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May 15th, 2005, 5:22 PM
Hey, this is my 1st ever fic here. I hope you like it. The people in here are from SPPf. I hope you like it.
Chapter 1

Have you ever experienced love? Well, if you haven't its kind of hard to explain. For people who have experienced it you know what I mean when I say that's it's sometimes a terrible thing. It's not always like a fairy tale when Prince Charming takes the Princess away and they live happily ever after. Its a lot more complicated.
This is what it says in the dictionary for love.
love n 1 affection 2 charity 3 devotion 4 sexual passion 5 sweetheart 6 tennis no score, (formerly) woo with words; ns.
But people who have experienced it would miost likely have a different definition of the word. It would be hard to explain, yet sometimes you love it, and some times you hate it. Well, the easiest way to explain to explain would be not to. Its just to let the other person wait and let them find out on their own.
Love is mostly like the tennis no score; because you don't have any points and you're losing while you're winning. It's like you: 0 love: 1000.
Well, now let's get on with this story, and hopefully you can imagine the pain, sorrow, and happiness of love.

We start of in the remote island of AltoMare. A beautiful serene town that is know to many as "home sweet home." It's home, it's sweet, and it's home again. Wait...rewind...go back to that sweet part. I'm not so sure about that. Well, it could be sweet to an average tourist. The average tourist may get a feel of the place, but they would never experience living with the many residents, and having to try to get across the numberous canals every single day. Or when the water-racing season comes they would have never experience the great rivalry and competition of the different teams and fans. They won't experience watching the races, no I mean actually watching them. THey wouldn't have spent a summer with their friends many years ago and when they all got lost they wouldn't have found the best ever sport to watch the race. They wouldn't have saved up money for the newest, coolest, best video game that would be obsolete to any other person from Kanto, Johto, or Hoenn. Just to make it clear they would have never had the same experience as the average citizen who had spent their whole life on the isle.
Ash had done none of these things just listed. He had never experienced a water-race. Well, except teh time he had been a tourist. Actually, he got to compete in the race, not saying that he won or anything.
Yet, still to be told Ash had only been on "the tourist's" view of the island. He never had the childhood memories with special friends, I mean friends that you could tell anything to. Someone you could trust as big a secret about who you have liked since the 2nd grade. He had these kinds of friends, but he could not tell any secret as big as the one he had.
Now back to the island. Well, the island was surrounded by a veiling mist that was near the sea on every side of the island. Then if you could get past the mist you would come to a great beach. The kids of the island called it Wingulls' Saloon, due to the fact that it harbored so many Wingull. Then after that you would come to a road leading into the city. Then after the paved streets you'd wind up at the edge of the city. It had paved streets and many, many, many houses. Then at one time you'd wind up at a big canal. Then if you go west of the canal for a few minutes you'd get to a bridge.
After you crossed the bridge you'd wind up in the heart of they city. The heart of the city has many different stores, but the most popular store among the kids and teens on the whole island was the store called "Sumnor's game store". IT was popular because it was the only store that sold video games and electronics, and with the opening of the store it brought technology to the little primitive island.
Now after I've droned on and probably bored you all into a comma (my appologies) I've now gotten to the part where it gets kind of interesting.
Now the teens are going to be kind of fun to talk about. (Note that I say kind of) Well, that's because...because...well, I guess there's no real reason, but let's just talk about them anyway.
If I start to drone on about the teens I'll have to kiss your attention goodbye, so let's see how they're doing.

"Good morning gm," said Sumnor as she walked to her store.

Gm turned on his heel and looked at Sumnor," Oh, good morning."

Sumnor smiled. "Don't we have some Kantians coming today?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot. Some kind of 'great heroes.' Well, whoever they think they are it's not like they can expect us to give them everything we own," said gm unaware of who he was speaking about.

"Yeah, so I guess this doesn't mean this is going to be a "good" morning," replied Sumnor.

"Sure, so I guess I better say, bad morning," said gm.

"O.K., so bad morning gm," said Sumnor.

Gm and Sumnor laughed. " Well, see ya Sumnor."

"See ya," said Sumnor continueing her way to the store.

When Sumnor got to the store. She pulled out the key to the store. She then slipped the key into the keyhole and then turned it counter-clockwise. Then a little 'click' and the door opened.

When she got in she took out two pokeballs and then they opened with a sudden burst of white light. "Come out Typhlosion, Togetic."

Then from one of the bright lights came a tall firey creature, which was (of course) Typhlosion, and from the other light came a small flying creature which was (also of course) Togetic.

"Okay guys, time to open the shop," said Sumnor turning the closed sign to open that was hanging by the door.


"Hey Ash, are you ready for the big move?" asked a bright girl with short orange hair.

A boy with jet-black hair cover by a hat with a weird symbol on it looked at the young girl. "I guess so. I know I'll miss Pallet though."

"We all will honey. But don't worry," said what must have been Ash's mom. "Now, if you were six you'd be crying to death by now and I'd be holding you telling you that everythin would be alright. And..."

"Mom," said Ash embarrassed," I'm not 6. I'm older now."

"I know that honey. It's just hard to believe you're so old and grown up now. Sniff...My Baby is growing up!!!" replied his mom.

"Sometimes I don't think you know that," stated Ash flicking the hair out of his face. Then he turned towards the sea

Ash was in the boat called the S.S. Anne. On board were six people besides the driver. Ash, his mom, Misty, a guy with dark skin who looked like he had his eyes closed. (what a weirdo. No offense) Then there was a weird guy who looked pretty arrogant and had a group of cheerleaders in another boat. Then there was a pretty girl that had brown hair and had fallen asleep with her head resting on the boat rail. She was wearing a bandana that had a pokeball with a circle in the middle.

"Gary! Gary! He's our man! If he can't do it..." cheered the group of cheerleaders in the other boat.

"Everyone can," finished Ash quite annoyed at the cheerleaders. "Can you make them shut up Gary?"

"Ash that' no way to speak to your friend," said Ash's mom quite shocked.

"Yeah Ashy-boy. Apologize," snorted Gary.

"Who said he's my friend?" said Ash sarcastically.

"We're almost here!" shouted the driver.

Ash looked out to the sea smiling. He couldn't wait to get to the island, and somehow he didn't want to go. But, he had a secret reason for coming here. His reason for coming was hidden from everyone. Even his closet friends didn't know his secret. But, for some reason or another one person in particular was supicious of Ash's behavior. It was the person with the ultimate knowledge of love and wisdom of developing realationships. I bet you'll never guess who it is.