View Full Version : Two Choices

May 12th, 2005, 3:52 PM
Ok ya probably got tired of my raps XD but here is another quick one

Ok here's da situation, yo moms and wife are hangin from a cliff
You can only choose one or the other, Whos it gonna be ya wife or ya mother?
Ya gonna let ya kids motha get killed?
Ya kids will never forgive you for your decision
Oh man what a hard position
Ya can't let ya mother die neither
Ya dad will just say "Why'd you take her away"
But you'll say "It wasnt my fault" I couldn't save them both
It was a matter of seconds before they both fell, my heart was racin, my eyes went blind
I couldn't think even less beleive that I could save them both
The point is one gets saved, the other dies its up to you decide
But in the end it wont matter cuz either choice will be doubtfull
not to mention stressfull and painfull
You'll regret ya decision no matter who ya choose cuz its ya mom and ya wife, they both mean somethin to you
I mean with ya mom ya grew, with ya wife ya had kids
Its gotta be hard going through somethin like this
The choice ya make will forever change ya life
Its like a double blade knife
Touch any of the both sides, they will both cut
Make the right choice ya got three to choose from
The thing is their all gruesome.
Will it be ya mom, ya wife or will ya let them both die?
And its not a fight between wrong and right
Its a struggle in choosin ya future
One without ya mother one without ya wife
Choose wisely they'll both just wreck ya life