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Jesse GS the II
May 15th, 2005, 2:14 PM
Since "Pokémon: Intensity" doesn't seem to be going over all that well, I figure I'll try my other fanfiction. This movie was inspired by a story I wrote in 1999, as a way of retaliating against a few jerks in my middle school who were always on my back about my liking "Pokémon". It's obviously gone through a few revisions, but it went over pretty well at the SPP Forums, so hopefully I can repeat my success here. Enjoy...

(NOTE: This movie is set between the episodes "Falling in Love with Mawile! Lombre's Flower Arrangement" and "Catch Snorunt".)


“Pokémon the Movie 7.5: Revenge of the Scorned"

Scene: Wide establishing shot of a massive mansion, almost castle-like, situated on a small island in the middle of the ocean. The mansion itself is built right on the edge of a huge cliff overlooking the crashing waves. It is late at night, but no moon can be seen, as clouds blot the sky. The camera slowly zooms in on the one illuminated window in the whole house. Inside the room, a woman sits in an armchair, facing a crackling fireplace, breathing heavily. In her hand she holds an object that cannot be seen clearly. Suddenly, the camera shows an extreme close up of the woman’s left eye, which is squinted nearly shut in a look of rage. The screen blurs as she remembers a previous time...

Fade to the Viridian Forest, thirty years ago. The woman, at age ten, is dressed as the typical starting Pokémon trainer would be. Standing amidst the trees of the Viridian Forest, she looks aghast as her Charmander is trounced by a wild Beedrill. The Beedrill swings its massive drills and sends Charmander flying against a tree trunk.

Fade to the Pewter City Gym, thirty years ago. The young trainer now looks on as Flint’s Onix mutilates her Pidgey with a Constrict attack.

Fade to the Kanto Power Plant, thirty years ago. The young trainer is horrified as a Rocket grunt’s Koffing gasses her Raticate, which falls to the ground poisoned.

Fade to the Safari Zone, thirty years ago. The young trainer tries to ensnare a wild Dratini in a Safari Ball, but the Pokémon bursts out almost immediately and dives into a nearby lake. The trainer looks crushed, then holds up her basket to see that she's completely depleted her supply of Safari Balls.

Fade to the Viridian City Gym, thirty years ago. The young trainer looks helpless as a younger Giovanni’s Rhyhorn picks up her Charmeleon with its horn and throws it across the room. It smashes into the wall and collapses on the floor, unconscious.

Fade to the Indigo Plateau, thirty years ago. The young trainer is on the verge of tears as her opponent’s Exeggutor stomps upon her Wigglytuff, defeating it and officially disqualifying the trainer from the Pokémon League after only one round.

Fade back to the woman sitting in the armchair in the present. The rage on her face steadily builds, and we now see what she holds in her hands - her old and well-worn Kanto PokéDex. Finally, she opens her eyes wider, as a single tear of anger rolls down her right cheek.

WOMAN: Pokémon...must be...

She leaps to her feet.

WOMAN (in a wild rage): DESTROYED!

She hurls her PokéDex into the fireplace, which erupts into a small explosion.


Scene: A large and busy city in the Hoenn region. People crowd the sidewalks and cars pack the streets. Among the crowd of people are our familiar heroes - Ash, Pikachu, May, Max, and Brock.

NARRATOR: As our story opens, we find Ash and his friends in one of the busier cities of the Hoenn region, trying to make their way through the crowd. Which is probably easier said than done.

Ash squeezes his way between two people in business suits. Pikachu follows him.

ASH: Man, this city is crowded! Couldn’t we have just taken the subway or something?

PIKACHU: Pikaaa-chu...

BROCK: The subway wouldn’t be any less crowded as it is up here.

MAY: Speaking of Subway, where the heck is the nearest restaurant? I’m starving!

ASH: I like the way you think, May! We need lunch in a hurry.

MAX: There was a restaurant about two blocks back, but the doorway was blocked off by this mob.

Brock cranes his neck to try and see over the crowd.

BROCK: Ah, I don’t see anywhere else to stop. And even if I did, good luck getting there.

ASH: Oh, this is ridiculous! There isn’t even any room to have a Pokémon battle!

Ash feels someone tap him on the shoulder. He turns around to see an opening in the crowd, revealing an alley between two buildings - and standing before Ash is none other than Yoshi and Dani, familiar faces of the Johto region.

YOSHI: Hey, pal, you say you want a battle?

ASH: Who are you?

YOSHI: I’m a challenger! What, you’re complaining about a Pokémon battle?

DANI: How about a two-on-two? You and the brown-haired girl here? Two Pokémon each.

MAY: Hey, all right?

ASH: Sure, I’m up for it!

PIKACHU: Pika pi!

BROCK: Ash, a second ago you were complaining about lunch.

ASH: Brock, you should know by now that my stomach works in mysterious ways. Especially when there’s a challenge involved!

MAY: Now, bring it on!

The opening credits begin as Yoshi unhooks a Poké Ball and hurls it toward Ash. It bursts open to reveal his Typhlosion. Dani follows suit, sending forth her Croconaw. Ash sets forth Pikachu, and May calls on her Combusken. Yoshi’s Typhlosion hits first with an Ember attack. Pikachu shakes it off and counters with Swift. Meanwhile, Croconaw lunges forward at Combusken with a Slash, but Combusken leaps over its head and lands upright behind it. It then sticks its foot under Croconaw and kicks it into the air, then whirls around and kicks it again in midair, sending Croconaw flying against the brick wall of the nearest building. Typhlosion tries to bring its fist down on Pikachu, but Pikachu jumps out of the way and scrambles up Typhlosion’s arm. He latches onto Typhlosion’s head and commences with a Thunderbolt, paralyzing Typhlosion and causing his muscles to lock up. Meanwhile, Combusken launches a Flamethrower at Croconaw, who counters with a Hydro Pump. The two attacks meet in midair, but the water overpowers the flames and Croconaw’s attack hits Combusken in the face, sending it flying backwards. May quickly recalls Combusken and unhooks another Poké Ball, sending forth her Beautifly. It lets loose with a cloud of Sleep Spores that result in Croconaw keeling over. Typhlosion can’t move at all, so Yoshi calls him back and sends out Beedrill instead. Ash has Pikachu retreat and sends out Grovyle. Beedrill lunges forward with a Twineedle attack, but Grovyle leaps overhead, causing Beedrill to slam into the pavement. Dani sends out her Misdreavus, which hits Beautifly first with a Confuse Ray. Beautifly spins around in midair, but recovers and retaliates with Giga Drain. Misdreavus gets visibly weaker, but as a last resort, it casts a Perish Song. Grovyle swings its arm, sending a Leaf Blade flying at Beedrill, but it doesn’t see it coming as it flies forward in a Poison Sting attack. The leaf strikes Beedrill’s head and knocks it off its intended flight path, but it still manages to stick Grovyle’s arm with its stinger. Grovyle clutches its arm and stumbles slightly. Meanwhile, Misdreavus hits the ground, and Beautifly does the same as a result of the Perish Song - just as Beedrill and Grovyle pass out from their respective attacks. Yoshi, Ash, Dani, May, Max, and Brock look at the collapsed Pokémon.

ASH: We’ll call that a draw, okay?

Cut to an establishing shot of a Pokémon Center further down the street. Inside, Nurse Joy hands the four trays of Poké Balls back to their respective owners. Pikachu leaps onto the counter as well.

JOY: Here you go, your Pokémon are fully healed.

Ash, Yoshi, May, and Dani take their teams back.

ASH: Thanks.

Pikachu hops off the counter and lands on the floor by Ash’s leg.

YOSHI: So, now that we’ve fought, I think it’s only fair that I introduce myself. The name’s Yoshi, and this is my friend Dani.

ASH: Good to know you, I’m Ash, and this motley entourage consists of May, Max, and Brock.

BROCK: How’s it going?

MAX: Yo.

Ash seats himself on a couch near the window.

ASH: So, where are you two from?

DANI: New Bark Town in the Johto region. We came over here for the gym challenge - tell me, is it difficult here?

ASH: Well, there are really two ways to look at it. You see, if you’re from Johto, from the outset you think “Well, I’ve handled one region already, I can take another one, right?” But the gym leaders here really don’t cut you any slack. It took me a while to beat a few of them, and even then it was just barely that I won. But if you approach this as a starting trainer, it’s gonna seem even more difficult because surely your team isn’t up to such a huge challenge this early on.

Dani and Yoshi blink at Ash.

ASH: Sorry, it’s one of those subjects I know inside and out. I’ve always put in hard work at each gym I’ve faced.

BROCK: Says the boy who beat me because the sprinklers went off.

ASH: I prefer to think of it as “game called on account of rain”.

BROCK: I prefer to think of it as “pity”, but whatever milks your Miltank.

YOSHI: May, how about you?

MAY: Heck if I know, I’m only here for the contests.

DANI: Ooh, I’ve heard of those! I want to compete so bad, but my Pokémon aren’t up to it.

MAY: Well, your Misdreavus sure looked nice out there, and with the skills your Croconaw knew, I’m sure it could at least win the battle portion.

MAX: Anyone can win the battle portion, it’s the talent portion you wanna be alert about.

MAY: And I do just fine in both, thank you very much.

MAX: You just keep saying that.

Cut to an exterior shot of the Pokémon Center, seen through a pair of all-too familiar binoculars. Behind the window, May leaps up and yells at Max.

MAY: And what’s that supposed to mean, you little ingrate?

It’s revealed that, indeed, Jessie and James are spying on the group from atop an office building across the street. Meowth peeks over the edge of the roof as well.

JESSIE: It wasn’t easy getting through this crowd, but we tailed ‘em!

JAMES: And did you see the way those other kids’ Pokémon performed? I mean, the boy’s got a Typhlosion! And the girl has a Misdreavus!

MEOWTH: We should be tailin’ them instead of the Ketchum jerk.

JESSIE: Regardless, I say we ambush all six of them as soon as they come out that door.

JAMES: Just on the street, in broad daylight?

JESSIE: Of course not, you twit, we’re gonna use the element of surprise. And to save time, I say we send out our Pokémon now.

Jessie unhooks three Pokéballs and throws them upward.

JESSIE: Seviper, Dustox, Wobbuffet - go!

In a flash of white light, the three Pokémon appear. James unhooks two Poké Balls and throws them upward.

JAMES: Chimecho, Cacnea - get out here!

Another flash, and the two Pokémon appear. Wobbuffet immediately stands at attention for no reason while Cacnea looks at James lovingly.

JAMES: No...no, down boy!

It’s too late - Cacnea lunges upward and hugs James around the waist. James shrieks in pain.

JAMES: Yeeee! Get it off me! Get it off me!

Meowth leaps up and tries to loosen Cacnea’s grip. Wobbuffet, in a futile attempt to help, starts pulling on Meowth’s tail.

MEOWTH: OW! Hey, you moronic blob, hands off the merchandise!


JESSIE: Wobbuffet, you heard him! Now, let go!

Jessie tries to grab Wobbuffet and in the process steps on Seviper’s tail. Seviper yells in pain and chomps down on Jessie’s hair.

JESSIE: HEY! Let go of me, you idiot!

Jessie flails around and smacks Dustox in the face, who inadvertently sends spores into Chimecho’s face. Chimecho coughs, rocking back and forth in midair and unknowingly wrapping its tail around James’ neck, choking him. James gags. The entire cluster of Pokémon and Rocket agents starts stumbling backwards. Finally, James trips over the edge of the roof, sending everyone plummeting off the side. They land in an open Dumpster, and the lid slams shut over them. Jessie flings the lid open again to see that Ash, Yoshi, Dani, and the others are leaving the Pokémon Center.

JESSIE: We blew it again! They just left!

James pops out of the Dumpster, as do Meowth and the other Pokémon. Jessie climbs out to dust herself off, letting the lid swing shut and hit James in the head. He massages the area of impact as he too climbs out.

JESSIE: That was a good approach, too! Nobody expects to be attacked on a city street!

JAMES: Well, you know why we failed, right?

James whirls around and jabs a finger at the group of Pokémon.

JAMES (angry): It was because of these losers again!

MEOWTH: Okay, now, James, I think that’s a little overkill...

JESSIE: No, he’s right! You realize that for years, we’ve relied on you guys to help us out? And not ONCE have you ever won a battle for us! NOT ONCE!

Seviper, Dustox, Chimecho, Cacnea, and Wobbuffet look hurt.

MEOWTH: That’s not true! They’ve won plenty of battles for you guys!

JESSIE: Name one.

MEOWTH: I can’t, I just like arguing with you.

JAMES: You know, it’s times like this that I wish I still had my Weezing and my Victreebel. They may have lost too...

James gets right in Cacnea’s face.


Cacnea recoils slightly.

CACNEA (small): Cac...

Jessie looks at Wobbuffet.

JESSIE: And you! What’s your problem, huh? Is your head so darn thick that you can’t even comprehend an order as simple as “Stay in your Poké Ball”? You’re the most useless Pokémon we’ve ever had, and that includes James’ Magikarp!

Wobbuffet covers its mouth, offended.

JESSIE: And don’t think the rest of you are any better! You’re all a bunch of weaklings! You couldn’t win a battle if your lives depended on it! YOU ALL MAKE ME SICK!

Each Pokémon starts to shed a tear. Jessie realizes that she may have gone too far.

JESSIE: Of course, when I say “sick”, I mean a good kind of “sick”, like the kind where you don’t have to go to work...

But the Pokémon each recall themselves into their Poké Balls before she can say any more.

JESSIE: Oh, come on, you guys, I didn’t mean it!

JAMES: Neither did I! You know how I get sometimes! Meowth, tell them I didn’t mean it!

Meowth is standing with his back to James, his arms crossed in front of him.

MEOWTH: Buzz off. You insult them, you insult me. I’m just as much a Pokémon as they are.

JESSIE: Why should you be offended? You don’t even fight.

Meowth spins around to face them.

MEOWTH: Exactly! I could fight, but you guys never let me! Instead, I’m stuck doin’ all the dirty work, and for what? Not for any gratitude, let me tell you! If you guys really respected me, you’d let me battle once in a while!

JESSIE: We respect you plenty! That’s why we, uh...prevent you from getting hurt in battles, and, you know, save you a bit of extra work. See, we don’t want you to get injured in the field, that’s all!

Meowth smiles a little.

JAMES: Plus, it’s not like you know any decent attacks.

Meowth’s smile disappears immediately, and he turns away again.

MEOWTH: I’m not talking to either of you.

JESSIE: Aw, come on, Meowth...


Cut to further down the street. The sign on the curb changes from “Don’t Walk” to “Walk”. Ash, Pikachu, May, Max, Brock, Yoshi, and Dani cross with the other crowd members.

ASH: You know, I’ve already been through your home region.

YOSHI: Really? What’d you think of it?

BROCK: Well, it was a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t wanted to have lived there. Uh, no offense.

DANI: Perfectly understandable - I’ve heard people say that Johto is the most boring region of them all.

ASH: Well, I wouldn’t call it boring. Team Rocket at least kept us on our toes.

YOSHI: Yeah, but thankfully there aren’t any Rocket agents in the Hoenn region.

MAY: You’d like to think that, wouldn’t you?

Pikachu smiles, then looks up at the sky. Surprised, he grabs Ash’s pants leg and points upward.

PIKACHU (distraught): Pika pika! Pikachu!

ASH: What’s the matter, Pikachu?

Ash looks up, as do all the others. The people around them seem to notice it too. An overhead shot reveals a large shadow falling over the city street, grabbing everyone’s attention - a huge zeppelin is hovering overhead, only about a mile off the ground. On the side is a large emblem of a Poké Ball with a skull and crossbones over it.

BROCK: Speak of the devils.

MAX: No, wait a minute - that’s not Team Rocket’s symbol.

MAY: And it doesn’t belong to Team Aqua or Team Magma either. Who the heck is that?

ASH: Pikachu, can you tell?

Pikachu scampers up on top of Ash’s hat and squints at the zeppelin.
Cut to the zeppelin’s control panel. The woman from earlier is seated at the steering device, shrouded in shadows. She grabs a joystick labelled “Winch” and presses the button on top.
Cut to outside the zeppelin. A huge bay door opens up underneath, big enough to fit any Pokémon through, and a large crane game-like mechanical claw extends down to the street. To Ash’s horror, it grabs Pikachu by the scruff of his neck and yanks him upward.


ASH: Pikachu!

Ash jumps and tries to grab Pikachu, but the arm is retracting too quickly.

ASH: Whoever this is, they aren’t taking Pikachu without a fight!

Ash reaches to his hip and unhooks another Poké Ball, throwing it upward.

ASH: Go, Swellow!

In a flash, Swellow appears and flies toward Pikachu. It tries to loosen the claw, but the metal is too strong. Suddenly, another claw descends from the bay door.

ASH: Swellow! Look out, behind you!

SWELLOW: Swellow?

Swellow turns around just in time to see the claw clamp down around its body. Its wings immobilized, Swellow cannot break free of the vice grip the claw has it in. Both Pikachu and Swellow disappear into the bay doors.

ASH (horrified): NO!

MAY: Don’t think for a moment that we’re gonna let them get away with that!

May unhooks a Poké Ball and throws it.

MAY: Go, Beuatifly!

Beuatifly appears again and shoots up towards the zeppelin. Before it even gets to the doors, a large hose descends from them and sucks up Beautifly like a vacuum. May looks on in terror.

MAY: Beautifly!

MAX: Quick, who else has a Pokémon that can fly?

Yoshi holds up a Poké Ball.

YOSHI: I’ve got my Beedrill!

Without warning, Yoshi’s Poké Ball goes flying out of his hand. So do the Poké Balls on Ash, May, Brock, and Dani’s belts. Other trainers in the crowd around them are shocked to see the same thing happening to their Poké Balls. They look up and see that a giant magnet, the size of one that would be used in a scrap metal yard, has now descended from the zeppelin and is attracting every Poké Ball below. It’s also causing several lampposts, street signs, mailboxes, and cars to vibrate, and all the TVs in a nearby electronics store window suddenly go fuzzy. The zeppelin slowly moves over the crowd, pulling Poké Balls off of innocent trainer’s belts. Further up the street, Jessie and James are still pleading with Meowth in the alley.

JESSIE: All right, Meowth, we promise that we’ll use you in battle from now on! Okay?

MEOWTH: Words, that’s all I hear.

JAMES: Come on, we’re a team here! We’re like the Three Tenors - Domingo, Pavarotti, and...the other guy.

While saying this, James points to himself, Jessie, and Meowth, respectively.

MEOWTH (sarcastically): Thanks, that makes me feel so much better.

Suddenly, Meowth is snatched from behind by the giant crane.

MEOWTH: WHOA! Hey, what’s goin’ on here?

As Meowth starts to ascend into the zeppelin, Jessie and James grab him. They hang a few feet off the ground.

JESSIE: See what we mean? We’re not about to let you get kidnapped!

JAMES: I’m losin’ my grip here...

James lets go, as does Jessie, and Meowth continues to fly up into the ship.

MEOWTH: Nice going, you nimrods!

Jessie and James land on the pavement. Jessie immediately leaps to her feet and grabs a Poké Ball.

JESSIE: Nobody steals our coworker and gets away with it! Go, Seviper!

Before she can even throw the ball, the magnet picks it up. It also picks up the rest of her team, as well as James’ team.

JAMES: Hey! Give those back, you have no right to take ‘em!

More metal things suddenly go flying out of James’ pocket. James looks shocked.

JAMES: Aagh! My bottlecap collection! What kind of a monster is this?

The zeppelin continues to move over the city, grabbling Poké Balls and pulling Pokémon off the street. Ash, May, Max, Brock, Yoshi, and Dani look at it in horror. Ash suddenly turns around to face the rest of them.

ASH: Well? Are we just gonna stand here or what?

MAY: We can’t catch up to it! It’s too high off the ground!

ASH: We have to try! Those are our Pokémon up there - our closest and most loyal companions - and I for one am not going to stand idly by and let them get kidnapped!

Ash starts running through the crowd; the others follow him. They weave between people on the sidewalk, then take to the street and dash between the traffic jam of cars that has now clogged the pavement. But the zeppelin keeps getting further away. Ash starts to run faster.

ASH: I can’t let them escape...not while they’ve got my Pikachu...

Suddenly, Ash trips over a pothole in the road and falls flat on his face. May and Brock help him up as he wipes the blood off his cut lip. He looks up and sees the zeppelin flying further away. His face is frozen in shock.

BROCK: It’s no good...we lost them...

YOSHI: What kind of person would do that? Who would want to steal every Pokémon in the city?

Ash drops to his knees, still looking at the sky. A single tear rolls down his cheek as the camera wides out to show the huge jam of cars and distraught people all over the street.


To be continued...

Jesse GS the II
May 16th, 2005, 6:51 PM
Well, in an attempt to generate some discussion, I'll try posting the next installment.


Fade to a forested area elsewhere in the Hoenn region. The zeppelin hovers over the trees, its claws grabbing various wild Pokémon, including several Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Taillow, Ratatta, Zigzagoon, Wurmple, Silcoon, and Cascoon.
Cut to a Pokémon Contest stadium. The zeppelin hovers over the building, and two large heavy-duty jigsaws descend from the bay doors and cut a huge hole in the roof. The magnet lowers into the stadium and picks up every Poké Ball in attendance. As the startled crowd scrambles, two cranes also pick up the Zangoose and Mightyena that were competing in the contest. Their trainers make a grab for them, but they can’t reach them.
Cut to the sea between Hoenn and Johto. The zeppelin drags a massive net over the ocean, picking up hundreds of Water Pokémon, including several Wailord and a few Lapras.
Cut to the Johto Daycare Center. The zeppelin hovers over the building and sucks up the Pokémon in the playpen with the giant hose. The owners of the daycare burst outside just in time to see the hose retract into the ship.
Cut to the Charicific Valley. Various Charizard roar and shoot Flamethrowers at the zeppelin, but they are nonetheless caught in the cranes and picked up. Ash’s Charizard is the most resilient, actually breaking out of its crane and attempting to fly away, but it is sucked up by the hose instead.
Fade to Professor Oak’s laboratory. Oak, Tracey, and Gary are watching the news with a worried expression. The TV screen shows a concerned male reporter on location in front of the Indigo Plateau.

REPORTER: It is absolute pandemonium here at the Indigo Plateau as a renegade Pokémon thief continues to work his or her way across the four regions, stealing every Pokémon in sight. Ma’am, excuse me, can you give us any insight as to what happened?

The reporter holds his microphone to a distraught Lorelei, who wipes her eyes beneath her glasses.

LORELEI: It was awful! The blimp just came out of nowhere, and this giant magnet picked up every Poké Ball in the stadium! And then the cranes came down, and...and...

Lorelei starts sobbing uncontrollably. Bruno walks in from the side and escorts her away in a comforting manner.
Cut back to the lab, where Professor Oak is running his hand through his hair nervously.

OAK: Indigo Plateau...that’s not too far away from here!

GARY: They wouldn’t dare try to steal every Pokémon in the lab, would they?

OAK: Gary, whoever this is, they’ve already stolen every Pokémon in the other two regions! Of course they’re going to come for us next!

TRACEY: There has to be something we can do...

Suddenly, a massive crunching noise is heard from another room.
Cut to an exterior shot of the lab. The zeppelin is hovering overhead, having already ripped the roof off the Poké Ball storage facility, and the magnet is picking up every ball in the warehouse.
Cut to inside the warehouse. Professor Oak bursts in, shocked at what he sees. He shakes his fist at the zeppelin in anger.

OAK: Curse you, whoever you are!

Oak’s watch goes flying off his wrist. He jumps out of the way as the massive hose snakes down into the room and smashes through the door that leads to the main part of the lab. It reaches the research room, where Tracey stands with a Bulbasaur, a Charmander, and a Squirtle. He tries to shield them from the hose.

TRACEY: Stay back, you guys! Don’t let it get you!

But the suction is too strong. Tracey hangs on to a doorway for dear life as the three starting Pokémon get sucked into the vacuum.



SQUIRTLE: Squirrrrr-tle!

Tracey continues to cling to the doorframe. As he watches in horror, the Poké Balls containing his Venonat, Scyther, and Marril fly off his belt and into the hose's nozzle. The hose finally retracts through the room and back up into the ship, which continues to move on. Oak, slightly disheveled, watches it as it flies away. He suddenly realizes something.

OAK: Oh my goodness - Delia!

Oak runs back into the other room and picks up the receiver of his video phone. He dials rapidly. After a moment, Delia’s image appears on the screen. She is sitting in her living room.

DELIA: Good evening, Professor Oak! How is everything?

OAK: Delia! Listen to me - where’s Mimey?

DELIA: He’s outside pruning the hedges, why?

OAK: Get him inside, quick! Haven’t you heard the news about that Pokémon thief?

DELIA: Thief? In Pallet Town?

OAK: Yes! Now hurry!

Cut to the Ketchum house. Delia throws down the receiver and rushes outside to the garden. She opens the door just in time to see Mimey in the garden, blissfully unaware of the giant crane behind him.

DELIA: Mimey! Behind you!

Mimey turns around and drops his shears in terror, only to have the crane clamp around him and retract into the ship.

MIMEY: Mr. Mime!

Delia looks on in horror as the bay doors close and the ship moves on.

DELIA: What’s going on here?

Fade to the city in the Hoenn region. Ash, May, Max, Brock, Yoshi, and Dani are back in the Pokémon Center, seated on the couch and watching the news on a TV hanging in the corner. Nurse Joy walks over with a tray of tea.

JOY: Here’s your tea. I’m sorry it took so long, but...you know, since Chansey is gone...

ASH (glumly): It’s all right. Just set it down on the table.

Ash turns back to the news. A female reporter is seated at a desk in the studio.

REPORTER #2: Eyewitnesses report that this mysterious Pokémon thief has now struck the Orange Islands. Police are doing everything in their power to stop this fiend, but no progress has yet been made. One Officer Jenny reports that “This maniac has successfully abducted every Pokémon in the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Orange regions...what would possess a person to do such a thing is beyond us, but we’re doing all that we can to take this person down once and for all and return the kidnapped Pokémon to their rightful owners and habitats.”

BROCK: At least they’re keeping busy.

MAY: I don’t understand it - what was this person thinking? Who would want to steal every Pokémon in the world?

MAX: Maybe it is Team Rocket! Maybe they’ve finally pulled out all the stops and devised a plan that not even we can overcome.

YOSHI: No, I don’t think so. Team Rocket wants Pokémon, but I doubt they’d go so far as to steal every one in the world all at once.

DANI: Whoever did this has to be a psycho. Maybe they just want to kill off every Pokémon in the world.

MAY: That’s horrible!

BROCK: That’s disgusting!

ASH: That’s reality.

Everyone turns to look at Ash.

ASH: Yoshi’s right - this wasn’t Team Rocket, this was somebody who was seriously disturbed.

MAY: But...do you think there’s any way to stop them?

ASH: Not unless we know what they’re planning to do with the Pokémon. If Dani is right, then we may already be too late...

MAY: No...no, don’t say that, there has to be a way!

BROCK: But we don’t know where this weirdo is operating from! How are we supposed to track them down?

MAX: Look!

Max points to the TV. The screen shows shaky home video footage of the zeppelin moving over the ocean towards a tiny island on the horizon. Several people can be seen standing on the shore, watching the ship move.

REPORTER #2: Breaking news now - we have just received this video footage of the zeppelin making its way out to sea. It is believed that the island in the distance is the base that this thief is working from, but nothing has been confirmed yet...

Ash bolts upright.

ASH: Where was that video taken?

REPORTER #2: Stay tuned for our continuing coverage...

ASH: What good was that? They didn’t even say where the video came from!

YOSHI: Wait a minute...

Yoshi looks at the TV screen, which is still looping the video footage. He notices the other people on the shore and looks closely at one of the signs stuck in the ground.

YOSHI: That sign that the woman’s standing next to...I can just barely make it out...it’s the Slateport Beach!

BROCK: That’s halfway across the Hoenn region! We’ll never get there in time without some kind of rapid transportation.

Nurse Joy walks up to them again.

JOY: Um, excuse me, I think I know of a way to get there fairly quickly...

Cut to the Slateport Beach. A massive crowd of people are huddled around on the sand, despite the dark clouds and lack of sunlight overhead. A bus pulls up in the parking lot, and Ash, May, Max, Brock, Yoshi, and Dani climb off.

MAY: Wow, we should take buses more often.

Ash and the others work their way through the crowd. Eventually, they find what everyone is gathered around - a group of policemen and an Officer Jenny, standing at the edge of the pier. Jenny attempts to calm the crowd down.

JENNY: Quiet! Quiet, everyone! Listen up - the Slateport Police are currently investigating the possibility that the island five miles from here might be the base of the Pokémon thief, but until we have confirmed anything, we must ask that you please not try to get to the island yourself! Let the professionals handle this, for your own good.

TRAINER: That’s easy for you to say, you’re not a trainer!

The crowd starts to get rowdy again.

JENNY: I’ll have you know that the K-9 Growlithe units of every police force were not immune to this abduction! Don’t think for a minute that you’re the only one who wants to get their Pokémon back!

Ash turns to face his friends.

ASH: That island has to be where the Pokémon are!

MAY: How can you tell?

MAX: Well, think about it - the thief’s already been everywhere, right? And that island out there has never shown any signs of inhabitancy by Pokémon before.

DANI: Then that’s where we need to go!

YOSHI: Well, how do we get there without any Pokémon?

Ash puts his finger to his lips as he thinks.

ASH: Well, with the police blocking us off, there’s only one alternative...

Cut to Officer Jenny trying to calm the crowd again.

JENNY: Now, please, if you’ll all kindly disperse and return to your homes, I can assure you that...

She hears a succession of splashes and turns around. Ash and his friends are swimming out to sea.

JENNY (angry): Hey! You kids get back here! I told you to leave this to the police!

They pretend not to hear her as they swim further out.

BROCK: Come on, guys, it’s only five miles!

MAY: Oh, is that all?

YOSHI: I should have taken off my shoes first...

The camera pans up from the water to show a familiar hot-air balloon moving through the sky - a balloon in the shape of a Meowth’s head. In the basket, Jessie and James look ahead with their binoculars.

JAMES: That island’s gotta be about five miles from here.

JESSIE (irate): Can’t this thing go any faster?

JAMES: It’s a balloon, what do you want?

Jessie slumps down on the edge of the basket and looks down at the sea.

JESSIE: Ah, I’m sorry, it’s just...I feel terrible about all those things I said to our Pokémon before they got stolen. I mean, I didn’t even get to apologize...and now they’re gone, and they probably don’t even think we’re looking for them...

JAMES: No kidding. I can’t believe I yelled at Cacnea like that...all he tries to do is just show his affection...

JESSIE: And what I said to Wobbuffet...I’ve always been way too harsh on that little guy...it’s not his fault if he doesn’t know any physical attacks...

Jessie sniffles and hides her face in her arms. James puts his hand on her shoulder.

JESSIE (muffled): You’re touching me.

JAMES: Sorry.

James quickly withdraws his hand.
Cut to the sea. Ash is struggling to keep his head above the water as the waves keep splashing against him.

ASH: Only four and a half more miles to go!

MAY: I can’t keep going like this for four and a half more miles! Are you crazy?

MAX: We have to stop! My glasses are fogged up, I can’t see anything!

BROCK (sarcastic): Sure, Max, where do you want to stop? Do you see a rest area anywhere?

YOSHI: Hey, guys, cool it! Remember, our Pokémon are counting on us!

DANI: Yoshi’s right! They’d do the same thing for us if we were in trouble!

ASH: Exactly! Now come on!

Ash gets hit in the face with a wave. He sputters and shakes the water out of his hair.

ASH: So we’re getting a little wet! It’s no big deal!

May starts to lag behind.

MAY: Guys...guys, I can’t keep up, my arms are shot...

MAX: Come on, sis! You can do it! Remember Combusken, and Beautifly, and Skitty, and Bulbasaur! They’re all counting on you!

MAY: No...no, I can’t go any further...you go on ahead...

Max grabs May’s collar and shakes her.

MAX: Stop talking like that! You’ve gotta keep going! Think of the Pokémon!

Max lets go, and to his horror, May sinks below the surface of the water.

MAX: Guys! Somebody help May! She’s drowning!

ASH: Don’t worry, I’ve got her!

Ash turns around and dives beneath the waves.
Cut to underwater. Ash swims downward, forcing himself not to exhale. He sees May a few feet below him, sinking fast, a few bubbles escaping from her lips. Ash grabs May under her arms and tries to swim back to the surface. However, May starts to weigh him down. He struggles to get her above water, but he begins to run out of oxygen. Finally, his head breaks the surface. He gasps and hoists May above the water as well. She coughs.

MAY (hoarse): I’m sorry, Ash...I didn’t think I could hold out...

ASH: Hey, don’t worry about it. We’re all in this together, remember?

MAY: Yeah...yeah, I guess you’re right...

Brock suddenly grabs Ash’s shoulder.

BROCK: I hate to interrupt, but perhaps we should keep moving...

Ash, May, Max, Brock, Yoshi, and Dani all look on in horror as a giant wave comes barreling down on them.

ASH: Brace yourself, everyone!

The wave comes crashing down on the six trainers, propelling them all underwater. Ash struggles to return to the surface, but he can’t tell which way is up. Bubbles fly from his mouth as he flails around, trying to see where everyone else is. Finally he looks up and sees the dim outline of a boat about ten feet above him, but he’s too weak to swim to the surface. As he starts to lose consciousness, he sees the outline of someone swimming towards him from the boat...but his vision fades to black before he can determine who it is.


To be continued...

May 17th, 2005, 5:06 PM
That was neat, but doesn't make sense with their reactions.

Jesse GS the II
May 17th, 2005, 5:53 PM
What do you mean by that?


Fade to the island’s shore, a little while later. It’s still cloudy, and night has fallen. From Ash’s point of view, his eyes flutter open as he coughs. Someone is standing over him, trying to wake him up, but Ash’s vision is too blurry to see who it is. He blinks a little, and his eyes come into focus - and he spits out a great amount of water upon seeing that the person standing over him is none other than Misty.

MISTY: Hey, you all right?

ASH: Misty! Wh-what are you doing here?

MISTY: Well, you didn’t think I was gonna stand around and let my Pokémon get captured, did you? I was on my way to this island when I saw you and your friends splashing around in the ocean. Seriously, did you think you could make it five miles?

Ash smiles.

ASH: I see you haven’t changed a bit since I last saw you.

MISTY: Neither have you!

Ash looks around and sees the others standing behind him.

BROCK: Ash, are you sure you’re all right?

MAX: Because we think we’ve found out where the Pokémon are being kept.

Ash gets to his feet.

ASH: Where?

DANI: We reckon somewhere up there.

Ash looks up, and his jaw drops in surprise when he sees the huge mansion situated atop the mountain before him. Misty puts her hand on Ash’s shoulder.

MISTY: Well, this should certainly be eventful.

Fade to inside the mansion. In a large underground laboratory, with pipes lining the ceiling, the woman from the zeppelin - partially concealed in the shadows - walks the length of a long conveyor belt. At the end, she stops before a large control panel and pulls a lever. The conveyor belt immediately starts moving, and from a long shaft in the ceiling, Poké Balls start spilling onto it. They move along the belt, which leads into a large x-ray machine. As each ball enters the machine, a monitor on the control panel displays which Pokémon is in each one. The woman grins evilly as various Pokémon blink across the screen - Butterfree, Ninetales, Shedinja, Flaaffy, Ratatta, Aerodactyl, Charmeleon, Feraligatr, Wingull.

WOMAN: Yes...the captured ones will be the first to go...

Cut to the exterior of the mansion. Beneath the great cliff overlooking the sea, near a large cave in the side of the rocks, Jessie and James’ balloon sinks lower to the ground.

JESSIE: This has to be where our Pokémon are.

JAMES: Well, a dark cave with an eerie sense of foreboding, how bad can it be? Just land the balloon over there...

Jessie looks down to see that there is no space to land the balloon - the cave drops right off into the water, and there are multiple jagged rocks protruding from the sea.

JESSIE: No good! Pull up!

James drops a sandbag and turns up the flame, but it’s no use - the basket crunches to pieces on the rocks. Jessie and James make a jump for it and land in the water as the balloon collapses. A few seconds later, they emerge and climb onto what little shore there is in front of the cave.

JAMES: Well, that wasn’t so bad...

JESSIE: James, look at this!

Jessie grabs James’ arm and motions for him to turn around. He does so and is shocked by what he sees. It’s the zeppelin, at least fifty feet tall, hanging over the cave floor. The bay doors are open, and the Pokémon have been removed.

JESSIE: Amazing...

JAMES: How come Giovanni never gives us anything like this?

JESSIE: Deep down, I don’t think he wants us to succeed.

Jessie and James walk beneath the hanging zeppelin.

JESSIE: So this is the contraption that this nutjob used to steal our Pokémon. The only question remaining is, how do we get them back?

James looks around and spots an elevator in the stone wall.

JAMES: I’m guessing that might lead us to the answer.

JESSIE: Yes! That’s bound to take us to the mansion! James, you’re...

JAMES (proudly): A genius?

JESSIE: I was gonna say “helpful at times”, but whatever hatches your Togepi.

Jessie walks over to the elevator and presses the UP button. A voice emanates from a speaker over the button.

VOICE: Restricted access. Identification required.

Jessie smirks at James.

JESSIE: Identification just so happens to be our forte!

They strike their poses as their musical sting plays.

JESSIE: Prepare for trouble, because we’re not leavin’!

JAMES: And make it double, this movie better break even!

JESSIE: To protect the world from devastation!

JAMES: To unite all peoples within our nation!

JESSIE: To denounce the evils of truth and love!

JAMES: To extend our reach to the stars above!

JESSIE: Jessie!

JAMES: James!

JESSIE: Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!

JAMES: Surrender now or prepare to fight!

VOICE: Invalid identification. Prepare to be vaporized. Have a nice day.

Two laser beams pop out of the rocky ceiling and point directly at Jessie and James. They scream and make a run for it as the lasers fry a hole in the ground directly where they were standing.
Cut to the huge foyer inside the mansion. Ash, May, Max, Misty, Brock, Yoshi, and Dani stand before two huge flights of stairs leading up to the balcony on the second floor. A massive chandelier hangs from the ceiling thirty feet overhead.

MISTY: Whoever stole our Pokémon certainly knows how to live.

YOSHI: They’ve got to be somewhere in this house. Should we split up and look?

ASH: Nah, it’d be impossible for us to find each other again. We’d better stick together.

MAY: Okay, where to look first?

MAX: The basement.

Everyone looks at him.

MAX: What? Evil masterminds always keep their secret lairs in the basement! That’s the way this sort of thing works.

MAY: You see, Max, this is why I keep you around. You know every cliche in the book.

MAX: And I’m adorable, too.

May turns away.

MAY: Yeah, whatever.

Brock starts knocking on the walls.

DANI: May I ask what you’re doing?

BROCK: If this psycho has a secret lair, they’re obviously not going to have the door right out in the open. It’s probably hidden in the wall somewhere.

Ash spots a bookcase on the far wall.

ASH: Or maybe it’s behind the bookcase! You know, like in the old movies, where you pull on a book and the whole thing just turns around!

Ash starts pulling books off the shelf, trying to find a fake one. Misty glares at him.

MISTY: Ash, what do you think the odds of that are?

ASH: Hey, Max got to find a cliche, I think I’m entitled!

MAY: Look, maybe it isn’t hidden! Maybe it’s right out in the open!

DANI: Explain.

MAY: Well, whoever stole our Pokémon obviously doesn’t want us to get them back. But they know that we know that, and they decide to hide them by keeping them in a place that wouldn’t normally be a hiding place! That way, we’re looking all over this huge, who-knows-how-many-story mansion while our Pokémon are stashed in the study or something.

MAX: So, what you’re saying is that by not hiding the Pokémon, this person is hiding them from us?

MAY: Yes.

MAX: And you’re also saying that this person knows that we want to get our Pokémon back, and they also know that we know that they don’t want us to get our Pokémon back.

MAY: Yes.

Max is now sweeping his arms back and forth for added emphasis as he speaks.

MAX: But, what if they know that we know they know we know? What if they expect us to expect them to hide the Pokémon by not hiding the Pokémon, and instead they hide the Pokémon by actually hiding the Pokémon, because that is not what we know and expect?

Everyone looks at Max for a moment and thinks. Ash suddenly cups his hands around his mouth and yells down a hall.


Misty gives Ash a look.

ASH: I figure it’s faster than trying to use logic.

Cut to the underground laboratory. The Poké Balls that were formerly on the conveyor belt are now sorted in giant rows of shelves, each shelf holding a different make or model of ball. The woman, her face still shrouded in the dark shadows of the basement, leans over her controls and presses a button.

WOMAN: Now that I’ve organized the tame, it’s time to round up the free range.

A huge mesh-wire net slowly descends from a hole in the rock ceiling, literally containing thousands of different Pokémon. Most of them are wild, but among them are also Ash’s Pikachu and Swellow and May’s Beautifly. Pikachu tries to rip and bite the wires apart, but they are far too strong for him to make any impact at all.

PIKACHU: (strained) Piiika-chu...

The woman, still covered in shadow, walks over to the net.

WOMAN: Try and escape all you like, you dumb animals, but your fate has already been sealed. It’s such a shame that you never lived to have trainers...

Pikachu waves his arms, trying to explain that he does have a trainer.

PIKACHU: Pika pi! Pika pi!

WOMAN: I mean besides you. But don’t worry - I’m sure he’ll miss you like crazy.

The woman pinches Pikachu’s cheek - then learns the repercussions of such an act as Pikachu Thunderbolts her. She falls to the floor, but manages to get back up, breathing heavily. She’s visibly angry.

WOMAN: So, we got ourselves a troublemaker in the group, huh? Well, rat-boy, you just earned yourself a special execution!

The woman reaches into the net and grabs Pikachu by the throat, yanking him out through a hole in the wiring that’s just the slightest bit too small for him and strips off some of his fur. Still holding him by the neck, the woman takes Pikachu past the control panel - but stops and turns around when she sees the surveillance camera monitors.

WOMAN: What the...

The black-and-white footage shows Ash and the others walking down a hall in the mansion. Pikachu smiles.

PIKACHU: Pika pi!

WOMAN: That’s your trainer, isn’t it? No doubt he’s come to rescue you. What, do you suspect he’ll just burst in and take you?

PIKACHU: Pika pika! Pikachu!

The woman holds Pikachu up to her shadow-obscured face.

WOMAN: Over my dead body! And believe me, your body’s going to be dead, cold, and subject to rigor mortis long before mine!

The woman flings open a door behind her and throws Pikachu inside the small, lightless room. He turns around and looks at his shadowy captor standing in the doorway.

WOMAN: You stay in here, rat - I’ve got a surprise in store for you. I’m sure your heroic trainer will be thrilled...probably to tears.

And with that, the woman slams the door shut, throwing the room into total darkness.


To be continued...

May 17th, 2005, 10:09 PM
Wow nice fiction, this is can be made into a movie. That woman was such a psycho! Hey do look at my fic Pokemon Revenge too. We have something in common.

May 18th, 2005, 4:09 PM
When you are done you should have the whole movie in one post. What I meant before was they didn't act the way you told them to. (Brock and Sprinklers post 1) He doesn't complain in the TV series

Jesse GS the II
May 18th, 2005, 4:30 PM
Well, he's not really complaining here, either, he's just teasing Ash about not really earning the badge. My work tends to feature a lot of satirical meta-references like that.


Cut to the hallway where Ash and the others are exploring. They continue to open doors as they move further down the hall.

BROCK: No Pokémon in here...although, that is a nice dinette set.

YOSHI: No good in here either, but that’s one heck of a library.

MAY: Oh, this is useless! We’re never going to find our Pokémon in here!

ASH: Hey, don’t give up so easily, May. When I was a starting trainer, I wound up in a lot of bad situations too, but I never gave up!

MAY (voice cracking slightly): Yeah, but...but what if the thief has already...w-what if they already...you know...

Ash puts his hand on May’s shoulder as a tear rolls down her cheek.

ASH: Hey, hey, don’t cry, okay? Look, we know that the Pokémon are around here somewhere, and we’re gonna find them and get them back, all right?

MAY (sniffling): But I can’t help it! I can’t help thinking about what’ll happen if we don’t succeed!

ASH: Listen to me, May. There have been hundreds of times in my training career when the deck was stacked against me, but I had my friends right by my side to help me out, and I pulled it off every time! When the St. Anne sank, Misty and Brock were right there to help me through it, and we made it out alive. When Team Rocket took over the Viridian City Gym and fought dirty, Misty and Brock were there to help me subdue them. When I was stranded on the Orange Islands after a blimp wreck, Misty helped me find my way back to civilization. Every time it looked like I’d never make it out of a bad situation, my friends came to my aid. And now - look at me, May - now, we’re all in this together, and if we work as a team, we can find our Pokémon before anything bad happens to them! All right?

May smiles and wipes the tears out of her eyes.

MAY: Yeah, I guess so.

ASH: There you go! Now, come on, let’s keep moving!

They continue down the hall. Misty walks next to Ash.

MISTY: You sure handled that well.

ASH: Thanks.

Misty hesitates for a moment.

MISTY: You know, the last time we met up, we didn’t really get much of a chance to talk about May, did we?

ASH: What’s to talk about?

MISTY: Well, you and she are friends, right?

ASH: Right.

MISTY: And that’s all there is to it, right?

Ash looks at Misty a little strangely.

ASH: What are you trying to say?

MISTY: What? I’m just curious as to how you feel about her.

ASH: Misty, she’s my friend. Max is my friend, Brock is my friend...heck, you’re my friend. That’s all.

MISTY: Right...that’s all...

Misty walks a little further behind Ash. Her face has just the slightest hint of concern - or perhaps it’s disappointment.
Cut to outside the mansion. Jessie and James are straining to climb up the rocky cliff side by hand. Jessie puts her foot on a rock jutting out of the cliff; it comes loose, falls, and nearly hits James in the head.

JAMES: Watch where you’re kicking those things!

JESSIE (straining): My deepest apologies.

JAMES: That didn’t sound very sincere!

JESSIE: Ooh, you’re certainly the perceptive one tonight, aren’t you? Look, just keep climbing, we’re almost there anyway.

They continue to move their way up the side of the cliff. Finally, Jessie reaches the ledge. Once she’s standing upright, she helps James up. Both of them look at the mansion before them. They’re at the rear of the house, away from the main entrance.

JESSIE: Classy.

JAMES: Whoever stole our Pokémon must be loaded! Hey, after we get Meowth and everybody back, let’s rob the joint!

JESSIE: If it’ll make you happy, it’s a deal. Now, how do we get inside?

James spots the closest window, then rushes over and tries to wrench it open.

JAMES: Hey, Jessie, give me a hand here!

JESSIE: I’ll do one better.

Jessie picks a rock up off the ground and hurls it at the window. It hits James in the back of the head, and the impact causes his forehead to smash the glass. Jessie reaches in through the hole and undoes the lock while James massages the area of impact on the back of his head.

JESSIE: Oh, by the way - duck.

JAMES: Now she tells me.

Jessie slides the window open, and they both climb inside. They turn around and find themselves in a room full of various Pokémon training memorabilia - shelves lined with photos, items mounted on tables, etc.

JAMES: Wow, would you look at this? It’s like some sort of Pokémon training museum.

James picks up a dusty framed photo. Jessie grabs it out of his hands and puts it back on the table.

JESSIE: And you don’t touch things in a museum! Now, hands behind your back!

JAMES (disappointed): Aw.

James reluctantly does as he’s told. Jessie looks around in awe at the various photos and items around. She eyes the burnt-out Technical Machines, a dust-covered Item Finder, and in the corner, a rusted bicycle. She then observes a black-and-white photo on the wall - it depicts the little girl trainer from the earlier flashback standing with a woman who looks like her mother and a 30-year younger Professor Oak. At the girl’s feet is a Charmander.

JESSIE: I wonder who this girl was.

JAMES: What girl?

JESSIE: The girl in this photo. Looks like she was a trainer once.

James walks over and looks at the photo.

JAMES: Yeah, this looks like it was taken on her first day.

JESSIE: Look at the date - “April 8, 1974". This was over 30 years ago!

JAMES: Wow, we’re not even that old. I didn’t know they had Pokémon 30 years ago.

Jessie continues to look at the photo, then looks down at the table beneath it. On the table is a dust-covered book. She picks it up and blows the dust off it. The cover has the word “TRAINER DIARY” embossed on it in faded gold lettering.

JAMES: Hey, how come you get to pick up stuff?

JESSIE: I possess the feminine touch, whereas you just grab and run.

JAMES: It’s more effective my way.

Jessie sits down in an armchair in front of a burnt-out fireplace and leafs through the diary. She reads aloud to James.

JESSIE: “April 8, 1974. Today I began my Pokémon journey. I met Professor Oak for the first time. He was really nice and he gave me a Charmander to start training with. I nicknamed him Zed.”

JAMES: Aw, this is sweet. I love snooping through other people’s private memories.

Jessie looks concerned as she keeps reading.

JESSIE: Wait, it keeps going. “But then I got to Route 1 and I found out how weak it is right now. I ran into a wild Pidgey, but Zed couldn’t even injure it. Apparently it’ll take a while before I can really beat anything. But I’ll keep trying anyway!”

JAMES: Hey, I really hope she made it.

Jessie flips a few pages ahead.

JESSIE: “May 14, 1974. It’s been more than a month and I still can’t catch anything other than Pidgey. I’ve got seven of them now. I’m still in Pewter City. I lost half my money trying to beat Flint, the gym leader. Why does he have to use Rock Pokémon? Nothing I own is good against him. I figure maybe if I act all disappointed at the end, I can get my badge through pity.”

She flips ahead again.

JESSIE: “July 25, 1974. I managed to get into Lt. Surge’s gym today. He called me a baby and made fun of my Pokémon. I sent Zed on him, but his Raichu was way too strong. And Sleepy, Sneezy, and Doc all got knocked out in one hit. Surge said I lost because Pidgey are weak to Electric attacks. I think I lost because he hates me. I’m starting to hate him.”

She flips ahead again.

JESSIE: “September 3, 1974. I’m in the Safari Zone right now, and I can’t catch anything. There are plenty of Chansey and Tauros all over the place, but I’m trying to catch a Dratini. They’re way too fast. I could fight them, but the warden doesn’t let me use my Pokémon. It’s just as well, all my Pokémon stink in battle anyway.”

She flips ahead again.

JESSIE: Wow, the ink’s all smudged on this one...“February 17, 1975. I lost at the Indigo Plateau. I tried and I tried, but I went down in the first round. Everyone was cheering for the winner, but nobody even cared about me. And the worst part is it’s all documented in my PokéDex forever. Well, that’s it! I’m never training Pokémon again! Nobody cares if I succeed or fail! I hate Pokémon! I hate Professor Oak! I hate all those snooty gym leaders! I hate the Elite Four! As far as I’m concerned, they can all drop dead...”

Jessie looks up at James. Both of them are shocked.

JESSIE: That’s where it ends.

James’ eyes move to the fireplace. He sees the blackened remains of a charred and melted PokéDex.

JAMES: I think we’ve found our kidnapper’s motive.

Cut to the underground laboratory. The net of Pokémon is still hanging off the ground, and the Pokémon inside are restless as they try to escape. One Pokémon in particular manages to squeeze his way to the outer reaches of the net - Meowth.

MEOWTH: Jeez! It’s a jungle back there! I don’t even want to know whose butt I was up against.

Meowth grabs the wires and shakes them.

MEOWTH: Wire netting! Man, this lady knows her stuff...well, there’s only one way out of this!

Meowth extends a claw and tries to slash the wire. Instead, his claw breaks. He puts his paw in his mouth to numb the pain.

MEOWTH: Eeergh...okay, that wasn’t the one way out. But this has to be!

He cracks his knuckles and flexes the best he can while squished up against the other Pokémon.

MEOWTH: This shall be my greatest escape yet.

Taking a deep breath, Meowth tries to force his head out through a hole in the wiring. He manages to do so with some difficulty, but his charm pops off his head. It bounces off the concrete floor with a “ding” and rolls underneath one of the massive Poké Ball Storage shelves. Meowth watches with disbelief.

MEOWTH: Oh, that can’t be good.

Straining, Meowth forces his arms through the hole, and finally manages to push the rest of his body through. Once he’s out, he lands on the floor, then looks down to see that he’s dislocated his left arm. He snaps it back into place with noticeable discomfort.

MEOWTH: WHOA, that felt weird...okay, now to find that coin!

Meowth scurries off towards the shelves, but stops dead when he hears the footsteps of the woman approaching. He gasps, looks around, and dives under the shelf just as she enters the room. With her back to the camera, she walks past the net and towards the elevator on the opposite side of the room. Meowth watches her from under the shelf.

WOMAN: Foolish trainers, think they can get their Pokémon back...well, they’ve got a surprise coming for them! As soon as I get that jerk with the hat, I’m dragging him and his search party outside so they can watch me as I murder that rat right before their very eyes.

Meowth puts a paw to his lips.

MEOWTH (thinking): “Jerk with the hat”?...don’t tell me the twerps are here? And the “rat” she’s talking about must be Pikachu...holy moley, she’s gonna kill the mouse! And if Pikachu’s gone...Jessie, James, and I are out of a job!

Meowth leaps out from under the shelf.

MEOWTH: Don’t even think about it, lady!

The woman turns around and looks at Meowth. He realizes what he’s just done.

MEOWTH: Uh, I just stepped outside to use the little kitty’s room. Hope you don’t mind...

The woman grabs Meowth by the scruff of his neck and picks him up, walking back towards the dark room behind the door.

MEOWTH: Wait, I need my charm back first!

WOMAN: You mangy little runts don’t know when to quit, do you? Well, now you get to spend time with your brave and foolish friend here.

MEOWTH: What friend? No friend of mine I know is brave. Foolish, yes, but brave?...

WOMAN (furious): SHUT UP!

She flings the door open again, revealing Pikachu sitting against the wall. He looks up at the sudden illumination of the room. In goes Meowth, landing on the floor in a heap.

WOMAN: Enjoy your time together - as soon as I find those kids, you’re both as good as dead!

She slams the door shut again, casting the room into darkness. Meowth’s voice is heard in the black.

MEOWTH: So...what are you in for?


To be continued...

Jesse GS the II
May 19th, 2005, 8:09 PM
Wow, is this an audience or an oil painting?

Regardless, this is where the story gets REALLY dramatic, so be prepared...


Cut to another long hallway. Ash and the others continue to search in different rooms.

MAX: I’m telling you guys, they’ve gotta be in the basement!

DANI: We don’t know how this person’s mind works, so don’t jump to conclusions.

MAX: But I’m used to being right all the time, it takes some adjustment to get out of that groove.

Ash closes another door and turns around to see May standing right behind him. He jumps.

ASH: Whoa! May, what is it?

MAY: Do you mind if I ask what you and Misty were talking about earlier?

ASH: Oh, it was nothing really important, she was just asking what the friendship between you and me is like.

MAY: And what’d you tell her?

ASH: I told her that we’re friends and that’s all there is to it. I mean, wouldn’t you agree?

MAY: Yeah, I would. But what else did you say?

ASH: Nothing, really, I just told her that she’s also my friend, same as you. Why are you curious?

MAY: Well, Misty seems to be thinking about something pretty deeply. She’s been that way ever since you talked to her.

ASH: Oh, she’s probably just concerned about the Pokémon like we are. Come on, let’s keep going.

Ash tries to move down the hall, but May puts a hand on his shoulder and stops him.

MAY: I don’t think that’s it, Ash.

Ash turns around and looks at May, then looks at Misty a few feet behind her. She’s looking down at the floor with her hands in her pockets, thinking about something. Ash walks over to her.

ASH: Uh...Misty?


ASH: Um, this may sound like crazy talk, but May and I get the strangest sensation that you’re unhappy about something. Is there anything you’d like to talk about? Because I’m right here, and I know it’s been a while since we last saw each other.

Misty puts her hands behind her back and looks at the floor again.

MISTY: No...no, there’s nothing, really...I’m just concerned about the Pokémon, that’s all.

ASH: Well, don’t worry about that. I get the feeling that we’re gonna find them before too long. Okay?

Misty looks up at Ash. Before she can say anything, Brock opens a door further down the hall.

BROCK (shocked): Whoa! Guys, come take a look at this! I think I’ve found something!

The others run down the hall to where Brock is standing. They look in the door and their jaws drop in surprise. Inside the room is a huge assortment of cages, tanks, and suspended animation tubes, each one inhabited by a different Legendary Pokémon. Raikou, Entei, and Suicune prowl around a large cage on the floor. Next to them is a cage containing Latios and Latias, who huddle next to each other in fear. Ho-Oh, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres sit on a perch suspended from the ceiling, with their wings banded to their sides so they cannot fly. Celebi rattles a bird cage hanging from above, trying to get out. Mewtwo and Mew attempt to break out of their glass tubes, but cannot break them. Lugia and Kyogre are stuffed into a large aquarium with barely any room to move. Regirock, Regice, and Registeel charge the bars of their cage, trying to break out. Groudon, trapped in another cage, rattles the bars and roars. Rayquaza is stuck in a large glass display habitat in one of the far walls; in the area next to him is Deoxys, and hanging from another birdcage is Jirachi. Ash and the others look around, amazed.

ASH: Incredible!

YOSHI: How on earth did they capture every Legendary Pokémon?

Max looks up at Jirachi's cage dangling from the ceiling.

MAX (distraught): Jirachi! They got you too? How'd they open your cocoon?

JIRACHI: <Long story, you wouldn't be interested.>

May charges into the room.

MAY: Well, don’t just stand there! We’ve got to set them free!

May tries to open the door to the Legendary Dogs’ cage. As soon as she touches the bars, she’s immediately electrocuted and falls to the floor. Ash and Max run over to help her.

MAX: May! Are you okay?

MAY: Yeah...but remind me not to touch anything else.

BROCK: I don’t believe this! What kind of a person would do this?

Mewtwo knocks on the inside of his suspended animation tube to get everyone’s attention.

MEWTWO: <I can answer that...we were kidnapped by this woman in a giant zeppelin, you see...>

DANI: Yeah, we know about that part, she got our Pokémon too.

As Mewtwo “speaks”, the scene fades to his flashback. In the sky over the Kanto region, the zeppelin’s claws snatch Mewtwo and Mew out of the clouds and pull them into the ship.

MEWTWO: <Wait, I’m not done. Furthermore, I overheard her talking to herself about how she plans to capture every Pokémon in the world, then take them back to her secret base and destroy them all.>

MISTY: Destroy them? Why?

Still in flashback, Mewtwo glares at the woman as she operates the controls of her ship.

MEWTWO: <I attempted to read her mind and find out for myself, but she was ready to contain me.>

The woman picks up a taser and sticks Mewtwo in the side. Electrocuted, Mewtwo falls over paralyzed, and the woman recalls him into an Ultra Ball.
Fade back to the present.

MEWTWO: <Not even my powers would allow me to escape - I had been weakened too much. The same thing happened to all the other Pokémon you see here.>

ASH: So, this woman, whoever she was, wants to kill every Pokémon on earth? That’s sick!

The door to the room suddenly swings open. Everyone turns and gasps when they see the woman standing there, holding her taser.

WOMAN: I don’t recall asking for your opinion, boy.

MAY: So you’re the one who stole our Pokémon! You give ‘em back right now!

The woman laughs uproariously.

WOMAN: You expect me to just surrender to you like that? You expect me to just roll over and give up just because you ask me to? Oh, it’s going to take much more than words to beat me.

Ash twists his hat backwards.

ASH: Good, because I’ve always said that actions speak louder than words!

Ash charges at the woman, ready to tackle her, but she whips out her taser and jabs Ash in the stomach. Electricity courses through his body for a moment, and he falls to the ground. Misty rushes over to him.

MISTY: Ash! Are you all right?

Ash gets to his feet.

ASH: Yeah, I’m fine. Years of living with Pikachu have helped me build up an immunity to that stuff.

WOMAN: Well, see if you’re immune to this!

The woman takes a tiny black ball out of her pocket and throws it on the floor. It immediately bursts open, spraying a pink mist in Ash’s face. The others are soon encased by it, coughing, and they all fall to the floor, asleep. The woman, covering her mouth and nose, puts her taser back on her hip.

WOMAN: And now the fun really begins.

Cut to the dark room where Meowth and Pikachu have been stashed. Meowth paces in circles as Pikachu attempts to sleep. He can’t do so, as he’s too worried. Meowth suddenly stops pacing and looks at the wall. He then runs over to Pikachu and shakes him.

MEOWTH: Hey, mouse, get up! I think I found our way out of here!

PIKACHU (confused): Pika pika?


Meowth points to a hole between the wall and floor. Obviously, Pikachu can’t see anything.

PIKACHU: Pikachu! Pika pi pika...

MEOWTH: Well, yeah, my nighttime vision is six times better than yours. Now come on, I’m gonna get you outta here with me!

Meowth makes a run for the hole. Pikachu grabs him by the tail and stops him.

PIKACHU (suspicious): Pika pikachu? Pi pika?

MEOWTH: Because if you don’t get out of here alive, I’m gonna be out of a job! My boss pays me to chase after you, remember?

PIKACHU: Pika pika?

MEOWTH: Well, no, he hasn’t ever said that, but I’m pretty sure he’d want you anyway.

PIKACHU: Pika pi...Pika pikachu chu pikachu.

MEOWTH (offended): What? Jessie and James? Those jerks? Forget them, as soon as we get out of here, I’m headin’ straight back to Team Rocket headquarters and askin’ for new partners. Partners who’ll actually respect me for once! Now come on, I gotta get my charm back before I do anything else.

Meowth tries to squeeze through the hole, but he can’t fit on his own.

MEOWTH (straining): Rrrgh...hey, mouse, come here and give me a push.

Pikachu leans against Meowth’s backside and tries to push him further into the hole. Suddenly, Pikachu’s ears perk up.

PIKACHU (scared): Pika pika! Pikachu!

MEOWTH (muffled): Whaddya mean she’s comin’ back? Quick, push me the rest of the way through!

Pikachu continues to shove as the woman’s footsteps draw closer outside the room. Finally, one last push sends Meowth disappearing into the wall - just as the woman opens the door. Pikachu stands over the hole and tries to look innocent. The woman walks in and grabs him.

WOMAN: Come with me, rat - we’ve got business to tend to.

She walks out, carrying Pikachu, and slams the door behind her.
Cut to the exterior of the mansion, overlooking the cliffside. Ash and the others are lying on the ground, still asleep. The woman walks up to them and kicks Ash awake.

WOMAN: Get up, kid.

Ash stirs, as do the others. They look up and stare at the woman - no longer obscured by any shadows. Her long brown hair blows in the night wind, and her dark vest and skirt are nearly indistinguishable from the night sky. She is still holding Pikachu. Ash notices this and makes a grab for him.

ASH: Pikachu!

But when Ash lifts his arms, he sees that he’s been handcuffed. Everybody else has been too. Ash glares at the woman angrily.

ASH: What are you going to do with him?

WOMAN: In good time, kid. For now, I want you to savor this view of the ocean. Pleasant, isn’t it? You’d better enjoy it, too, because this is the last time you’ll ever be outside.

BROCK: Look, who are you anyway?

The woman turns to face them.

WOMAN: Well, since you won’t get to tell anyone anyway...my name is Laura Costantino. You may remember me as the one who stole all your Pokémon.

MAX: Yeah, we know that much already! What’s your problem, anyway?

Laura leans over and gets right in Max’s face.

LAURA: My problem is none of your concern. All you need to know is that you’ve all reached the end of your Pokémon journies...just like I was forced to reach the end of mine so early in life.

YOSHI: So that’s it, then? You’re trying to compensate for the fact that you’re not a trainer anymore? And your idea of doing so is killing every Pokémon in the world?

MISTY: That’s not even close to sensible, let alone fair!

Laura, who has turned around to face the sea again, suddenly stops. She slowly turns back towards Misty.

LAURA (eerily calm, becoming increasingly angry): Fair? You’re telling me what is and isn’t fair? Let me tell you a little something, then. A little story about a girl, age 10, who set off to become a Pokémon trainer with the hopes of vanquishing the Elite Four and becoming the greatest Pokémon Master of all time. But this girl got dealt the wrong hand in life. This girl came out last in every battle she participated in. This girl couldn’t catch any decent Pokémon. This girl was taunted and teased by every gym leader and trainer she ever met! This girl was knocked out of the Pokémon League Finals after only one battle! And this girl has been stewing in her own hatred for years, and now she’s finally exacting her revenge on the Pokémon world that treated her so badly! That’s an eye for an eye! A tooth for a tooth! AND YOU HAVE THE GALL TO SIT THERE AND TELL ME WHAT IS AND ISN’T FAIR?!?!

Misty trembles a little bit.

MISTY (frightened): B-b-but just because you weren’t a great trainer, it doesn’t mean you have to exact revenge...

LAURA: Did I say that happened to me?

MISTY: Well, it’s pretty obvious it did...

LAURA (vehemently): Did I say that happened to me?

MISTY (quivering): ...No...

Laura grabs Misty by the collar and backhands her in the face on every word she says.


ASH (infuriated): LEAVE HER ALONE!

Laura lets go of Misty and turns her flaming eyes towards Ash. Misty huddles on the ground, crying.

ASH: Don’t you dare hit Misty again! If you have a problem with her, you have a problem with me!

Laura picks up Pikachu again.

LAURA: This is your Pikachu, right?

ASH (apprehensive): Yes...

LAURA (insanely angry): WELL THEN, YOU GO GET HIM!!!

Laura suddenly hauls back and throws Pikachu off the cliff. Everyone gasps, but Ash leaps after him, running toward the edge of the cliff.


MISTY (terrified): ASH, NO!

She’s too late - Ash takes a running jump off the edge of the cliff and dives after Pikachu. Misty runs to the cliff’s edge and watches them fall. Ash reaches for Pikachu in midair and realizes his hands are still cuffed together. He manages to grab Pikachu nonetheless.

PIKACHU (scared): Pika pi!

ASH: I wasn’t going to let her win, Pikachu - we started our journey together, and we’re gonna end it together.

And with that, Ash and Pikachu hit the water with a huge splash.

MISTY (horrified): NOOOOOO!!!

The remnants of the splash disappear in the waves as they crash against the rocks. Ash and Pikachu are nowhere to be seen. Misty tries to fight back her tears, but can’t do it and starts all-out sobbing. Her eyes suddenly flash with anger and she lunges at Laura.


Laura manages to wrestle Misty off of her. With one fluid motion, Laura then draws a gun on the group.

LAURA: Anyone who so much as THINKS of attacking me again, you have to answer to this, understand? Now, inside! GO!

May, Max, Brock, Dani, Yoshi, and Misty all carefully get up and head for the rear entrance. Laura keeps her gun trained on them as they reluctantly return inside. The camera wides out and pans down the cliff to the sea, where the waves continue to crash against the rocks - and suddenly, Ash and Pikachu burst out of the water, gasping.


To be continued...

May 21st, 2005, 7:58 PM
wow,jesse...after reading it,first of all,dun worry...those who tease u for loving pokemon is jerk!pokemon has no age limit!i am at ur side!first of all,i must give u credit for typing so many words for tis fan-fic.....wel,tis is better then de pokemon intensity,keep up the good work!

Jesse GS the II
June 7th, 2005, 7:40 AM
Sorry about the severe lack of updates, I haven't been around in a while. Here's the next installment...


Cut to the interior of the mansion. In the massive kitchen, a small crack suddenly forms in one of the walls. It gets bigger and bigger until finally, Meowth bursts out and lands on the floor in a heap. He coughs amidst the dust. His charm is still missing from his forehead.

MEOWTH: There has to be an easier way to sneak around this house.

Meowth suddenly turns towards the doorway when he hears two sets of footsteps outside.

MEOWTH: Oh no, she’s back! And she’s got someone with her! I gotta hide!

He darts around, looking for a hiding place, and finally flings open the stainless steel refrigerator door and hides himself in one of the drawers, letting the door slam shut behind him. The kitchen door opens, revealing that it was actually Jessie and James who were approaching.

JESSIE: Nope, no good, this is the kitchen.

JAMES: Aw, where the heck are our Pokémon?

James looks towards the fridge.

JAMES: Well, as long as we’re here, we might as well help ourselves to something.

JESSIE: How can you eat at a time like this? Our Pokémon are trapped somewhere and this psycho lady wants to kill them!

JAMES: I’m trying to think up a strategy. It’s not my fault if I don’t work well on an empty stomach.

James opens the fridge and peruses the items inside. He opens one of the drawers and yelps in surprise, jumping backwards and hitting his head on a row of hanging pots. Meowth pokes his head out of the drawer, shivering.

MEOWTH: Glad to see you too.

Jessie’s face lights up at the sight of Meowth.

JESSIE: Meowth! There you are! We’ve been looking all over for you! Come on, we’ve gotta find the rest of our Pokémon.

Meowth hops out of the drawer.

MEOWTH: Yeah, fat chance. Don’t think I’ve forgotten what you said to me the other day.

JESSIE: Oh, come on, Meowth, can’t you forgive us? We were angry, we weren’t thinking straight...

MEOWTH: If that’s the case, you two must always be angry.

James thinks about that for a moment.

JAMES (getting it): Hey!

MEOWTH: Forget about it. I’m not gonna put up with your lack of respect anymore! I’ve worked with you guys for too long, and when I get back to the boss, I’m signin’ up for new partners!

JAMES: Yeah, but how are you gonna get back to Viridian City?


Meowth stops and thinks for a moment.

MEOWTH (incensed): Shut up.

JESSIE: Meowth, please, think about it! You’re our best friend!

MEOWTH: If I’m your best friend, how come you’ve never treated me as an equal, huh? How come you’ve never let me fight a battle? Is it because you think I’m too weak? Is it because you don’t have any confidence in me? What is it?

JAMES: Look, it’s not like that!

MEOWTH: Then what is it like?

JAMES (struggling): It’s...it’s...okay, I don’t know what it’s like!

Meowth crosses his arms and turns away from Jessie and James.

MEOWTH: That’s what I thought.

JESSIE: Meowth...

MEOWTH: You go on without me - I’m just gonna go back to the other Pokémon and tell them what you said.

Jessie perks up when she hears Meowth say “other Pokémon”.

JESSIE (excited): You know where our Pokémon are?

MEOWTH: I know where all the Pokémon are. I was captured same as everyone else, remember?

JAMES: Where are they?

MEOWTH: Pssh, like I’m gonna tell you. You think you deserve to have Pokémon? They probably don’t even want to be with you after what you said to them. I know I don’t!

Meowth turns around again. Jessie and James look at him sadly. A tear forms in the corner of Jessie’s eye.

JESSIE: So...this is it? After all those years together...it’s over?

MEOWTH: You better believe it is.

Jessie and James slowly turn around and walk back out the door of the kitchen, leaving Meowth behind. He glares at the wall angrily, but his glare starts to weaken as he hears the door close. He closes his eyes and sighs deeply.
Cut to the dark room where Pikachu was kept. Laura flings open the door and shoves Misty, May, Max, Brock, Yoshi, and Dani inside.

LAURA: You six stay here while I get the show ready - I want to make sure it’s agonizing enough.

She slams the door, and a “click” from the other side proves that she’s locked them in. Misty sits against the far wall, buries her face in her hands, and starts crying again. Yoshi pats her on the back.

YOSHI: Hey, look, I’m sorry about...what happened back there. There wasn’t anything we could do.

MISTY (between sobs): Don’t be sorry, it’s not your fault...

YOSHI: Well, it’s not your fault either, so there’s no sense in crying over it.

MISTY: You don’t understand, you don’t know Ash like I did. I’ve known him longer than any of you. None of you have the same friendship I had with him!

BROCK: It’s okay, Misty, I understand. I knew him almost as long as you did...come here.

Brock sits next to Misty and puts his arm around her. Misty sniffles, then grabs a corner of Brock’s coat and blows her nose on it. She sniffs again.

MISTY: Thanks...

BROCK: Hey, I’m here to help.

DANI: Guys, seeing Ash go like that was sad, but you have to remember that he went out bravely. I mean, he was trying to save Pikachu, after all.

MISTY: That’s Ash for you, always putting others before himself...he was a great guy like that...

MAX: Well, I for one think that if Ash was still here, he wouldn’t want us to get hung up like this. Just because he’s gone, it doesn’t mean we can just give up. We’ve still got Pokémon to save, right?

BROCK: Exactly! But we’ve got to find a way out of here first.

DANI: I think I’ve got an idea...Yoshi, give me your backpack!

Yoshi takes off his backpack and hands it to Dani. She rummages around for something in the dark and finally pulls out Yoshi’s Trainer ID card.

DANI: If they can unlock doors with credit cards, surely your ID card work just as well!

YOSHI: Whoa, hey, won’t that cut it in half?

DANI: It’s a small price to pay, my friend! Besides, you can always ask Professor Elm for a new one.

YOSHI: Then why don’t we just use yours?

DANI: Because it’s my plan and I get to decide how it works. Now come on!

Dani locates the spot between the door and the frame and starts jiggling the card. As she does, May walks over to where Misty is still sitting.

MAY: Hey, Misty, do you mind if I ask you something?

MISTY: Yeah, go ahead.

May sits down against the wall.

MAY: Well, when Ash...you know...and when you tried to tackle Laura, what did you mean when you said “he was the only thing I had”? Surely, you didn’t mean “friend” - I mean, you’ve got all of us...

Misty looks up at May through her red, tear-clouded eyes.

MISTY: It’s a...a personal matter, really. I don’t know if I want to discuss it.

MAY: Oh...okay, I wouldn’t want to force it out of you or nothing.

May gets up and heads over towards the door.

MISTY: Wait - May?

May turns around.

MAY: Yeah?

MISTY: Uh...look, you and Ash...there, uh...there wasn’t anything going on there, was there?

MAY: What do you mean?

MISTY (struggling): Well, you...and he, I mean...oh, jeez, this is embarrassing...uh, you two weren’t...um...

MAY: We were just friends, if that’s what you’re getting at.

MISTY: Oh...oh, yeah, well, that’s obvious! That wasn’t what I was asking!

MAY: Well, then, what are you asking?

Misty looks at May for a moment, then looks at the floor.

MISTY: Nothing.

May shrugs and sets off for the door again. Misty sighs and covers her face with her hands.
Cut to the cave beneath the cliff. Ash has his handcuff chain stretched over a rock while Pikachu leaps into the air and executes its Iron Tail attack. Pikachu's tail lands squarely on the chain, which finally breaks. Ash flexes his wrists.

ASH: Well, it’s not perfect, but at least I can move my arms. Thanks, Pikachu.

Pikachu smiles.

ASH: Okay, now we’ve got to get back up to the mansion and rescue the Pokémon. Any idea how we do that?

PIKACHU: Pika pika!

Pikachu points to the elevator.

ASH: Yes! Perfect!

Ash and Pikachu run across the sand and under the giant zeppelin to the elevator doors. Ash pushes the button.

VOICE: Restricted access. Identification required.

ASH: Uh-oh...well, it’s worth a shot.

Ash speaks clearly into the button panel.

ASH: Ash Ketchum.

VOICE: Invalid identification. Prepare to be vaporized. Have a nice day.

Once again, the lasers descend from the ceiling. Ash screams and covers his face, but instead of being vaporized, the lasers shoot sparks and shake. Ash sees that Pikachu is electrocuting the button panel. Finally, the panel explodes, and the two lasers fall out of the ceiling and crash to the ground. The doors slide open.

ASH: You know, Pikachu, sometimes you really come in handy.

Ash and Pikachu step inside the elevator, and the doors close. Ash looks at the different buttons.

ASH: Hmm, this could be a problem...I still don’t know where the Pokémon actually are...and we need to find Misty and the others too.

PIKACHU: Pika pi! Pikachu!

Pikachu points at the button labelled “B”. Ash smiles.

ASH: The basement! You know, I think it’s high time we took Max’s advice.

Ash presses the button, and the elevator begins its ascent.


To be continued...

July 5th, 2005, 5:53 PM
Simply amazing. It's really good and I can't wiat for the next chapter. I like the direction it's going and I can't wait for the ending. Ash and Misty all the way.

July 5th, 2005, 8:08 PM
Wow, this is really interesting... I was expecting Laura to be someone we recognised, though. Well, not everything is revealed :P I'm expecting a twist in there somewhere.

The only complaint I have is the Elites. You featured Bruno and Lorelei, but you'd think that at least SOME of the other Elites would try to infiltrate the mansion - in particular Lance, Steven and Drake don't seem like the 'stand aside and do nothing' types.

I know the other movies use the whole 'world is in danger and yet the Elite trainers don't show up' thing, and since you're taking after the same style it's not surprising, but since this is such a widescale problem you'd think they'd do SOMETHING.

*cough* anyway... rant over... ^.^ keep it up.

Feraligatr master
July 6th, 2005, 10:44 AM
cool im so enjoying this story theres gunna be a twist
dose laura even have dark lugia?
any way cant wait till the next instalment

Jesse GS the II
July 14th, 2005, 11:55 AM
Sorry it's been so long, guys - I kinda forgot I still had this thing going (I don't pay much attention to my sig). By the way, given my recent activity in the Anime Forum, I'd like to reiterate that any and all PokéShipping hints in this story are purely satirical - I don't actually support it. Anyway, let's keep going...


Cut to the dark room. The camera pans across three broken Trainer ID cards littered on the floor, then pans up to Dani, wriggling a fourth one in the space between the door and the frame. May, Misty, Brock, Max, and Yoshi stand around her, looking upset. Finally, the card snaps in half, but the door still isn’t open. Dani hands the pieces back to Brock, who is looking particularly irate.

DANI: Sorry, Brock.

BROCK (sarcastic): Perhaps you’d like my gym leader ID too?

DANI: Really? You’d do that?

BROCK: Of course not! It was sarcasm!

YOSHI: Why don’t you use your card?

DANI: Ah, I think it’s pretty safe to say that this isn’t working.

YOSHI: Yeah, convenient that you decide that only after you’ve destroyed everyone’s ID except your own.

MAX (hysterical): It’s hopeless! We’re never gonna find our way out of here! We’re doomed!

May grabs Max by the shoulders and slaps him.

MAY: Snap out of it, Max! Get a hold of yourself!

Max runs his hand through his hair nervously.

MAX: Sorry, I don’t know what got into me.

YOSHI: This is ridiculous. There has to be a way to escape...let me lie down, I think better in a horizontal position...

Yoshi lies down on the floor, but his head makes a “clang” noise. He sits up and rubs the back of his head in pain.

YOSHI: OW! What was that?

Misty feels the floor where Yoshi’s head was.

MISTY: I think it’s a sewer cover! Somebody help me get it off!

Everyone grabs an edge of the cover and lifts. The cover slowly comes off, revealing a ladder leading down to an unseen pipe.

MAY: Yes! All we have to do is follow the pipes! We’re bound to find the room where our Pokémon are eventually!

BROCK: Good job, Yoshi. Thanks for finding that.

YOSHI: And thank you for not making a lame “using your head” pun.

One by one, the six trainers descend into the sewer.
Cut to Jessie and James wandering the halls of the mansion. Both of them look very dejected.

JAMES: I can’t believe Meowth actually did that. Doesn’t he realize we’re sorry?

JESSIE: There’s just no convincing a guy like that.

JAMES: You know, it’s really our fault, if you think about it. We haven’t treated him right all these years. Either we leave him out of our plans entirely or we make him do the hard work - and then we don’t even let him battle.

JESSIE: And he brings up a really valid point - why DIDN’T we let him battle?

JAMES: Well, it’s not like he ever expressed any interest in it before now. But I guess we could have let him.

JESSIE: And he could have been so powerful...jeez, I feel like such a heel.

James looks at Jessie suspiciously.

JAMES: A heel?

JESSIE: It’s an old term nobody uses anymore, like “cruisin’ for a bruisin’.”

JAMES: Oh...

Jessie and James stop in front of a door at the end of the hall.

JAMES: You want to try this room?

JESSIE: It’s worth a shot.

They open the door and their jaws drop upon seeing that they’ve walked into the room where the legendaries are kept.

JAMES (ecstatic): Holy mackerel, we hit the jackpot!!!

JESSIE: Oh, it’s okay for you to say “holy mackerel” but I can’t say “heel” without getting a look?

JAMES: Look, Jessie - legendary Pokémon! All of them, from the looks of it! Can you imagine the promotions we’d get if we showed up at Giovanni’s office with –

Jessie slaps James in the back of the head.

JESSIE: Not now, you moron! We’ve got more important things to think about!

JAMES (small): Yes, ma’am.

Mewtwo looks up in his suspended animation chamber and notices the Rocket agents.

MEWTWO: <You again! Don’t tell me you’re behind this?>

JESSIE: No, of course not! We’re actually trying to find our Pokémon at the moment.

MEWTWO: <Well, you won’t find them in here, this room is reserved for legendaries only.>

JESSIE: I can’t believe this wacko would keep you all locked up like this...

MEWTWO: <We tried to escape, believe me. Latios and Latias tried transforming into humans to unlock their cage, but the locks are on the outside.>

Jessie looks at Latios and Latias, crammed into a steel cage next to the Legendary Dogs. Latias cocks its head in a “so-I-screwed-up-what-are-you-looking-at” way. James notices Jirachi’s birdcage hanging from the ceiling.

JAMES: Whoa! How did they get Jirachi? It's only supposed to appear once every thousand years!

Jirachi rattles the bars of its cage.

JIRACHI: <Long story, you wouldn't be interested.>

JESSIE: Listen, maybe you can help us. Do you know where the rest of the Pokémon are being kept?

MEWTWO: <Have you tried the basement?>

JAMES: No, actually, we hadn’t. Is that where they are?

MEWTWO: <I don’t know for sure, but most all evil masterminds run their sinister plots out of their basements.>

JESSIE: Then that’s our next stop! Come on, James.

Jessie runs out of the room. James follows, but stops and looks at the Legendary Dogs’ cage.

JAMES: Can’t I just have one of the dogs?

Entei barks and snaps at James from behind the bars. He squeaks and backs out of the room.
Cut to the interior of the elevator. Ash and Pikachu are still inside as it continues its journey up towards the basement.

ASH: Any second now, we’ll be back in the house and on our way to reuniting with all the other Pokémon.

PIKACHU: Pika pika?

Ash looks down at Pikachu.

ASH: Hey, you’re right! If Laura captured every Pokémon in the world, that means she must have caught the ones I released! I’ll finally get to see them again!

Ash starts counting off on his fingers.

ASH: That’s Charizard, Squirtle, Lapras, Pidgeot, Primeape, maybe Butterfree if he’s still alive...uh, who am I forgetting?


ASH: I don’t think Haunter counts, but yeah.

Suddenly the elevator shudders to a stop. The lights flicker out.

ASH (irritated): Great, just what I need at this point.

Ash looks up and sees a small escape door in the ceiling. He tries to reach it, but he’s too short.

ASH: Oh, that figures...hey, Pikachu, if I hold you up, do you think you can see what’s wrong up there?

PIKACHU (confidently): Pikachu!

Cut to outside the elevator car. The door swings open and Pikachu’s head pokes out. He looks up the elevator shaft and gasps.

PIKACHU (frightened): Pika pika! Pi pikachu!

Inside the car, Ash stands on his tiptoes, holding Pikachu up.

ASH: What? What do you see?

Suddenly, Pikachu disappears from Ash’s hands. Ash barely has time to wonder what happens before an arm reaches in through the door, grabs the hood on Ash’s jacket, and pulls him up through the door. Once on the roof of the elevator, Ash sees that he’s been grabbed by Laura. She holds Pikachu by the ears in her other hand.

LAURA (seething): You couldn’t leave well enough alone, could you?

ASH: Uh, you wouldn’t, by any chance, be feeling merciful right now, would you?

Laura slams the escape door shut with her foot, throws Pikachu down to the roof, pulls a small remote control out of her pocket, and hits a button on it. The elevator starts moving upward again.

LAURA: Actually, I suppose it’s rather beneficial that you arrived when you did - you get to join your friends after all. I’ve got quite the show in store for you...

Ash gulps as the elevator moves further upward towards the open doors that lead to the basement.


To be continued...