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May 4th, 2005, 6:11 AM
Have you ever felt that you didnt belong or were different compared to others that you felt you were close to? Have you ever felt that the simple life of a human wasnt enough, just wasnt challenging or adventurous?

But has it ever crossed your mind, that you may not be one of these simple humans, what if I told you now that you were a Draken, a half Dragon half Human? Would you believe me? No, of course you wouldnt, you have lead a normal life up to this moment and cant even remember even being born as such a species.

But dont tell me you have never dreamed about it, because I know you have, you cant escape from the reality of your life, you are a Draken, and believe it or not, you come from a world far away from the one you walk on previously, one in which is under the attack of angelic creatures, dark angels ones in which seek destruction of the Draken and Dragon Kind.

Why you ask? Well, it all started 1000 years ago when The lord of Darkness Dioblos walked the earth freely, causing havoc wherever he roamed in till the day a Draken Hero named Lohard and his Dragon Companion, Draco sealed this Demonic beast away into the fiery caverns of hell, where he was said to have perished for a millennia under the control of Satan himself.

There was much rejoice across the land of Acroven and Drakens, Humans, Elves and Dwarfs cheered for the mighty Draken Hero and his companion. Many statues were built in his honour and his name was known in many churches and cathedrals across the land, his name is legend and though to this day he is lost to the heavens his name still resides in books and memories.

Near Millennia passed after the defeat of Diablos and the ledged had still remained intact over the long years. But alas a dark cloud appeared over the Holy ground of Silcove and a dark seal protects it from the outside world, every being that approached, disappeared and was never seen again. Tales have stated that a great evil is at play there, but no matter how many braved the walk to the dark seal, they could not penetrate the darkness that covered whatever evil resigned in the now unholy place, and therefore, nothing could be done.

Over the past five years, observers have recorded the strange phenomenas that have happened after the appearance of the dark seal:

1984: Nothing has changed since the seals first appearance though many who have approached have yet to return

1985: The Animals have fled the forests near by and strange creatures wander in their places, Black winged creatures have been seen flying from within the seal to return hours later

1986: The winged creatures continue to fly back and forth, sometimes carrying unidentified objects with them, the seal has darkened and the creatures have began to wander from the seal out further towards the villages

1987: There have been multiple reports of monster attacks and kidnappings in multiple villages and the air has darkened around the seal, the sun does not shine in the unholy ground and the trees have withered

1988: The 9 Holy Dragons have disappeared this year:

The first to disappear was the Holy Dragon of Water, Cirius who watches over the seas of Acroven, since the disappearance of the Holy Dragon there have been multiple deaths at sea,

The second was the Holy Dragon of Fire, Firion who watches over the Volcanoes of our land, since the disappearance of the Holy Dragon, multiple villages have been the victims of Volcanic Eruptions.

The Third was the Holy Dragon of Earth, Komali, who watched over the forests and the growth of the land, since the disappearance of the Holy Dragon, Crops have not been able to grow in many places and many have been driven into poverty.

The Fourth was the Holy Dragon of Wind, Sinthisis, who watched over the Skies of Acroven, since the Holy Dragons disappearance the Winds have become strong disallowing the flight of Dragons in the land.

The Holy Dragon of Ice, Kiara was the fifth to disappear and ever since, the ice of the snowy lands has begun to melt and cause multiple floods in the land.

The next to disappear was the Holy Dragon of Thunder, Thor, who once watched over the Skies with his Sister the Dragon of Winds, ever since the disappearance thunder storms have begun to grow common in the land and have raged out of control.

Another disappearance has occurred, this time the Holy Dragon of Darkness, Abyss, who once worked together with the Holy Dragon of Light, to ensure the Balance of Light and Dark stayed neutral.

And the last was the disappearance of the Holy Dragon of Light, Lithia, who worked together with the Dragon of Darkness for the same purpose.

With the 9 Dragons gone, the world has become unbalanced and dangerous, only few villages have yet to be effected by the Darkness.

1989: We are in dire need of help, the Demon, Diablos has returned to the world and has ordered destruction of the Draken Race, and we have learnt that he has sealed the 9 Holy Dragons away with Unholy Forces and thus, the World is unprotected. The Age of Drakens will soon come to an end.

This was 16 years ago, at this time, Drakens have been whipped of existence and Diablos bathes in his glory.

You see, what happened was, Diablos made a pact with Satan and promised him the souls of all Draken beings that lived on Acroven, but what Diablos didnt count on, was the fact that 5 Drakens lived on a planet called earth.

Before the destruction of the Draken Species, the Draken elder, ordered that 6 youngsters be sent to the planet of earth with 6 Dragon guardians who were to bring them back when they all came of age to avenge the Draken race, to awaken the elemental dragons and destroy the seal that protects the unholy ground in which Diablos resigns and rid him of the planet.

The Only problem that the 6 young Drakens will face is the promise Diablos made to Satan, the Promise which could be the destruction of them all.

Basically, you are a Draken that was sent to planet earth with a Dragon companion to be protected from Diabloss wrath. When you all come of age, your Dragon Companion awakens and comes to take you back to the world of Acroven to release the 9 Holy Dragons and avenge the Draken Race. The Only Problem is the Promise Diablos has made to Satan; he will do everything in his power to stop you from accomplishing that in which you were destined to do.


Age: (16-20)
Description: (Your Human description, the description you have on earth)
Description: (Your Draken description, the Description you have on Acroven (See Draken description)
History: (Your life on Planet Earth)


Element: (Your Dragon can have an element, but keep in mind, your Dragons powers are nothing compared to the 9 Holy Dragons)
History: (Optional)


Drakens are similar to humans, but they have pointed fangs and wings. Can have claws and Dragon like eyes. They have the power to transform into a Dragon, but only for a short period of time as it takes up much energy. Drakens are Humans just with Dragon like features.

9 Holy Dragons:

After freeing a Holy Dragon from its seal it will give you all a magic Power and the Ability to summon it in dire situations.

(My sign up will come later, there are 5 more sign up's left open, so please, sign up!...Hopefully this one will stay alive, but I have quite a good feeling about it)

May 4th, 2005, 8:27 AM

Name: David
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: Very... Persistant? Hot-headed, and occassionally oblivious to his surroundings. David doesn't like to fit, but will when necessary. His version of "necessary" usually means he'll be almost dead before he decides to fight back. He also has a very layed back lifestyle, as he likes to fool around a lot.
Description: 6', with short red hair and sky blue eyes. He wears a grey sweater with a hood, a black shirt underneath, and a pair of navy blue jeans. He is medium built, and wears a gold chain necklace around his neck, as well as a pair of black running shoes.
Description: Looks the same as his human form, wearing the same things, except he has pointed fangs, and wings the exact same shade of orangey-red as his hair jetting from his back.
Weapon: A red quarterstaff, a short, blood-red blade on each end.
History: David spent his earth life as a student living in Canada. In his high school years, he was often pushed around and beaten on by the older students, just because when they tried to make fun of him, he didn't respond. Even then, he wouldn't fight back!


Name: Sayu
Gender: Female
Personality: Unlike David, Sayu is very calm and collective most of the time, and likes to kick it back and take it easy.
Description: http://www.fictionalworlds.com/forgotrealms/CREATURES/WHITE%20DRAGON.jpg
Element: None

May 4th, 2005, 9:05 AM

Name: Rachel

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Personality: Rachel has a sarcastic and playful nature, but a very short fuse. The smallest things can flare her hot temper be it family, friends or even strangers, though she tries to control it, her self control is of little use when it comes to annoying things. But when her cool and calm demeanor is in place, she can be quite charming and helpful. Rachel has the smarts and the cunning of a snake but the heart and the loyalty of a dog, in all, Rachels personality is a weird combination of Caring and hatred.

Description: Rachel has long flowing locks of dark brown hair and Emerald green eyes, and her skin is lightly tanned with multiple freckles splashed across her slender face. She wears a pair of black baggy trousers which flare at the bottoms to cover large boots and a black crop top which shows her slender stomach, though her arms are covered by a waste length black jacket with a Chinese Dragon embrioded into the chest. A pair of black sunglasses sat perched in the long flowing hair to keep bangs from falling into the emerald orbs.

Description: In her true form, Rachel has the same slender body, but many of her features have changed dramatically. Her hair is no longer the long flowing Brown, but an unruly navy blue color, this unnatural colored hair reaches to her waste and spikes at the top of the head to hang over into her face, but fortunately the trademark glasses are still in place at the top of her forehead to keep the unruly bangs at bay. Her eyes are still her natural deep emerald color but hold a dragonish look to them. The clothes she wears have stayed the same from crossing to her home planet but two belts wind their way around her waste to hold her two swords in place and another across her chest. She has grown sharp canines and two Navy Blue wings sprout from her back.

Weapon: Twin Blades, Two silver steal blades with wooden handles.

History: Rachels life has been near normal up to this point; she has managed to snatch a job in a local shop near her home in Australia and is now looking at another two year in collage to study Art. She has a select group of friends and likes to do many things in her spare time, such as Surf, Skateboard or even horse back riding with her best friend Aisha.

Other: None


Name: Diego

Gender: Male

Personality: Diego is very protective of Rachel, as he knows she will get into much trouble even though she would not mean to. Unlike Rachel, Diego is very calm and will take insults easily, though his fuse does have a limit, it takes a lot to rid Diego of his cool demeanor. Laid back and easy going, Diego is a loyal companion and a deadly enemy.

Description: http://www.saberfire.com/dragons/archivehigh/053.jpg

Element: Earth

History: N/A


Tons of Dragon Pics, just take your pic ^_-

May 4th, 2005, 2:23 PM

Name: Aridail "Ari" Riverstone
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Personality: Aridail is a very idependant girl, who tries to do everything. She is sometimes over-confident, and often acts on impulse. She was a born fighter, and won't hesitate to take someone down. Once she goes into 'battle mode', it'll be a long time before she even thinks about backing down. But, despite this, she has a calm and caring side. Unfortunatly, she has never reallt fit in, and has few friends, all of which live far away from her.

Description: Aridial has sea blue eyes and tan skin. Her hair is dark and straight, almost reaching her waist. She is a bit sort for her age, but don't remind her unless you have a death wish. She wears baggy jeans, and a light blue sleeveless shirt.

Description: Ari has small aqua blue wings and a tail, designed for swimming at high speeds. Being a Water Draken means her wings are small and not as useful for flying. She has fin-like ears, and her sea blue eyes look darker. Her clothes changed, and she now wears a light blue top that shows her midriff, with long sleeves that fan out and cover her hands, a small light blue skirt and belt, and close-fitting dark blue pants that stop at the middle of her shins. Around her neck is a silver chain, with a sapphire cut into the symbol of a dragon. When ever she changes into a dragon, she is small and looks like this: http://sommerland.org/artgallery/art/old_celestial2.jpg

Weapon: A sword and her fists. Aridail can basically make a weapon out of anything.
History: Aridail has lived near water all her life. She loves everything about the beach, and any other body of water deep enough for her to swim in. Her mother died in a car crash when she was four, and her father raised her and her two older sisters, Kaesy and Kassidy, by himself. But, he's got a girlfriend now, and Ari hates her.
Other: Aridail is atheletic and on the swimm team. She lives in Florida.


Name: Poseidon
Gender: Male
Personality: Unlike Aridail's confident and rough nature, Poseidon is quiet and calm. He dislikes fighting, and tries to aviod it as much as possible. He is preceptive and understand, always evaluating the situation before jumping in, unlike Ari, who charges into things. He has a difficult time watching over Ari.
Description: http://sommerland.org/artgallery/art/old_celestial2.jpg But larger than Ari when she's in her dragon form.
Element: Water

Trainer Ben
May 4th, 2005, 3:04 PM

Name: Jason
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: Quiet, secluded, calm, somewhat cruel.
Description: Bright blue hair, pale eyes, black jacket with blue shirt, black pants, white shoes.
Draken Description: Same as above, but with small horns and claws.
Weapon: Sabre sword.
History: Jason was a normal teenager. However, he didn't have many good friends. He liked to seperate himself from others, including his own family. Recently, his 16th birthday passed. When he recieved a present he would always get every year, he finally snapped and insulted his parents. He ran away from home, and ended up in a valley, where he meets Bob and Chan, his dragon companion.
Other: none


Name: Bob and Chan
Gender: Male

Personality: Bob is, simply put, stupid. He doesn't seem to notice when things are serious. He will always defend his friends, though. Chan, on the other hand, is very smart, and serious about his life. He usually devises plans. He is a little ashanmed to being attatched to Bob, but leaving his stupid dragon brother is the last thing he'd want to do...but it's still on the list. ;)

Description: Bob and Chan are a two-headed dragon. Bob has the head of a sea monster (think lockness). His neck is a little rounded. Chan has a typical dragon head, with gold horns. Their body is surprisingly slim for a dragon, and their scales are shiny. They have red skin/scales, and their underbelly is orange.

Element: Bob and Chan breath fire.
History: Bob and Chan, being conjoined, were of course teased and ridiculed. Even their own father didn't love them. Then, Bob and Chan were assigned as companion to Jason, and their new adventure began.

May 4th, 2005, 4:45 PM
Errr. Could I be the Dark Master ?(A.K.A. Dioblos.)

Trainer Ben
May 5th, 2005, 5:43 AM
Jason continued along the dark alley way. There were no signs of any other lifeforms. Not even the local thugs and criminals were out here. And Jason was looking for a good fight too.

"Hey! You thugs looking for some cash?" Jason yelled out. He was feeling good tonight. He then smelt something.

"...Barbeque?" he asked himself. He walked some more, and saw the burnt remains of a trashcan. It was burnt to a crisp, and it had imploded a bit.

"Whoa! What kind of flamethrower did this?" Jason asked out loud. He suddenly heard voice coming from afar. Jason folowed the voices until he reached the entrance of another alley.

"Alright, who's there?" Jason questioned. He got his answer from a blast of wind, knocking him over to the ground. Looking up, he witnessed the sight of something frightening.

"A...dragon!" Jason yelled.

May 5th, 2005, 9:41 AM
OOC-Whoa whoa whoa! XD, You dont even know if you were accepted yet and yet you are starting? XD, anyways you are all accepted and Ben I like the two headed Dragon XD.

Gohan, sorry, but Diablos will not take apart in the RPG tll the very end, unless you count a few appearances through out, so Sorry but Diablos cannot be taken.

Anyways, the accepted are:
dark espeon
trainer ben
Magma Member Jacob

There is still one position open for anyone who wishes to fill it ^_^

Anyway, it seems Ben has started already, so go ahead. The first post will be your meeting with your Dragon.

(IC)Rach, come er for a minute A dark haired male, beckoned to her with a slender finger, never turning from his position near a desk.

The teen moved forward, hands in the pockets of her trousers and looked over her friends shoulder What, Drake

The young male had been working on a bike for more than 2 hours now. He and Rachel had been riding down Garth hill, one of the biggest in the city when Drakes chain came off and he was sent sprawling to the floor. Luckily there was no serious damage apart from some deep gashes and a few bruises, but Drake had been determined to fix his precious bike all morning.

Grab the screwdriver and twist that notch by there would ya? He picked the Screwdriver off the table and handed it back to Rachel over his shoulder. Rachel plucked it from his grasp and did as she was told You should have checked your chain before we set off down that hill in the first place, genius

Drake sighed So youve said over 10 times these past to hours

Well wouldnt you be annoyed if my bike was broken and I had to ask you to help fix it with me She stated, twisting the screwdriver around between her fingers Believe me, its not nice just standing here for two hours watching as you poorly try to fix your bike chain

Well no one said you had to stay Drake mumbled, never turning towards her.

Rachel dropped the Screwdriver onto the desk and stormed off out of the garage Fine

It was still light outside and cars drive back and forth too and from work. In truth, Rachel hated the city; she was a much bigger fan of the fresh air of the countryside. Luckily for her a forest was just on the outskirts of the city and was very much her favorite place to relax.

It was dark in the forest, and the birds sung sweet songs to the fresh air. The trees rustled as wandering squirrels dashed through them to safety and everything seemed at peace apart from the faint hearing of traffic from the bustling city only a few miles away from the forest.

But something wasnt right, something seemed out of place and there was a musky smell to the forest. Then there was the breathing, the heavy breathing, and the continuous rustle of the trees as thumps got louder and louder. Rachel swung her head from side to side searching for the source of the noise and the loud thumps and soon was met by a set of pear white, sharp teeth, clamped into a grin.

Dont panic It muttered slowly.

May 5th, 2005, 11:38 AM
Name: Blaze
Age: 18
Gender: male
Personality: Blaze is very intelligent, but hardly uses his intelligence. Most of the time he just dives into doing things, but he thinks out tough problems. He can get really mad at people and ususally inanimate objects and he seems to smash things while enraged.
Description: Blaze has relatively long hair that is blonde with dark red streaks. His clothes are usually dark, but he likes the colour red, so most of his clothes are dark read.He usually wears jeans, but when he needs to move around maybe something that lets him move more freely.
Description: He has large powerful red wings and has not to sharp fangs and is very agile in the air
Weapon: Katana and shrukiens
History: Blaze was born into a house of ninjitsu students and was trained since he was five. He loves to make up new moves and train all thought he is very good at ninjitsu he still pushes himself

Name: Soar
Gender: Male
Personality: Soar is a very quick thinker and likes to keep him and blaze out of danger but this is often unsuccessful
Description: http://faketrix.com/contents/fangoria/dragons/1024/flying-dragons.jpg
Element: Fire

that ok

May 5th, 2005, 11:48 AM
hey can i join?! this story sounds very interesting


Age: 18
Personality: chrono is loyal and energetic, he likes to get in trouble and fooling around sometimes
Description: 1.86m tall black brown hair, brown eyes, whith a black long jacket, and a gray pants , with black boots
Description: black hair , horns and yellow eyes, serious and intelligent
Weapon:long sword
History: a normal life, until his 18 birthday were his dad died so he was very sad and go to a forest to be along some time were he met his dragon


Personality: enthusiastic, similar to chrono, but he gets serious in hard or important situations
Description: a tall black red dragon with a long scaly wings, sharp fangs and teeths, and two horns
History: unknown

Trainer Ben
May 5th, 2005, 2:39 PM
((sorry for starting early. :nervous: ))

Jason continued to stare at the face above him. He could only see the head of the creature. It quivered it's lips and showed it's razor sharp teeth. Suddenly, another head appeared behind it.

"Chan, are you trying to do the lip thing the creatures do in Alien VS Predator? Because you stink!" the head laughed.

"Bob, you idiot! I was just scaring the guy. Can't I just have some fun?" the other head complained. Jason was scared and confused. It was frightening enough that an actuall dragon was right in front of him, but a two-headed one...that argued with itself.

"I'm having some kind of hallucination, aren't I? Probably a side effect from those stupid pills my psychiatrist gave me," Jason told himself. He started walking off, but was blocked off by the dragon's tail.

"Wait a minute, pal. You can't just leave yet. Me and my brother here were sent to you for a reason," the horned dragon head said. He cleared his throat and started talking.

"The world of Acroven is in mortal danger, and you are one of the few Drakens left who can save us. and by 'us', I mean the world of Acroven, not me and my brother," he explained.

"It's very nice to meet you, Jason. My name's...uh...oh yeah. My name's Bob!" said the other head, now known as Bob.

"My name's Chan. Remember my name, so you don't have to be refering to me as the horned dragon head," said the horned dragon head now known as Chan.

"Let me get this straight. You and your brother are...conjoined?" Jason asked.

"Yes. I guess you can say we're why cousins shouldn't marry. Seriously, we had the right kind of parents, non-related, but somehow, we became attatched," Chan explained.

"Jason, could you please come with us to Acroven?" Bob pleaded. Jason thought for a moment. "This is some weird dream, I know it. It's crazy, but maybe it wouldn't be so bad. After all, I just lashed out at my parents, who are probably looking for me. I need something to cool off."

"Sure, why not?" Jason agreed. He hopped on top of the two-headed dragon.

"So, how do we get there?" he asked.

"Well, we just keep flying until the leader of this RP says how we get to Acroven," Bob explained. Bob and Chan flew into the air, high above the city. Jason started laughing with joy. This was much better than skydiving, he thought. He suddenly thought of something.

"Hey Chan? Can you guys breath fire?" Jason asked.

"Well, of course," Chan replied.

"Shoot a huge fireball towards half of the city," Jason said.

"My pleasure," Chan said, delighted. He and Bob breathed in some air, and then exhaled, releasing a huge ball of fire. It flew towards the city, and eventually hit, causing a massive explosion.

"You idiots!" Jason yelled.

"Huh? Somebody call me?" Bob asked, looking around.

"You wanted me to blow up the city! You just asked me to!" Chan said.

"You just blew up the nuclear power plant!" Jason yelled. They witnessed a green gas flying from the explosion.

"...Is that bad or something?" Bob asked. Jason slapped his forehead.

"Look, you know how you guys have two heads? Well, if that stuff touches us, we'll be flying with eight legs and a horn growing out of our..." Jason explained.

"Don't need to tell me twice!" Chan yelled. They flew off, their wings flapping and producing high gusts of wind.

"Next stop, Acroven!"

May 5th, 2005, 4:14 PM
Aridail sighed, sitting on the shore of the sea before her. Rain pelted her skin, causing her arms and face to become pink, but she didn't mind. The beach was deserted, and a thin slip of the moon shown dimmly overhead. Aridail had left the warmth of her home to escape here, one of her favorite places. She had been dreaming about some far off land, again.

There was a large sea, islands, continents, snow-tipped mountains, enormous forests, volcanoes, everything. It looked like something one would find in a fantasy book. But it was so real...

Thats impossible, Aridail thought, shaking her wet head slightly, There is no far away land with all those things. It was a dream. Just a stupid dream. But still...

Thunder roared overhead, and lightning crackled. The waves started getting higher, and a few actually washed over Aridail. She decided it was time to go. Suddently, there was a rumbling, a distant roaring. The last thing she remembered before being swept away was a voice calling her name.


"Aridail? Hello, are you alive? Oh, great Gods above, I killed her!" Said a voice in her mind.

Aridail coughed, and blinked a few times. She was, sailing through the water, but on what?

"What the.... Wha?!" Aridail exclaimed. She was looking into the eyes of a creature, a dragon. His scales almost matched the color of the sea, and his eyes were the color of the sky. His wings were smaller than the dragons she had seen pictures of, and his tail had a fin on the end of it, shaped like a dolphins tail. The dragon was the size of a small lion.

"Y-you're a dragon!!"

"Correct," Said his voice in her mind. His lips pulled back into a pointy smile as he then added, "That I am. Poseidon, at your service."

Aridail was still getting over the shock of seeing a dragon. Even more astounding, he was speaking into her mind. Poseidon could sence her confusion.

"I was sent from Acroven to get you. You are a Draken, Aridail. A half-dragon half-human. Or, half-elf, in your case. And if you're wondering why I'm speaking in your mind, its because I'm a Water Dragon. We spend most of our lives in the water, so we use telepaphy to comunitcate. You are also a Water Dragon half. You have to same ability. But, we're not here to talk about that. You must come back to Acroven with me. You are one of the last Draken, and we are under attack. So, Aridail, will you come with me?"

Aridail thought for a moment. That moment was very short. "Uh, sure..." She said. Getting the chance to kick but and not get in trouble? She would cut off her arm to do something like that. Or, knowing her, someone elses arm. Either way, she was in.

Trainer Ben
May 6th, 2005, 5:17 AM
((Do our characters go to some specific portal or something to get to Acroven, or do we simply just arrive at Acroven?))

Bob and Chan continued to fly through the night sky, carrying Jason on their back.

"Hey, when will we be there?" Jason asked.

"We'll be there soon. We need to conserve our strength, though," Chan explained.

"Yeah, it's too windy there," Bob said.

May 6th, 2005, 12:51 PM
(OOC- Sorry Chrono but Blazey gets the last spot. Your description and personality is short and lacking of proper grammar, try adding some Capital letters and commas to split it up. Blazey, you are free to post as you wish

Ben: Whoa whoa, dont rush ahead, because you would have completed the RPG before we even got to the world XD. But to get there, your Dragon must teleport you; it has the power to return home whenever it pleases. Also keep your posts at a decent length, remember that ^_-)


Rachel would have fainted had it not been from the familiarity of the Dragon, she had felt she had met him somewhere before, even though a Dragon was said not to exist on any continent of the world. This was a rare sight indeed, but this still did not control the scream that escaped pale lips upon the arrival of the large Dragon.

The Dragon was obviously taken off guard by this and had the sudden urge to clamp his large claws over the girls mouth, though decided against it upon realizing it would cause her great harm indeed. It instead cast a worried glace down upon her and started hissing for her to quiet down. The last thing that was needed here was to cause suspicion to passers by outside the forest.

The Girl had managed to back herself up against a tree in her yellings and had calmed down shortly after, though her heart beet rapidly and her chest heaved with the fright of the moment. She brought a hand to her chest and clamped the space in which her heart was. Wha-what are you, what are you doing here!? She questioned worriedly, stuttering every now and then.

The Dragon crouched down so that it could lay sprawled across the floor I am Diego; I am a Dragon of the planet Acroven, here to bring you back to the world of Myths and Legends. Can you not remember why you were brought here...of course you were only a few months old at the time It spoke calmly now.

The girl, managed to control her breathing and sat down cautiously, afraid the Dragon would strike at any second. N-no, I dont, but as you say I was only a few months old at that time.and what do you mean you are from the planet Acroven? This was turning into an interesting day, even though it could well end up in her death.

The dragon shifted and wound its tail around its gigantic paws Rachel, have you ever felt that you didnt belong herethat your interests differed from others? That is because you are not of this world; you are a Draken, a Dragon person from Acroven and one of the last in that case. You were sent here for protection from the Dark Lord, Diablos who threatened to kill all Drakens for one mans bravery

Man? Who are you talking aboutDiego? Rachel asked, somewhat relaxed now.

His name was Lohard, and he once defeated the Lord, Diablos and saved Acroven from his wrath, but unfortunately, Diablos made a pact with Satan and was granted life upon Acroven once more in exchange for the lives of all Drakens. To do this, Diablos sealed the Holy dragons of Elements away so that the Drakens could not be protected, and with this done, he took their lives. The Elemental Dragons can only be rescued by a Draken as that is all they will listen to. You were sent to earth to perform this takes when you had come of age. The coming of age is now

Diego, I-I remember, I really do, the flames in the village, the screams of the people, It is a faded memory, but it is there. It is returning to me slowly, you were assigned to my protection, you are the families Dragon, am I correct?

The wise Dragon nodded Yes. Remarkable creatures are the Drakens, their memories surpass many beings, even Elves. Now, we must leave He raised from the ground an spread his wings wide.

But wont I need anything? Rachel asked, rising as well

Diego shook his great head You will not, everything you will need is present in Acroven. Now hop on, this time is full of peril and we must leave immediately, I have explained all you need to know, and your memory will most certainly return when we reach your homeland.

Rachel nodded and climbed up onto the Dragons back using the wing as aid, before the Dragon climbed into the air and disappeared from sight.

(OOC-In Your next post try arriving at Acroven, you will arrive in your hometown, Hilla and meat up with each other as well as memories from the past. Drakens have memories that can remember even the time they were born)

Trainer Ben
May 6th, 2005, 1:03 PM
((got it.))

Jason woke up.

Must have fallen asleeo... he thought. Suddenly, he noticed something different around him. He was no longer in a city or in the sky. He was in a villaige.

"Huh? Are we..." Jason started. He looked next to him to see Bob and Chan.

"Yep. This is Acroven," Chan said. Jason looked all around him. It was a simple villiage; no technology that he could see.

"So, what do we do now?" Jason asked.

"My toast should be popping up in about five minutes," Bob said. Chan slapped him.

"Idiot... Anyway, we need to wait for the other Drakens and their dragons to arrive. Then..." Chan started. Jason interrupted.

"Wait. What's a Draken?" he asked. Chan sighed.

"I knew I forgot to tell you...well, see, it's like this..."

May 7th, 2005, 7:29 AM
I was walking along in the street at about 11 o-clock at night nobody was around which was strange for a saturday.
"suppose I better get back home" I said
"just take a shortcut threw the park" I thought
I ran in through the park gates I heard a strange noise coming from a bush
" Hello is anyone there" I said as I crept towards the bush
"I am not jsut anyone I am a dragon" the thing said
"what the... I know ninjitsu if you try to hurt me I can hurt you twice as much" I said
"I'd love to see you try" it said sarcastivally
"right so I guess you have something to do with me" I said
"yes... and it doesn't involve hurting you" it said
"well thats a relief whats your name I am blaze" I replied
"soar" it said
"intresting name" I said intruiged

May 8th, 2005, 2:59 AM
(OOC- Blazey, your sorta script RPing o_o, try using description in your post to describe your actions, because all your really using is Thoughts and speaking, all I can see is 'I said', 'he said'. Chrono, sorry, but you are too late, perhaps another RPG?)

Hilla The Dragon announced, letting Rachel slide down his scaled wing Your hometown, the one in which was raided 16 years ago by the minions of Diablos He looked down upon the smaller being with a worried glance Do you remember, Rachel? It asked, stooping down to near her height The Flames, the Screams? It is a painful memory, but you must remember why you were sent to a world far from here

Rachel clenched her eyes shut and strained to remember the intense flames and the piercing screams of her Kin. It slowly drained back into her memory and past events ran through her mind and caused her to gasp out aloud at the horrid minions of the dark lord. Black wings and an angelic appearance, but their eyes showed great sorrow and hatred.

Diego nudged her out of her thought with is snout and Rachel fell onto the floor as she snapped from her daze. I remember Diego, the eyes, the eyes of the Minions, such hatred and sorrow in those scarlet eyes. Why Diego, why do they show such emotions towards my kind?

The Dragon gave a great sigh, the Hero I told you of, he killed so many on his pilgrimage to relive the land of the Dark Lords shadow, they are the lives of his enemies, and some were even innocent maidens and young men. He did not wish to kill them, but many got in the way of his many battles against the Demons of the Underworld, they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. They are convinced that their deaths were caused by the Hero

Rage sparked in Rachels heart and she growled So you wish me to perform the same thing! She had gotten to her feet once again All those people died at the hands of the dark lord but the hero aided him in their killings, he may not have wanted to, but by travelling through the many villages that he did, he brought destruction wherever he went- ARGHH!

A sharp pain travelled through her body and she slumped to the floor. She grasped her stomach and piercing yells rang out in the summer air. She dug growing nails into the pale flash of her stomach and rolled in agony on the floor. The Dragon looked on as if this was an everyday thing, but that still did not stop the worry from sowing in his hazel eyes.

The pain subsided quickly, and a new form rose from the ground. One with dark navy blue hair and draconic eyes, Navy wings sprout from her back and fangs had replaced the blunt canines she once possessed.

Rachel, do not be frightened. You are taking on your true form and gaining new abilitys. But you are still a fledgling not matter what your age, the wings upon your back will take some time to get use to, and flying will take some time to master, but fear not, he training will only be brief as we cannot linger long

She neared a river that was flowing through the small village and crouched low to look at her reflection. Navy Blue hair and emerald reptilian eyes stared back at her, and a worried glance was etched upon he face Diego, I-I feel like myself, I feel that this truly is my true form, It feels as if I have always been this way The look of worry slower turned into a smile of glory Im back Diego, and I am ready to accomplish anything, but I will not make the same mistake as the Hero once did, we will protect those whom we meat, they will not be harmed any more at the hand of, Diablos

(OOC- Now, upon your arrival, you will receive many memories of the past as you remember what happened. Then you will receive a sharp pain in which the transformation from Human to Draken will take place.)

May 8th, 2005, 9:21 AM
"Poseidon, when will we be there?"

"Soon, Aridail, soon."Poseidon seemed a little annoyed. Aridail had asked him that every five minutes. Five more minutes pasted.

"Poseidon, when will we-"

"We are here. Aridail looked around. Nothing but the sky and the sea. There were no boats, no land, nothing. "Aridail, there is something I must ask you. Do you remember?"

Aridail tilted her head, looking into Poseidon's eyes. She could see excitement there. But there were other things. Worry. Anger. Fear... "What am I supossed to be remebering......" Things were coming back to her. Screams and cries of agony, fires... It were still unclear.

Poseidon smiled a bit. "I know it is confusing, young one. You will figure out everything in time. Now, I must ask you this: How long can you hold your breath?

Aridail gazed into the water. It looked really deep. "Longer than any other person I've ever met..."

"Good." They went under, and Aridails eyes closed.


Aridail's sea blue eyes fluttered open. Where were they now? She was still on Poseidon's back, but she could tell they weren't on earth. There was no polution in the water, and it was clear. She could tell she was sailing down a river, at least.

"Aridail, we are here." Said Poseidon. He looked pleased. The trees cleared away to show a village, a rather large one. Eveything came back to her at once. The creatures, the fires, her mothers last words...

Live well, Aridail...

Her mother.... Aridail could remember her face, her voice, the way she had placed her in the river she was on and watched her sail away on a dragon...

"Poseidon, I remember... Was that you that took me to earth?" Aridail inquired, not taking her eyes off the village.

"It was my father. He was killed." Poseidon seemed to slow down a bit.

Aridail scanned the river bank. A few yards away was... a Draken? "Hello? Are you a Draken too?" That was stupid to ask. Of course she was a Draken.

Aridail felt a sharp pain sear through her body. Poseidon put one webbed claw on the riverside so Aridail could roll onto the land, but instead she fell in the water.

She writhered in pain, twisting in the water. Fangs began forming, replacing the dull ones she had before. Her hands became slightly webbed, and her ears stretched and grew. They looked finlike, and turned into an aqua blue.

Small aqua blue wings sprouted from her shoulder blades, as a tail of the same hue sprouted. It was shaped like a dolphin's, but thinner and shorter. Aridail's eyes changed, more almond shaped, and a darker color, with what seemed like a third clear lens so she could see under water. Her pupils turned to slits.

Finally, Aridail surfaced, coughing and sputering. She made her way to the riverbank, pulling herself up with her hands. Almost all of her strength was drained.

"Aridail, this is your true form, your Draken form," Poseidon looked pleased, but still a little worried. He said it out loud, so everyone could hear. "It will take time for you to learn how to fly, but remember, you won't be able to fly as long as the others. Swimming with a tail takes pratice as well, and speaking with thought will take time. But, I'm sure you can handle it."

Aridail gazed up into the dragon's sky blue eyes, quite like her own, and slowed her breathing. She looked at the other Draken and Dragon. She looked at the river, stood up, and studied her reflection. Her aqua blue fin-ears twitched slightly.

"I am ready."

May 8th, 2005, 9:48 AM
"Tuesdays..." I muttered to myself as I glanced out my bus window on the ride home. "Wait... is it even Tuesday? Meh..." It had been a long enough day, so I didn't really care. I mean, 2 tests and a project due! My classes were trying to gang up on me or something!

"David, aren't ya walking home with me tonight?" Jamie, a girl who lived down the street from me asked, as we approached the fork in the road. One way lead through a forest trail, which was faster and backed up to my house, while the other went along the road to my house.

"Nah, I think I'll take the trail today." I replied as I began to head down the dirt road. Something was odd, however, as I reached the halfway point. A heavy fog had coated the forest, and it had become difficult to find my way. "Tuesdays..."

Suddenly, I ran into a tree.... A scaly tree? Then I heard a slight growl. "Uh... oh..." I sighed.

May 8th, 2005, 12:16 PM
"there not easy way to say this but your'e not a normal human" Soar told me looking at me directly in the eyes
"I know I aren't" I replied looking at my shoes
" you know about it" the dragon replied alarmingly
"I'm dyspracic" I had never told anyone this though some knew about it
"no not that lemme show you" soar laughed
"whats so funny" my voice began to faulter slightly
"get on my back and hold on tight" soar roared as he threw me onto his back
"where are we going" I asked sounding slightly scared
"you will see soon" soar said as he took off

Trainer Ben
May 8th, 2005, 6:35 PM
Bob and Chan had finished explaining about Jason's 'true form'.

"...Let me get this straight. A Draken is some kind of cross between a human and a dragon," Jason started.

"Yes," Chan replied.

"And I'm one of them."


"And I used to live here?" Jason questioned. Chan nodded.

"Then how come I don't remember anything?" Jason asked.

"Because we were washing your brain and the memories must of accidentally fallen off," Bob explained happily. Chan hit him again.

"Shut up! Anyway, try remembering. Think about, um..., fire or whatever you humans think is destructive," Chan suggested. Jason closed his eyes. At first, nothing came. Then, he started seeing fire, dead bodies, and eventually, the minions of Diablos. Suddenly, he fell to the ground and clutched his stomach. He had never felt so much pain before...

"Jason! You eat something bad or what?" Chan asked Jason.

"I think he has...um...(what do they call it...)...oh! He might have diaherrea!" Bob exclaimed. Chan smacked him once more.

"How many times do I..." Chan started, but then looked down at Jason, who stood up.

"I've changed, haven't I? Into a draken..." Jason quietly said. He looked down at his hands, which were now Dragon claws. His legs and feet were now dragon as well. He also felt he had control of a new part: a tail.

"Yes. You have aquired the mixed form of a human and a dragon," Chan said. Jason then felt wings on his back.

"Hey, can I fly or breath fire?" Jason asked. Chan snickered. Finally, he started laughing, Bob joining in for no reason.

"Listen. You might be able to fly with practice, but breath FIRE?! Ha! You're a draken! You still have human traits, and that includes most of your upper body," Chan laughed. He turned towards a tree, and inhaled his breath. Then, in a blast of heat, he shot a stream of fire at the tree, burning it to a crisp.

"See that? That there is 800 degrees farhenhite of pure fire. And you pansy humans can only sustain 120 until your skin burns," Chan bragged.

"Whatever. Anyway, when are these other drakens supposed to arrive?" Jason asked.

"Soon," Bob replied. Jason lifted his hand and was about to scratch his head. Suddenly, Chan stopped him.

"Wait! You do NOT want to do that," Chan warned. Jason gave him a mean look.

"Why not? I have an itch," Jason said.

"If you scratch your human skin with dragon claws, you'll be waiting months for those gashes to heal into scars," Chan explained.

"Then how am I supposed to scratch an itch?" Jason complained. Chan pointed towards a tall tree.

"The old fashioned way. Rub your back up and down against..." Chan started. Jason interrupted.

"I'll pass,"

May 14th, 2005, 11:48 PM
Rachel turned her head in the direction of a small squeak she had heard and spotted another girl on the other side of the river, a dragon stood at her side as well, could she also be one of the few who survived the wrath of Diablos? But she had no wings, how could this be?

Rachel turned her head to Diego and the Dragon nodded Aridail the Dragon spoke That is Aridail, she too escaped with her Dargon companion, Poseidon, to earth
Rachel returned her gaze to the other figure not far from where she stood But she has no wings, how can she-

It was then the girl fell into the river and started to writhe in pain, the only problem was, she had fallen into the river, in the short time it took for her to transform, and she could drown. Rachel panicked and made to run over to her, afraid that one of the only Drakens left to fight off the evil Diablos may die at this very moment.

Diego did not seem to be in a hurry and followed slowly behind the young Draken girl.

Hey! Rachel yelled, waving her hands in the air Are you OK?

Rachel stopped at the rivers edge and saw to her surprise that the young Draken that resigned in the river was in fact different to herself. She had grown a long aqua blue tail, which swished in the water. Rachel held her chest in relief I saw you fall into the water and panicked, but it looks like your fine She smiled lightly and looked to Diego who had only just arrived at her side But how come she has a tail?

Diego sighed I forgot to tell you, all Drakens have their different traits, for example, Aridail here can swim in water and you are practically immune to Darkness, you will discover new powers as you grow wiser in this world

Rachels expression took on happiness at the good news You mean, Ill actually get to learn how to control Darkness!?

Diego nodded As I can control Earth. Drakens also have the power to transform into full Dragons. But that is another story, you will not learn this technique for some time, you are still new to the ways of the Draken

Diego turned his head to Poseidon It has been a while since I last saw you Poseidon, this will be a great journey

(IMPORTANT NOTE: I forgot to mention that your character will become immune to 1 element and use the power of that element, it doesnt have to be the same as your Dragon companion as it will mean we have more of an advantage over more monsters that way, but note that the element you choose will not be totally immune to at the start, in fact, you will be quite week against the element at first and grow stronger against it.)

May 18th, 2005, 4:52 PM
Poseidon nodded, looking up at Deigo. "Yes, it has been a long time. Tis hard to believe that this whole quest will depend on five young Drakens..." His voice trailed off as her looked at Aridail, who was flapping her VERY small, pitiful wings.

"This is all I get? Hers are way bigger!" Aridail said, looking at Rachel. Poseidon rolled his eyes.

"I've told you, you're built for swimming."

"Oh yeah... " Aridail swished her powerful tail around. "This is gonna take some getting used to..." She muttered. Aridail turned to the other Draken, tilting her head.

"This is Rachel." Poseidon said in her mind only.

"Uh, hi, Rachel?" It was strange talking to someone who she had never seen before, and yet Aridail felt as though she had known this girl forever. "I'm Aridail, or Ari, if you'd like." Her fin-ears moved a bit, and a whole new sence came to her. She could tell the waters tempature, how many fish were swimming in it, and many other useful facts. It was like echolocation, with out the echo in it. So it was just 'location'... That made no sence.

Aridail pushed those thoughts away, turning her attention to Deigo. She had heard Poseidon mention his name, so there was no need for introductions. "So, do all dragons have extra sences? Like being able to 'see' whats in the water? Or tell the tempature, and other things? And--whats the name of this town? Where are the other Drakens? What are those fish in there called? Hey! Wait a sec, are ALL dragons bigger than Water Dragons?!" She asked excitedly, looking all around.

"Aridail, all those questions will be answered in time. And yes, we are the smallest. Don't worry, though. You'll know everything you need to in time." Poseidon said, finally hushing her up. He turned his head towards a sound. There was another Draken and a two-headed Dragon not far away from them.

May 19th, 2005, 8:23 AM
Diego shook his head Indeed, how can our species, Dragons, the most powerful of beings rely on such small beings for aid He laughed slightly It is somewhat humiliating to be underlings to such little creatures, do you not agree?

Rachel laughed as the other tried to flap her wings, moaning that she could not gather up the energy to take flight with the small wings on her back. She then pointed at her and moaned even more, whining that Rachel had the larger wings out of the two, she was then reminded of the tail she was in possession of. Rachel rolled her eyes.

Poseidon then introduced the hyperactive individual to herself and she was greeted warmly by the other teenager Hey, Ari was all Rachel managed to say before the other zoned out completely, wriggling her fin like ears. Rachel frowned and arched a thin eye brown and looked up at Diego and Poseidon, who bore equally amused expressions.

Just as Rachel was about to address the two Dragons, the other Draken snapped out of her daze and began to ask all sort of questions to her Dagon Companion, that was in till the great beast managed to hush her with a short sentence, which Rachel was slightly glad for as the many questions asked rustled her brain.

Rachel Diego whispered, arching his great head to the young Draken I believe the first step of your Darkened transformation is beginningLook He nodded towards Rachels hands, which were glowing a dark purple colour. Black and Purple mist wound itself around her two clawed hands and Rachel gasped in surprise Diego!

Diego smiled Do not fret, young one, it is only natural for a Dark Draken like you to take on a Darkened form, but keep in mind that being Dark, does not make you evil. Your hands are only getting used to the feel of Darkness, which is all, they are wielding your inner powers and with every step of the journey, you will soon master its power and fully transform


Diego nodded Yes, you will grow darker than the ordinary Draken. This may result in red eyes and darkened skin, but we have a long way to go in till you master such things, you have not yet even mastered the ability to fly He laughed Anyway, the others should be arriving soon and we can make a move then

It was then Rachel noticed that Ari had been looking in a completely different direction at what seemed like another Darken with a two headed Dragon companion. Rachel smiled and waved for the other to join herself and Ari Hey!

May 19th, 2005, 7:11 PM
Before Poseidon could answer Diego, Aridail leaped into the water, wanting to try swimming with her tail. She swam downstream while Poseidon stayed on the riverbank, taking his time. The young Draken spiraled upward, bobbing up and down in the water.

"Hiya!" She said, glad that at least two other Drakens besides herself had already arrived in Acroven. "Who might you be?" She decided not to ask too many questions this time, remembering the look on everyones' face.

Poseidon stood beside Aridail, pulling her out of the water with his tail and placing her beside him. Water dripped off her onto the ground, causing in to become muddish. She jumped out of the spot, causing water to fling everywhere.

"Aridail, these are a few other Dragons and Draken. The Draken is Jason, and the Dragon's names are Chan and Bob."

Chan looked sophisticated and smart, whereas Bob looked as though he wasn't the brightest dragon out there. Bob and Aridail as friends would mean trouble, Poseidon could tell. This was going to be one intresting quest.

Trainer Ben
May 21st, 2005, 8:59 AM
Jason was bored. He hadn't spotted another Draken yet...until just now.

"Hey, are those Draken's too?" he asked Chan. The two-headed dragon looked over.

"Yes they are. Uh-oh..." Chan sighed. He had spotted Poseidon as well.

"Cool! Isn't that Poseidon?" Bob stupidly asked. Chan nodded.

"Yes. It seems Mr. HIGH and MIGHTY had to cut in on our quest," he scournfully said. He and Bob walked over to Poseidon, Jason following to meet up with the other Drakens.

"Well. Nice to see YOU again, Poseidon," Chan greeted Poseidon irritatingly. Chan didn't like Poseidon for some reason. It seemed to have been something that happened in the past.

May 21st, 2005, 1:15 PM
"Well, hello, Chan." Poseidon answered cooly, staring Chan down. His scales seem to ruffle with irritation and annoyance, and his eyes narrowed at the sight of this dragon. Or at least Chan's head. "Allow me to introduce my companion, Aridail."

"Heya, Chan and Bob!! You can call me Ari if ya want," Aridail said, shaking the last bit of water off her and breaking the two Dragons' silent fight. Poseidon stepped back, closing his eyes before water got in them. Aridail didn't notice. "So anyone know the name of this town?" She inquired, looking at everyone. "And what about-"

"This is your hometown, Hilla," Poseidon interuppted before Aridail could start asking questions again. "In fact, Hilla is the hometown of all of the Drakens."

"It is?"

"Yes, it 'tis."

Aridail sat down on her knees, crossing her arms. "So now what?" She asked, directing her attention to Jason. Were there only three Drakens? "Are we supposed to get provisions or just go, or what?"

Poseidon shrugged, in a weird dragony shrug way. "I do not know. Why don't we ask Chan, since he's so good at devising plans."

Trainer Ben
May 21st, 2005, 3:05 PM
Chan grew angry.

"Well, I guess we should get some provisions. Let's make sure to get the bread without wheat and won't breath down your neck when you feel the need to burn down some villages!" he yelled. Bob stared off blankely for a moment, and then looked at Aridail.

"Hello, my name is Bob!" he excitely said.

May 21st, 2005, 3:22 PM
"Well then, maybe I can't burn down villages, because I'm a Water Dragon, 'O Smart One." Poseidon said, a look of digust settling on his face. Aridail looked back and forth between the two dragons who stood glaring at each other. It was almost funny, a dragon as small as Poseidon challenging Chan...

"Bob, Draken boy, maybe you should try and break this up..." Aridail muttered to them, biting her lip. She realised the other Draken hadn't told her his name. "And who are you?" She asked him, tilting her head. Her fin-ears moved slightly, and her tail swiched back and forth.

Trainer Ben
May 22nd, 2005, 7:52 AM
Jason looked at Aridail.

"My name's Jason," he replied. He looked at Chan and Poseidon.

"And...don't you think it's stupid to try to break up a fight between two dragons?" he asked. Meanwhile, Chan had stopped arguing with Poseidon.

"Whatever. We need to get our Drakens some provisions. And if the other Drakens don't show up soon, then we'll be starting without them," he said. Bob had a look of puzzlement. Then, he faced Poseidon.

"I never knew you breathed water," he stupidly said. Chan smacked him.

"If you could go three minutes without..."

May 22nd, 2005, 6:37 PM
Ooc: Go Bob!! XD

"They wouldn't hurt us!" Aridail said, just now noticing they had stopped arguing. "Either way, I vote we forget the others, and go. They can catch up if they make it." She seemed to have settled down, and her personality had changed completely. To Poseidon, Humans, or Drakens in this case, were very complicated creatures.

Poseidon ignored Bob's question, looking at Aridail. "That might be the best descision, Ari. Of course, we have to make sure its okay with the others," He said, looking at everyone but Chan. Aridail rolled her eyes, muttering something under her breath.

She turned to everyone. "So, who says we leave the others and just go for it? I mean, we may need training, and alternitive weapons, and food, and a ton of other things, but I'm sure we can beat this Diablo guy!!" Aridail said brightly, ignoring Poseidon's mask of disbeliefe. This was going to be a VERY intresting quest...

Trainer Ben
May 23rd, 2005, 6:05 AM
"Yeah. Let's go already," Jason agreed. Chan nodded.

"This Diablo guy doesn't stand a chance!" he exclaimed. Bob was enthusiastic as well.

"Yeah, I bet he's more misleading than prerendered game-footage," he said.

May 23rd, 2005, 8:28 AM
OOC: I was told I could sign up, so... >_>


Name: Rand Al'Thor
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Personality: Almost nonexistant. He makes cold steel seem like tin. He's all about business, and getting what needs to be done, done. He almost never shows emotion, and when he does, it's very little.
Description: Tall, with jet black air, cut short, and piercing eyes that are just as black. With a light complexion, and a dark demeanor, he stands out in a crowd. He wears a black leather trenchcoat, which he only sheds when he must do battle.
Description: He looks pretty much the same, only rather than ears, instead he has crests similar to his dragon, as well as a smal tail with a small blade-like stinger on it, but no wings, and his eyes turn a light shade of steel grey.
Weapon: A Double-sword (think of a long hilted sword, but with a blade on each end.) With a heron marked on each blade, and a the hilt, a sign of his rank.
History: Raised much like any other teen, he avoided having to work when he got supremely lucky, and won a sum in a lottery that was enough to live off of for life. However, he keeps this fact a secret, and never really says what line of work he's in.
Other: His element will be wind.


Name: Smaug
Gender: Male
Personality: Absolutely identical to his draken. If you didn't know better, you'd think they were brothers.
Description: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v215/AIVAS/dark_dragon.jpg
Element: Fire.

May 28th, 2005, 7:25 AM
Rachel stood there watching as the two mighty Dragons argued over something unknown to her. Diego shook his head and lay down next to his Draken child and sighed Those two will never cease that grudge they hold against one another He shook his head But fear not, it was much worse than this all those years ago

Rachel chuckled I dont even want to know of what happened, Diego She patted her head and sighed I think we should move on, if we linger any longer than we have to we may be picked up, am I right? She asked looking into the large Hazel eyes of her Dragon companion.

Diego nodded Yes He stood from his laying position and arched his back in a stretch before walking over to the pair of Dragons. As he neared along with Rachel, the bickering came to a halt and they agreed on leaving. Rachel gapped at them, why hadnt they asked her opinion on the matter? She sighed and shrugged Lets just go

Diego nodded and cleared his throat We will head to the land of Welga which is only a few hours flight from here, it is said to be the home of Water people, and the hidden ground is surrounded by high cliff tops, a perfect place to begin flying lessons for the fledglings

He stooped down and allowed Rachel to climb up his wing before rising into the air Come, we must move out before Diablos detects us, we are only a few miles from the Holy ground in which he risings With that said, he took off to the north where they would find the Water dwellers.

(OOC-Sorry I took so long to reply. Shiny, you may meet us in flight whenever you feel like

Also, Ben, your posts are getting much to short, make them bigger by adding description and feeling, thank you.)

Trainer Ben
May 28th, 2005, 2:04 PM

Chan snarled, and nodded.

"Fine. Bob, Jason, lets go," he said. Bob and Chan felt Jason hop on top of their back.

"So, we're going to be underwater?" he asked. He was pretty good at swimming, but he wasn't so confident now that he was half dragon.

"I don't know. Me and Bob have never been to Welga before," Chan explained. They never really traveled alot. Only to hunt and visit the few friends they thought they had.

"Isn't Welga that place where they produce breakfast cereals?" Bob asked. Chan shook his head.

"No, Bob. That's just the inside of your brain eroding. Now, come on!" Chan yelled. They flew off and followed Diego.

May 29th, 2005, 9:47 AM
(OOC- Thanks, Ben ^_^)

Diego hovered for a second to allow the rest to catch up and answered Jasons question Welga is not located underwater, it is mealy built on top of water, and you could say it takes the form of the mythical, Atlantis, but the people are adapted to the water, and they are merpeople

Rachel frowned So what your saying is, it is but slabs of land surrounded by water She remembered the History of Atlantis, it had been drowned by a tidal wave and the bell that was rung on that fateful day can still be heard now if one listens hard enough. But of course, Rachel believed in no such thingbut then again, she was rising atop a dragon to a land said to take the form of the mythical land.

She turned her head to see if the others were following and found only Bob, Chan and Jason were. She sighed, why she thought this journey would not be an easy task, what an unlikely bunch they made and what exactly were they to do if they ran into trouble, they could not put their faith in the Dragons if it meant tunnels and going in doors, surly the Dragons were too big for such missions.

Diego, will much of our journey be spent inside? She asked curiously.

Diego nodded his great head Of course, the Holy Dragons of Acroven resign in temples, to big for us Dragons to enter, which is why, you need to prepare before you set out to free them. Flying will be the first step and then mastering your powers and of course how to use a weapon

But doesnt that take years

Not if you know what youre doing and I am sure the powers of this realm will teach you how to wield anything in a matter of days. This realm, is not normal Rachel, remember that, it would do you good to. You see, many things are possible here, not everything isnt as hard as it seems, but the same thing can be said for somethings are harder than they seem

Rachel frowned Riiight

Trainer Ben
May 29th, 2005, 4:31 PM
"What do you mean the temples are too big for dragons to go in? That doesn't make sense! That's something I'd expect Bob to say," Chan complained.

"Ok, I'm confused about something here. I thought water was supposed to help beings live. So, if Welga is built on top of it, won't the water be too busy to help us stay alive?" Bob asked. Chan ignored him. There was only so much stupidity he could stand in one day...

"Do we really need to learn to use weapons? I thought Dragons could rip throguh anything with their claws," Jason said. Chan studied the ground below them.

"Let's see...a few monsters, a pit of lava...oh, what do you know. A village being burnt down." Chan said this as if he was reading a newspaper; interested, yet looking for more.

"Aren't we gonna help that village?" Jason asked.

"Nah. Me and Bob burnt that one on the way here," Chan explained.

May 30th, 2005, 6:05 PM
Poseidon flapped behind the others, listening in. He wasn't built for flying long distances. If they didn't reach Welga soon, he would have to stop, or use the winding rivers below them.

"Poseidon, are you sure you don't want to swim?" Aridail asked, concerned. If they fell, there would be one less Dragon and Draken to help save Acroven. Chan might not mind, but the others needed them.

"I'm fine,"He said, making himself go faster so he wasn't left behind. Even his voice seemed strained. Aridail could see he was getting tired; he'd start gliding downward and bring himself back up in a frenzy of flaps every few seconds.

Aridail pushed a stray starnd of hair our of her face with one webbed hand, looking at the ground below. She heard Chan or Bob mention something about a burning village and spotted it. The people seemed safe, but Poseidon was still upset they had done that.

"Figures they would do something like that..." He thought a little too loudly. Aridail hoped no one but her heard that remark but her. Hopefully Poseidon and Chan wouldn't be fighting the whole journey.

June 5th, 2005, 9:58 AM
(OOC-Sorry I took so long replying to this. It looks like its only us three now XD, which is fine ^_- Also, I meant small, Ben XD, in a world of my own)

The winds were smooth considering the world was slowly falling into darkness, but the land below had decayed somewhat and lost much of its magical power. Acroven was a magical land, built around the magic plants and living things provided, It lived off of it, without this magical power, the land would die and in the end, crops would be unable to grow and thus leading to the death of many living things. Diablos rain was finally disposing of the mana.

Rachel looked down upon the burning city and cast a glace over her shoulder and Bob and Chan, she glared evilly at them and turned her head back to speak to Diego Why do they do such things? She asked the wise Dragon. He laughed, shaking his head somewhat at her naivety Dragons, whether we like it or not, are rather destructive, if we are threatened in anyway, we will defend ourselves and take revenge, some even do it for fun, unable to control their urges

Rachels eyebrow lifted into her hair line For funbut dont you feel any guilt over your actions She took another glance down at the burning village and felt a twinge in her heart, people have died in that blaze all because of one dragon. Were they really as Holy and sacred as they were described to be in fairy tales and legends?

Diego felt her pain and sighed I am sorry Rachel

She shook her head and gave the old dragon a smile Its nothing; I cannot go against your habits and your needs, that would be rude. If this is what Dragons have to do in life, then it is fine by me. I have only just returned and am not use to the way things are run here, so my say wouldnt matter anyway She shifted in her seat on the uncomfortable back of the rough scales and made herself as comfy as possible.

Looking off into the distance a shadow came into view through the darkening clouds. Rachel narrowed her eyes to get a better look but failed. Giving up on her attempt to make the creature out, she prodded Diegos heavy head Diego, what is that off in the distance? Beyond the clouds, perched upon that mountain?

Diego looked in the direction she had pointed off to and saw that the figure had descended from his perch upon the mountain top and was making its way towards them. His heart leapt and a flaming ball made its way towards the small group Dragons! He yelled Minions of the Dark Lord! He came to a stop and hovered in mid air, uncertain of what to do. They have seen us, we cannot flee, but the young Drakens, they cannot fight!

He took a worrying glace around, trying to find something, anything that could prevent their encounter, but found nothing. The flaming ball made its way towards them and Diego dodged swiftly, allowing Rachel to clutch to his scaly throat Diego!

The Dragon gave a loud roar as its fire ball missed the first target and made its may hastily towards the small group We will have to fight Diego stated Rachel, hold on, and let us take care of this

Trainer Ben
June 7th, 2005, 1:40 PM
Bob and Chan seperated from the group and flew a few yards away from the evil dragon that had attacked them. They shot a fireball at it, then started flying around him.

"Bob, don't let your guard down. Keep flying and distract him. If he goes after Poseidon or Diego...we'll make a run for Welga and leave them behind," Chan explained. Bob wasn't paying attention, as he was talking to himself.

"I've got him on radar. I'll proceed into the trench and make a run for the exhaust port," Bob said. Chan shook his head and continued flying.

June 8th, 2005, 10:45 AM
"Aridail, duck!!' Shouted Poseidon as he veered left, dodging the fireball. She held on tightly as he rolled through the air, descending toward the lake. She began to wonder what he was going to do.

"Why are we running?! The others are standing and fighting!!" She yelled over the wind, hunching over. If she fell off him at this speed it would be instant death. Aridail looked over her shoulder, and watched as Rachel and Deigo fought the minion.

"We arn't running; we're fighting. Before Aridail had a chance to ask what he was doing they plunged into the water. Poseidon broke through the surface, his energy replenished. He opened his mouth, and a powerful jet of water shot out of it, heading toward the minion. Aridail hopped none of the other Dragons or Drakens were in the way of the attack.

"Why'd we have to go underwater like that?" She inquired as Poseidon took to the air.

"Dragons, as well as Drakens, are based off elements. If we stay away from that element for too long or we use up a lot of energy, we must restore it. The only way to do that is to absorb our element. Its complicated," He explanied.

"I understand completely, Poseidon," Aridail said. Dragons were such amazing creatures... "Anyways, lets kick some minion butt!!!" She added enthusiasticlly.

Poseidon sighed. He didn't like fighting. "I guess we must. With that, he flew faster, shooting another jet of water at the minion.

June 8th, 2005, 11:34 AM
Diego was unwilling for his fledgling to get harmed before the journey had even begun. He kept his head high and used it to protect Rachel from any harm that may befall her. She whined and tried to climb higher to see over the top of the great head Diego! I cant see anything She whined, clawing at the brown scales.

Diego wriggled, trying to pry her grasp from the scales she had clung so hard to. He growled and gave one wild fling of his head; before there was a slight Oomph and Rachel fell back into her usual seat. She crossed her arm over her chest in a pout Diego, its not like Ill get hurt or anything, youre here to protect me

Whichh is exactly what I am trying to do He stated, obviously annoyed by the young Drakens naivety. He glanced down towards the river to see Poseidon plunge into the cold river below before emerging with a great splash and sending a jet of water towards the foe. It hit target and the Dragon gave out a mighty growl before sending another fireball towards the offending target.

It raised its head and snarled loudly at Diego and Rachel before sending a wave of air towards the pair. It cut through the air like a sharp bladed sword and Diego gave a loud roar before the land below split apart and a wave of rocks flew up into the air, shielding himself and Rachel from the offending wind.

It then shattered and fell back into its place below, settling neatly in place. Rachel looked in bewilderment as the amazing power of her Dragon companion was displayed right in front of her eyes. The grin that threatened to peal earlier grew immensely on her face and she jumped up and down in her seat That was so cool, Diego!

Diego chuckled slightly, his gaze still set on the foe before him Never let your guard down like that, Rachel, that is a weakness of yours and always has been Rachel snorted and sat back down, allowing Diego to take care of the situation at hand. He growled and yelled out to his companions Bob, Chan, Poseidon, we must work together to take out this foe. Unleash your powers!

With that said Diego concentrated his powers once again on the land below and before Rachels eyes, a wave of earth shot up and a high speed towards the offending Dragon. He only hoped the combined power of the three Dragons would be enough to take out this opposing foe.

Trainer Ben
June 8th, 2005, 4:55 PM
Bob and Chan nodded and aimed at the evil dragon.

"Ok, Bob. We need to concentrate all our..." Chan started, but was interrupted by Bob.

"Sorry Bob, but our Mother always said, "Do not hurt others if they have not hurten you,"." He said. Chan growled. Now was not the time to...

"Bob, can you hear me?" Jason said ominously. Bob looked around.

"Who's there?" the stupid dragon head asked. Jason spoke again.

"Bob, use the force..." Jason said. Bob stared blankly, and then charged fire into his mouth. Chan had no time to ask anything, as he started charging fire as well. With a loud whoosh sound, two balls of fire flew at high speed towards the opposing(sp?) dragon.

June 9th, 2005, 2:02 PM
Poseidon growled, spreading his wings to their full extent, flapping furiously. He began to focus, ignoring Aridail's blabbering. Water engulfed the two this time, and Aridail looked around in amazement.

Poseidon let out a mighty roar and the water sped toward the evil dragon, changing colors as it went. Bob and Chan's fire balls began to revolve around the spray of water. The fire-water attack collided with Diego's rock wall, making it stronger than ever.

"Whoooooa...." Aridail's eyes widened as she watched the attack plow into the minion. She never could have imagined something like this happening, and yet it was.

This whole journey was something like a story; perilous quests, dragons and other creatures, spectacular fights... There were even rivalries between some of them. Aridail decided if she ever lived through this adventure, she would make a book of it. But, now was not the time to think about that. They were in danger, and Aridail's book would never be if she didn't help her friends.

Come on, think!! She yelled at herself. There had to be some way to activate these powers. If there was, she was having trouble finding it.

Trainer Ben
July 4th, 2005, 7:49 AM

Chan watched as the fireball collided with the Evil Dragon, and an explosion was seen.

"Alright, and good ridance."

"Chan, you don't feel ANYTHING at all?" Jason asked.

"For the last time, I wasn't kicked there!" Chan yelled.

"No, not that."


"I mean, burning villages, killing people and dragons..." Jason went on.

"Of course not. Dragons are fierce, furiocous beasts! Well, I don't know about Poseidon, he might be a cat for all his nobleness..." Chan explained.

"Haha! Kitty kitty go meow," Bob sighed happily.

July 4th, 2005, 3:23 PM
Poseidon glared at Chan and Bob, and a small growl escaped his lips. He thought about spraying them, but decided against it. Aridail was laughing, and that only made him more angry.

"Kitty? Y'know, they are right, you are kinda like a cat..." She said, then cracked up again. Poseidon rolled his eyes then pulled into a dive. Aridail yelped, grabbing onto his neck before she fell off. The three Drakens and their companions made their way toward Welga.

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July 5th, 2005, 4:22 AM
(OOC- I am very glad to see that this RPG has not diead ^_^ even if it is just three, sometimes the lowet the amount the better, but if anyone still wants to join in, then now is your chance.)

The Dragon gave a mighty roar as the powerful ball of energy collided with its bruised and battered body and flew off with its tail between its legs. Rachel gave a yelp of victory and pressed her hands down on her Dragons head, causing Diego to frown and shake his head in disapproval Be still, Rachel. Do you want to fall!?

Rachel sank back to her sitting position upon the scaled back and lowered her head in an apologetic manner Sorry, Diego. Its just; this is all so exciting to me. I have dreamed of having an adventure like this! her head popped up once again in her excitement and her eyes widened Meeting mythical creatures, magic powers, dragons. Its just all I have ever dreamed of!

Diego smiled and snorted lightly Well, it wont last for long if you plunge to your death now will it? He stated, craning his neck only to see the childs head to bow once again Any how, we must make it to Welga before sun down or else we may attract more than just a mere Dragon

Rachel gulped Mere? You mean there are more dangerous things out there than that minion! Her hands grasped the scales of Diegos back in terror which made Diegos flinch somewhat. Of course, Rachel, do you really think our powers alone could handle anything? No, even I have far to go before I master my power, and with every Dragon released, we will gain more of our hidden power, and only then will we be able to tackle the mightiest of foes

His wings spread wide again and he dived down further towards the mountain peaks We are almost there. Bob, Chan, Poseidon, make haste!

(OOC- I will announce our arival in my next post)

July 5th, 2005, 5:54 PM
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Poseidon sighed, and released his anger. Holding onto some emotions wasn't healthy. He quickened his pace to keep up with Diego, and sniffed the air. "We are almost there, Ari." Aridail looked up. It was the first time he had called her 'Ari'. She smiled.

"So I've noticed," She replied, using her mind like Poseidon. Unfortunatly, she send her thoughts to one person yet, so her voice echoed in everyones' mind. Aridail was happy. She was getting closer to her companion, she was beginning to be able to control her powers... Aridail sighed contently.

She looked at the ground. There were much more rivers and streams than before. Far to their right was a large forest, and to their left was an endless maze of water. Aridail sat up straighter so she could see better. Everywhere there was water.

Trainer Ben
July 13th, 2005, 1:09 PM
Bob was deep in thought about something. Jason tapped Chan's head.

"Hey Chan. Can't you, I don't know, look inside Bob's mind or something?" Jason asked.

"Unfortunately, no. We have seperate brains, mine being bigger," Chan explained.

"Hey Chan?" Bob said.


"Am I ugly?" Bob asked. Chan thought for a moment.

"...yes." Bob nodded and faced forward again.

"Hey Poseidon! Is there such thing as a Dragon Slayer?" Chan yelled to Poseidon.

July 13th, 2005, 5:17 PM
Poseidon didn't know if this was a trick question or not. He blinked then thoughtfully said, "I do know of rumors about Dragon Slayers, them being some of the most powerful beings to live, but I've yet to meet one. Who knows, their only rumors."

"Rumors can sometimes be true..." Aridail said, still gazing down at the water. Her fin-ears twitched slightly, and in her mind she could see fish of all sizes, shapes, and colors swimming miles below her. The young Draken looked up finally, and sighed.

The image of her mother appeared in her mind and she turned away from everyone. Aridail never really knew her mother that much., And now, she had found out the person who she adored most in the world was not her real relative. Everything was so confusing. Who was her real family? Why couldn't they have come with her to Earth? Were they already dead?

"Aridail, I sence sadness and confusion within you... Is something wrong? Poseidon turned his head sideways to get a better look at his companion.

I.... I'm fine," Aridail said, this time being able to direct her thoughts to him. Her face lit up as she saw something on the horizon. "Hey, is that..?!" She didn't have to finish her question. It was Welga. Unfortunatly, none of the travelers noticed the dark shape following them on land.

Trainer Ben
July 14th, 2005, 3:48 PM
"I'm just kind of nervous. A friend of mine has this friend who believes that a dragon slayer lives in Welga," Chan said. Jason, meanwhile, was looking upon Welga. It looked beautiful to him.

"So, are we going to go underwater at any point during this?" Jason asked. He didn't know how to swim well, after all.