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January 14th, 2004, 9:55 PM

The Stadium went quiet as I flung the doors open. I felt the eyes of hundreds of curious people as they squirmed in their seats, anxious to witness the 1st battle of the Elite. I ignored them, and prepared my thoughts and strategies. I saw Sidney standing across from me, his dark piercing eyes staring straight into mine. "So, you've made it this far, Seth." He boomed. "but, that'll be far enough! I doubt that you've fought anyone as strong as I am! Ha!"

Suddenly, the stadium lights flashed on, and the squeal of a microphone pierced the air.

ANNOUNCER: The first battle of the Hoenn League Elite Four Championship Finals will now begin! (Whew!) The match is between
Sidney and Seth, the challenger. It is a 6-on-6 Elimination Round! The challenger is allowed to subsitute Pokemon,
but the Elite Four Leader is not. Let the match begin!

The crowd cheered as Sidney brandished a Pokeball. He kissed it and tossed it.FLASH! A large, grey Pokemon materialized. It was a Mighteyena! It snarled and pawed at the ground as I chose a Pokeball from my belt and threw it. My favorite Pokemon, Sceptile, could wait for later. But, there was something that I could do... FLASH! <Wal! Walrei!> My Walrein has won me plenty of contests as a Sealo, and it has proved a valuable Pokemon in battle.

ANNOUNCER: Sidney has chosen Mighteyena, and Seth chose his Walrein! this should be an interesting match! The challenger
has been selected to go first!

SETH: Walrein! Use Hail!

Suddenly, a Hailstorm interrrupted night-sky from the Stadium's open roof. It shrouded the field in white, making it impossible to see. Pieces of ice struck Mighteyena, but it didn't flinch.

SETH: What!?
WALREIN: Rein! Walrei?
SIDNEY: Ha! Think a little ice is going to stop us? Mighteyena, close in for a Take Down attack!

Mighteyena charged at Walrein, closing in at a rapid pace. Suddenly, I had a great idea. It's worked before in contests, and it would help me now.

SETH: Walrein, use Blizzard! Make sure Migheyena can't move!

Walrein launched a wave of ice at Mighteyena. The force of Blizzard combined with the Hailstorm amplified the damage. Mighteyena was stopped dead in its tracks.

SIDNEY: I have to stop this! Mighteyena! Use Roar!

Walrein was forced back into its Pokeball in a burst of crimson light.

SIDNEY: You see? We shall take you down! There is nothing you can do!

You know, what he said really bothered me. And I started to believe him...


http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rstrainer00.png http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs175.gif

January 17th, 2004, 2:00 AM

ANNOUNCER: The challenger seems to be in a bit of a jam right now...
Due to Mighteyena's Roar, he has to swtch Pokemon. We are now waiting
on him to make a selection.

SIDNEY: I'll bet you weren't expecting that!
SETH: Just a minor setback.I choose...

I was so nervous that I almost froze up. But, luckily I grabbed the first
Pokeball on my belt and tossed it high into the air. FLASH! <Raaiiii! Chu!>
It was Raichu! It would have to do...

ANNOUNCER: Seth has chosen Raichu, and Sidney sticks with Mighteyena. Resume the match!

SETH: Raichu, use Double Team!

Raichu glowed white and split into three copies... then twelve... then twenty!
The copies all danced around Mighteyena, as if taunting it. But, again, Mightyeyena didn't move a muscle.I was puzzled, until Sidney said;

SIDNEY: Ha! Amateur... Mighteyena, use Odor Slueth!

Mighteyena's nose glowed pink, and Raichu's Double Team started to fade. One by one, the copies disappeared, until only Raichu was left. I had to think quickly.

SETH: Raichu! Sweet Kiss!

Raichu leapt for Mighteyena, planting a kiss on it. Suddenly, Mighteyena began staggering about. It was confused! I always wondered why Sidney seemed a little worried...

SIDNEY: Mighteyena! Snap out of it! Use Take Down!

"Oh, No!" I thought to myself as Mighteyena charged at Raichu. "This is it..." Then Mighteyena leaped... and hit the wall. I took this as my chance and ordered Raichu to use a Thunder attack. Raichu jumped high above Mighteyena, and let loose a blindingly bright flash of electricity. When the light cleared, Raichu stood proudly over the now unconcious Mighteyena.

SIDNEY: Mighteyena!
MIGHTEYENA: Ruuur.... Grumph!
ANNOUNCER: Mighteyena is unable to battle! This round goes to Seth!

The crowd went wild! It wasn't everyday that a Trainer beat Sidney's Mighteyena. Oh, sure, they got through about
two or three of his Pokemon, but Migheyena was their stop sign. But, not today.

SIDNEY: Very impressive, Seth. It seems that I misjudged your talent. Your Raichu's speed is remarkable! But,I also have a powerful Pokemon... and it's one of the fastest Pokemon recorded in a Pokedex! Go! Absol!


ABSOL: Ab....sol.

SIDNEY: Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. Or, in this case, speed with speed. Think you can handle this?
SETH: Oh, Yeah...
RAICHU: Rai...


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January 17th, 2004, 2:31 AM
Sorry for interrupting but bravo on the great fanfic! You wrote it very well too, it makes me feel like as if I were there. I loved reading every minute of it and I can't wait for the next one:).

Again sorry for the interruption, just thought I should leave a comment about it. I'll move outta your way now:P.

*sits back in anticipation*

January 18th, 2004, 12:24 AM


ANNOUNCER: Well, folks, it looks as if Seth has given Sidney a run for his money! Will Absol sweep away Raichu, or will Raichu have the upper hand? Only time will tell. Resume the match!

SETH: Raichu, use Thunder!

Raichu lowered its tail to the ground, curled its body slightly, and fired a huge lighting bolt.

SIDNEY: Absol, dodge with Agility!

Absol jumped lightly out of the way. The Thunder hit the floor, leaving a scorch mark.

SETH: Raichu! Fire a round of Thunderbolts!
RAICHU: Raiiiii.... Chu! Chu! Chuuuuu!

Raichu threw the yellow bolts from its body with amazing speed and power. But, Absol dodged every one of them. I commanded Raichu to save its electricity, because this was gonna be a long battle...

SIDNEY: Absol, use Swords Dance!
ABSOL: Ab! Absol!

Absol began slashing at the air with the claw on its head, making it glow with a faint light.

SETH: Raichu! Before it can attack! Use Focus Punch!

Raichu began to lift its fist in preparation for Focus Punch, and Absol used Swords Dance again and again. Raichu was the first to move, and it flew towards Absol with amazing speed. But, Sidney alredy had a plan.

SIDNEY: Absol! Use Snatch!

Raichu's attack was cut short as Absol whirled around and slammed Raichu with its paw. I knew that attack. It was the force of a Focus Punch. I had it Snatched away from me! Raichu flew across the room and crashed with a loud THUMP!

RAICHU: R-raio... Chu...
SETH: Raichu!

ANNOUNCER: After an unexpected twist of a Snatch attack, Seth's Raichu is unable to battle: Sidney's Absol takes this round!

The crowd cheered and yelled for Sidney to sweep me out of the Finals. He didn't reply; instead he merely smirked and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

ANNOUNCER: Whoa! Seth had better choose this next Pokemon carefully! This Absol is the picture of destruction. So, what'll it be, Seth?

I wasn't prepared to lose, but I doubted that I would win. I tried to block out the droning sound of the audience, but it didn't work. Suddenly, as if by sheer luck, I took a glance at the crowd. There was a girl, and she was holding the thumbs-up sign. I don't know why, but that sign gave me more courage than I ever had in my life. I returned the thumbs-up and plucked a Pokeball from my belt. What I was going to try, it had better work.FLASH! <Wobbuffet!>

ANNOUNCER: Err... Okay. Seth chooses Wobbuffet as his next Pokemon... even though it is a Psychic Pokemon... Resume the match?

SIDNEY: Let's go, Absol: Use Slash!
SETH: Okay, Wobbuffet! Use Counter!

Wobbuffet put up its Counter just as Abol swiped at it. Suddenly, Absol was thrown back from the force of Counter. I saw Sidney's cheek twitch.

SIDNEY: Absol! Swords Dance!

As Absol did the Swords Dance routine, I prepared myself. Wobbuffet took a lot of damage from Absol's attack, and I've trained it to absorb most of the shock from attacks with its attacks.

SETH: Hang in there, Wobbuffet!
WOBBUFFET: Wobba! Wobba!


ANNNOUNCER: *Gasp!* Hyper Beam? I'm sorry ladies and gentlemen, but not even Wobbuffet has a chance to stand up against the force of a powered-up
Hyper Beam!

ABSOL: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaab....SOL!

Absol fired a huge beam of yellow energy. I could feel the shock waves from the attack rushing at me. Wobbuffet didn't even flinch at all. As the Hyper Beam sliced through the air, I suddenly had another idea...



January 25th, 2004, 1:22 AM

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rstrainer79.png http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs120.gif

ANNOUNCER: That Hyper Beam is speeding towards Wobbuffet with amazing power! It looks like its curtains for the blob! Absol is just too powerful!

SIDNEY: He's right, Seth. You'd better give up!

SETH: Wobbuffet! Use Destiny Bond!

SIDNEY: What?!

Wobbuffet raised its tail, glowed purple, red, and finally black as the Hyper Beam plowed into it. A thick black smoke filled the air as a black beam snaked its way across the floor from Wobbuffet to Absol. When the smoke cleared, both Pokemon were knocked out.

ANNOUNCER: Amazing! Incredible! Stupendous! Seth's Wobbuffet took down Absol while Absol took it down! Both Pokemon are fainted, leaving Seth still with 4 Pokemon and Sidney with 4 as well. It's Seth's move, so good luck!

SIDNEY: Very... uh, impressive. Once again I underestimated your potential. But this match is far from over.

SETH: Oh, I quite agree. That's why I choose... Kecleon! Flash! <Leon>

SIDNEY: No way I'm going to lose to you... Go! Flash! <Turne...>

ANNOUNCER: Seth has chosen Kecleon and Sidney has his Cacturne out. We'll see who tips the scale as the best of this match... GO!

SIDNEY: Cacturne! Faint Attack!

SETH: Nice try! Ok, Kecleon, use your Slam Attack!
KECLEON: Leon! Keck! Keck!

Cacturne appeared suddenly before Kecleon then rushed at it. It attacked fiercely as Kecleon shot out its long, sticky tongue and looped it around Cacturne. Then, it lifted Cacturne high into the air and Slammed it down.

SETH: Finish it off! Flamethrower!

Kecleon threw Cacturne again into the air, but this time it let go and fired a stream of intensely hot flames. Cacturne was fainted before it hit the ground. Which it did.

ANNOUNCER: OH! Cacturne didn't do so well in that round. Sidney has only a few Pokemon remaining, so he'd better think fast! Seth is gaining speed!

SETH: Great job, Kecleon!

My heart was pounding. The crowd seemed impressed by my performance. Some people even threw down roses. A particularly large one landed near my feet. I stooped down to pick it up, and I looked around the Stadium, hoping to glance at my admirer. But, she remained a mystery. The squeal of the microphone brought me back into the match

ANNOUNCER: Ahem! You mind that we finsh this match? Jeez, I'm not working for free! What do you think I am? Some kind of --- What's that? The mic is still on? Oh! So it is! Sorry about that,er, outburst, ladies and gentleman. Wait, now my manager is trying to tell me something--- WHAT! FIRED! You can't---

@NNOUNCER: Sorry about the delay, folks. We're uh... experiencing some difficulties. Please enjoy the rest of the match, and I'll be with you shortly!


@NNOUNCER: ...But the mic is off! Yes, I'm sure the switch is... Oh! It wasn't off. Well, it's---



January 26th, 2004, 11:02 PM


@NNOUNCER: Well, ladies and gentleman: This has been one intense battle so far. And, it'll just get hotter and hotter as it advances. Now it's Sidney's move as Seth gets closer and closer to the Second Round!

MAN: Hey!

@NNOUNCER: Well, excuse me for thinking ahead!

SIDNEY: Well, Seth, up until now I've been taking it easy on you. But now, you won't have any chances! Go! Houndoom! FLASH!

HOUNDOOM: Hrmmmm.... DOOM!

The walls of the Stadium seemed to shake as Houndoom bared its fangs and bellowed. Kecleon was so startled that it changed white-- literally. I regrouped my thoughts and ordered Kecleon to Disappear. Kecleon turned into the color of the floor and walls of the background.

SIDNEY: Do you honestly think that I wouldn't be prepared for anything? You are sadly mistaken, my friend. Houndoom, use your Smog Attack!


Houndoom opened its mouth, revealing an impressive array of teeth. Then, it coughed up thick black smoke that surrounded the entire field. It was so thick that I had to cover my face to keep from being Poisoned.

@NNOUNCER: This is certainly not good! If Kecleon can't focus on it's camouflauge, then it won't be able to defend itself! At the rate this Smog is going, Kecleon should be reappearing at any moment...

Slowly, the Smog cleared away, exposing a very sick looking Kecleon. Its body was a faint purple color, and it's tongue was hanging out. It looked exhausted.

KECLEON: Keck... Keck...Keck...

SETH: Kecleon! Quick, use Slam!


Kecleon's tongue snaked out of its mouth and shot towards Houndoom.

SIDNEY: Houndoom! Crunch Attack! Grab that Kecleon and don't let go!

Houndoom turned its head in time to avoid being snagged by the tongue, and it grabbed it with its fangs. Kecleon was stunned. It blinked several times


SIDNEY: Houndoom! Take Down!

SETH: Not so fast! Kecleon! Flamethrower!

Kecleon reared back and fired its flames. Houndoom ducked to avoid them.

SIDNEY: Houndoom! Fire Spin!

Houndoom fired its own brand of flames, which spun around Kecleon before finally consuming it altogether. After a few seconds, the blazing tower of heat died away. Kecleon was too tired to go on.

@NNOUNCER: Oh! Kecleon wasn't feeling very hot before the Fire Spin, so imagine what it must feel like now! It's unable to battle!

The crowd seemed to feel sorry for Kecleon, but they also felt the suspence: Sidney and I both had three Pokemon remaining. But, what Sidney didn't know is that I had saved my best for last. I could almost feel the little kids squirm as they witnessed a real Pokemon battle for the first time;and how older, more experienced trainers took notes or remembered their days as trainers. Well, I wasn't going to let them down. Not while I still have my Pokemon.

SETH: I choose you! Walrein!


WALREIN: Wal! Wralwra!

@NNOUNCER: Seth's 5th Pokemon is his Walrein! Could it be up to participate after the embarassing retreat it was forced to make?

Walrein turned to the announcer's booth and snorted.

@NNOUNCER: What a strong spirit! This should be a great match!

SIDNEY: Get ready, Houndoom!

SETH: Walrein, be careful.

There was a silence hanging in the air, as if everone was holding their breath.
Suddenly, I turned my head towards the exit, past Sidney. That girl was standing there. She was holding up her hands with the thumbs-up again. I slowly nodded, and drew a deep breath. I stared at Sidney's cold, dark eyes. I stared and promised myself that I wouldn''t lose.




January 27th, 2004, 7:11 PM
Great Fanfic! You include a lot of detail.

January 27th, 2004, 7:35 PM
That was awsome i hope to see more!

January 28th, 2004, 4:44 AM
I enjoyed reading it! It has lot of details! But i suggest you use "TEXT": Seth said instaid of SETH: TEXT, but it's you're choice! And i totaly love it, i like the idea of the E4!

February 1st, 2004, 12:20 AM


SIDNEY: Houndoom! Smog Attack!

Houndoom spewed its toxic Smog all around the arena. Thinking quickly, I had Walrein protect itself.

SETH: Walrein! Use Blizzard!

Walrein blasted an icy cold wind from its mouth, making the Smog turn into harmless vapor that drifted away into the sky. Walrein snorted, and fired a beam of ice at Houndoom, who dodged away at the last minute. Ice Beam? I didn't tell it to do that!

@NNOUNCER: Uh-oh... looks like Walrein's taking the wheel for this battle! If it doesn't obey its Trainer, then the battle could be in jeopardy!

SIDNEY: Awww, thanks for making my job so much easier! Houndoom, use your Fire Spin!

Houndoom lowered its head, pointed its nose at Walrein, and blew a stream of flames which spiraled around and around and around... Seconds later, Walrein was trapped in the swirling vortex of doom. "Walrein!" I shouted. "Use your Whirlpool!"

A hissing sound filled the Stadium as Walrein fired a jet of water from the fire, which turned into steam and evaporated. Water Gun? I asked for a Whirlpool!

@NNOUNCER: Another act of disobedience from Walrein! This could be bad!

SIDNEY: Houndoom, you know what to do!


Houndoom charged at Walrein, trying to topple it over. But, Walrein was too heavy.

SETH: Walrein! Body Slam!

SIDNEY: Use your Smog Attack!

All at once, the Smog blocked everything from view. It was hard to see what was going on, but something told me it wasn't good, especially when Houndoom jumped out of the Smog first.

SIDNEY: All right, Houndoom! Use your Fire Blast!

HOUNDOOM: Hound... DOOM!!!

Houndoom let loose a giant blast of flames, which swept into the Smog, creating an explosion that created a wave of heat all across the Stadium. People in the audience were standing up, trying to see what happened to Walrein. I thought I already knew what was coming up...

@NNOUNCER: Well, folks... not very many Pokemon could have survived an attack of that magnitude. I'm afraid to announce that... Huh? What's that?

Much to my surprise, as well as everyone else's, out of the smoke and dust appeared Walrein! It looked around until it's eyes fell on me. Tears welled up in its eyes. I felt something hot run down my face. I reached up to touch, and drew back. A tear. Walrein moaned, and it was if I could understand it somehow. It was saying... that it was sorry for acting up, that all it wanted was to win; I nodded and broke the spell, and Walrein turned its attention back to Houndoom.The audience went crazy!

@NNOUNCER: My stars! Walrein is still in one piece! It must have been the love and trust this young Trainer put into raising his Pokemon that helped it pull through! Amazing! Now it seems that Walrein's going to have to listen more carefully, because this match... is far from over!

SETH: GO! Walrein, use Earthquake!

Walrein jumped into the air and came down with a mighty CRASH!
The Stadium shook with the force of the attack.Houndoom seemed a bit shaken up; exactly what should have happened.

SETH: Go, Walrein! Finish it off Use Return!

Walrein flew towards Houndoom, letting out a mighty roar. It crashed into Houndoom, sending it sprawling across the floor. Sidney was speechless.

@NNOUNCER: Walrein showed that Houndoom what-for! Houndoom is unable to battle! Walrein, after a round of some hefty battling, is victorious!

The crowd breathed a sigh of relief and applauded. As Walrein took a bow, Sidney chose another Pokeball.

SIDNEY: Well, seems that your Walrein adores you. No matter. I still have a few Pokemon left: Let's see what else you've got! GO!



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February 6th, 2004, 11:50 PM


FLASH! <Umbree! Umbreyon!>

@NNOUNCER: It looks as though if Sidney has chosen to go with his Umbreon; Seth'll be sticking with his Walrein, obviously, so let's get this ball rolling!

SIDNEY: Yes, you'll be sticking with Walrein... Umbreon! Use Mean Look!

Umbreon's ring on it's head and its eyes started to glow red, and Umbreon seemed to get larger and larger... I stood there for a moment, mesmerized.

SIDNEY: Umbreon! Use your Zap Cannon Attack!

UMBREON: Umbreyon! Uuuummmmm... Breyon!

Umbreon's body started crackling with sparks, and its rings started glowing yellow. It leaped into the air as its body was consumed with electricity, and it fired a bolt of thunderous lightning. As the electrical beam surged towards Walrein, I lifted my Pokeball to recall Walrein. The beam from the Pokeball whipped out at Walrein, but it stopped short of its target! I could only watch in horror as the powerful Zap Cannon blasted into Walrein, paralyzing it while doing massive damage. Walrein snorted, blew out some frost, and fainted.

@NNOUNCER: Amazing! One Zap Cannon was all it took to take down Walrein! But, let's not forget that Walrein was already weak from that Smog Attack from Houndoom! What will Seth do now!

Hah. Like I was going to lose. I returned Walrein and grabbed another Pokeball from my belt. I turned it around in my palm, thinking about what I could do... FLASH! <Camerupt....>

@NNOUNCER: Now that Camperupt has made an appearance, Umbreon's Zap Cannon is useless! Unless...

SETH: Quit the talk! Camerupt, use your Fissure!

SIDNEY: Umbreon! Counter it with your Agility! Then use Double Team!


As Camerupt pounded the ground, the floor split in half as a wave of energy sped towards Umbreon, who dodged it and was suddenly all over the place.

SIDNEY: Hah! Find it now! Umbreon! Use Shadow Ball!

Umbreon hurled dark lumps of energy at Camerupt. They struck again and again, but they didn't seem to do much damage... Then, I realized what Sidney was doing. He was going to weaken my Pokemon with Shadow BAll, and if I made a move, he was going to tell Umbreon to dodge it and keep using Shadow Ball. But, I had to be sure.

SETH: Camerupt, fight back with Flamethrower!

Camerupt blasted a stream of flames at Umbreon, who stood by, waiting for instructions.

SIDNEY: Umbreon! Double Team!

UMBREON: Bree! Bree! Bree! Bree! Bree!

With each breath, Umbreon made another illusional copy. Then it used it's Agililty move. Then, a Shadow Ball. Hmm, how original. If I was going to stop Umbreon, I was going to have to do it now.

SETH: Camerupt! Use Earthquake!

CAMERUPT: Camer... Uptcamer!

The crowd yelled and panicked as Camerupt pounded the ground with its legs, making the whole Stadium rock back and forth on its sturdy foundation. Umbreon couldn't dodge this!

SETH: Camerupt, use your Eruption!

Camerupt lowered it head, revealing its back plates, which resembled mini-volcanoes. Suddenly, hot magma and pieces of rock spewed out, enveloping Umbreon. I began to sweat as the heat from Camerupt's Eruption began to fill the room. As quickly as it began, the Eruption was over, exposing a fainted Umbreon. The people in the crowd were just shakily getting to their feet as the announcer came on.

@NNOUNCER: Whoa... what an incredible attack... An Earthquake and a volcanic Eruption all in one battle? No wonder Umbreon is unable to battle!

Sidney recalled Umbreon and stood there with the Pokeball in his hands. He looked from me to his hands as he pulled a Lure Ball from his belt. He studied it for a moment before he turned to me.

SIDNEY: Seth, you are indeed a remarkable Pokemon Trainer. Your skills have brought you here from afar and they will take you even farther. Your Pokemon have obeyed you commands and trusted you with everything they had. Because of this, I know that I could never get in the way of your victory. If I were to continue this battle, it would just delay the inevitable. I knew there was something special about you the minute you entered this great Stadium. I knew you were special because you gave me the same feeling that the Champion did as he declared a battle against the Elite Four for a chance at the Title of Pokemon Elite 4 Champion. That was so long ago... yet it feels as though it were yesterday because you... you are destined for greatness. Let me be the first to say: Congratulations, Seth. You've made it past the First Round.

Upon hearing that, the crowd went wild. Never before had any of the Elite 4 forfitted a battle against anyone... I felt a surge of pride, happiness, and joy as I ran out onto the now broken-up battle field to hug my Camerupt around the neck. The crowd cheered and applauded as Sidney walked up to shake my hand. Hey, I always knew I had it in me, didn't I?

@NNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen! The winner of this match is the challenger, Seth! The construction crew will be in tonight to repair the floor, so the second battle of the Hoenn League Elite Four Championship Finals can take place tomorrow night! So, until then, be safe, have fun, and good luck to Seth as he prepares for his next battle!

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rstrainer00.png http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon011.gifSETH WON THE DARK BADGE!!

The King of Water Pokemon
February 8th, 2004, 7:14 AM
Great FanFic! This is how I imagined an Elite Four battle. Great!

February 8th, 2004, 4:06 PM
Thank you! I will post up the Second Part later on, where Seth battles Phoebe for the Shadow Badge!

Neko Keeshi
February 18th, 2004, 7:48 PM
Very well done. Can't wait for the 2nd part.

February 20th, 2004, 9:05 PM


I spent the next morning in the Pokemon Center, looking up Phoebe on the Elite Four's Webpage, Pokemonelite4.com. It was a very cool website. It had all of the information about the Elite 4 Leader's Pokemon. For example, Phoebe trains Ghost Pokemon and has done much training on Mt. Pyre. Her Pokemon include Duskull, Banette, Haunter, Misdreavus... and it says she has others, but they are unavailable for listing. Hmmm... What a bummer. I should have checked this site before I battled Sydney. Oh, well, what can you do?

Before I logged off of the computer, a message came up on my screen marked: NEW E-MAIL!!! So, I opened it. It was from Professor Birch! The message read:

Hey! Seth! It's Professor Birch! I just saw your battle with Sydney and I must say that I am impressed! I knew there was something about you! You do have your father's blood in you after all! Well, not that I doubted you or anything... Anyway, I have something to tell you. You should switch your Pokemon. I'm serious! People love variety and excitement, and your other Pokemon would do just fine. Besides, they need some exercise. I'll be in my lab when you want to switch, unless I have some more field research... Well, anyway, I'll talk to you later!
----Prof. Birch :)

Hmmm... Not a bad idea. I clicked off the e-mail and brought up the videophone. I typed in the professor's e-mail address and the screen turned black. A dialtone came up and then ringing. Suddenly the screen lit up, showing the Professor's lab. Someone stepped into view! The Professor?

MAY: Hey, Seth. Long time no see!

SETH: Uhhh... Hey, May? Ummm... Is your father home?

MAY: No... He went out for some research. I was just going to go out with him, but um, yeah. Well, what could I do for you?

SETH: Your dad told me that I could change my Pokemon...

MAY: Ohhh! That! Yeah, he told me about that. Well, I guess I could... Ummm... Yeah! I could! Just put your Pokemon into the switching port...

What could I do? I loaded my Pokeballs into the tray next to the computer. I saw May on the other side of the screen busily picking out Pokeballs. She finally found my Pokemon, and, loading them into her tray, she pressed a button. The screen changed into a visual of Pokemon shadows crossing each other. When all of the transactions were complete, I picked up the new Pokeballs and looked at them carefully.

MAY: Well, I'd better go. My dad'll be looking for me. See ya!

The screen went blank and returned to the desktop. I shut down the computer and turned around. I went outside and released my Pokemon.


Hey! Not bad! Venasaur, Vigoroth, Grumpig, Sableye, Smeargle, Togetic... I caught all of these? Hmmm... I was definitely going to win! My Pokemon all looked at me and then back at each other. Then Venasaur smacked Togetic with a Vine Whip, and that started a fued. I stood there and shook my head.
This wasn't going to be good...



February 21st, 2004, 4:12 AM
I like the part because of the venasaur <=> togetic thing! It's intressting, can't wait for the battle!

February 21st, 2004, 3:55 PM
Nice fanfic.It's getting better and better all the time.

oni flygon
February 21st, 2004, 4:37 PM
Nice fanfic...but I recomend you not using sript fanfics... as in:

Character: Blah blah
Character 2: Blah Blah...

They can be annoying and readers loose track at times... like me XD
And sometimes, your fanfic will be bland and won't be descriptive...

Try using quotes such as this:

"My real name's Hiroki... but everyone around here calls me Toshin." I said gripping my fist.

February 27th, 2004, 9:50 PM

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I stood there, watching my Pokemon fight. What else could I do? Oh... I took Venasaur's Pokeball and held it up, ready to recall it back inside. But, it saw me and threw a vine out, smaking the Pokeball right from my hand! Togetic saw this as its chance and waved its arms back and forth. Suddenly, Togetic started glowing and lowered its head. Then, it flew towards Venasaur in a spectacular Skull Bash. "Hey! Stop it!" I yelled. But, they wouldn't listen to me. Venasaur threw out more vines, but they all missed and hit Sableye, who flew into Vigoroth. "Oh, no..." I groaned. Vigoroth roared and slashed at Sableye, but it missed and slashed at Grumpig.

As more and more of my Pokemon started to argue, A young Nurse Joy in training appeared out of the Pokemon Center and gasped. " What happened here?" "Nurse Joy, I tried to stop them , but Venasaur took away the Pokeball, and it hit Togetic, and made it miss again, so Vigoroth is upset, too, and..." I stammered.

"No matter, I can fix all of this. Go! Chansey!" In a flash of light, a large, pink Pokemon appeared. "Chanseeeey!" It chirped. "What could Chansey do?" I asked. "Watch and see. Chansey! Use Heal Bell!" Nurse Joy shouted. Chansey's Egg glowed a rich lavender color, and emitted a brilliant flash of light. Suddenly, all of my Pokemon stopped fighting. They all looked at each other and looked back at me. "Chansey's Heal Bell fixed you little war," explained Nurse Joy. "Now return your Pokemon before they start another one."

"Quite right," a voice called from behind me. It was a woman! She had large, exotic flowers in her shiny black hair... a brightly colored dress with many decorative flowers printed on it. Where have I seen her before... "Hey! You can stop staring at me, I know I'm Phoebe and all, but---" "You-- You're Phoebe? Oh my gosh, I can't wait to battle you tonight, I've been looking so forward to it," I went on and on. "I'm sure you were," she said calmly.

"Can I ask you a question? I want to have a practice battle with you, if that's okay with you." I asked. "Well... okay. A three-on-three match. No time limit. Ready?" I nodded my head and moved backwards a few feet to make a decent battlefield. "I'll referee!" sang Nurse Joy. Phoebe held up a Pokeball. "You'd better hope you're ready, Seth! Go!" she tossed the Pokeball high into the air. FLASH! <Misdreavus!> So! She chose a Misdreavus. Well, I know what I have to do. Fight fire with fire. "Go! Sableye!" My Sableye appeared out of its Pokeball, ready to battle.

"I'll start this off: Misdreavus! Use your Screech attack!" cried Phoebe. Misdreavus opened it's mouth and let loose a devastating wail. I had to cover my ears as the sound engulfed me and Sableye. "Sableye! Try your Calm Mind!" I yelled over the screech. Sableye began to glow a bluish tint and focused all of its mental power. "Hmmm... let's try something different. Misdreavus, use Shadow Ball!" Oh, no! I thought. Sableye's Special Attack and Special Defense went up, but not it's Defense! What'll I do? As Misdreavus' eyes charged up its Shadow Ball, I thought about a brilliant strategy. But, Sableye would have to take a hit.

Misdreavus' Shadow Ball flew towards Sableye,toppling it over. "Sableye, use your Knock Off!" Sableye knocked Misdreavus across the head, and off dropped it's beads. "Oh, no! Misdreavus' Orb Beads! You... Misdreavus, use Mean Look!" Misdreavus glided up to Sableye and glared at it. Then, Sableye turned blue, then purple,then back to its original color. I was confused, but I decided to attack before I took any damage.

"Sableye, use Confuse Ray!" "No you don't," retorted Phoebe. "Misdreavus, use your Confuse Ray!" Both Pokemon's eye's glowed bright blue as they both fired multi-colored balls of energy: Sableye from it's hands, and Misdreavus from it's eyes. As the Confuse Rays collided, Misdreavus let out a piercing wail that forced them towards Sableye, who was hit by both of them.A Hyper Voice! Confused and dazed, Sableye stumbled around. "Misdreavus, use your Perish Song!" Phoebe triumphantly cried. Misdreavus wailed and wailed until it's hair stood up on end and the area around me seemed suddenly colder and darker. The wailing continued as Sableye tumbled about helplessly. I held up a Pokeball to return Sableye, but the beam bounced off without doing anything. What?!

"I know what you're thinking." explained Phoebe "but, sorry. Thanks to my Pokemon's Mean Look, you can't switch Pokemon. And, thanks to Perish Song, In a few turns, we'll both faint! You have no idea of the powers of Ghost Pokemon, do you? But, you will soon enough. Muhahahahahahaha! Ahahahahahahaha!"



April 3rd, 2004, 1:35 AM

Two more turns. That's all I had left to stop that Misdreavus. I looked at Sableye, and it was still confused. My situation looked grim, adnd there was nothing I could do about it. "Well?" Phoebe called from across the clearing.
"Are you going to do anything or not? I don't have all day, you know..."

I was going to tell her that I was going to give up, but an explosion inturrupted me. It was near the Pokemon Center. Nurse Joy's eyes had an expression of fear and panic. "No! The Pokemon Center... I- I left it unattended!" She whirled around and took off down the path, with Chansey close behind. "Let's go, too," Phoebe commanded. "Right," I said as we called back our Pokemon.

As we neared the Pokemon Center, we saw thick black smoke pouring from the roof. Looking up, I noticed a large helicopter with a big red "M" on the side hovering above the roof. Team Magma! I had fought these guys before at Mount. Chimney, though Team Aqua helped me. They were no pushovers, I can tell you that. Nurse Joy pulled a cell phone from her pocket and dialed a few numbers. "Hello? We need help! Team Magma is attacking the Pokemon Center! They are- Oh!" At that moment, a stream of flames blew right past us. We dodged them and looked up towards the Center. A man with a red cape stood near the door with a huge Magcargo.

"Hello, Seth," he said cooly. "We meet yet again. As usual it is a totally unexpected and unpleasant surprise." Nurse Joy stepped forward. "What do you think you're doing? There are sick and injured Pokemon in there!" Maxie laughed. "Do you honestly think I care a Rattata's rear end about those Pokemon? They'll make great souveniers for the Collecters at the Safari Zone. They don't ask questions, except for how much do they owe us." I was outraged. "Do they actually take Pokemon from you?" "Not if we don't dress up first as Pokemon Rangers," Maxie replied. "Once we gain their trust, we steal more Pokemon from them and do it all over again. A simple plan, but I doubt that you three can stop me."

"You won't get away with this!" Nurse Joy cried. "Go, Chansey!" Chansey hopped in front of Nurse Joy and prepared to attack. "She'll need help, so go!
Sableye!" Phoebe said. She threw a Moonball and out came... a gold Sableye! It sparkled and glittered in the afternoon sun. "Take this, you creeps," said Phoebe. I grabbed a ball from my belt and threw it. <FLASH!> A Grumpig!

"Magcargo! Use Smokescreen!" Maxie yelled. Magcargo slithered forward and fired a thick cloud of smoke from its mouth. "Grumpig! Use Magic Coat!" I said. Grupmig's body glowed pink as it jumped to block the attack. The smoke swirled around Grumig, but suddenly it was blown back to Magcargo.

"What!!!" Maxie yelled. "Grumpig! Use Psybeam!" Grumpig grunted and leaped into the air, firing a beam of energy from its black pearl. The beam flew into the Smokescreen, but it was hard to tell if it had hit or not. When the smoke cleared, there was a shell laying where Magcargo had been. "Huh?" I asked. "What gives?"
"That's the power of my Magcargo's shell- nearly indestructible. Magcargo, use Firespin!" Magcargo came out of it's shell and blew a spiral of flames at Chansey and Sableye.Grumpig leaped out of the way just in time. Caught in the fiery vortex, Nurse Joy and Phoebe's Pokemon cried for help. "No!" Nurse Joy screamed. "Sableye! No!" said Phoebe. Maxie laughed and told Magcargo to take out Grumpig. "No you don't! Grumpig! Use Bounce!"

Grumpig jumped once, twice, and then a third time as it rocketed into the sky. Magcargo tried to fire a Flamethrower, but Grumpig was too high. "Grumpig, Now!" I yelled. Grumpig came down with the force of a Snorlax on top of Magcargo. Maxie looked down at his Pokemon and twisted his face in rage when he heard the wail of the police sirens. "You will get what's coming to you, little boy," he said as he recalled his Pokemon. "Do not let me catch you again, or I won't be responsible for my actions. MOVE OUT!"
Suddenly a Weezing floated high above into the air. It squeezed itself slightly and exploded, causing dust and sand to block the sky. With a roar, the helicopter sped away as the dust cleared. In the distance, I heard the screams of frightened Pokemon as the sound of the helicopter faded into the horizon.

I looked back for the Fire Spin, but it had already gone out. Nurse Joy and Phoebe were comforting their Pokemon as Officer Jenny pulled up in front of the remains of the Pokemon Center followed by a squad of police cars. "Is everyone OK?" She asked. "We're fine," Nurse Joy said. "But- the Pokemon, are they all right?"

An officer came up behind us and saluted Officer Jenny "Officer Jenny," he said. "There are no more Pokemon in the Pokemon Center. Team Magma went through and cleaned the whole place out." Nurse Joy crumpled to the ground and sobbed. Chansey patted her on the back as Officer Jenny pulled out a notepad and pencil. "We'll send out our Sky Patrol to see if we can catch up to their helicopter, but I don't know if we can catch up to them," As she spoke, Swellow and Pigeot were released with trackers on their necks. They flew away in the direction that the Magmas had gone and quickly disappeared.

"I'm sorry, Nurse Joy," I said. "If I didn't want to have that battle, this would never have happened." "It's not your fault," Nurse Joy said, wiping her eyes. "It's my fault. It's all-" She burst into tears again, unable to speak. Phoebe came up to me spoke. "That was an impressive display of courage and skill back there," She said. "I'll be looking foward to our match this evening."

As she turned away, I thought about how I could've stopped Team Magma from stealing all of those Pokemon. That thought creeped into my head and stayed there even as the officers came to me to question me about the attack. I didn't answer them, but silently swore that I would one day get rid of Team Magma for good.


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April 3rd, 2004, 1:15 PM
That looks much better... I say you seperate quotes from paragraphs but it looks Ok...