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Dragon Man
January 13th, 2004, 9:54 AM
Chapter 1: The Beginning
15-year old Jack Bryant was watching the Pokmon League Championship match. It was Martin from Ekylon Town against last years runner-up, Miranda from Seaport City.
"Each trainer has six Pokmon to use!" shouted the announcer over the roaring crowd. The referee raised a blue flag and a gray flag.
"Let the match begin!" he shouted. Both trainers quickly reached for a Pokball.
"Go Golem!" shouted Martin. A huge brown Rock Pokmon burst out of its Pokball.
"Go Kadabra!" shouted Miranda. A medium-sized Psychic Pokmon burst out from its Pokball with a white flash of light. "Kadabra use Light Screen" commanded Miranda.
"Counter with Defense Curl!" shouted Martin. Golem hid inside its shell raising its defensive power. Kadabra created a wall of clear glass, using its mind. "Use Earthquake to shatter the Light Screen!" yelled Martin. Golem jumped high in the air and landed with a mighty crash that created fissures and holes in the already rocky field. The Light Screen wall cracked and fell apart. "Now use Rollout" ordered Martin to Golem. Golem curled into a ball and then rolled very quickly toward Kadabra.
"Kadabra use Psychic!" yelled Miranda. Kadabra concentrated hard as Golem rolled toward Kadabra. At the last second, Kadabra's eyes began to glow. It raised its head and Golem was lifted into the air. "Now finish off Golem!" yelled Miranda. Kadabra used its psychic powers to crash Golem into the wall that surrounded the stadium.
"Golem" said Golem very weakly. Then Golem fell to the ground with a mighty crash and stayed still.
"Golem is unable to battle and Kadabra is the winner!" declared the judge. Miranda's fans all screamed their delight.
"Good work Golem!" called Martin as he held out Golem's Pokballl. Golem returned to the Pokball in a form of red light.
"Good work Kadabra!" shouted Miranda.
About one hour later...
"And now it is the final match with Martin's Electrode using Selfdestruct to knock out both Pokmon. What will each trainer choose? This battle decides the winner!" Both trainers stared at each other fiercely, trying to scare one another.
"I'll choose my favorite Pokmon!" shouted Martin "I choose you my legendary Pokmon!"
"The I'll counter with this!" shouted Miranda gritting her teeth. "Go!" The Pokballs flew out of each trainers hand and started to open...

January 30th, 2004, 9:22 AM
Sorry, but I am lost. Try adding more detail and less dialogue. But maybe things will look better when the intro is over. It has the potential; just bring it to fruition.