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May 12th, 2005, 11:43 PM
The wooded area's of kanto are alot more quite then they used to be. Not alot of fighting. Nothing really much goes on in the forests since Pro. Elm signed a " Save The Tree's For Oxygen Petetion " for Kanto, Hoenn, and Johto. Just like today, another peaceful day enjoying the spoils of this forest .... uh, what was that noise? As we go closer to the north the noise get's louder. The loud cracking noise continue's. Coming out into a grassy area we see a boy. Looking about 15 years of age, white hair, black short's, red hoodey, red and black high top sneakers, red and black gloves, and a black bandanna tied around his head. He was kneeled down looking foward to the baby scyther who kept trying to cut one of the light poles placed in the forest walkthrough path. The baby scyther looked rather mad he couldnt cut through material such as this yet. The boy jumped up " Go Squirtle, give him a light bubble. " he said. As soon as squirtle came out the ball the baby Scyther ran into the woods on the other side of the path. The boy picked up his bag and said " Lets go after him. " They started to chase the baby Scyther. Deeper in the woods they went. Finally they caught up with the baby Scyther. It looked scared out of his mind. Squirtle looked around. The boy kneeled down " What is it Squirtle ?" he asked. " Squirtle looked at him then said something to Scyther. The scyther ran to the left and disapeared into the thicket of tree's. As soon as the boy went to stand up a grown Scizzor jumped out and sliced at him. He blacked out as the Scizzor fled. Squirtle walked over to his body in horror. You could hear squirtles cry's at the edge of the woods.
Chapter One: The Journey Begins !

The same boi was coming home from the hospital the next week. The women in the car looked back across the seat. " It's going to be alright Hunter." she said. He just shook his head and continued looking out the car window biting his lip. His face was bandaged across the right side. He looked over at his mother " Hows Squirtle been?" he asked. " He's doing fine dear, he's waiting for us to come home." she said. Hunter turned his head back to the window looking at the clouds. Something struck his attention. For a brief second he could of sworn he saw a snake looking shadow in the clouds. He looked up in awe anticapating another sight of it. He waited and waited then as they pulled into his driveway he just let it go. As they got out the car from the back yard you could here it coming. " Squirt Squirt Squirtllllleee !!!!!" Squirtle ran up and hugged his leg. He kneeled down. " You alright buddy ?" he asked. The squirtle puffed up his chest " Squirt - Squirtle." it said proudly. They both walked inside.
Later that night they were all at the diner table. His mom spoke up out of the silence first. " You know your going to have to get some sleep tonight Pro. Pine is giving you your very own pokedex in the morning. " she said. The boy looked up in amazement. " For real im finally going to be able to go on my journey?" he asked. His mother nodded. He looked down at squirtle smiling " you know what thats means squirtle." he said. Squirtle jumped up in his lap " Squirt - Squirtle!!"

The next day him and his mother drove down to the lab. Pro.Pine greeted them outside. " Okey now hunter his is your pokedex. You do know what this is dont you. ( Hunter nodded ) And here are your poke'balls. Now the best route to begin is heading north on route one. " pro.pine stated. He then gave hunter the dex and walked back into his lab. Hunter and his mom stood outside for a minute looking at each other. Then out of the silence his mother startd to cry and gave him a hug. He hugged her back. His mom spoke up out of her sobs " Now Hunter, i packed your bags your clothes are in there and your extra bandages are in there, change them every night, and be careful, I love you son." she said as she gripped him tighter. Hunter looked up " Dont worry mom, i'll be checking in every day if i can soon as i catch me a flying pokemon. " he said. She looked down " yes dear i have faith in you that you will, now go on a new world awaits you." she said as she finished it off with a kiss on the cheek. He started to walk off " i love you mom" he yelled to her. She smiled with tears in her eye's as she yelled back " I love you too son!!"
To Be Continued

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Chapter 2: The road to Tulip Town
Hunter and Squirtle are having a time in the wild with reoccuring pokemon and what not. They meet up with a old man in a forest who has alot to tell them about pokemon and want let them leave the forest without a battle. Who is this old man, what will be the first pokemon hunter catches ? Find out in the next chapter.