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April 30th, 2005, 12:17 PM
Okay, here it goes, my first role-play. Yeah!

We all know there are five evolutions to eevee. Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Espeon, and Umbereon. Team Sonic(evil organization) plans on stealing all five of these and mutating them into an all powerful Pokemon named Eeon. Fuve trainers and their eevees can stop them. Are you in? We need a Giovanni charcter named Porky and a fire, eletric, water, dark, and physic good trainer.
heres what you need.
Pokemon:(five total, your six is a eevee that evoles later! No legenderys)
Here's mine.

Role: dark good trainer
Appearance: shoulder length black hair, dark blue eyes, Black baggy pants and black tanktop and armbands(black, duh)
Personality: Quiet, sly, loves pokemon all kinds
Pokemon: eevee, houndoom, lairon, Gengar, persion, hitmonlee

Five more people, lets go!

April 30th, 2005, 12:45 PM
name palo
gender male
role fire good trainer
appeaeance ruby male
personality angry serious
pokemon evee houndoom blaziken typhlosion magmar and charizard

April 30th, 2005, 12:46 PM
Name: Neesha
Gender: Female
Role: Water good trainer
Appearance: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v465/SpiritGirl/neesha.png
Personality: She calm and sarcastic at the worst of times. She is almost always cheerful and carefree. She is friendly and cares very deeply about all of her friends. She loves adventure and is rather stubborn and tough. She will always help those who need it and never backs down from a fight even if she knows she can't win. She is intellegent and always willing ot make sacrifices for those she cares about.
Pokemon: Eevee, Dewgong, Arcanine, Totodile, Swampert, and Dragonair.

April 30th, 2005, 12:48 PM
Theres only one fire good trainer sorry.

April 30th, 2005, 12:50 PM
Shoot somebody beat me to it. Ok I'll edit it. Aren't we only supposed to have one Eeveelution and it's still an Eevee?

April 30th, 2005, 12:53 PM
Your eevee evloves laterin the story.

United squirtle
April 30th, 2005, 1:03 PM
name jake
gender male
role phychic
appearance sapphire male
personality nice and freindly
pokemon eevee blastoise typhlosion swampert pidgeot gardevoir

April 30th, 2005, 1:18 PM
We just need an electric and we can start!

April 30th, 2005, 2:20 PM
Gender: Female
Name: Coco
Role: Electric
Appearance: Long, blond hair with electric blue highlights. She wears a bright pink tank and jeans.
Personaltiy: Calm, which is weird for the vision of Electricity.
Pokemon: Eevee, Electrike, Raichu, and Voltorb.

April 30th, 2005, 2:55 PM
"Oh I forgot! We also need Porky(Giovanni) the leader of Team Sonic(Rocket). Then we can start!

April 30th, 2005, 4:36 PM
what kind of name is porky cant we just start

April 30th, 2005, 5:21 PM
fine, we can start. And porky is the nickname for a pure evil boy at my school, so I thought it was apporite.

May 1st, 2005, 7:21 PM
ok i was sitting by a lake watching a flareon knock out a bulbasuar then muttered i wish i had a flareon go eevee

May 2nd, 2005, 6:16 PM
"Go Eevee! Quick Actack!" my opnneant just laughed "Eevee verses charizard?! Eevees are weak, I'm leaving" "No!" sighing I recalled eevee. "If only you'd evolve, but i won't force you. Come on, lets go."

May 2nd, 2005, 6:22 PM
a flareon so strong eevee please evolve soon i looked that flareon keeps winning

United squirtle
May 2nd, 2005, 7:12 PM
It's my dream to have a vaporeon.

May 2nd, 2005, 7:51 PM
Appearance:http://img240.echo.cx/img240/8808/712wv.jpg (http://www.imageshack.us)

May 2nd, 2005, 8:02 PM
Neesha sat in a tree with her Eevee on her shoulder. The small dog Pokemon barked softly. Neesha nodded. "Let's get going." She climbed quickly down and headed towards a lake they had passed earlier. Not far away she spotted some one. She could see a small Pokemon wit them. "Look they have an Eevee too."

May 3rd, 2005, 3:35 AM
'Lairon, Go! Let's find some one to battle us!" I hop on lairon back and and we had to my favorite lake.

May 3rd, 2005, 12:43 PM
ah well might wanna go to the next gym

United squirtle
May 7th, 2005, 7:30 AM
evee whant a water stone.

May 7th, 2005, 11:45 AM
"eevee go! tackle!" eevee tackles the gyrodose then begans to glow! "Your evloving!" Where my eevee once stood there was a umpereon. Then an explosion. Where umpereon once stood was a crater with a S formed in it. "Team Sonic has umpereon!"

May 7th, 2005, 6:50 PM
quickly i ordered eevee to tackle but it tripped over a fire stone then i ordered it to use flamethrower