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May 20th, 2005, 3:11 PM

In another region, far of the coast of Jhoto, is the small island of Orion. Many likes to go there for a vacation, but no one would stay unlease they want to be caught in between what they call the "Element wars". Just when you thought there was no teams more rivaled then Magma and Aqua, here comes Team Skye of flying types and Earthe of ground types. If they don't hate each other more then oil and water, team Dark and team Light might. Dark of dark types and Light of Phsychic. For years now, Orion is in chaos, until some peaple decided to end it, that's where Team peace comes in...

Ok, this is my secound RP, my first one still not finished.If you want to join:

Description:(A picture if you can get your hands on it, if not, just descibe)
Past:(Just anything that happened to her before)
Team:(Skye/Earthe/Light/Dark/Peace or just someone on vacation stumbling onto the action)

My charcters
Pokemon: Blaziken(Solarflare), Manlectrike(Thunderway), Flygon, Gardevoir(Starshadow), Kyogre(Waterlily),and Wailren(Iceflower).
Past:Started her Jorney in Orion with the starter Torchic. She was forced to go on her adventure when her father, Professor Pine fell seriously ill and she needed the money from the Elite four. She has always wanted an espeon and Umbreon.
Team:Peace, she joined after eviving her father, knowing that the element war might cause mayhem greater then it already has.