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May 14th, 2005, 6:54 PM

Tightening a glove our hero jumps onto his rumbling hover bike. His sandy white hair blows in the wind. Beside him his only pals jump into the side carrier, An Umbreon and Espeon. The Umbreon grunted as his counterpart nuzzled up next to him. Wes pulled down the goggles that would protect him from the harsh desert sandstorms and took off. Up ahead of him a building grew on the horizon. Once there he left the bike running, leaving Espeon to guard it, and took Umbreon with him towards the building.

From his pocket he presented a small round abject and pressed in on the wall and it started to glow as it counted down in bright red numbers. 5...4...3...He stepped back a few feet and watched. 2...1..'BOOM!' the explosive device activated sending waves of shock throughout the structure and collapsing the wall.

He wasted no time stepping to strange machine smiling the whole time. Meanwhile Umbreon was swiftly moving in the shadows to the heart of the hideout and dropping off a larger explosive. He pressed down on it with his paw and quickly sped back to the running bike. Wes looked at the contraption in the middle of the room. It was arm length ,and look as if it for your arm, black and very sleek. He grabbed in attaching it to his arm like a pro then running outside jumped over the rubble that was once a wall to join Espeon and Umbreon on the hover bike. He sped off making the Hideout disappear in the distance.

A big and burly man with a bald head stood at the rubble watching him leave. He wore a dark red vest and strange head hear moving from his teeth to the back of his head and back again. A few seconds later Wes looked back to see men in uniform running from the building as a giant explosion tears up what was left of it. The muscle man just glared at Wes as he left. Wes grinned as he sped off into the desert.

(How do you like the epilogue? I've been trying to make it longer...)

May 14th, 2005, 7:20 PM
it sounds very very very very very very very familiar...to be continued