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Ok I may change the title because I'm not entirely happy with it and it may need a higher rating but I'll leave that up to veiwers. Here's the prologue and first chapter. Yes the prologue's short.

There is a place that most people don't know about. It is hidden deep in the mountains of Johto. Sometimes people will travel to the mountain and never return. It has been called cursed and most people avoid it. This mountains name is Daeva Mountain because people believe an evil spirit lives there. But if people were to learn the truth, they would be much more horrified. It is because they do not know the truth that some trainers climb Daeva Mountain. One such trainer is a young girl named Ilka. She has decided to travel to Daeva Mountain with her faithful Pokemon Electrike. Little does she know that she is about to make the worst mistake of her life.

Chapter 1: Ilka and Electrikes Last Adventure

Trust me young lady you do not want to climb that mountain.

Come on. Dont tell me you believe in that silly curse. Its not real ya know.

On the contrary miss, it is. Many trainers have climbed that mountain and very few of them have returned. Not only that but people say there are strange and terrible creatures living there. Take my advice and go elsewhere.

No way. I came here to climb Daeva Mountain and thats what Im gonna do. Ilka waved and set off towards the mountain with her Electrike bounding happily after her.

Please miss dont go! That mountain is dangerous! Please rethink your decision! The stall manager called after her. But Ilka only waved and continued walking.

A few hours later Ilka and her Electrike stood at the bass of Daeva Mountain. Her bright blue eyes sparkled with adventure and her short golden blonde hair blew gently in the wind. She wore a dark blue tank top that seemed to have some silver mixed in and black flaring jeans. Her shoes were almost completely covered by her jeans but you could just tell that they were the same color as her shirt. She wore bronze/gold loop earrings and a bronze gold bracelet. Around her neck was a simple and thin but strong black rope holding a what looked like a small silver cap holding a rabbits foot. But the green tuft of fur held on the necklace was actually fur from her Electrike that she kept as a good luck charm.

Well were here. You ready to go Lexy? She asked using one of her Elecrtikes many nicknames.

Electrike! Replied her small green Pokemon happily.

Alright then. Race you! She shouted gleefully then took off up the mountain. Electrike shot after her and together they sped up the cursed mountain. Hardly a minute after they began they were in a thick forest. It was so dark it was hard to see the hand in front of your face but every here and there a ray of sunlight would break through the tree tops and light up a small area of the ground below. Ilka and Electrike followed these patches of light. Soon they slowed to a walk. The intense silence in the forest made it seem eerie and unnatural. But Ilka and Electrike didnt mind. This was theyre first adventure since they had left Mariana. They had traveled far together. Electrike had been Ilkas first Pokemon when she began her Pokemon journey in Hoenn five years ago. Since then they had traveled in several regions meeting new people and Pokemon along the way. They had entered many leagues and become champion of a few too. After the Mariana League the two of them had decided to go to Johto and start collecting badges there. But first they would climb the supposedly cursed Daeva Mountain. Ilka had left all of her Pokemon except Electrike with Prof. Birch and headed off on a new adventure.

An hour passed and Ilka and Electrike were beginning to tire so they decided to take a break. They sat down under a dark tree near a patch of light and rested for a while. Ilka pulled out a sandwich and broke it in half giving the bigger piece to Electrike. I wonder just how tall this mountain is. Said Ilka quietly once she had finished. Electrike shrugged and yawned. She stretched and rolled onto her back with her tongue lolling out. Ilka laughed. Youve been doing that ever since you were a baby. She grinned and rubbed Electrike fondly. Electrike grinned and shut her eyes falling asleep quickly. Lazy Pokemon. Mumbled Ilka good-naturedly. Alright well stay here a bit longer. She leaned back and closed her eyes too.

Ilka wasnt sure how much time passed. All she knew was that she was suddenly awake and alert. Electrike was growling beside her. She was no longer on her back but standing up with her fur on end. A low growl was coming from her. Ilka jumped up. There was something out there. Her sharp eyes scanned the darkness. There was a loud snap to her left and she spun around her heart pounding. Something large was standing there unmoving. It was impossible to tell what it was because it was covered in shadows but from the way it was standing Ilka thought it must be human. Who are you? She demanded. Electrike growled more loudly.

You should not be here. This place is not safe. Leave now before it is too late. Said the person in a soft but strangely sad voice.

Huh. What do you mean?

Just what I said. Replied the person again. Ilka could tell the figure was female. She strained her eyes. There was something odd about this girl. Suddenly more sounds could be heard. Footsteps and shouts coming from far behind the girl. Hurry. She said desperately. You must get out of here. If they catch you... But the girl didnt get a chance to finish her sentence. She suddenly gasped and fell to the ground. Ilka and Electrike hurried over to her.

What the! Cried Ilka jumping backwards. There was a small dart imbedded in the girls shoulder but that wasnt what had made Ilka shout. The girl was wearing ragged cloths. Her purple hair was dirty, matted, and oddly shaped. Her skin was cream colored and soft like fur. Her face was cat-like and whiskers protruded from her face. Her neck and shoulder were covered in a purple shall that was identical to what Delcattys had around their neck. A small cat-like tail with a purple tuft on the end protruded from her back. Her hands and bare feet were like paws and short claws could be seen as though she had been about to strike. She was the spitting image of a Delcatty only she was human not Pokemon.

Ilka held Electrike tight her eyes wide with horror. The sound of shouting and heavy footfalls was drawing nearer. Ilka didnt know what to do. She couldnt leave this girl with whoever was after her. Who knew what they would do to her. She grabbed the girls arm and hoisted her up then started to hurry down the mountain. But she couldnt move very fast with the extra weight. Electrike howled and there was a soft thud as she collapsed. Ilka turned in time to see something small whizzing towards her then everything went black.

Sir shes waking up. Ilka groaned. Her eyes slowly flickered open. She could see that she was in a lab of some kind. The walls were white and many different machines were scattered around the room. Several tables with screens next them were spread out in a pattern and tanks full of different colored liquid were lined on the far right wall. To her left was a machine that had two empty glass tubes that were connected by an odd assortment of wires and more small tubes.

Ilka sat up breathing hard. She had been lying on one of the metal tables and a bunch of wired were stuck to her head. She pulled them off her breathing still irregularly fast. Electrike! She called in a slightly panicked voice. Lexy! Lexy where are you?

Save your breath. Came a taunting voice. Ilka leapt off the table and spun round. Standing before her was a tall man in his late thirties or early forties. He was dressed in a white lab coat, a white shirt, and light green pants. His face was clean shaven except for a short brown beard that matched his short brown hair. His eyes were a creepy blood red.

Who are you? Wheres Electrike? Shouted Ilka taking a step away from the man to get a better look at him.

Shes safe for the time being. We have her in a cage on the upper levels. Replied the man in the same taunting tone. But you need not worry. We will bring her down to you soon. There was a nasty smile that Ilka didnt like.

Who are you? What is this place? Who was that girl? And why am I here?

So many questions. You are the curious type arent you? My name is Prof. Dakini and this is the Daeva Research Labratory. That girl was one of our experiments. Sadly she doesnt seem to enjoy our hospitality and tried to escape again, as for why you are here, Prof. Dakinis smile darkened. Well youll find out soon enough.

Ilka was furious. Lab experiment! How could somebody do that? It was wrong. She was about to do some more shouting when a door on the far side of the lab opened a man came in carrying a cage. Inside the cage Electrike was snarling and sending electric blasts though the bars but it had no effect.

Your Pokemon isnt too bright. Doesnt it know rubber doesnt conduct electricity? Well no matter. Put it in the machine. The man nodded and headed for the strange machine that was against the right wall. Ilka snarled much like her Electrike and took off towards her Pokemon. Prof. Dakini laughed and grabbed her by the arm. She struggled but three more men came into the room. When they saw her struggling they came over and grabbed her. Prof. Dakini laughed even harder. Ilka watched in horror as Electrike was placed in one of the glass tubes. The man who had been carrying the cage opened it then tossed it outside and closed the door quickly. Electrike slammed against the glass to no avail.

Leave my Electrike alone! She shouted desperately but the three men holding her and Prof. Dakini only laughed. They shoved her towards the other tube. Ilka tried desperately to get away but their grip was too strong and she was outnumbered. She was thrown against the glass and the door was shut. Ilka pounded on the glass but it no more effect than Electrike's attack.

Turn it on. Commanded Prof. Dakini. The man who had brought Electrike in nodded and pushed a button on a control panel that stood next to the odd machine. A scream riped through the air as both Electrike and Ilka collapsed on the ground. Electrike was howling and writhing and seemed to slowly be being ripped apart. Ilka saw her friend. Tears filled her eyes and spilled down her cheeks as she forced herself to her knees and pressed her hands against the glass.

ELECTRIKE! She screamed. A bright green cloud began to fill the tube she was in. Agonizing pain was coursing through every nerve in her body. She twisted and pounded on the glass tears still pouring down her face. Electrikes and Ilkas eyes met. Then her best friend was shredded before her eyes. EELLEECCTTRRIIKKEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her heart felt as if it had been shredded along with her friend. The green cloud now filled the whole chamber and Ilka slowly began to change. She screamed in pain both physical and mental then fell to the ground and lay still. Tears still streamed down her face because every fiber of her being knew that she would never see her friend again.

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Well, I'm not sure what to say after that ending...

*lets out a breath* Tell ya what. I'll say that it's a great chapter that needs some G/S work(commas), and you'll post the next chapter; okay? Okay. SB

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OK. Here's the next chapter. It may seem a little teary and all but think of what Ilka's been through.

Chapter 2: The Beginning of Recovery

Come on Electrike! Said Ilka happily as she ran down the forest path. Electrike bounded after her. They raced each other but suddenly the scene changed. Everything was black. They were floating. Ilka was scared. She reached for her friend but she was too far away. She tried to moved towards her but something was holding her back. She couldnt move from the spot she was in. A horrible creature was sneaking up behind Electrike. Electrike watch out! Her friend was struck from behind. No Electrike! She was running again. This time she could see Electrike lying motionless on the ground. She reached Electrike and picked her up crying. Please Lexy wake up. Electrike opened her soft eyes and whimpered. Then she cried out and vanished.


Somebody shut that kid up! Said Prof. Dakini in an irritated tone. Ilka had been muttering and sobbing ever since they had taken her out of the tube. Every now and then she would shout out then continue crying. Ilka was now in a different room. She had wires all over her again. This time however the monitor beside the metal table she was lying on was showing a black picture of Ilka and many different numbers, symbols, and letters. Several of people wearing white lab coats were standing around making notes, while others were sitting at computers examining the data they were receiving. At Prof. Dakinis words one of them got up and walked over to Ilka. They looked down at her without the slightest bit of pity then smacked her round the face. It had absolutely no effect. Ilka continued to mutter this time thrashing around causing some of the wires to be pulled off. The man growled and raised his hand to hit her again but someone caught his hand.

Thats enough. The man turned to see a woman with soft purple eyes and long light brown hair. She to was wearing a white lab coat. Her shirt was light blue as was her skirt. She looked like a very respectable woman. The name tag she was wearing read Dr. Ameena.

Fine then you shut her up. Snarled the man and he jerked free of her grasp and headed back to his work. Dr. Ameena placed a gentle hand on Ilkas forehead and whispered something to her. Still Ilka did not quiet. Instead she jerked and grabbed Dr. Ameenas hand. The woman gasped then stepped backward pulling her hand out of Ilkas grip. The room went silent waiting but Ilka did not wake. She continued to mutter and thrash around. Soon she stopped moving and only shouted out once more but continued to mutter. After a while everyone just gave up on making her be quiet and continued with their work ignoring her. Dr. Ameena watched the girl with sad eyes but didnt say anything.

Later that day Ilka was moved to a cell on the forth floor of the lab. There they left her with a note pad hanging by the cell door. The words printed on it were simple. Subject Number 25. Morph, Electrike.

Ilkas eyes opened slowly. They were still moist. She sat up quickly and yelled. Her whole body ached as though she had been beaten. She moved her hand and pain shot through her arm. She winced but didnt shout again. The physical pain she felt was only a small fraction of the pain she felt in her heart. Strangely her feet felt very cramped. She bent down and pulled off her shoe. She stared. Her foot now looked something like a paw. It was large and electric green. She immediately pulled off her other shoe. It was the same. Horrified she looked at her hands. They were the same shape that they had always been, but like her feet they were electric green. Her arms were no different. On her elbows were two tufts of long fur. She looked behind her. She had a green dog-like tail with yellow at the end. She trembled as she moved her hands up to feel her face. It was longer and her head seemed to slope upward. Her ears were longer too. Tufts of fur were under ears. She was still wearing her normal cloths along with the earrings, bracelet, and necklace she had been wearing before. She shivered and held the tuft of Electrikes fur that was on her necklace. Oh Electrike why did they do this? She asked closing her eyes. There was the sound of soft footsteps coming down the dark hallway. She looked up. A woman carrying a tray of food was coming towards her. She smiled kindly at her and placed the tray on a small table outside the door. Ilka looked away staring at her hands. There was a jingle of keys and the scrape of a lock then the door slid open. Ilka didnt move. She just continued to stare at her hands. The woman picked up the tray and walked into the cell.

How are you doing? She asked in a gentle voice. Ilka didnt answer. Dont feel like talking huh? Thats understandable. Here, She set the tray in Ilkas lap. She still didnt move or speak. The woman sat down next to her. I know it must be uncomfortable but in time youll get used to your new form. Right now you need to eat and get your strength back. Still no response or movement. Oh yes I forgot. The process causes pain. Yes Im sorry. I guess it still hurts to move. Dont worry thatll go away soon too. For now at least try to eat. A low growl could now be heard. It was coming from Ilka. The woman stood up abruptly. Her voice now sounded a little shaky. Well dont forget to eat. You need your strength. Ill be back later. She left quickly only stopping to scribble something on the note pad.

Ilka didnt touch the food. Nor did she eat what was brought the next day. She simply sat there unmoving crying occasionally. On the third day the woman who brought her food stopped in the doorway. Come with me. She said quietly. Ilka didnt move. The woman sighed and walked over to her. She pulled her to her feet. Ilka didnt resist. They walked down the dark hallway and entered an elevator. When it opened they walked down another hallway to a door marked HOTP. That stands for Home of the Pokemorphs. It will be your new home. Go on. She opened the door and gave Ilka a push then closed the door and left.

Ilka walked slowly forward gazing around with dull eyes. There was a vast expanse of forest and meadow in every direction. A glimmer not far away caught her eyes. She walked towards it. Her legs were stiff from lack of movement but she ignored it. Pain and discomfort meant nothing to her anymore. The glimmer turned out to be a small lake hidden by the trees. Ilka looked into the rippling water. Her pointed face was green with yellow going up her nose and spreading out over her eyes which had retained their natural blue color. The yellow streak continued over her long ears and stopped at their tips. She turned her head and saw that there was another stripe of yellow on the back of her neck. As far as she knew the rest of her was green.

Tears suddenly welled up in Ilkas eyes and she fell to her knees. She buried her face in hands then splashed the water and jumped up. Her image was too painful to look at. All it did was remind her of the death of her friend. She brushed away the tears then turned and ran. Had she been paying any attention to anything at the time she would have been shocked at the speed at which she ran. But she wasnt so she wasnt.

Suddenly her foot caught on a protruding root and she fell hard to the ground. She sat up clinching her fists. Tears still fell silently down her face and her eyes were closed tight. Are you alright? Asked a concerned voice above her. Ilka opened her eyes and looked up. A boy was standing over her. He offered a brown hand and smiled at her. His face was a light orange color with two yellow spots on his cheeks. His ears were elongated and brown and yellow. They looked just like a Raichus ears. His eyes were forest green and his hair was dark yellow. He had a long skinny tail with a lightning bolt on the end. A Raichus tail. He was wearing a pale blue shirt with a yellow outline and his pants were orange. His hands and wrists were brown but the rest of his skin seemed to be the same light orange as his face, except for the front half of his feet which were brown. It was very obvious that he was a Raichu morph.

Who are you? Asked Ilka staring at him.

My names Rai. He replied. Fitting dont you think seeing as Im a Raichu. He added rather bitterly. So whats your name?

Ilka took his hand and he pulled her up. Im Ilka. She said quietly.

Rai looked into her eyes and his face saddened. You were friends werent you? He asked.

Ilka didnt need to ask who he was talking about. Yes.

We were too. I miss him everyday and I dont think the pain will ever fully go away. Ilka nodded she understood completely how he felt. Come on. He said smiling again. He took her hand and lead her through the trees. The sound of talking and movement could be heard. They emerged into a clearing were three others were. One of them was sitting down. Ilka recognized her as the Delcatty girl she had seen before. Now that there was light she could see that her skin was cream colored but apart from that nothing was different. Except that there were scars all over the girls body. Punishment for trying to escape. Muttered Rai quietly seeing where she was looking. Ilkas eyes widened. She was shocked that anyone could be so cruel. The other two were also female.

One of them looked up and smiled. She looked alot like Rai only her skin was darker orange and she had a strange bracelet on her ankle. She had on blue jeans that were rolled up over her ankles and a tank top that was blue at the top and turned purple as it went down. Her eyes like Rais were forest green but her hair was long and red. Hi. She said smiling and walked over.

Hi. Said Ilka taking the offered hand.

Im Juuden. Rai here is my brother.

Im Ilka. So you trained a Raichu too?

Yep. Said Juuden.

Another girl approached. Her skin was yellow and her hair was a light orange brown mix. Her hands were odd looking as if something in the morphing process had gone wrong. Lighter yellow fur fell over her dark red shirt and the same shade of yellow fell between her eyes. Her yellow feet were like paws and she had a short fluffy yellow, doglike tail. Her ears were long and pointed and she had two earrings on her left ear. She had a small light blue badge on her short dark red shirt and blue jeans. Over the blue jeans was a short green cloth that made her appear to be a waitress. The girl seemed to be the youngest of the group and her eyes were light green. She was unmistakably a Jolteon morph. My names Raku. As you can tell I once trained a Jolteon.

Seems electric Pokemon are popular arent they? But thats just us. The few other morphs that are around stay in another group. The only one of our group who didnt own an electric Pokemon is Angela. I think you two have already met. Said Rai. He looked at the Delcatty morph.

Yes we have. Ilka replied. She had thought she might feel angry towards Angela because it was her attempt to escape that had caused her to be caught in the first place, but she wasnt. Instead she felt pity for her. The girl had tried to get out because it was so horrible here. Ilka couldnt blame her. She walked over to her and sat down next her. The others stayed behind to watch and talk among themselves. Hi Angela. She said trying her best to smile but the effect was spoiled by the dull look in her eyes.

Angela looked up. Hi. She stared at Ilka for a moment then her eyes became sad. Your eyes. They have retained their natural color but, they have lost everything else.

Theres a good reason for that. I lost my life when they killed Electrike.

No you didnt. It was Rai.

Everyone of us lost a friend that day and we survived. We never gave up because we all have the same wish. Said Juuden.

That wish was to escape and take revenge. We cant give up until then. I want to make them pay. Added Raku.

To make them suffer. Said Angela.

To make them pay for the years they took from my life. Said Rai and Juuden together.

To force them to feel the pain I felt. Said Raku.

To make their hearts ach. To force them to scream even in their dreams. Make them wish they had never been born. To regret they ever crossed my path. Regret they ever took Electrike from me. Replied Ilka quietly. The others nodded. United by a similar wish. Surviving only because we wish to get revenge. It sounds sensible. How many morphs are there?

Ten. Said Angela sadly. We are five of them. Twenty five in all have been transformed.

Then where are the other fifteen?

Five of them were the earliest experiments. They were failed as Dr. Ameena put it. Shes alright. She helps us. I think she hates this place as much as we do. As for the other ten, two of them were killed because they tried to escape so much, and the rest of them....they lost the will to live. They stopped eating. It didnt matter what anyone said they wouldnt eat. They didnt drink either. Eventually they died because of it. I dont want that to happen to you Ilka. Please dont take the same path. Ilka looked at Rai. His eyes looked desperate. Juuden glanced at him with an odd look on her face. Angela smiled slyly and Raku simply looked confused as to why Rai was basically on his hands and knees begging.

You, all of you, you didnt survive just for revenge. There was something more. What was it? Ilka asked. They all looked at each other.

I dont know. I guess, it was because I wanted another shot at life. I wasnt going to let those bastards take it from me when I had so much to live for. The others nodded.

Ilka thought about this. She wondered if she felt like that. The thought was there. That defiance. But the pain she felt was much stronger. She looked up at them and her eyes told them everything. But the desperation now seemed to be in Juudens eyes too. She looked at Angela. It was as if all of them were asking her to help them. She realized something. When they had been talking they said, the five of us. That meant she was a part of their group. She felt something in her heart. Something that hadnt been there in days. Hope. Suddenly the thought of living burned more brightly. Was it enough to force her to eat and drink and sleep? To make the erg to live in this horrible place with the pain of her friends death so fresh? That was something she didnt know. But maybe, just maybe.... I dont know. I still wonder if its there. But, for all of us, I will not give up. I promise.

OK I have some pics to give you a good idea of what they all look like a bit better. More off the pics are where I got their description. ONly one I don't have is Angela's. She's my own origanal character. Lol

Ilka (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v465/SpiritGirl/lucky.jpg)
Rai (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v465/SpiritGirl/055pokemorphs.jpg)The Raichu morph is Rai.
Juuden (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v465/SpiritGirl/Juuden.jpg)
Raku (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v465/SpiritGirl/sdraku-clr.jpg)

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Sorry I didn't reply before, I've had the 24-hour flu...

Well, this is getting interesting. I like the drawings, definitely are very good.

Howevah, you seem to have contracted 'Noknowhowtousecommasingitis'.

Strange disease that gets us all, one time or another.

Well, I'll sit here and wait for the next chapter. *begins eating cookies and writing story* SB

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I'm so sorry this took so long. And yeah I do have that comatitis disease. Comas have always been my weakpoint. I promise it'll be cured eventually. Lol. Well here's the next chapter.

Chapter 3: The Hope of Friends

That night Ilka lay under the bright stars. The others had gone to their normal sleeping place. Ilkas promise had given them hope but it was dampened by the fact that she hadnt eaten or drunken anything again. But there was something different. When she rolled over and closed her eyes she didnt cry herself to sleep. But she did cry in her sleep. She was haunted by nightmares. Each one brought a fresh wave of pain and every time one ended so did more of her hope.

The morning sun shone into Ilkas eyes. She mumbled something and rolled over shielding her eyes from the light. Hey Ilka wake up. Came a cheerful voice. Ilka only mumbled something else and rolled over again. Alright then. Said Rai in an amused voice. There were footsteps then he dumped a bucket of water on her.

Ilka sat up spluttering. What did you do that for? There was more laughter. Ilka turned and saw Juuden, Angela, and Raku standing nearby. Ilka stood up and headed for a nearby lake still muttering. She bent down beside the clear water and took a drink. She realized it was the first time she had drank anything since arriving at this horrid place. The cool water felt wonderful on her parched throat. Once she had drank her fill she sat back on the soft grass and stared at the sky. A few clouds drifted lazily past. One of them looked like a house. Ilka closed her eyes and saw her own home clearly. In her minds eyes she saw a pretty woman around thirty. She was smiling and waving at a figure walking down the path. The girl was walking backwards waving to the woman, her blue eye shining. The small green dog on her shoulder barked happily. She smiled then turned and vanished over the hill, leaving Emerald Town and Hoenn.

Ilka opened her eyes. That had been the last thing she had seen when she left Emerald Town and Hoenn to take on the Johto League. She wondered if her mother would accept her now. Yes, her mother would accept her. But would anyone else? No. Then whats the point of escaping?

There isnt one. And if I were you Id get all those thoughts out of your head unless you want to end up like Ms. Kitty. Ilka leapt up and spun around. A man in his late thirties with flaming red hair and light brown eyes was standing there. He was wearing a white lab coat and the name tag on his coat read, Dr. Dilal

What do you want? She spat.

Prof. Dakini wants you. Apparently you havent been eating. He replied an evil grin on his face.

So what? Retorted Ilka.

Well since it appears youre going to die anyway the professor would like to perform some experiments on you.

And if I refuse? Snapped Ilka taking a step backward.

Then I shall be forced to use force. Said Dr. Dilal simply. He pulled out an odd looking POkeball and released a Pokemon.

Ilka stared in shock then in disgust. The Pokemon looked almost exactly like a Flygon. Its body, tail, legs, feet, and color were all right. However it had the head of a Charizard. W-what did you do to that Pokemon? She chocked.

Simply modified it a bit. Alone Flygon and Charizard are weak, but together they are unstoppable. Chargon use Flamethrower. Chargon roared then shot flames at her. Ilka was too shocked and disgusted to move. She just stood there as the flames came nearer. They were about to engulf her body when someone grabbed her and pulled her out of the way.

Rai? She stammered.

Dr. Dilal growled. Chargon DragonFlame! Chargon roared again and began to charge an attack. But before it had a chance to fire it was hit by a blast of electricity. It writhed and cried out in pain and rage then turned to face its attacker. Juuden stood there with her eyes narrowed in hatred and her cheeks sparking. She raised her hand and another orb of energy was formed. But Chargon didnt intend to get attacked again. It launched itself at Juuden so fast she didnt have time to react.

No you dont! Came Raku and Angelas voices. Chargon was hit by Thunderbolt and Blizzard at the same time. It whirled to face its new opponents and was hit by the attack from Juuden. It screamed its rage and whirled again.

Ilka watched with amazement at her friends power. She wished she could help but she didnt know how to use her power yet. Rais cheeks sparked and he raised his hand much like Juuden had. An orb of electricity appeared. But Chargon had had enough. It spun around to face Rai its eyes flashing. Before he could do anything it smashed into him sending him flying over the lake. He hit the water and vanished under its surface.

Rai! Cried Ilka and Juuden in unison. Ilkas eye went from shock to fear in an instant as she ran to the waters edge and prepared to jump in after him. But Chargon roared again and sped at her. She gasped and put up her hands. There was a burst of yellow electricity and Chargon fell to the ground out cold. Ilka stared at her hands. Dr. Dilal, Juuden, Raku, and Angela were all staring at her. There was a soft gurgle from behind her and Ilka turned. Rai came up gasping for air. Ilka sighed a breath of relief and dove into the water. Dr. Dilal held up the strange Pokemon and took off back towards the lab while Ilka helped Rai back to shore. The other ran to meet her.

Ilka how did you do that? Asked Juuden once Rai was safely out of the water.

Do what? Asked Rai curiously. Raku explained then they all turned to Ilka for an answer.

I-I dont know. It must have been Electrike. She was my strongest Pokemon. We traveled for five years together and she helped me win several Pokemon Leagues. Ilka replied still shocked at what she had done.

You were a multiple time Pokemon League champion? Gasped Raku staring at Ilka in admiration.

Well I guess that explains where all that power came from. Said Angela nodding. When you were morphed your Pokemons power became your own. Juuden and Rai nodded while Raku stared off into space with a silly grin on her face. It was at that moment that Ilkas stomach growled. She put her hand on it and looked at the others.

Is there any food around? I havent eaten in a while.

Angela smiled. Sure, come with me. She stood up and lead Ilka to a bush that was covered in Pecha berries. Ilka nodded gratefully and sat down next to it. She ate several berries then sat back and stared at the sky again. Angela nodded at her then left to talk to Juuden about something. Raku ran off somewhere and Rai left saying he had to get something. So Ilka was left alone to think.

Ten minutes passed and the others were still gone. Ilka wasnt sure if she minded or not. She looked around when she heard footsteps. Rai was walking towards her smiling. He sat down next to her and pulled something out of his pocket. Here, He said handing her a slightly faded picture. It showed a boy and a girl of about thirteen standing side by side and smiling happily. The girl was holding a Raichu and the boy had a Raichu on his shoulder. The boy had brown/blond hair and green eyes. He was wearing jeans and a red t-shirt. The girl had reddish/brown hair and green eyes. She was wearing jeans and a blue and purple tank top.

Was this you and Juuden before you were capture?

Yeah. That picture was taken just before we left for Johto. That was two years ago. Not long after we entered Johto we decided to brave the supposedly cursed Daeva Mountain. Weve had two years to regret that decision.

Ilka nodded. She handed the picture back to him and dug around in her pockets. She pulled out a picture of her and Electrike. Electrike was sitting on her shoulder with her tongue lolling out. Ilka was making a peace sign and smiling. This was taken before I left Emerald Town to go to Johto. Like you I heard about Daeva Mountain and decided to climb it. Im sure Ill have plenty more time to regret it.

Rai looked at the picture. He nodded, an odd look in his eyes, then handed her back the picture and smiled. Maybe when we get out of here we can reverse the process and get back to normal.

It sounds like a nice thought, but its impossible. You saw what happened to our Pokemon. We were combined as one. I doubt thats something that can be reversed.

Rai nodded sadly. Yeah your right. And even if we could remove the Pokemon DNA from our bodies it wouldnt do any good for our Pokemon. Ilka sighed and turned her head to the sky once more. Do you like sky gazing? Asked Rai grinning.

Yeah. Its peaceful. It can always help my mind relax, and sometimes, sometimes Ill see clouds that remind me of things.

Like your home and friends? Both Rai and Ilka turned to see Angela walking towards them. She sat down next them and smiled.

Hi Angela. Yeah like home and friends. Ilka leaned back with her hands behind her head and stared at the sky again. Rai and Angela imitated her. She hummed softly to herself as her eyes scanned the clouds. She saw one. It looked like the head of an Electrike raised in a howl. I wish Lexy was here to gaze at the clouds with me. We used to lie under the sky for hours at a time. Ilka got a far away look in her eyes as she remembered the time she had spent with her friend. I think, or I guess I thought, that the memories of Electrike would be too painful to bare. But now I see theyre all I have so I have to make sure I never forget any of them.

Thats how I felt too. I made myself remember everything about Raichu. Im sure Angela, Rai, and Raku got very tired of hearing about her after a while. Juuden had joined them. She flopped down beside the others and stared at the sky, leaning back on her hands.

Not really Juusie. In fact it helped me. I began to talk alot about Jolteon. Raku sat down next to Juuden and smiled. So how do you feel Ilka?

Like I lost my best friend. Replied Ilka dully. Raku was about to reply with an apology but Ilka spoke before she could. But I also feel, as though Ive made new friends. And that the hope of my friends, has turned into hope for myself. If it hadnt been for my friends, Id probably back in the lab having tests run on me until I died. There was silence. But not that uncomfortable silence you get when you say something stupid, but the kind that means nothing more needs to be said.

Ilka? Said Rai.

Hmm? She replied.

I think, thats its about time we planned our escape. The silence that followed was tense but there seemed to be alot of determination in the air.

Ilka didnt reply immediately. It seemed the others had discussed this while she wasnt around. Now they were waited with baited breath for her answer. Ilkas eyes locked onto the Electrike cloud. A gust of wind blew high above and the cloud drifted apart and the Electrike disappeared. Rai, I couldnt agree more.

May 28th, 2005, 4:09 PM
that good Alana! well done.

June 6th, 2005, 3:23 PM
Sorry it takes so long with each chapter. Now that I'm out for summer I should be writting them more quickly. Here's chapter 4.

Chapter 4: Devising a Plan

Sir we have a problem.

What is it Dr. Dalil?

Sir that new morph, shes, shes...

Well what is it? Spit it out already. Prof. Dakini demanded impatiently.

Shes incredibly powerful. She took down Chargon in one attack.

One attack? Hmm this is interesting. I want you to find out what you can about her.

Yes sir. What should I check into first?

Well how about her name? Morph number 25 may prove to be very useful. Keep an eye on her and make sure she doesnt die. Dr. Ameena and Prof. Clay will assist you. Go and find them. I have work to do.

Yes sir. Said Dr. Dalil again, then he turned and left.

Prof. Dakini smiled nastily and walked over to a phone. He dialed a number and waited. Pokemon Military Academy, Gale Revere speaking how may I help you?

Hello Ms. Revere Id like to speak to Mr. Othmar?

Right away sir. Please hold. About a minute later a gruff male voice spoke.

Hello. Brian Othmar speaking.

Hello Brian. Id like to talk to you about enrolling a Pokemorph into your military academy.

Ah Prof. Dakini. Ive been waiting for a call from you fro quite some time. So lets hear what youve got. Prof. Dakinis smile became more twisted as he began to speak.

Alright what we need to do is find a way to escape without setting off the alarms. Said Rai. He, Ilka, Raku, Juuden, and Angela were all sitting in a circle hidden by trees and bushes.

Right but thats just about impossible. Replied Angela.

True but it isnt impossible so that means it can be done. All we have to do is figure out how. Stated Juuden.

Im not very familiar with this enclosure yet. Said Ilka tapping her hand against the ground.

Well its very large. Said Raku unhelpfully. Here Ill show what I know of it. She picked up a stick and drew a large square in the middle of the group. We are about here. She said making a circle in the center right of the square. All around this enclosure are electric fences. It may not seem like a threat because we are electric morphs but it is. The electricity produced by those fences could leave a Raikou have dead.

So how do we get around them? Asked Ilka.

Simple, Replied Angela. We jump. The fences are about ten feet high. Impossible for any normal human to jump. But then again were not normal humans. Ive made the jump several times. But getting over the fence isnt enough. There are sensors on the other side that go off when they detect pressure. They go on for about five yards so theres no way to get out of here and not set them off. What wed have to do would be climb over the fence, but as we all know that wont happen.

What about if we slipped through a hole in the fence? Asked Raku hopefully.

No chance. Sighed Rai. There have never been any holes in the fence. Maria told me that when I first arrived. She was one of the first morphs here so shed know.

What about the sensors? Have there ever been any defects. Inquired Juuden

Well I doubt anyone knows. Angela is one of the few morphs to make it over the fence. The others were desperate. They knew they couldnt get over the fence because they were morphed with Pokemon that werent good at running and jumping. One was Tyler. He was a Larvitar morph. The other was Karin. She was a Psyduck morph. They tried to escape by disguising themselves and going through the lab. But known of their plans worked. Finally they decided to risk the jump over the fence. They were best friends so they tried together. We lost two more friends that day. A sad silence followed.

Ilka was saddened by Rais story but even so a plan began to form in her mind. It was a crazy plan that probably wouldnt work, but it was worth a try. What if, She paused. Everyone turned to look at her. What if we knocked down the fence? The electric shock would by absorbed into the ground and Im sure it would fry the sensors.

Knock down the fence? How in the world would we do that? Asked Raku incredulously. You heard what happened when Karin and Tyler touched the fence. They were killed. And in order to knock it down wed have to slam into it wouldnt we? It just cant be done.

I have to agree with Raku. Theres no way we could knock the fence down. Said Juuden sadly.

Who ever said anything about touching it. There are other ways to knock things down right. We could use our powers. Maybe the fence is electric, but that doesnt mean electric attacks cant be used to knock it down. Every single attack has force behind it. So slamming into the fence with electricity would have just as much affect as slamming into using an attack like Body Slam.

The others were quiet for a time. Finally Rai said, Ya know, I think that might work.

Angela and Juuden nodded. But when are we going to knock down the fence? And how will we do it without someone realizing what were doing? Juuden asked.

Well I think I can help with that. Said a soft voice. All five of them jumped and turned. A woman was standing there. Her light brown hair fell over her shoulders and her purple eyes shone with sadness.

Oh hello Dr. Ameena. You scared us. Said Raku smiling.

Im sorry. Said Dr. Ameena smiling. I overheard what you were saying and I think I can help. But it will have to be planned quickly. That little power surge Ilka showed has greatly interested Prof. Dakini. A friend of his runs a military academy and he helps with funding for this little project. Dr. Ameenas face became hard. Well hes heard about you taking down Chargon in one hit and hes become very interested. The only reason Brian, thats the man who runs the academy, agreed to fund this project was because he was hoping to train a powerful Pokemorph. He loves power. And he doesnt care who he has to hurt to get it.

Ilka was quiet for a time. So he likes power huh? Well he shouldnt be interested in me. That power wasnt mine it was Lexys. Ilka clenched her fists and closed her eyes. They dont care. Well that was obvious. Anyone who cared, at least a little, wouldnt be doing this.

Dr. Ameena nodded. Yes I know. And some of the people here dont want to. But once youre in you stay in. They wont let you quit the staff because you might tell others about their little project. Some people, like myself, were tricked into joining.

Rai nodded. Yeah I guessed that. You hate this place.

Dr. Ameena nodded. Yes I do.

So why dont you run away? Asked Raku.

For the same reason you havent. I cant. But, if your escape goes well, then this place will be in total chaos. I will use that to my advantage and get to the nearest town to report this place.

Good. Said Juuden. That just gives us more reason to do this. We should spread out and locate the other group of morphs. Well need their help.

And Dr. Ameena well need you to cause a diversion for us. Said Angela.

No problem. Dr. Ameena replied. And please, from this point on, call me Arleen.

Sure Arleen. so when should we be ready? Asked Rai.

Be ready at nine thirty. Thats six hours from now. Here, Arleen took off her watch and handed it to Rai. Good luck to us all.

Yes. And be careful Arleen. Ilka whispered. Arleen smiled then turned and left.

The five morphs looked at each other. After so long of living as lab rats, the time had come for them to escape. A minute passed then, as if they had just come to an unspoken agreement, five friends headed in different directions to inform the rest of the Pokemorphs.

(This one seems short to me. But the next one will be longer.)

June 7th, 2005, 3:07 PM
This is alrigt. Your prose is mediocre, but your grammar s very basic. I suggest reviewing some online grammar lessons.

Your characters are very flat, and Ilka is a minor Sue. watch out for this.

Lastly, you cannot use those characters if they are not yours. You should get permission first.

I'll keep an eye on this, I suppose.