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May 7th, 2005, 3:36 AM
Yeah, I did this some time ago, but I got caught up in some stuff, I still am more than ever now, but for some reason, I would rather do it in the middle of exams because I feel I just RP more when I'm stressed XP.

Pokemon have lived along side humans for many generations. But, could we ask ourselves, what happens when their abandoned in the cities of the world? Where cars speed through streets and busy ways day and night, not stopping for a soul, and humans that prowl the dark ally ways.

How do these species survive? What do they do every day to stay alive? How do they raise their young and feed themselves? Where do they take shelter on rainy days and cold nights? Do they even take shelter? Or do they prowl the streets helplessly, waiting for something else to go amiss.

Humans do no think of these things when they abandon these Pokemon into the streets, they dont care, dont even bother to set them free in the wild or at least in a safe part of the city; they just leave them for dead.

But these Pokemon are smarter than they think. They are in possession of brains, and use them well, some more than others, but they know right from wrong and dangerous from safe; though some decide to take the rough side of the life and live on the edge, making all the wrong choices.

But all these species, good and evil live together, along side each other when out in this mechanical wild, whether they like it or not. They have suffered the same fate, and seek the same things; though they act differently doesnt mean they do not share the same feelings.

Dare you find out what the lives of these Pokemon are like, when you have no home to run to, and no friend by your side? If so then nows your chance


Ok, hopefully you all get he story of this now and understand what Im getting at.if not I think its best for you to leave now Ok, obviously, what Im saying is that you are one of these Pokemon, living in the mechanical wildaka the city, trying to survive an every day life of a city Pokemon. You will go through hard ships and even encounter some trouble during this RPG; Humans, Other Pokemon, even mechanical machines like Cars and maybe even an Aeroplane if you just happen to stray into the Airport by accident. Either way, the point of this RPG is to just Survive and have fun while doing so

Ok, just to run you through your surroundings, I will describe the city and what resigns in it:

Just imagine your everyday New York, or even a city near by you, Im sure we all know how a city is. Cars, big Buildings, shops, many people and also many strays. Well, this city is home to exactly the same, It may help if you have watched Oliver and Company the Cartoon XD

But anyway, you have your shops, your cars, buses, a Park that people have to just take a stroll, even a few ponds with Goldeen and such. This city also has its airport, so you are free to wander there also. Just use you imagination really.

Anyway, on with the signups!


Name: (Do I really have to explain it?)
Age: (Lets do human years, less confusing. I dont want anything below 10)
Species: (Pokemon species. Be serious here, I dont want Pokemon like Onix and Salamence now, small things like, Growlithe and Pichu, Mightyena and Arcanine. City Pokemon)
Description: (Anything that sets you apart?)

Note: I will not be accepting one liners! Anything like that will be rejected straight away.

And there you have it. Sign up people!

Here is mine:

Name: Strider

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Absol

Description: Strider is basically your average Absol, though her fur has hints of silver sprayed through it. Her eyes arent the normal Crimson colour but are more of a amber colour that tend to have hints of green speckled in them. She has a scar running under her left eye and another just above her front, left paw.

Personality: Strider has a varying Personality. One minute she can be playful and carefree and on the other she can be quite or maybe hot tempered. Shes a gangster of the streets and loves to muck about or act the know it all. Shes street wise and will give helpful information to anyone who seeks, but mostly at a price. She doesnt go to lightly when she is insulted or threatened, she will resort to violence and is not afraid to fight for herself.

Other: Strider wears a red bandana around her neck as a symbol of her trainer, though she is not to fond of it, she prefers to wear it to give her a sort of dont mess with me look.

Note: Only about 6 or 7 more member may join. I would say more, but I have tried and it was alot to handle x_x

Buster Blader
May 7th, 2005, 4:19 AM

Gender: Male

Species: Squirtle

Description: Max has a cracked shell and has symbols over it he wares his old tainers black cap backwards on his head, also wares a wristband on his left arm.

Personlity: He is now a very smart but angry squirtle since he was seperated from his trainer 4 years ago, he now has gotten to know most of the pokemon which are on the streets with him and has made a few enemies along the ways with his smart mouth and pranks he likes to pull.

Other: he would one day like to know why his trainer left,

May 7th, 2005, 6:06 AM
Name: Armela
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Species: Growlith
Description: http://www.dragonflycave.com/butterfree/images/blackgrowlithe.png
Personlity: She calm and sarcastic at the worst of times. She is almost always cheerful and carefree. She is friendly and cares very deeply about all of her friends. She loves adventure and is rather stubborn and tough. She will always help those who need it and never backs down from a fight even if she knows she can't win. She is intellegent and always willing ot make sacrifices for those she cares about.

May 7th, 2005, 6:38 AM
Name: Sam
Age: 12
Gender: male
Species: Rattata
Description: Sam is not your avrig pokemon. He is about the size of a Ratacat and loves to fight.
Personlity: Sam is kinda nasty and loves to live on the edge. He eats whatever he can get at. Even if he has to steal to get it. He is one of those "do first ask later" guys.

May 7th, 2005, 7:21 AM
species: Umbreon
decription:not really an ary. pkmn;smaller than the normal umbreon(reason for being abandoned)is sronger than a arverage female umbreon;wears a silver ring around her tail(trainer gave to her)<doesn't like it but it gives her better balance
Personality:Like to be alone;trains be herself;eats anything that she can get

May 7th, 2005, 8:23 AM
I remember this thread on SPP. So I'll join.

Name: Aqua
Age: 10
Species: Vaporeon
Gender: Female

Description: Aqua does look like a normal Vaporeon, but if you look closely, her fur is light blue, with azure shades of a lighter cerulean. The ridges are cobalt color, and her mermaid's tail is the same color as the rest of her body. Not much is known about her three golden triangles, or her white mask like piece, but at least sometimes, you might be able to see her turn to dark blue in rare occasions.

Personality: Aqua was quite charming as her trainer, but the day she was abandoned, Aqua had been nothing but disgrace. Things annoyed her, and she felt like a desperate moon in the sky. Aqua hopes to find her trainer, and become the one, charming Vaporeon again.

Other: None

Note: The personality of my character was the day I felt that I had to leave Serebii.

May 7th, 2005, 1:04 PM
((I remember this from SPP))

Name: Lea (a.k.a. Gale Midnight)

Age: 11

Gender: Female

Species: Espeon

Description: She is just a normal Espeon. Or is she? If you look closely, she's slightly shorter then the average Espeon. Lea's fur is soft and is a nice, shimmery shade of dark ebony. Her eyes are slightly darker then a normal Espeon, midnight blue eyes that sparkle in the light of the moon. The the little round jewel on the top of her forehead is the shape of a tear drop and is a icy blue. Some could say that they saw a dark aurora around her at night, but that's crazy talk. Well, they say seeing is decieving, or was it the other way around? Oh well, I guess it's both ways with this pokemon, since the way she is, is a mystery.

Personality: She was nice. Wait, was nice? I meant is nice, but you won't get that feeling just by looking at her. She's not shy about fighting people when it's time to fight, and when she's angry, you better watch out. Though, that rarely happens, since she's calm and collective most of the time, keeping a cool, level head. After years in the city, she has adapted. She doesn't look a gift ponyta in the mouth. She takes opportunities that's given to her (Good opportunities), knowing that she may not have that same opportunity later. Street-wise and full of common sense, she can help a pokemon in need, and that's not at a price. She doesn't charge because the pokemon that helped her out when she was just an Eevee, helped her for free.

Other (History): The way she became this way is quite intriguing. When she was abandoned, she was only one years old. This trainer thought she was weak, since she couldn't evolve. Little did the trainer know that she evolves with a certain stone or if the pokemon loved the trainer to a certain extent. Obviously, Lea wasn't taking a liking in the trainer, since she was abused with bitter tasting potions and rough conditions, as in not being healed right away, or fainting constantly in battles. He was frustrated in Lea for not becoming any stronger, even though what he should be frustrated at is himself for not being a good trainer. So he abandoned her by taking advantage of her trust. (Hey! She may be abused and mistreated, but without him, she has nowhere to go!)

They were in the city. The trainer said that Lea had to stay in the park under a tree, and he would come back there for her when the sun was setting. As some pokemon would, she sat there and waited. She waited and at sun set, he didn't come. So she waited some more, she waited there until a week later a kind Pichu came up to her and asked what was Lea doing. She answered the Pichu stating "I'm waiting for my trainer". The Pichu then asked how long have she waited. Lea replied that she has been waiting for a week. The Pichu pitied her, saying that she has been abandoned.

This term was new to Lea. She didn't know what that means. The Pichu said abandoned means that your trainer left you and won't be coming back. Lea didn't have a clue how is she going to survive, so the Pichu helped her with the basics.

When it was her fourth birthday, Lea was sleeping in an empty trash can with the lid on while the sun was rising. Then suddenly she was evolving while sleeping. She awoke to find out that she evolved into an Espeon, but she was very discolored. The icy blue tear drop symbol on her head stood for the loneliness she felt. Her midnight blue eyes are to strike fear into the hearts of many, in one glance, so she wouldn't be messed with. The black fur symbolizes the emptiness she felt in her heart. She also had something different in her attacks. She can use Faint Attack, Shadow Ball, and Bite, along with her usual Psychic, Morning Sun, and Swift.

May 7th, 2005, 1:14 PM
[OOC: Hopefully I am permitted to join?]

Name: Rio (Formerly "Kaga")
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Skitty
Description: The colour of his fur is less bright than most Skitty, being more of a dull, pale red than a true pink. Also, despite his being male, Rio is slightly smaller than a normal Skitty. But, despite his light build, he is still a skilled and resourceful fighter--often using both his size and weight to his advantage.
Personality: Though once cheerful and playful as a Skitty should be, after Rio was abandoned he became cold and morose. Often chosen as a subject of torment due to his species and appearance, Rio's nature became far less accepting, rather being highly suspicious. At times he may seem aggressive, though he usually attempts to avoid conflict.
Other: Originally being born on the darkest of city streets, Rio had difficulty surviving. However, once he met his trainer, he felt that there may be hope in the world. Unfortunately, after he was abandoned, he became firmly convinced that all forms of hope and light were naught but lies to cover the true darkness. As such, within him is extreme bitterness and resentment.

May 7th, 2005, 1:23 PM
Name: Shadow
Age: 14
Gender: male
Species: Eevee
Description: Shadow isn't like a shiny eevee or even a normal eevee. He has dark black fur with ruby circles around his ankles, he sees best at night and takes short naps during the day. Shadow has two fangs so you can call him a vampire eevee.
Personlity: A fun eevee but can get mad very easily if you know how to tick him off. He would always bite pieces of wood when he was just a little baby, ofcourse he still does bite things now.
Other: Shadow was left in a box when his trainer left him. He was at the subway station when he awoke. He had to live off of leftovers and maybe still a candybar or two from the store just above the underground subway station.

Shadow would always remember the things he did with his trainer. They would go fishing together and Shadow would always go to find some berries in the forest. Shadow also could not forget the pokeball his trainer has used on him, the trainer was so young back then that he captured shadow with a master ball.

Raposa Dalua
May 7th, 2005, 7:00 PM
Oooh, I remember this from Serebii's. Poor RPG got swamped. ^^;; Is it alright if I have two characters? If not I'll just go with David.

Name: Sara

Age: 17

Species: Flareon

Gender: Female

Personality: Sara is a streetwise, smart-alecky Flareon who lives life for the fun of it. The depth of her sarcasm could be measured with a meter stick. She's the type of critter who would sooner insult you than try to befriend you, though anybody with common sense and perception could tell that she's just kidding. She likes to put up a tough act, but she's just a big softie. Sara is also rather blunt, and will use just about any type of tactic she can to get what she wants. To her, life is a joyride that shouldn't be wasted. She does have a bit of an over-inflated ego, and likes to listen to herself talk. She knows how to respect others and when to shut up, she just doesn't want to do so sometimes. It doesn't take much to aggrivate this Flareon, and it is highly recommended that you don't get her PO'ed. She can hold off her temper for awhile and pretend to not be angry, but once she gets too annoyed there's no going back. She will set off like wildfire, cussing, kicking, and gouging.

Description: Sara is half a foot taller than the average Flareon, and is slightly slimmer as well. She has thick, red fur and her neck fur, tail fur, and the tuft of fur on her head are a full, shiny yellow color that seems to glisten. Her eyes are almond shaped and devious looking; sharp, shimmering blue eyes that can draw a person in and make them stare for hours. Her body is covered in black tiger stripes. Her fanged grin often makes people think she is up to something. Don't let her slender appearance fool you either, she is swift on her feet and strong with her paws. Despite the fact that she can use elemental attacks, she prefers to fight close range. Her voice is a little lower than most females, and it sounds rather raspy.

Other: Do not, under any circumstances, ask Sara about her past.

Name: David

Age: 15

Species: Delcatty

Gender: Male

Personality: David is timid and shy, constantly afraid of being turned down or pushed away by other people. He's also quiet and cautious; he rarely jumps into any situation without thinking it out first. He's the kind, caring sort of creature who's always there to talk, or even just to listen. Her is also easily embarassed. His loyalty is unwavering as well, and once he promises to do something he rarely if ever goes back on that promise, making him fairly reliable. He can be stubborn at times; when he sets his mind on doing something he usually refuses to give up. He also appears to have little anger within him, and he usually prefers to talk things out with others rather than fight. He strongly believes that his being abandoned was his own fault, and not that his trainer is not to blame.

Description: David is about an inch shorter than the normal Delcatty, and he is rather thin looking. His purple and tan fur is thin but soft to the touch, though it is a little dirty. He has warm, emerald green eyes that can make just about anything feel at peace if they were looked into. His strength and speed are nothing special, just your average fighter. He makes up for this with a high tolerance for pain and strong endurance. His recovery rate is quicker than most creatures as well. His voice sounds like that of a small, innocent little boy, making it seem as if he were much younger than he really is.

Other: David is... a klutz. At the worst possible times.

May 7th, 2005, 7:59 PM
OOC: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease say I can still join?

Name: Iriai

Age: 21

Gender: F

Species: Beautifly

Description: She is a shiny Pokemon and a lot larger then a normal Beautifly. Instead of being on average 3'2 she is 5'3, quite capable of carrying small Pokemon.

Personlity:For all her colour other Pokemon so not see her very often, unless they are in trouble and desperately need help. This is because she is very shy and knows how to hide herself. She will usually not speak unless spoken to, and then it is usually a whisper. She is not afraid of giving help where needed, and typical of her species when you anger her, get out of her way. However she is very patient and it takes a lot for her to get riled up or startled. She is not lonely and likes to keep to herself. She is very kind and cares much for other Pokemon's plights and will heal any injured Pokemon (no matter what side of a fight they are on).

Other: She was born in the wild not far from town. She was huge even as a Wurmple and previous trainer thought she would make a great catch for being both Shiny and huge. She treated Iriai well until she got to the point where she was supposed to evolve. Iriai did not evolve but her trainer was willing to wait for a while, but not long enough. She traded her to a trainer that was not as kind but still decent. He got her to evolve in her final form and set about teaching her all of the TM and HM moves she could learn. She was not all he was hoping for however and he was a bit intimitated by her size. So one day he left her to train in the park and when he did not come back Iriai waited. She only waited until the next day though and then she left.
She was hurt and confused at first but got over it. She hadn't made friends with the trainers or their other Pokemon much anyway. She started her own life on the streets and although it has been difficult she is pretty happy with her life. Even after being abandoned she hopes another trainer would be willing to take her. Everyone knows to go to her for healing and help if it is desperately needed. If can be solved on their own she will not help, only give advice. Pokemon on the streets think of her like an adoptive mother.

She is capable of transfering her healing onto other Pokemon and knows the attacks, Moonlight and Recover along with her normal attacks.

May 8th, 2005, 3:21 AM
(OOC-Ok, there are 10 sign ups here, not including mine, and I cant have that many in 1 RPG as I have tried it before and it ended in shambles, so, the lsit of accepted will be listed at the bottom.

Buster Balder: You forgot to add your name ^ ^; and though I can understand a description of a Pokemon being small, I still expect it to be at least 3 lines long, to do this, just describe a Squirtle also your grammar is a tad off as you have not added any commas or Full stops.

Alana: Everything seems fine except for the appearance, I can understand a small description, but you must have something that sets you apart and if not then just describe a normal Growlithe. Accepted, but needs to describe better.

Logmon1: Too short, both the description and personality and you need to use a spell check as well, do you have word? If not search for an online spell check.

Ashley03: You need to work on your grammar as I can understand half of what you are trying to say and please refrain from using shortened terms like pkmn. Your Description and defiantly your personality are to short.

Angel Vaporeon: Accepted, your description is the acceptable size, everyone that has need for an example of how long to make your sign up, Angels is a perfect one.

Crystal Lily Breeze: Accepted, Another perfect example of a decent sized sign up, though the History is long XD, I wont expect everyones to be as detailed of an Other as that.

Kogenta: Hmm, your description is a tad short, but it seems to have all the necessary. Add some more to your description, but accepted none the less.

Takashi: Accepted.

Raposa: Nice to see you joined here as well ^_^ Accepted as always and 2 sign ups are accepted as I know I can trust you.

Asayake: Hmm your description is a tad short, but it has all the necessary, but your personality seems to make up for the length in description. Accepted.

Hmm, this is hard, but I have to decide:

Angel Vaporeon
Crystal Lily Breeze

For those who were not accepted, I am sorry, but there were to many to choose from and I really do hate to turn away RPers when I normally give them a second chance to edit, but there were to many. Im sorry for that.

Anyways, for those that were accepted, you may post now, and I will start with my original opening paragraph. The first will just be an introduction to your character.)

It starts:

(IC-The sun shone down upon the city and Murkrow fled over the heaps of traffic that filed below. The sound of children and cars filled the air. The weekend had arrived and families were retreating for the country or entertainment that resigned in the centre of the city.

The Pokemon that lived wild on the streets of this city ran amok during this time of the day and they did not retreat in till early mornings when much deserved rest was needed. But in till then, these Pokemon caused havoc upon the city centre and terrorized public parks.

Strider yawned and opened her eyes slowly as the morning greeted her. She stretched her front paws out in front of her and got to her feet lazily, shaking her head slightly to rid it of the dizziness of sleep, her Emerald orbs darted around to observe her surroundings before she groomed her paws which were a little stiff from her head laying upon them for so long.

She finished with one last slurp and took another wider stretch before padding down the alleyway towards the restaurant she normally picked off for the breakfast. There were always scraps present from the previous night there and she could always count on it for a morning breakfast, the only annoyance was the chef, who knew exactly what time she would be arriving every morning, which normally meant her taking a quick sausage or two and making a brake for it before the chef had time to throw the boot at her.)

Raposa Dalua
May 8th, 2005, 7:18 AM
Oh man, the noise was killing them. The people currently standing on the roof of the old tenament building just couldn't get any peace and quiet as long as she was there. Perched upside down against the back of an old cardboard box, a Flareon was snoring uproarously, a content smile spread across her face. But of course, her happy dreams of nice, kind humans who gave her shelter and food were soon dashed as a frustrated young man tossed an old brick at the box she was in, forcing the fire fox to suddenly awaken as her makeshift home teetered over the edge and began to fall at an alarming rate. Thankfully nobody could understand her Flareon dialect, for she was currently cussing like a sailor.

With an effort, she steered the falling box under her and used it to propel herself towards the wall of the apartment building. The cardboard container bounced roughly off the bricks, and she used this moment to jump out of it and cling to the nearby fire escape. The box continued falling, and landed on the head of an old man dumping trash out his window. With a short whistle of relief and a raucious chuckle, she began her slow decent towards the ground. The black staircase was slippery, and it smelled of spilled soda. The scent reminded Sara of just how hungry she was, and she winced as her stomach growled. Stopping midway down, she noticed the cloth that hung over the entrance of the building she was currently on. She grinned, her devious blue eyes glimmering with an idea. The Flareon let out a whoop, and she leapt from where she stood, landing on the propped up cloth. She slid down it and landed safely on the ground in front of a few startled humans. She smiled at them politely as if her doing this was an everyday occurence, then trotted back into an alley to see if she could find a dumpster to scrounge around in.


There was a small shudder, and then a great bang. A loud rumbling started up, an the sound of smoke being expelled from a pipe could be heard from behind. A young Delcatty awoke with a start, his usually soft green eyes now wide with fear. With a start, he dashed out from under the car he had been sleeping under, and a few seconds later it rolled away, though not before its driver honked its horn at David. He stood there staring at the direction the vehicle had left in, stiff as a board. The cat suddenly realized he had been holding his breath, and let it all out in a great woosh before breathing in again, mentally calming himself down.

"That was way too close," he spoke to himself, shaking his head.

He cast his sight upwards, noting the position of the sun. 'I slept in again...' he thought wearily. He shook the rest of his body awake, twitching his large ears in discomfort at the many loud noises of the city. No matter how long he would be here, he'd never get used to the volume level. With a careless shrug, he stepped out of the way of the crowds and began grooming himself. He'd gotten fairly dirty from sleeping under that old car, but it really couldn't be helped. 'After this I'll need something to eat... maybe I'll head over to the park,' he mused, 'Get some kid to drop their hot dog or something.'

May 8th, 2005, 7:55 AM
The sun was rising like a hot air balloon. A big, bright, orange hot air balloon. The light of it's rays shone on the concrete jungle called the city. People were out and about. However in that city, one of them is still sleeping. And it's not a human. Inside the empty, beat-up trashcan in the alleyway of a fancy bistro lies an Espeon. Not an ordinary one.

Midnight blue eyes blinked, fighting back the dizziness of her sleep. A pokemon arose, popping out of the trashcan she slept in and leaped out, The tear drop jewel on her head glistened as her fur, shimmered. It was the morning, and Lea usually goes out and takes a walk around the park. She yawned quite lazily, streching her small, petite body. As the breeze picked up, the scent of breakfast was in the air. Sausages, bacon, eggs, you name it. The scent of it made her hungry, as her growling stomach confirmed.

"Well, maybe a quick breakfast wouldn't hurt..."

Lea had remembered that everyday, when she was an Eevee, there was scraps of food left from the night before. She can always count on them to pull her through the morning. Though, everday, there was always someone giving her a hard time. That would be the chef, always cranky. Though the chef doesn't show his grumpiness to the customers, oh no. He would show it to Lea, which he calls Gale Midnight, because the color of her fur. He knows what time of day she comes, what tactics she uses, exactly where she comes from. Which means she would grab a quick slice of bacon before he has time to chase her off with the broom.

May 8th, 2005, 8:00 AM
Shadow woke up from inside his box he peeked his little head out of the top and looked to see that the clock down in the subway station said 11:25 "Time for a candy bar" Shadow said to himself as he curled up into a ball and started rolling toward the stairs of the subway station. He un curled himself and used double edge to get to the top of the stairs with out anybody notice him. He looked at the sign that hung above the door of the candy shop, "Moved..." Shadow said as he walked toward the park where he knew he could get some bread when an old lady was feeding some pidgey. On his way there he saw a Delcatty walking over to a hot dog stand "Hello" Shadow said to the delcatty as he tired to get a piece of bread from an old lady.

May 8th, 2005, 8:13 AM
The moon rose up in the fancy sparkling city. Jazz music was playing everywhere, children were laughing and sleeping, and the sounds of silverware clattering and touching the glass. This was the festive, bustling city. All was well, except for one.

In the alley, known as the Shadow, a pokemon was sleeping in the darkness. However, this particular pokemon was not Dark type. She was a Water type, a Vaporeon, specifically, known as Aqua. Her shade of dark blue was the feeling she had when she was abandoned. Aqua would never regret that day. It was like no one even cared that she exist. Or if no one knew she was around. Those were desperate times.

But this time, Aqua was destined to find her trainer and become a charming and cute-loving Vaporeon. She climbed out of the boxes where she slept, and then, she took a moonlight stroll through the streets.

The stars were shining bright, and all Aqua could see, because of the trees, were the shooting stars. Aqua called them the Water Streaks, because they looked like blue dashes of paint on paper. She head toward the park, and there, she found some unusual footprints. But this time, they weren't unusual to her. Aqua had seen these footprints before. They were an Espeon's!

"Why would an Espeon walk in the mud? They are meant to be perfect all the time. Wait! There's a set of Pichu's footprints! Something, or someone, is having a bad day." She said.

May 8th, 2005, 8:57 AM
Female Beautifly

Iriai was in a great mood. She had been awake since the crack of dawn and had long gotten over her morning grumpiness. Not that she had much anyway because she was a morning type of Pokemon. This was not the only reason for her high spirirts however.
Today she had found a rooftop garden she had never seen before. Evidently not many other nectar eating Pokemon knew of it either because there was plenty to eat. She had not had a full stomach in a very long time and so she flitted about the city send silver sparkels behind her.
Usually she did not have a full stomach because she didn't often fight for her food. The other nector eating Pokemon always look worse off then her so she let them have it. Generally though she was better off then most other Pokemon living here, nector was relatively easy to find.
She kept away from the main streets because her large size usually freaked people out. That and her colour made them stare and she didnt like to be stared at. So unless it was really early or really late she stayed low and travelled through the back allies to get where she was going.
Right now she looked down an ally that was rather close to a main street and she saw a Flaroen headed towards her. She reconized this Pokemon as Sara. Iriai was a bit worried but Sara usually she wouldn't bother Iriai.
Sara saw her and nodded to her saying in her raspy voice, "Heya Iriai. Howz it going?"
Iriai stopped and smiled quietly saying, "I'm pretty good today thanks. How are you?"
Sara snorted and said angerly, "Some humans up there almost made be fall off the building to my death and I'm starved past all reconition but other wise yeah I'm ok."
"I'm sorry about the first part but I saw what looked to be an almost whole cheesburger in that dumpster back there." She pointed over her shoulder and Sara smiled.
"Hey thanks!" She said and ran around the courner, making a beeline for the dumpster. Iriai chuckled to herself and continued on her way to the park.

Raposa Dalua
May 8th, 2005, 9:31 AM
Sara dashed around the corner happily, quite thankful to have Iriai as a friend. She spotted the dumpster up ahead, all green and innocent looking. The Flareon judged her distance, then swerved and kicked off the wall opposite the dumpster. She landed on the lid with ease, mentally grading her jump. After giving herself a decent 7.5, she flipped open the lid with her yellow tail. She hopped inside, careful not to land too had so as to not completely sink into the garbage like the last time. It smelled utterly rancid inside the trash recepticle, but it was a small price to pay for half a decent meal.

"Now where did Iriai say that burger was?" she questioned.

Her devious blue eyes scanned the small area she was in. With a grin and a small 'ah-ha!' she spotted it near where she had landed. Best part was, it still looked rather fresh. It couldn't have been more than a day old. Happily, she grabbed the cheeseburger and began wolfing it down. What a wonderfully healthy breakfast she thought with a sarcastic grin.


David sighed as the park came into view. The sights and smells hit him full force as he strode in, carefully padding along in the grass. The birds sang from their perches in the trees, the laughter of worry free children echoed in the air as they dragged their poor parents along. The Delcatty stopped and sniffed the air, recognizing the many different scents of food around him. There was ice cream, hamburgers, and yes, even hot dogs. He trotted happily towards the vendor, but was stopped by the sound of a young voice calling out to him.


A young, black Eevee had greeted him. The vampiric fox was currently trying to get some bread from an old lady who was feeding the Pidgey at the time. David smiled politely at the Eevee, then turned back to the vendor. His green eyes scanned the area, and he looked down as if pondering something. An idea came to him in a snap, and he backed into the shade of the tree the vendor was parked under. He seemed to meld with the shadows, completely disappearing. Not a few moments later, David appeared next to the black Eevee with two hot dogs, shooting an apologetic look back at the now very confused vendor.

"Hello," he smiled, "Sorry I didn't respond to you sooner," he scratched the back of his head, then held out a hot dog, "You want one?" he offered politely.

May 8th, 2005, 12:57 PM
Shadow sat down and took the hot dog "Thank you, I haven't had anything but candy bars for the past few days" Shadow said as he took a bite out of the hot dog "it could use some mustard but the hot dog is pretty good". He took another bite out of the hot dog before he looked at David and said "Sorry for not saying my name or anything but it's just that It's been hard to get any food with out a trainer" Shadow said "I'm shadow the vampire eevee or atleast thats what my trainer said I was. by the way wheres your trainer? My trainer left me in a box when I was about 12 so for the past 2 years I've been trying to get food on my own until the candy store moved to a different location" Shadow kept ranting on and on about himself. "So sorry I forgot to ask whats your name?" Shadow asked the delcatty.

May 8th, 2005, 1:17 PM
OOC: I edited my post and decided to have some distinquishing marks.

Armela yawned as she lopped through the short grass of the park. A few children pointed at her and laughed. Others seemed to be very curious. She was used to this. She didn't look like a normal Growlith adn had even been mistaken for a new species a couple of times before.

"I wonder if there's anything to eat around here." Armela muttered to herself as her stomach growled. "I haven't eaten in a day and a half and I refuse to beg for any." This was sometimes a problem with her. Her pride often got in her way. But she managed to get along alright. Before anyone else could say anything else avout her she vanished into some bushes at the edge of the park. After lopping around for a while more she spotted some other Pokemon near a hotdog stand. her stomach growled again adn she approached slowly hoping to get something ot eat.

May 8th, 2005, 2:11 PM
Aqua seemed quite suspicious about these footprints. She stepped in the wet grass and then put them right next to the Espeon footprints. They looked quite alike, except hers were much bigger.

"I'd like to know who this Espeon happens to be." Aqua said with a grin.

She continued on forward, and farther into the park. Soon, she started to get tired. There was a bench nearby, so she hopped up on it and said down. Suddenly, a blast of fire crakers set off, and Aqua was startled off the bench. She ran and followed the sound of the fireworks and into the streets of the city. People gathered around, looking at the magnificent glow of pink, red, blue, green, and other bright colors. Some of the fireworks resembled some Pokemon faces, and Aqua came just in time to see one of the fireworks resemble a Vaporeon's face. Aqua looked at it, until it disappeared. It gave her a flashback of the time her trainer had entered her in a Pokemon Contest. She won the contest, and her trainer groomed her for her pictures that were going to be entered into the newspaper. The flashback gave Aqua a sign that she was still the charming and cute Vaporeon that she was.

Raposa Dalua
May 8th, 2005, 2:35 PM
David sat and listened patiently as the young Eevee explained his life. The Delcatty had to admit he felt bad for the little one, being abandoned at an age like his. 'Though, I wasn't too old myself when I was abandoned...' he mused, looking down at the ground. His ears twitched as the Eevee mentioned his name, Shadow, and asked for his.

"Oh? Uh, my name is David," he replied, rubbing his head sheepishly, "As for my trainer... I don't have one anymore. I haven't seen him in a long time," he looked wistfully to the sky, then shook his head, "But it doesn't really matter anyway, it's my fault I'm stuck here in the first place," he smiled his normal, tiny little smile and shrugged.

He was about to ask Shadow how old he was when he heard the padding of feet to his left. Approaching them was yet another discolored pokemon, this one was a Growlithe. The fire dog seemed to be very hungry, and she was currently eyeing David's untouched hot dog with interest. He couldn't help but wonder if Shadow and this Growlithe were related, they were both black with red markings after all. He chuckled and turned his head to face her.

"You hungry too? You can have this hot dog if you want, I can always get myself more," he offered, smiling his small, shy smile.

May 8th, 2005, 2:42 PM
Armela nodded. "Yes I am." She replied looking at him and Shadow curiously. She dropped her cautous walk and padded over smiling. "So are there any more hotdogs? I haven't eaten in a day and a half." She sat down in front of David with her head tilted to one side waiting for his answer. Her gaze shifted to Shadow. She was surprised at his color. Then she realized she hadn't introduced herself. "Oh I'm sorry. My name is Armela."

May 9th, 2005, 7:55 AM
"Nice to meet you Armela" Shadow said as he finished off his hot dog. "David can get you some or I can with my double edge attack but I think that move david used is much better" Shadow said "Sorry if I'm ranting on it's just that I haven't talked to anyone in over 2 years" He looked at the hot dog stand and eyed a bottle of mustard "I'll be right back" Shadow said as he used his double edge attack to grab the mustard then go back to where he was. "yummy mustard!" Shadow said as he opened the mustard and poored it into his mouth.

OOC: My little eevee rants on about things and loves mustard ^^

May 9th, 2005, 3:42 PM
Rio knawed silently on an old fish-bone, his ears raised to warn him of any sounds of approach. Hearing familiar paw-steps, the Skitty turned and lowered himself into a crouch. From about the corner a large Houndour appeared.

"You know, kittens shouldn't play in the land of wolves," the Houndour teased, his voice laden with mocking menace.

"And worms should crawl back into their holes," Rio hissed.

Anger flashed across the Houndour's features as he snapped, "Then should I assume someone filled in your hole? Or do you intrude on my territory for fun?" The dog Pokemon's eyes narrowed. "I've told you before: Stay out of my territory."

"And I've given the same response. This area isn't yours."

"Oh?" The Houndour stalked toward Rio, his head held high and fangs bared. "Everyone seems to get that this place is mine except you." By this point, the fire Pokemon's voice had fallen to a dangerous calm. "Now, what do you think that means, Kaga?" He circled quietly about the small Skitty.

Suddenly, Rio's tail slammed into the Houndour's neck. "Guess I'm just a slow learner!" The cat Pokemon dropped low to avoid the responding snapping fangs. Springing upward, he struck the canine in the jaw. Then, as he leaped back and away from his opponent, Rio warned, "And never call me Kaga again."

Turning to leave, Rio added, as though in an afterthough, "Keep the fishbone. You'll need a splint."

May 9th, 2005, 4:31 PM
The chef, as usual, walked out of the kichen door and out to the alleyway carrying the leftovers from yesterday and throwing them out to the dumpter. A big, green, graffiti-covered dumpter. The Chef, was also carrying his trusty broom, ready to knock Lea clear out of the way.

"Gale Midnight! Show yourself... I know you are here..." He said closing in on the trashcan, the one that the dark Espeon was waiting behind.

"Must you always be this suspicious about me at this time of day? A girl's gotta eat, you know. And's it's not even your freshly prepared meals!" Lea said, in her native tounge, staring him down.

"You'll never get these leftovers!! Never! NEVER!"

"Why are you protecting trash? Man, you're crazier than I thought..." With that, Lea used Double Team. "Try and hit me!"

"You're asking for it this time!" The Chef tried to hit her, but the broom missed.

Noise flooded the conversation between the two, mainly the morning rush hour and people chatting.

A broken broom and a dozen attemps later, the chef was exhausted. His chubby body can't handle Lea when the sun is shining, that's when Lea's at her best. With a smug smirk from the pokemon, she jumped onto his head and leaped for the dumpter, grabbing two, thick slabs of bacon. She then jumped onto his head once more and darted off to the park. The Chef fell on the ground.

"One day, I'll get you Gale Midnight..."

Lea made her way to the park, still chewing on the bacon slices she got from the dumpter the chef was guarding. The idea of the chef guarding trash still makes her wonder. As usual, her little friend, Sparks the Pichu meets her on the curb, greeting her.

"It's funny that the chef is still guarding trash..." Lea brought up.

"One man's trash is another man's treasure, or that's at least what I've heard..." Sparks answered, signaling that there's a green light and the street is safe to cross.

One thing that Lea has learned during her first weeks in the city is when to cross the street. At a time, Lea almost became roadkill because she didn't know when to cross. She learned that the aquamarine green light means go, it's safe to cross. The crimson red light means stop, it's not safe to cross. The tropicana orange light means don't cross or finish crossing.

As they reached the park they walked around for a bit, observing the trees, and laying on the grass. They then went their separate ways.

"I'll see you later, Sparks!"

"Okay Lea, see ya."

Lea reached the center of the park. She looked at her surroundings and spotted her set of footprints she left the night before.


"Tell me how did I get into this mess again, Sparks." The Espoen questioned, a thick slice of Ham in her mouth, while they where running.

"I thought it was no one's!! Honest!"

"HONEST?! You expect me to believe that that was no one's? Why do I do favors for you anymore?"

"Get back here with our meal!" A Houndoom barked. But not just any Houndoom. That was the leader of a gang, named Artimeus.

They ran throughout the night, running from the pack of fire dogs. They even got their paws dirty from running in the mud.

"You owe me big time Sparkiano Flareramber Pichu!" She screamed as they outran the Houndoom. "And I just washed myself too..."

"Now you can give me the ham..."

"Take it! And don't ask me to do ridicious favors ever again!" The midnight blue eyed cat retorted, giving the thick slab of pork to the Pichu. Walking back to her trash can, she looked up to the moon and sighed.

~*End Flashback*~

As she took her gaze off the footprints, her eyes landed on the the fountain. The glorious fountian where she takes her daily showers. She leapt in, and as usual, the water was clean and icy cool. Just the way Lea liked it. She like bathing in the water ever since she could remember the fisrt day she accidently fell into this spot. Many memories lies in this historic landmark. She then noticed the bite mark on her left foreleg, right after the waters stung at it. She then realized that the lead Houndoom must of bitten her and his fangs dug deep.

"You don't know how things hurt until you noticed them. And that's a quote that I shall not soon forget." She said to herself as she tried to ignore the sting sensation that was her bite wound. The sun was shining brightly, which soon reflected onto the water's surface. An idea crepted into the Espeon's mind.

'Why didn't I think about this before?'

She casted a Morning Sun Attack, which was very effective since the sun was out and high up in the sky. Her wound healed, althogh, not completely, it was just enough for it to stop stinging. The cat-like psychic pokemon leapt out of the old pool of sparkling waters, and shook off the excess moisture, revealing a puffy coat of fur. At least, not for long. By the time she ran around the park, her fur was dry and layed flat against her body, shimmery as it should be.

"It's adventure time!" Lea yelled as she walked around the neighborhood.

May 10th, 2005, 9:02 AM
Strider arrived at the back of the restaurant only to be greeted by a flying broom in her direction, she leapt to the side, the broom only narrowly missing her and hid behind a trash can, crouching low as not be harmed by any more flying objects. Never had there been another Pokemon feasting here at the same time she came for her breakfast and no one except her could raise such a fuss with the chef, clearly she didnt know as much as she thought.

Soon after an Espeon ran by and towards the direction of the park with two slices of bacon grasped between her teeth. The chef yelled after her One day Ill get you gale midnight! before disappearing back into the kitchen. So this Pokemon wasnt new to this section of the city.Striders section of the city. Hmm, gale, eh? Strider mused Never heard of her, so she cant be that much of a problem to me

Strider padded forward towards the trash cans and nudged her way through the trash before coming upon a slab of meat, quite fresh, probably from the night before. She pulled it from between the rest of the trash and threw it into the air, catching it in her mouth and chewing lightly on it. She swallowed and looked towards the door A good thing is that that Espeon saved me an encounter with old man Francis She smirked.

Now then, time to take care of that little pest, I think She whipped some gravy from her white coat and adjusted her bandana Theres no harm in being tidy upon first encounter though, is there She smirked, making her way in the direction of the park, one in which was in the centre of the town, which of course meant crossing the deadly road.

Strider of course was use to such things and made a mad dash, causing traffic to halt and some to even crash into the backs of each other. One man even emerged from his car, making his way towards the smirking Absol, before Strider decided to dodge the mans foot and pounce into the bush behind the park fence, the mans howls of anger only pleased Strider more, knowing that her job pf mischief had been done for the day.

She spotted what she had been looking for, that smug Espeon, bathing in the fountain at the middle of the park. She growled and arched her back ready to emerge from the bush, that was in till the Espeon cast morning sun, blinding the Absol, making her flinch and pull back into the bush. After the light subsided, the Espeon emerged from the fountain and muttered something to herself, something about an adventure. Strider smirked and emerged from the bush, walking up to the Espeon Adventure time will have to wait, Gale, was it?

May 10th, 2005, 10:33 AM
The yellow ball of light rose higher in the sky, signaling that it's almost noon in the concrete jungle called the city. As one may already know, this city is huge and many pokemon live in it. Mostly abanddoned pokemon trying to survive. Some are teying to get by, while others decide to live on the edge and explore. Well, one pokemon is going to do just that. The black Espeon made her way to the curb and was about to cross the black asfault, that was until someone called her, She halted, her head quickly jerked to another direction, her steely midnight blue gaze fell on the Absol.

"Yep, that's what the old man calls me. My real name is Lea, but be free to call me Gale, if you please."

Lea eyed the Absol, identifying that she must be about a foot taller or two, maybe around eight years older then her. She had a white coat, as average Absols do except that it has silver streaks sprayed right through it. Instead of deep crimson, she has more of an amber color with hints of little emerald green speckles in her eyes. She has a scar running under her left eye and another above her left forepaw, signaling that she was in quite a few spats in her day.

"Anyway, I don't quite believe I know you. What's your name and what do you want from me?" Lea inquired.

Raposa Dalua
May 10th, 2005, 12:07 PM
David blinked at Armela's request for more food, then sat back and pondered something. He was about to speak up, but Shadow began talking again so he sat back and waited politely until he was finished. The vampiric Eevee suddenly stood, muttering something about being right back and he shifted off, quick-like. The Delcatty smiled as he turned his green eyed gaze back in Armela's direction.

"Well, if you're feeling peckish I'll get you more hot dogs. However, I don't like taking too much from one particular vendor, he'll start to get suspicious. There are many other foods to choose from in this park, would you like me to get you something else?" he offered.

Shadow had returned in the time that David was waiting for the Growlithe to reply. The black Eevee was smiling brightly, holding onto a bottle of mustard. He said something along the lines of 'yummy, mustard!' and quickly began to consume the entire contents of the yellow container. David sweatdropped and chuckled quietly at the Eevee and his odd little ways.


Having finished the cheeseburger, Sara now made her way out of the dumpster and onto the dirty streets below. Her devious blue eyes sparked as she wondered just what kind of mischief she could cause today. The Flareon traveled down the street as she contemplated this, instinctively leaping from trashcans to mailboxes to cardboard containers in order to avoid walking amongst the humans (she didn't feel like being stepped on today). She spoke aloud, her Flareon dialect keeping any listeners from understanding what she was saying.

"Lesee now... I could bug my good friend Ronnie in the public cafeteria down the block, he's always happy to see me, maybe I could burn old man Whicker's prized cane, can't beat on anyone no more if'n he don't got nothing to beat 'em with... I always get a kick outta knocking Mrs. Drebbot's clothes from the lines she hangs 'em on outside... I could get some tourist trainer to chase me down a couple blocks, that's always amusing..." she slowly stopped talking as she felt the presence of a hand reaching out to her.

Instinctively she jumped back and bared her fangs, her blue eyes narrowed. However, her facial features softened as she saw her 'attacker': a little boy, no older than three. She smiled kindly at the boy, but his mother just steered him away from her.

"Now now honey, we don't pet crazy Flareons that talk to themselves. Come along now," the mother spoke slowly as they walked away.

"Huh, what an odd kid. Spittin' image of my old trainer, 'cept a little too young," Sara muttered as she looked forwards again, "Now where was I? Oh yes, listing the mischief and mayhem I should accomplish today. I could mess around with that one gang of fire dogs who think they know everything, I could..." her voice trailed off as she continued to walk.

May 11th, 2005, 3:29 AM
Female Beautifly

It's a beautiful day today. thought Iriai as she slowly made her way to the park. There was a favorite tree there of her that allowed the sun to come down and warm her without people being able to see her. I can't wait to just go and bake. Heh, I sound like a human going into their baking buildings.

Iriai laughed a little to herself at that and came to the end of the ally. She landed on the edge of the wall and waited till there were almost no cars. She freaked people out a lot and she hated the looks they gave her. So she usually crossed at a side street to the park.

She saw no cars and made a quick dash across the road. She heard a gasp from a window but no more then that. She was in the ally across the street in no time.

Phew only one person freaked out. She made one turn and came to the park. A lot of kids jumped the fench to enter the park but there were none there today. She quickly fltted into the park and made her way to her favourite tree. She smiled and landed in her favourite spot. There were a few other Pidgey, Spearow and Taillow in the tree with her but didn't bother her. They know someone who knows how to fix you also know how to really hurt you.

Iriai was just getting settled in when she heard what sounded like a callenging voice. There was no other way to describe it. She lloked through the leaves and saw an Espeon and an Absol talking. The Absol seemed to be deciding on something. Oy I hope they don't battle....

May 11th, 2005, 7:19 PM
"Wow. That's the Vaporeon I really am." Aqua said in aw.

Aqua seemed curious about who the Espeon was now. Though there were many people around her, she couldn't just ask a person because she never knew if one of them could speak Vaporeon or not. She raced out of the crowd and she ran on through out the city once more. She suddenly stopped, to see an Absol, talking to an Espeon. There was also a Beautifly, looking at them. Aqua wished to join the converstation, but this time, she saw a piece of paper floating by her and then, it fell down beside her.

Aqua, with a really smart brain, secretly, slid the paper under one of the Espeon's feet, without them being interrupted. Then, she took the paper out, and there it was! An Espeon pawprint. she wanted to stay and chat, but now, she needed to look for the Pichu, whose pawprints she saw in the park. Aqua used Acid Armor on the paper, and then, she raced about to find the Pichu.

May 13th, 2005, 12:41 PM
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May 13th, 2005, 10:40 PM
Rio's tail flicked with irritation as he strode into the open street. Brushing past a trainer, he remained ill-tempered and morose, seeming to ignore those about him. This sushine . . . everyone in the world seems alive, but me. The gold light disgusts me--the false, superficial happiness it drips like sickeningly sweet honey. Continuing through the crowds, Rio began to search for food and water. Remembering the fountain, he dashed across the street and started for the park.