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Jesse GS the II
May 8th, 2005, 8:42 PM
Well, I've got at least one loyal reader, and that's good enough for me to continue. Personally, I think Season 2 is my weakest season, save for a few episodes, but I'll let you judge for yourself. Enjoy...


“The Primeapes of Wrath”
Episode 2ACP01
Original Airdate: 9/17/04
Guest Voice: Jeff Davis as Charizard

Ash enjoys having his Charizard back, and feels that he should continue reuniting with his lost Pokémon. The next one of his companions he decides to retrieve is Primeape, feeling the need for a Fighting Pokémon in his repetoire. Heading back to the small-town gym between Saffron and Celadon City, he is shocked to learn that the gym was shut down three years ago, when the Pokémon League made an inspection and closed all unlicensed gyms. Nonetheless, he tracks down the owner of the gym, Anthony, who kept his Primeape for him for years. Ash gets Primeape back, but the creature has been so strengthened over the years that he is virtually uncontrollable. Ash feels the need to take Primeape back to several key training areas. Returning to the mountain range where he caught Primeape in the first place, Ash lets Primeape unleash his energy. But Primeape runs off. Searching the mountains for him, Ash finally corners the ape on a ledge. When he tries to coax him back, recalling the good time(s) they shared in the four weeks they were together, Primeape dismisses him and socks him in the eye. Ash has had enough, and leaves Primeape in the mountains, figuring they never really understood each other anyway. The next day, Primeape comes crawling back to Ash’s apartment, finally agreeing to harness his rage.

“Absolutely Flabulous”
Episode 2ACP02
Original Airdate: 9/24/04

Misty feels uncomfortable with her appearance – she thinks she needs to drop several pounds. Despite Ash’s reassurances, Misty thinks she should slim down fast. She joins a local weight loss center, where she recieves advice from a personal trainer named Ronaldo. After an hour-long workout session, Misty returns to the apartment raving about how effective her regimen was. Ash is suspicious. Misty returns to the fitness center once a week, every week to train under Ronaldo’s watchful eye. When Ash swings by for a visit, he sees how well Ronaldo and Misty hit it off and fears that Ronaldo is trying to win Misty over. Refusing to let his girlfriend be stolen away, Ash secretly cancels Misty’s membership. When Misty finds out, she is upset that Ash would do such a thing, but Ash explains his motives. Touched that Ash cares enough to do that, Misty apologizes, but explains that nothing was going on between her and Ronaldo. To prove it, she goes down to the fitness center to tell Ronaldo her membership is cancelled. Ronaldo is crushed, having secretly wanted to steal Misty away the whole time.

“Stealing Spaces”
Episode 2ACP03
Original Airdate: 10/1/04
Guest Voice: Jeff Davis as Charizard

After a bank heist, Jessie and James are tracked by the police. When Chief Officer Jenny closes in on their secret hideout, Jessie and James are forced to flee. Not wanting to be arrested and lose their cushy Team Rocket lives, they actually fake their own deaths to throw the police off their trail. They change their names and search for a place to live until they can break the news to Giovanni. Jessie finds them an apartment in Goldenrod City, in the exact same building that Ash lives in. Ash is surprised to see who his new neighbors are at first, but James assures him that they do not want anything of his. Nonetheless, Pikachu is still suspicious. He begins to develop paranoia, fearing that Jessie and James will sneak in during the night and kidnap him, like they had tried to do eleven years before. Pikachu shares his thoughts with Charizard and Togetic, who agree to investigate and see if the two are up to something. Spying on Jessie and James in their apartment, it soon becomes evident that they aren’t planning to steal Pikachu after all. But shortly after, the Johto police burst into the apartment – they have traced Jessie and James to their new location. The two are arrested, and Pikachu feels that he was right in his accusation, until he learns about the bank robbery they committed. Knowing that they don’t want him anymore, Pikachu allows Jessie and James to escape, despite Ash’s scoldings afterwards.

“Terms of Engorgement”
Episode 2ACP04
Original Airdate: 10/8/04
Guest Voice: Brad Garrett as Snorlax

Ash’s Internet service goes down after he forgets to pay his bill. In order to use the web, he goes to the Goldenrod Pokémon Center and uses the PC. Nurse Joy insists that he cannot use it for personal use – he can only deposit and withdraw Pokémon and items. Ash covers up by insisting that he is making a team switch, and he randomly exchanges a Pokémon on his team for one of his creatures at Oak’s lab. When he gets home, he realizes he deposited Typhlosion and withdrew Snorlax. The Pokémon Center has closed for the day, and as it is a Saturday, they will not open tomorrow. Ash must make the best of his predicament by reluctantly training his Snorlax, which has remained in the PC for approximately ten years. Naturally, Snorlax is too lazy to do anything. The next day, Ash and Misty go out together, leaving their Pokémon at home. Snorlax’s Poké Ball opens, and he wreaks havoc in the apartment. When Ash returns, Snorlax has cleaned out every scrap of food in the kitchen. Sick and tired of having to care for this behemoth, Ash decides to release Snorlax. He does not inform Snorlax of this fact, who remains blissfully ignorant. Ash takes Snorlax to the Ilex Forest to let him go, but realizes that he just cannot betray one of his own Pokémon like that. He apologizes for wanting to get rid of Snorlax, and the next day, he deposits him again, getting Typhlosion back.

“None Like It Hot”
Episode 2ACP05
Original Airdate: 10/15/04
Guest Voice: Kathy Griffin as Edna Miyazaki

Giovanni gives Jessie and James a mission of utmost importance - they must infiltrate the Mossdeep Space Center and find out information about their newest computer technology. However, the only way into the protective chamber containing the information is with a retinal scan, and the only people the scan will recognize are two female Space Center employees. Jessie and James first kidnap those employees and hold them hostage at headquarters, where the Team Rocket scientists make perfect duplicate contact lenses of their eye patterns. However, Jessie and James must now return to the Space Center and infiltrate the protective chamber, and the only way to do it is to go in disguise. This means that, for the first time in years, James has to dress in drag. Initially, he flat-out refuses, but some coaxing from Team Rocket’s top disguise maker, Edna Miyazaki, convinces him in the end that he has to follow the assignment’s orders, regardless of what they ask of him. Jessie and James succeed in getting the information Giovanni wants, but after the mission, James still feels uncomfortable. It’s almost as if he wants to continue wearing feminine disguises again. He repeatedly tells himself that he’s past all that now, but something still nags inside of him. He tells this to Meowth, who thinks James is losing his masculinity. James worries that if he starts to obsess over his old preoccupation with crossdressing, he and Jessie may grow further apart. But still, he can’t stop himself from having certain thoughts. Nearly coming close to trying on Jessie’s outfit in the locker room, James slaps himself in the face and screams at himself to get a grip. Meowth, seeing that his friend is having psychological problems, takes James to the Team Rocket surveillance room and shows him video footage of his F-class crossdressing missions. James knows that he doesn’t want to revert to that, and realizes that it was Edna Miyazaki who kept giving him all these female disguises - not one mission ever really required it. Taking his anger out on Miyazaki, James feels much better after yelling at her, and reassures his masculinity to himself and to Jessie.

“Bubble Bashed”
Episode 2ACP06
Original Airdate: 10/22/04
Guest Voice: Michael Richards as the bike shop clerk

Al sends Ash on a business trip to pick up parts from the Cerulean City Bike Shop. Ash takes Misty along with him, so she can say hello to her sisters. As Ash receives the bike parts he needs, Misty swings by the gym. Violet, Lily, and Daisy inform her that they are in a slump – they haven’t beaten a trainer in six months. They beg Misty to come back to the gym, promising that they’ll let her take on challengers this time. Misty flatly refuses, insisting that she likes living with Ash. Back at home, Misty recieves a phone call – it is Lily, insisting that she is needed at the gym. They compromise, and Misty agrees to come over once a week to take on a trainer or two. Meanwhile, Ash delivers the parts to Al, but they turn out to be defective. Ash is alarmed and tries to find out why. Misty and Ash return to Cerulean the next day. Misty battles a challenger at the gym, finding herself and her Pokémon to be in peak form. Ash, meanwhile, accosts the bike shop owner, claiming he sold him faulty parts. He discovers that the owner is actually an undercover Rocket agent, and the entire bike shop is merely a front for a bootlegging scam. Misty does such a good job at the gym that her sisters urge her to take on a few more trainers. After six consecutive battles, Misty is sore, but her sisters are still eager. Misty realizes that her sisters are merely trying to take some time off, leaving Misty to handle 100% of the gym’s trainers. Outraged that her sisters would use her like that, Misty storms out, and she and Ash return home again.

Asura Nirosuki
May 10th, 2005, 8:56 PM
Whew, for a moment there i though you hade gave on writing then saw this was Humor season two^.~.I like reading this alot never give up on writing sweetie^^.

- TJ -
May 11th, 2005, 5:28 AM
Nice work, enjoyed it while reading ...not a waste of time after all :)

Jesse GS the II
May 11th, 2005, 5:47 AM
Thanks. Guess that means I'll keep going...

“A Flockwork Orange”
Episode 2ACP07
Original Airdate: 10/29/04
Guest Voices: Daveigh Chase as Lindsey, Jack Nicholson as the Game Warden, Andy Serkis as Larvitar

Giovanni sends Jessie and James on a nighttime mission to stick up a jewelry store in Fuschia City. They eagerly take the mission, but the police arrive, shooting at their van. Two bullets knock out the headlights, and Jessie and James’ getaway is hindered by the darkness. Swerving to avoid hitting a tree, they wind up plowing through a wire fence into the Safari Zone. Unsure of where they are, Jessie and James wander around. In the long grass, Meowth is separated from them. Later, Jessie and James have a brief run-in with an old face – Tommy, the orphaned boy who lives in the Safari Zone. Now 20 and much more coherent, Tommy orders Jessie and James out of the park, but they pay him no heed. Tommy, having tamed several of the Pokémon in the Safari Zone, sics a Murkrow on them. James sends his Larvitar after it, but the Murkrow is too quick. James and Jessie follow the bird, discovering its home in a tall tree, surrounded by others of its flock. Meanwhile, Meowth attempts to locate Jessie and James, but he encounters the trigger happy game warden, who shoots at Meowth and chases him out of the Safari Zone. Walking the streets of Fuschia, he encounters a young girl named Lindsey who has sneaked out of her room to catch him. Though Meowth tries to get away, Lindsey chases him around the block. James still has his sights set on the Murkrow, but it refuses to come out of the tree. Jessie fires her gun into the flock, causing them to scatter. She then enlists Wobbuffet to form a barrier over the treetop, encasing the entire flock. James locates the Murkrow he wants and prepares to shoot it, but the Murkrow begs to be captured to escape Tommy’s efforts to tame him. James does so, and he and Jessie set off for their van. Managing to outrun the psychotic game warden, they retrieve their van, but James accidentally puts it into reverse, plowing back through the fence and onto the street. He hits the brakes just in time to avoid hitting Lindsey and Meowth. Meowth hops back into the van, and the three speed away back to Viridian City.

“Def Comedy Wham”
Episode 2ACP08
Original Airdate: 11/12/04

Ash has a rough day at work, and to relax he heads to a nearby bar before heading home. At Kevin’s Bar and Grille, he phones home to tell Misty where he is. He orders a drink, making fast friends with Kevin the bartender. Admiring the friendly surroundings, Ash learns that the bar has a nightly stand-up comedy show, open to anyone in attendance. At home, Ash eagerly tells Misty that he wants to participate in the comedy routine, but Misty is unsure of how well Ash would do. To prepare, Ash watches several sitcoms and pens his own stand-up routine. He tries his bit on Misty, May, Pikachu, and Togetic, who laugh and encourage him. When he is done, however, Misty admits to the others that she had only been laughing to make Ash feel confident – his routine was horrible. May, Pikachu, and Togetic agree, but Ash does not know this, and he tells Kevin that he will perform the next night. To prevent Ash from making a fool of himself, Misty tells him the truth. Ash is surprised and hastily attempts to rewrite the routine in time for his performance. However, he overworks it into an even worse piece than before. With no other options, Ash goes up onstage at Kevin’s the next night, hoping for the best. As he is booed, Misty, sitting in the crowd, qickly writes down several witty observations and social commentaries, slyly slipping them onstage to Ash. He reads her material and the audience is in stitches. He does so well that Kevin asks him to perform every night. But Ash turns the offer down, insisting that being funny all the time is just too much of a burden.

“Terror at Five Feet, Seven Inches”
Episode 2ACP09
Original Airdate: 11/26/04
Guest Voice: Jeff Davis as Charizard

Ash is glad to have Charizard back on his team, especially now that it is so much stronger than it used to be. However, Charizard begins following Pikachu’s example, lounging around on weekends and watching TV. Ash fears that if Charizard slips into another lethargic period, he’ll revert back to his old rebellious self. To ensure that it doesn’t happen, he drags Charizard out to the mountains for a weekly training session. Charizard hates it, insisting that he can achieve the same results Ash wants with steroids. Ash is shocked at the idea of one of his Pokémon taking drugs, but Pikachu points out that it’s a very common practice for trainers to “assist” their creatures this way. Ash decides to give it a shot. He takes Charizard to a pharmacy to have everything cleared, and Charizard begins a weekly intake of two pills. It seems to work, as Charizard soon becomes even stronger than before. But before long, Charizard develops an addiction to the pills. He insists that he can beat his own standards, but Ash warns that he can’t overdose. Charizard snaps, gulping down the entire bottle of pills at once. It frazzles his brain, and he flies off to downtown Goldenrod, wreaking havoc on the city. Ash pleads with Charizard to stop, but he is too wild to pay attention. Local police arrive and take Charizard down with tranquilizers. Ash recalls Charizard and returns home, berating him for overestimating himself. Charizard drops his steroid intake immediately.

“The Man Who Knew Way Too Little”
Episode 2ACP10
Original Airdate: 12/10/04

Ash replaces his old, obsolete computer with a new model. Pikachu and Misty are eager to try it out, and Ash willingly shows them how much faster the Internet runs on it. However, he is sidetracked by an advertisement for an online IQ test. All three decide to give it a shot. Pikachu and Misty get impressive scores, but Ash is surprised with his results – 26 out of 100. He shrugs it off, figuring that a goofy little Internet quiz like that isn’t really official. However, the next day at work, Ash constantly forgets to mark down new shipments. He then forgets his wallet in the bike shop at closing time and cannot remember which mailbox is his at the apartment building. Ash begins to worry that he really is losing his intelligence. He retakes the IQ quiz, and sure enough, he scores a 26 again. He even has May, Gary, and Charizard try the quiz, and they all score in the upper 90s. Ash lies awake at night, concerned about how smart he really is. Finally, he decides to head to the source – he drives to the headquarters of the website that makes the quiz. Ash confronts the CEO of the site, insisting that the quiz must be wrong. The CEO denies anything, until Ash actually shows it to him online. Calling in a technician, the CEO discovers that there is a major gltch in the quiz that causes the user’s score to fall sharply if they answer a certain question incorrectly. Ash logs on the next day and retakes the fixed quiz, receiving a score of 97.

“Eevee as 1-2-3”
Episode 2ACP11
Original Airdate: 1/7/05

Jessie and James are sent to Celadon City to rob the Game Freak mansion in the center of town – a new shipment of software has arrived there, and Giovanni has bootlegging plans. They immediately drive to the mansion, but they cannot enter the conventional way of bursting in due to the heavy security. James recalls that there is a secret entrance in the back of the building. They sneak in through the rear, but cannot find the software shipment they are after. They decide to split up and meet at the secret entrance later. Jessie makes her way down to the basement, where she uncovers another hidden room. In the corner is a solitary Poké Ball – containing an Eevee. Jessie continues her search, but the Eevee refuses to leave her alone. Security guards spot her, and she makes a run for the service elevator, with Eevee still in tow. Meanwhile, James and Meowth locate the software Giovanni wants and make their way to the exit, but they wind up running from the security as well. They take a wrong turn down a hallway and end up locked in a closet. Meowth tries to scratch his way through the door, but Jessie and Eevee come to their rescue. The security guards are still after both of them, and they make a quick exit out a second-story window. With guards closing in on them, Jessie and James make a break for the Celadon Casino, where the old Team Rocket hideout used to be. They lose the security guards and follow a secret pathway through the sewer system back to their van. The heist is successful, but Eevee is still right behind Jessie. Deciding that it may be a formidable addition to her team (albeit with a little training), Jessie gets it over with and captures it.

“Oily Edition”
Episode 2ACP12
Original Airdate: 1/21/05
Guest Voice: Norm MacDonald as Articuno

Misty learns of an oil tanker spill at the Seafoam Islands. She feels terrible, knowing how many Pokémon will undoubtedly die. Ash points out that people are volunteering to clean the spill, and Misty volunteers both of them, plus Pikachu and Togetic. On the islands, Misty is eager to help out the Pokémon and animals in need, but Jasmine, the Olivine Gym Leader and head of the cleanup, reminds her and Ash that the work will not be easy. Ash is more confident, feeling that he can take on any challenge. Meanwhile, Pikachu and Togetic set out to save the smaller creatures. Togetic, apathetic as ever, feels no desire to do any work. Pikachu is appalled at Togetic’s carelessness. Togetic instead sets out to explore the islands. She ventures into one of the caves, but winds up getting hopelessly lost. Back on the surface, Ash and Misty are hard at work cleaning off the land and Pokémon. Ash realizes just how much effort goes into saving the fauna of the Seafoam Islands, as he spends the better part of two hours just trying to scrub off a Seel. Misty, however, is more energetic, saving flocks of Farfetch’d and a group of Corsola. Back in the cave, Pikachu has set out to find Togetic. He locates her in a frozen part of the cave, muttering to herself. When he asks why she refused to do anything, Togetic insists that she’s mature enough to take care of herself and does not want anyone bossing her around – especially her “mother” Misty. Just the same, Pikachu drags her back to the surface, where Ash is ready to go back home, having his fill of cleanup duty. Misty, however, feels the personal satisfaction of the good deed.

Asura Nirosuki
May 11th, 2005, 7:54 PM
Lol!.I love the way you hade each charatar written.They express them self's like in the show but in different ways.I love your style keep on writting this gets better and better^-^.

Jesse GS the II
May 12th, 2005, 9:32 PM
Thank you. I do what I can...

“Mobsters, Inc.”
Episode 2ACP13
Original Airdate: 2/4/05
Guest Voice: Doris Roberts as Jessie’s mother

Jessie receives a letter from her mother, inviting her to her family reunion. She is extremely reluctant to go, explaining to James that after her birth mother Miyamoto died, her father remarried, but never told his new wife about Jessie's profession. To this day, her mom still has no idea that Jessie is a Team Rocket agent. James, however, has never met anyone in Jessie’s family and would not mind going with her. He suggests that she can avoid telling her mother about her line of work. They take a week off and drive to Jessie’s home in the outskirts of Saffron City. Jessie’s parents are excited to see her, and James makes fast friends with her father. Jessie tries her best to socialize with her family members, but it is difficult – having not spoken to her family directly in years, she has no idea who most people are. Meanwhile, Meowth explores Jessie’s parents’ house – despite their original lower-class lifestyle, they have become better off in later years – and eagerly looks around for anything worth stealing. Instead, he meets their pet Delcatty and falls instantly in love. While James befriends Jessie’s dad, Jessie still feels awkward around her peaceful and oblivious mother. She pulls her mother aside and tries to break the news to her gently, but as she does, James accidentally lets it slip while telling a story to the family. Jessie’s mother is shocked, but Jessie assures her that she would not harm them. But when Jessie’s mom discovers what is going on between Meowth and Delcatty, and sees that Meowth has already tried to steal several of their belongings, she kicks Jessie and James out of her house. James apologizes, but Jessie assures him that it’s all right – she no longer has to keep in contact with her family anymore, allowing her to focus on her job.

“This Old Apartment”
Episode 2ACP15
Original Airdate: 2/11/05

Ash takes the day off from work to hang out with Misty. He discovers that she has a favorite TV show that she watches every day while he is out – “Switching Dwellings”, a home improvement show where friends redo each other’s houses. Misty tells Ash how much she’d love to be on the show. Realizing how dank the apartment is, Ash agrees with her. But before they can apply, they need to pick someone to swap with. Ash decides that May and Max would be perfect. All four send in an application, and several weeks later, they receive notice that they will appear in an episode. Next week, the “Switching Dwellings” crew shows up at Goldenrod Arms, and the four friends get to work. Ash and Misty tackle May’s kitchen, while May and Max take on Ash’s living room. Misty does the majority of the decision making, and Ash does the majority of the labor. They decide that May’s kitchen would benefit from an infusion of tile, paint, and new furniture. May and Max, however, have a much harder time deciding what the living room needs. They ultimately decide to scrap everything in the room and just start from scratch. Ash and Misty hit a snag when they realize that they will exceed their budget of 10,000 yen, and they must cut back on their supplies. May and Max, however, go completely overboard in redesigning the living room, and it turns out looking more like a 1970s variety show set. When they return, they find their kitchen looks like a beat up warehouse. After the show, all four friends realize that their rooms were better off let alone.

“Fear and Loathing in Goldenrod City”
Episode 2ACP14
Original Airdate: 2/18/05

Misty claims that Ash never does anything fun with her anymore. Ash realizes that she’s right. He decides to take her for an evening of fun at the Goldenrod Casino. They bring Pikachu and Togetic along, but the Pokémon are not allowed on the casino floor. Instead, they are confined to a care room. Ash and Misty enjoy dinner and a show before hitting the casino itself. Ash purchases 50 coins and heads to the slot machines, and realizes that he’s hit a sweet spot – he’s uncovered the one slot machine in the entire casino that cheats for him and pays out more than any other. Misty, meanwhile, gives the roulette table a try and goes on to win 600,000 yen. She goes to purchase a prize, but realizes that the majority of prizes are 10,000,000 yen or higher. She heads back to the tables to earn more money. Ash ultimately wins 980,500 yen at the slot machine. Confident that he can win at anything, he bets part of it at a nearby craps table. He loses, and attempts to win it back, but only takes more chunks out of his winnings. Meanwhile, Misty continues to rack up the yen at the roulette table. She refuses to leave, telling the croupier that she is on a winning streak. Over in the care room, Pikachu and Togetic are bored out of their minds. They decide to sneak out and find their trainers, but are caught by casino security. Ash is called to the main office to claim Pikachu, and he must pry Misty off the roulette wheel to take her to get Togetic. She resists, but knocks her winnings off the table. People scramble to pick it up, and a frenzy ensues. Ash and Misty squeeze their way out of the mob and make it to the office. Picking up their Pokémon, they leave the casino – Ash, with only 100 yen, and Misty incredibly upset that she could not claim a prize.

“Dead Trainer’s Society”
Episode 2ACP16
Original Airdate: 2/25/05
Guest Voice: Michael Ian Black as Dwayne

Ash hears of an exclusive organization of Pokémon trainers known as The Elite. He decides to join, priding himself in having beaten the Hoenn Division Pokémon League several years ago. When he goes to their address to sign up, Ash is surprised to see that the group meets in an alleyway in the high crime area of Ecruteak City. Nonetheless, he registers for membership, and the group’s leader, Dwayne, takes him in. During his first meeting that night, Ash and the other members must wear hooded cloaks and gather around a burning trash can. Despite the odd behavior, Ash tries to strike up a conversation about training. Surprisingly, the other members of the group turn on him. Dwayne explains that talking about Pokémon in the meetings is strictly forbidden by their charter. After Ash attends several meetings, it becomes clear that The Elite is not a club but an anti-Pokémon cult for trainers who wish to give up their profession. Ash wants to quit, but Dwayne insists that his registration form binds him to the cult for life. To compensate, Ash decides to keep attending but to ignore the group’s anti-Pokémon discussions. He also keeps the truth secret from Misty and Pikachu, whom he is forbidden to take to meetings. Nonetheless, Pikachu follows Ash one night. When Dwayne catches Pikachu spying on them, he plans to toss him into their burning trash can as a sacrifice to their Pokémon-hating god. Before he can do so, Ash kicks the flaming can over and grabs Pikachu back. Dwayne attempts to kill them both, but Pikachu retaliates with a Thunderbolt so powerful that Dwayne suffers a heart attack. Ash burns his registration and resigns from The Elite.

“A Magnet Train Named Desire”
Episode 2ACP18
Original Airdate: 3/11/05

Al sends Ash to Saffron City to pick up a new shipment of collapsible bicycles. He brings Misty, Pikachu, and Togetic along, but his car dies before they even leave Goldenrod. After his car is towed to the mechanic, Ash learns that it will not be repaired for a week. With no vehicle, Ash takes the only other direct route to Saffron – the InterRegion Magnet Train. The four of them purchase tickets to Saffron and board the train, but while reading the map of the rail system, Ash realizes that they are not on the correct line. The train stops in a seedy neighborhood about five miles north of the Johto region. With no other mode of transportation, Ash buys four more tickets to Saffron City, but the next direct train there does not leave until the next day. Misty does not trust the surrounding city’s hotels, so the four are left with no choice but to sleep in the train station. During the night, Ash is accosted by the station security guards, who force him outside when they do not believe his account of what has happened. Misty awakens and finds Ash missing. She searches the station and finds him sleeping outside the front door. When morning comes, Misty, Pikachu, and Togetic board the train, awaiting Ash. But Ash sleeps too late and arrives just as the train is pulling away. In a desperate attempt to catch up, he “borrows” a random person’s car. Speeding alongside the incredibly fast magnet train, Ash pushes the car to the limit driving next to the engineer’s cab. He signals for the train to stop moments before the car’s engine ignites. Ash makes it away from the vehicle and climbs aboard the train, riding the rest of the way to Saffron City. Once back in Goldenrod, Ash swears off ever taking the magnet train anywhere again.

“All Quiet on the Far Eastern Front”
Episode 2ACP17
Original Airdate: 3/25/05
Guest Voice: Willem Dafoe as Raichu

A man in Viridian City named Arthur Kusube graduates from high school and decides to enter the Japanese Army. He registers online but accidentally misspells his e-mail address. As a result, his acceptance e-mail is sent to Ash, whose address is almost identical to Arthur’s. Ash is shocked to find that he is now an official Japanese soldier. Though he does not want to take this new position, Misty insists that it’d probably be good for him – and if he doesn’t like it, he can always resign. Ash decides that she is right. He heads off to training camp, wishing Misty and his mother goodbye but bringing his Pokémon with him. At the camp, he is surprised to meet his commanding officer – former Lieutenant Surge, who resigned from the Vermillion City Gym five years ago to re-enlist. Having met Surge before, Ash figures that his training will not be too hard. He finds just how far from the truth this is when Japan winds up going to war with a nearby country. Surge’s new recruits are forced to train incredibly hard, then are shipped off to foreign soil to fight on the frontlines. Ash is terrified, insisting that he is not capable enough in physical combat. Surge ignores his trainee’s complaints. Ash and Pikachu are stationed in trenches and assigned to kill on sight. Though Ash normally is confident in battles, he finds that he cannot bring himself to kill another man. Instead, he forces the enemy troops back by having Pikachu and Charizard send blasts of electricity and flames over the top of the trenches. Surge is infuriated over the fact that Ash refuses to obey his orders, but Ash resigns his position before Surge can do anything. To make matters even better, the week after Ash returns home, the Japanese National Army realizes the mistake they made and hires Arthur Kusube into their ranks.

Asura Nirosuki
June 5th, 2005, 5:05 PM
*runs in very late* ****! im so sorry for not reiveing sweetie^^;;.
I like the idea of you accidently Making Ash a Japanese soldier and have a little twist with King Arthur.Lol, great work!.

oni flygon
June 5th, 2005, 5:30 PM
These are more like summaries than an actual story.