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愛Forgotten Angel愛
April 25th, 2005, 7:32 PM
In the distant future, cats rule the world. They go to school, speak various languages, and even have new machines the world has never seen. They have their feuds, just as any civilization does. One outbreak of disease, thought at first to be harmless, has been mutated by someone to be able to kill and has taken many lives. The countries are at war with each other, thinking the other has the culprit. In hopes of winning, the country Trissy summons five ancient warriors. When they arrive, though, they must choose weather to fight for Trissy, or another country. They must stay together to survive in this world, but will their personalities tear them apart and let the cat civilization fall to ruin? Only you can decide!!!

Math- The strongest, she can control minds. She is small and has a red coat with a black stripe around each leg.

Unicl- The smartest of the five, he controls water. He is larger than most can can change the color of his fur and markings.

Fidran- The largest of the group, he controls fire. He is quite slow, and he prefers to avoid fighting. He has a black area around his mouth; the rest of his body is white.

Eanthen- The fastest, he controls the Earth. H can dig, and unusual trait. He is brown with a purple tail.

Canthiy- The normal one of the group, she bears no control over anything. She is grey with a very distict eye color, teal. She is the youngest, but is an expert when it comes to fighting.

The names above are the names given to the cat by their mothers. They have another name that other cats may call them by. This name is formed out of two words. This is an advanced civilization, and the cats have learned how to stand on two legs. They have also grown to be the height of normal humans.

Cat Warrior: (Example: Eanthen)
Name: (Example: Eanthen Finfire)
Age: (Must be 19, I'm 18 because I'm the youngest)
Weapon of Choice:
Backup Weapon: (Optional)
Personality: (Optional)
Other: (Optional)

Here is mine:
Cat Warrior: Canthiy
Name: Canthiy FlameSpiter
Age: 18
Clothes: She wears a blue cut-off tank-top. She wears long, baggy, khaki pants. She also wears a long necklace formed out of fur.
Weapon of Choice: A large chain sickle she holds on her back.
Shield: A small shield the size of a school backpack.
Backup Weapon: None
Personality: She is very quiet and occasionly snotty. She hates being complimented, and she enjoys the topic of death. She feels that just because she has no special power she should not be forgotten or looked down upon. She can be very easy-going though.
Other: She is sectretly in love with Eanthen.

April 25th, 2005, 8:14 PM
Cat Warrior: Unicl
Name: Unicl Blazestorm
Age: 19
Clothes: Spiked collar and wristbands, Headband tied at the side of the head, double earrings on left ear, various chains (ex: around wrist, on belt, necklace, etc.), dark red sleeveless shirt, black sweater/jacket tied around waist, dark red cargo pants
Weapon of Choice: Sword; Thin, but strong and extremely sharp; coated with diamond dust to prevent dulling or breaking
Shield: Two Arm Guards
Backup Weapon: Shuriken Knives
Personality: Possibly to be filled later.
Other: Possibly to be filled later.

愛Forgotten Angel愛
April 25th, 2005, 8:46 PM
Everything is fine, except the Name. Your second name has to been made of two words.

April 26th, 2005, 2:15 AM
Cat Warrior: Eanthen
Name: Eanthen Leafsprite
Age: 19
Clothes: Black sleeveless shirt with a white polo shirt on top, dark blue shorts, white cloth wrapped around left forearm, left foot and right ankle, a metal black band around right wrist.
Weapon of Choice: Twin Short Swords
Shield: An Arm Shield
Backup Weapon: Spear
Personality: Eanthen is quite shy, however he can overcome this quite quickly. He always looks on the good side of things and always tries to do his best at whatever he's doing.
Other: Might be filled later

Poke Chaos
April 28th, 2005, 7:01 PM
Cat Warrior: Fidran
Name: Fidran Darkflame
Age: 19
Clothes: He wears kacky pants and a black T-shirt. He has a chain around his neck with the fireball on it.
Weapon of Choice: A sword with a flamish blade on his back.
Shield: A small shield the size of a school backpack. I has flames on the front.
Backup Weapon: A magic fireball.
Personality: He is humorous, but can be serious if he must. Would sacrifice his life for any of his friends, especially Canthiy.
Other: He is sectretly in love with Canthiy. (but deeply)