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April 23rd, 2005, 11:52 AM
This is a prequel to my RP, The Team Wars.


"Get against the wall, you bastard traitor!" screamed Drake to Zeron. Drake was the leader of a gang, called the Dark Followers. They were inside of the Celadon City Pokemon Center. It was their refuge. Celadon City had been overrun with gang wars and everyone had fled, even the police. Drake had his Charizard for help.
"Why should I, asshole?" said Zeron. He was considered a traitor to his gang, since they thought he killed one of the members of his gang. "I didn't kill Ben, retard."
"Yes you did!" screamed Drake. He pushed him against the wall. "Charizard, burn this son of a b*tch!" His Charizard blew flames into Zeron. He screamed with pain and fell over and got knocked out. "Tie him up upstairs with the nurse." They kept nurse Joy tied up on the second floor, naked. They raped her sometimes. Another gang member, known as Grey, tied him up near the nurse on the second floor. He went back down.
Soon, Zeron regained consciouseness. He looked around. "Those asswipes," he said. He looked around and saw Joy sleeping. He squirmed around to get his Sceptile's pokeball out of his pocket. He then used his tongue to open it. He came out of the ball. "Can you help me, Sceptile?" he said. His Sceptile made a noise and cut the ropes that were tying him up. "Thanks," he said. He returned his Sceptile to its ball. He crept down the broken escalator. He saw nobody there. He looked out the glass door and saw his gang fighting another gang, the Hell Commanders. He watched as Grey was killed by a Beedrill and the other gang's members die.
Zeron started looking around the pokemon center. He found a bag in a hidden cabinet behind the counter. He opened it and found a bomb. He smiled. He took it out, lit it and threw it into the center of the fight. Everyone in the fight died. He felt good. He went upstairs again. He started untying Joy.
"W-why are you doing this?" she said, sounding scared.
"I don't know. Just run away." Zeron replied.
"Thank you." She ran downstairs and Zeron followed her. He watched as she ran towards the biking road. Zeron then sent out his Sceptile and walked out of the pokemon center. He looked around. No gang members to be seen. Well, at least no living gang members to be seen. Corpses were all over the place. Human and pokemon. He searched all of the buildings he knew to be hideouts for the gangs, and no one was there. Then he searched the game corner. He looked around a lot. He noticed a strange picture of a red R. He took it down and noticed a button. He pressed it and a doorway opened up. He walked into it.
It was incredibly empty. He hear nothing. There were lots of empty potions and things like that on the floor. He picked up a key that was on the ground. He continued through the strange basement. He found a maze with unlit arrow tiles on the ground. They didn't work anymore and some were broken. He continued through and found an elivator. He went to all of the floors and found nothing except broken items and deserted rooms. He then went to another floor and found a TV that appeared to work. He turned it on and saw static. He looked around and saw a DVD player on another wall. He turned it on. Something appeared on the TV. It showed a man wearing a suit with an R on it. He started talking.
I am Giovanni. I have left this here incase any Team Rocket members return. I left Team Rocket 10 years ago. I left to train my pokemon to become incredibly powerful. I have returned, and I now take refuge in a secret part of this hideout. I am trying to reassemble Team Rocket. Whoever is watching this must help. Find ex-Rocket members or new people to join so we can regain power and return to our crime and our search for Mew. You can become my partner. Please show this disc to people you want to join to encourage them to join. That is all.
And the video ended. Zeron smiled.

Eevee Trainer
April 23rd, 2005, 12:04 PM
Awesome! cant what for the next part.

April 24th, 2005, 5:04 AM
Chapter 2

Zeron took the disc out of the DVD player, put it in its case and slipped it into his pocket. Maybe I should just find Giovanni now and meet with him, he thought. He looked around the room, looking for some sort of secret passageway or switch. He took out his Sceptile's pokeball and pressed the button on it. His Sceptile came out. "Help me find a secret passageway, Sceptile," he told him. His Sceptile made a cry and started looking. Zeron looked through some bookshelfs, pulling books out of it looking for some secret switch. He looked under tables, on the cieling and under the inactive arrow tiles. Nothing.
Then he went into the elevator. He looked on the cieling of it and saw nothing but mirror tiles. "Sceptile, come here!" he quitly screamed to his Sceptile. His Sceptile ran over to him. "Break the tiles on the top of this elevator." His Sceptile whipped sharp leaves at the cieling and some of the tiles came off. Nothing was being covered by them. Then he looked at the floor. It had a rug. He pressed the button for the lowest floor and went there.
"Sceptile, cut the rug on the ground." he told him. His Sceptile slashed away at the rug. Zeron picked up pieces of the rug and found some kind of glass door on the ground. He returned his Sceptile to his pokeball and jumped through the glass. He was in a dark room. He saw a door. He went over to it and opened it. He was in a large room where the walls, floor and cieling were mirrors. There was a black table in the center with a lamp on it. On one side was a hologram TV, and in front of it was a tall, black chair with a red R on it. The wall in front of him wasn't a mirror.
"How the hell did you find your way here?" said a voice coming from the chair.
"I'm smart." Zeron replied. "Are you Giovanni?"
"Yes, I am Giovanni."
"Why are you trying to reform Team Rocket? And who the hell is Mew?"
"I am trying to reform Team Rocket so the world can take over the world. I have many plans for the future, and my pokemon are of great strength." Giovanni turned the chair around. "Come, sit down."
"Sure." Zeron walked over to the table and sat down in the chair opposite of Giovanni's.
"I have found out many things while Team Rocket was unassembled. Things involving things Rocket failed at in the past. But they should all have strong pokemon, as do I."
"OK. Like what?"
"You will find out when you reform Rocket. Now leave." Giovanni pressed a button on his table and an elevator came down next to Zeron. Zeron got in it and he went up to the first basement floor. He left the game corner and walked into the streets. Where the hell am I supposed to find past members and people to join an evil organization? Zeron thought. He walked through the bloody streets of Celadon towards the bike route. He walked down the path and went towards Fuschia City.

Ms. Eevee
April 29th, 2005, 3:35 PM
Good story! I like it! Please post more!

April 29th, 2005, 4:17 PM
Sorry about not posting more. I'm having trouble figuring out what he does next that wouldn't be bad (as in not good, not as in inappropriate).