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Let's Fighting Love
May 20th, 2005, 12:36 PM
After the death of Master Cheif.The Prophet Of Hate has taken over Earth with what is left of the covenant army. Now it's up to a group of Humans to take back earth.

Color of Armor:
Weapon of choice:

Here's mine!

Name Mr.Gold
Color of armor:Gold
Weapon of choice:Shotgun
Personality:Stupid,gracious(especially to girls),and aggresive.
History:Stupidest person to ever join the army.
If I'm not on start without me.Just catch me up on what happened.

May 20th, 2005, 1:01 PM
Sorry, but this is not acceptable. We would ask at least four lines in a RP reply, the Plot should be 3 times more than an ordinary RP reply at the least. Hmm, you need to work on the plot more, you also have to keep in mind that some people may not have played Halo, but may still want to join the RP, so you may want to add some background information on the last 2 Halo games and who Master. Cheif, The Prophet Of Hate and the covenant army are/is.

An idea may be to look at some examples of RPG's made by other members and get some ideas of length from there and then perhaps post your idea in the 'Idea Discussion' thread stickied in the RP lounge before posting it as a thread ^_-