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Mystical Mewtwo
January 9th, 2004, 1:56 PM
Gold Elites, by Kevin
Ash Ketchum sat down at the dark caf, waiting for a cheeseburger, as his little yellow friend waited for some ketchup. The caf was empty, just as he had hoped. It was a small, but very cute place, with flowers placed on each round table. He sat outside, his red hat pulled down to his eyes.

A waitress approached him, around his age of 18. Good evening sir, is there anything I could get you?

Someone already took my food order, thank you, but I would like a coke, please.

The waitress gave him an odd look. She gave the glance that everyone gave: up to his hat, down to his Pikachu, and back to his face. Her mouth opened slightly and her blue eyes widened, but she stayed very professional. Yes sir, she said as she hurried away to the kitchen. Ash soon heard her and another girl squeal. He smiled. He wished Brock could see him; the girls were drooling over HIM.

She came hurried back with a coke in hand. She put it down for him, once more glanced at Pikachu, and asked the expected question. Sir Are you the famous Pokemon Master, Ash Ketchum? He looked up, revealing his face. Her eyes widened even more as he said, Yes I am. May I help you? He tried to hide the fact that he was ash Ketchum, but when anyone asked, he always told them. He couldnt handle lying.

She bit her lower lip and pulled out a pokeball, and out popped a Mareep. She then said, Im really sorry to bother you, sir, but you see, me and my friend always battle on Fridays, but she always wins, and She went on. Ash listened attentively, nodding every now and then, and then he gave her advice back. Pikachu got acquainted with the Mareep, and the two were soon playing outside of the caf. The waitress, who revealed her name to be June, had at this point sat down as they continued talking and watching there two Pokemon play.

June! Stop talking with your boyfriend and get over here! Yelled an old man of maybe fifty in the caf door. She blushed slightly, said she had to go, and ran back to the caf kitchen. Before she made it back, she stopped. So did the wind. So did the old man. So did everything.

All noise stopped. Ash sighed, leaned back in his chair, and waited. From up on the building above, and cloaked figure started to descend in mid air to the chair across from him. His hood covered his face, and Ash couldnt see his face, but he knew one friend who could do this.

You sure do know how to make entrances, dont you? said Ash with a grin.

I thought she would never turn her eyes from you. He said as he pulled off his hood, revealing the cat-like face that was Mewtwo. His eyes glowed a slight blue as he fought to keep time still.

What are you saying? asked Ash.

She is your age and she is obviously attracted to you, old friend. He picked up Ashs coke with his three fingered paw and drank a bit.

You mean to tell me you stopped time and came into public just to tell me who is attracted to me?

No. Of course not. His purple eyes looked strait into Ashs brown eyes. Giovanis on the move. We need a resistance, old friend.

Of course. I will join; id like the chance to kick there butt again. I know two others who will do the same. I can even convince a few other gym leaders to join.

Good. That is why I came. He plans to control Japan, Ash; darker times are coming. Be prepared. But welcome to the Elites. Ash raised an eyebrow. That is what they are called. The resistance. You are one of the Gold Elites, for your specialty with electricity. Oh, and perhaps youd rather court Misty? Is that why you are so resentful to go and court this girl?

Hey. Read my mind. Mewtwo did, only to find *Screw You* the only thing floating in his mind.

Mewtwo chuckled. Goodbye to you, Commander Ketchum of the Gold Elites. He flashed and the world was left back to normal. Ash sighed as he got out his cell phone and called someone.

Mist? Weve got ourselves a problem
Oh!!! Looks exiting! What? It isnt? Oh. Well it gets better i promise