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May 15th, 2005, 3:49 AM
A pokemon hater's love. PG13

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cap 1: Fight! part one.

Ash, a pokemon tranier who loves Pokemon as much as everyone does. Everyone theat their Pokemon like their own child. Everyone loves their Pokemon expect for a girl who cares about money,noting else.That girl happen to be the twin of Ash, named Ashly.

Ash is on the way to Fortree city to see Winona, the Gym Leader of Fortree city. When Ash saw the Pokemon Center, he hurried there and sat on the chair there.

'' Hi there trainers, are you coming to fight in the Pokemon Master fight?'' Nurse Joy happily asked the gang.

'' Nurse Joy, whats the thing you said?'' Ash asked.

''Don't ever care about that Nurse Joy, care about our Love!'' Brock said.

''Now don't even marrying Nurse Joy!'' Max pulled Brock ear.

'' Not the ear........'' Brock said it with pain.

''Its about a fight which traniers from all over the world.'' Nurse Joy answered.

''Can i join?'' Ash asked.

''Anyone can join.'' Nurse Joy said.

''great!'' said Ash.

''Pika!'' pikachu said.

All of them left and walked to their own ways.

At the Mall.....

''Why do i keep thinking of Ash? Do i like him? No way! May thought.

At the same time, at the Airport......

''Why do i keep thinking of Ash? Do i like him? No way!'' Misty, our old friend thought about this and went to the plane.

Done, please rate ^_^

part 2 will be much better.

Phoenix Riley
May 15th, 2005, 6:27 AM
It has no decription and doesnt really make snese in some places

READ THE RULES - its way too short

~ Mudkip ~

oni flygon
May 15th, 2005, 2:56 PM
Like what Mudkip said over there, read the rules. Read the stickied topics, too. They might help you.

Your story reminds me of an anime filler. Those are no-nos in fanfiction writing. =P Plus, you lack description and a creative plot.