View Full Version : Ace of Paine (Passive Agression)

May 21st, 2005, 11:01 AM
Ace of Paine - Passive Agression Edition

Won't you stop me at the edge
I have the chance to bring us back
I can't help but to hesitate here
Looking into the waters of truth
I wonder 'what if' and I
Wonder if it's still right between us
I can push forward or I could go back
Settle out of the game
Or try to pull the ace of paine

Wandering through the desert
of lost dreams where you could go back
Or forward, whatever you fancy
So I take a moment, do I still love you
Or do I simply belong in your arms
Ask yourself, is there a point
Is life a pointless journey or
Can you stay, stay, stay
Or try to pull the ace of paine

Make believing that all is good
In denial that I am lost
Is pain really my pleasure or
I am I really lost after all
Cut myself and watch me bleed
It doesn't feel the same anymore
Is it right to complain
Because I drew the ace of paine

I got somethin to say
I'm locked inside my own heart
Wish you were here
In this box of broken hearts
But now I know
I gotta turn back

Forever locked inside my heart
In my heart
In my heart