Jesus Freak Josh
April 21st, 2005, 11:00 PM
I'll tell you what I said before. It's great. Since you fixed the problems I had, I guess I have nothing else to say.