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Latias Lover!
April 28th, 2005, 3:27 PM
OK, I think that was the title. If you are new to this story, read the Latias is Born~~Part One. The place is DEAD, so don't bother to answer.
Latias and Latios flew past the deadly forest behind them. It was too dangerous, with those Houndooms and Murkrows lurking around. Latios came up an idea to live in the ocean. It wasn't a bad idea to Latias, but the ocean seems too big. Who knows what will happen? Suddenly, Latios spotted a small island up ahead. It is filled with elegant trees that dotted the island. Latios knew that most humans call it Mossdeep. Latias and Latios turned away from the island and dove underwater. Saltwater stung Latias' eyes, but soon her eyes adjusted to the murky water.

Latios barked at Latias and she followed behind. Latios had spotted a seafloor cavern, but it seems dark and misty inside. Bravely, they both headed inside together...

Meanwhile, up at the surface...

Two dark handsome boys splashed in a puddle. Mud flew over them as they laughed with joy. Suddenly, their mom ran out to them.

"My goodness!" she shrieked. "You better clean up, young men, or you'll be sorry!" she stormed off to the house and shut it tightly. The two boys looked at each other and tried not to crack even a giggle. But soon they saw a blue blimp with a letter 'A' on it. The blimp sent fast blue rockets towards the ocean in the distance. Water splashed heavily as the rockets opened up and released a blue light into the ocean...

Later, in the seafloor cavern...

Latias whispered fearfully behind Latios. They are deep within the cave. Mist started to block their view, but Latios have night-vision. It easily see through the fog. Suddenly, a blinding light of blue flashed in the cavern. Latias was blind. Loud churning water filled her ears. She heard a great roar of terror as a shape of a whale appeared before her eyes.

"WROAR!" The whale boomed. Latios was lost in the blinding light. Latias soon discovered that the whale had been asleep all along and the light awoken it! Flash! Latias slowly closed her eyes and collasped on the seafloor. She had fainted from the light!

The whale spreads its fins and glided away from the cavern. It looked like a beast with gigantic fins to swim with. The whale had a huge white mouth and blue skin. A blue orb was shining brightly from its mouth, and its angry...

Up in the surface...

"We awoke Kyogre," a Team Aqua grunt reported to Aqua Leader Archie. Archie nodded and walked up to the computer screen. It showed a shape of Kyogre pushing its way up to the surface. Beams of blue light exploded from its mouth.

"Soon," Archie muttered, "Team Magma will be destroyed!"

April 28th, 2005, 3:31 PM
sweet that is very cool.ps. you can just add on to your old story.

Latias Lover!
April 28th, 2005, 3:34 PM
Ok, I will try to copy my story

April 28th, 2005, 5:15 PM
I am sorry. Any thing posted by me without proper prununciation, is posted by someone else. I never actually posted here.

Latias Lover!
April 28th, 2005, 6:26 PM
Continuing on!
Groudon Awakens~~Part Four

The Aqua Blimp sailed overhead. Latias peeked her head above the water's surface. The sky is dark as the shadows, but Latias could see the blimp's lights. Did the blimp fired that blue light? She was never sure, but she is worried that her mate had died from the blast. Fearfully she flew out of the water and far into the black sky.

"Archie, the sensors say that a red and white object is flying near us!" an aqua member reported to Team Aqua Boss Archie. Archie nodded solemnly and walked up to a computer and began typing furiously. "Try to fire the Bubble Blasts!" he commanded and a fast missle of bubbles launched themselves at Latias.

Up above, Latias flew out of the bubbles' path, but the strange bubbles kept coming back at her. After a long struggle, the bubbles had made its toll. Latias fell back in pain. She tumbled into the sea, never to be seen again... for now.

A Team Magma soldier ran up to Maxie, the boss of Team Magma. He thought of awakening one of the greatest and powerfulest Pokemon in the world--Groudon! But flashes of the past shook off his thoughts...


Maxie moved his way through the crowd of tired and joyful people. Archie was drinking fruit punch next to the dessert table. Maxie walked up to him. "Hey, wanna be friends?" he asked warmly. "Sure," Archie said solemnly. "Say, did you know who is the best Pokemon in the world?"

"Groudon?" Maxie guessed hopefully.

"Nah," Archie said. "Kyogre is better, so better it can beat Groudon alone!"

"No," Maxie snapped angrily. "Groudon is better. Land is better than water, so ha!"

"There is more water than land in the world," Archie corrected him. "Pokemon need water for space. Maxie, how dare you think land prevails over water!"

"Ugh, I don't need you!" Maxie snarled. "Besides, one day I will start my own team and you can't join, no matter the costs."

"Fine!" Archie shot back. "Because of you, I don't need anyone to help me create the best team ever!" He stormed off.

Twenty years ago, 1985

Maxie turned to a pool of bubbling lava. Within it lie Groudon, a huge dinosaur with red scales and gray flesh on its belly. Four red missles shot towards the sleeping Pokemon behind Maxie. Once the missles hit Groudon, a enormous red light exploded and FLASH! Groudon awakens with a great roar of anger...

April 30th, 2005, 11:42 PM
That was fantastic! This is getting even more exciting :classic: (me staring at the computer screen)! Very smart with Maxie and Archie fightin a long time ago! Keep up the great job!

May 1st, 2005, 7:12 AM
Very nice!
Archi must win!

Latias Lover!
May 1st, 2005, 7:44 AM
The Battle~~Part Five

Groudon looked around suspiciously. Maxie was smiling evily. He tried to steer Groudon onto land with the Red Orb but Groudon is too strong to control. It thrashed about, wreaking computers and machines. Electricity crackled loudly. Soon, the whole place was burning... And Groudon is walking away... to sea...

Kyogre glided over the water with its majestic fins. It opened its mouth and a blue shining light shone within its mouth. Its the Blue Orb. With one immense light, it fired a beam of shining blue at Mossdeep. Buildings collasped, and fire burned...

Groudon made its way through the water. Each time it stepped, land appears. Groudon is coming closer to Kyogre. After a long time, Groudon made it. It stood face to face with Kyogre. Kyogre roared. Groudon roared. But Kyogre struck fast. It hurled itself into Groudon, nearly knocking it into the water, but Groudon kept its balance.

Groudon opened its mouth and inside is the Red Orb. Kyogre opened its mouth as well and inside was the Blue Orb. They both fired their beams at the same time. BOOM! Smoke clouded the sky. The Aqua Blimp collasped due to the explosion. The blimp crashed into a cluster of rocks.

Latias swam up, awoke from the explosion. Kyogre and Groudon were fighting like mad. It seems like it will never stop. Rain in, rain out, sun in, sun out, rain in, rain out. Latias watched the battle fearfully, clutching a large rock.

Deep in the ozone layer, is Rayquaza. It saw smoke and light flashing in the earth. Rayquaza flew at the area with high speeds. When it got very close to the battle of Kyogre and Groudon, Rayquaza opened its mouth and a green beam hit the middle of the battle. Kyogre stopped. Groudon stopped. sunlight appeared through the clouds. Kyogre released the Blue Orb and Groudon released the Red Orb. The two orbs combine, making a purple orb. They vanished within the sea, to rest...

Rayquaza had stopped the battle and returned to the ozone layer. Latias flew off the rock. Latios was gone, but Latias felt happy somehow... Behind her she heard Team Aqua talking.

"Oh man, why does that Rayquaza have to interfere with Kyogre's battle?" Archie shouted angrily. "Without that Rayquaza, Kyogre should have won!"

"But, boss," A grunt said, but Archie cut him off.

Maxie had watched the battle. With disbelief, he stormed off. "Ugh, Groudon should have won," he muttered. "Now their peace remains forever. Thanks to that Rayquaza."

Latias watched the two teams storm off. She flew around a white crater. Inside was a patch of water. Latias flew in and saw a peaceful forest, not as dangerous as the first. With a cry of joy she flew in... But was never heard of again, because of the joy she has...

June 22nd, 2005, 7:54 PM

Heh heh. Sorry. Didn't know what you were going to say