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Cyan Goggles
May 13th, 2005, 9:36 AM
Well,this is mine....I'm going to rate it R,just so I don't have to many limits....There will be blood...and killing...and stuff.No graphic sences though.I'm only twelve!xP I accept Comments,questions,critisim.Just none about my spelling.I come from a family of bad spelling.I'll try and look it over as I go,best I can,but don't yell at me.

Disclamer: I do not own pokemon at all!If I did,I'd make lifelike robots of 'em.

Now,on to the story!I'm going to start it on the next post,because this is just going to be were I put annoucements and junk.*bows as the room dims* Now,sit back with your computer and enjoy Counting the moons!
Okay,normaly,I start a fanfic in the middle of things,so,I'll just put profiles instead of discribing them in the story..I know,I'm lazy.xD

Name:Hikari ???
age: 12
dicsription: Blue eyes,and brown hair.White long sleeved shirt under a black vest that has a Yin-Yang sign on it.Black jeans,and black and white sneakers.Brown newsboy hat,and a black and white bead braslet.A black cape with a moon pendent on the shoulder.

Other-Silver is her best friend,first and strongest pokemon.This poor girl is chased by all teams,Rocket,magma,ect.And Ophaniage,that will take her pokemon away,"for heath reasons".*rolls eyes*Wounded very offen,she doesn't carry a packback.She just hides her pokeballs in a sercret pocket on the inside of her cape.Usealy cold and untrusting when someone first meets her,but will warm up to people as she trusts them more,but it takes a long time.Doesn't smile to offen,and when she does it's with her pokemon,for a dark past haunts.

Age: 15
Discripton: Bushy black hair,and emerald green eyes.He wears a red T-shirt under a blue,white and purple jacket.Blue jeans,and red and orange sneakers.Blue backpack.
Flareon- Flame
Plusle- Mike
Minun- Mick

Other:Kind and sweat.He's also very pationt.He has to be to travel with Hikari,getting shot at all the time.xD He and Floreon are every close.He's older,but he doesn't completely understand Hikari situation,nor is he as...mature as she is.To a sertain exstent,anyway.There's something he seems to be hiding though....

5/15/05. Also,I'm throwing Ash into here.With out Brock,May,and Max.And in this story,he's 15.You think he's ageless?You can think that,but don't come into here trying to correct me.To me,he's 15,Okay?Okay.
5/20/05. Yeah,Yeah,I know I havn't started it yet...>.< Bad Chi,bad....I want to get at least two chapters down on paper befor eI start typing them out,Because sometimes,They look long on paper,but when I type them out,they're realy short.So,It's coming shortly,Okay?Just...Bare with me!
6/2/05.OK,Added new pokemon to Hikari.I'm baseing it on my Emerald game,so,meh.

Cyan Goggles
May 20th, 2005, 7:45 PM
Hikari and Silver watched as Chris Slipped and tried to run to the other side of the moving sidewalk.Some kids were "riding" by on the correct side.
"Must must be knew here." Some rich kid spoke up.Silver growled,and Hikari made her hands into fists,after helping Chris off the moving rollicoster sidewalk.Hikari opend her mouth to say something,but it wasn't her voise that came out.
"So what if they are?" A black haired boy,about Chris's age by the looks of it,said. He took the words right out of my mouth. Hikari thought,slightly suprised.
The guy contiued,"You just came here on the same train I did." The rich kid,not coming up with a good come back,Scoffed and contiued on.The biy who had defended Hikari and Chris,Faced them.
"I hope he didn't give you too much troble." He spoke to them,The Pikachu on his shoulder Agreeing.
"No,we're fine." Hiakri said,coming across a little cold.Then again,she always did.
Chris nodded."I'm Chris.That's Hikari,and Silver."Christ replied,trying to be a little friendlier.
"I'm Ash.And this is pikachu." He said,looking at Pikachu on his shoulder.It sqweeled happily.
"Nice you meet you." Brad greated as kindly as possible.Hikari and Silver remained expressionless.
"WHy do-" Hikari started,but Brad wanted to make a good impreesion."We're thinking of getting a hotel so we can stay a little longer."Ash nodded."May we join you?"
"Silver and I are going for a walk."Hikari said,walking down the trailout of the park.Brad eyed her.

"Hikari,be careful.I mean it."He warned.

(Again,I'm going to stop here,because it's late again...But at least more was added...not much though,I know...)

May 20th, 2005, 7:57 PM
its ok right now, it'll be better when u get more done ^o^ only I won;t be here tomorrow >_>

Cyan Goggles
May 20th, 2005, 7:59 PM
Thank you..I'm just starning my eyes right now,so I don't want to mess up some spelling....*Sighs out of triyingness* Well,just veiw it when you can...