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May 21st, 2005, 8:10 PM
There is a island twice the size of Kanto and Hoenn combined.On this island, a evil has risen.Team Shadow has plunged the island into darkness, and is trying to make shadow pokemon.Will you join Team Shadow to plunge the world into darkness, and turn most pokemon into shadow pokemon?Or will you try to stop Team Shadow?

Pokemon(not needed):

I'll join.
Name: Josh
Age: 13
Appearence: Blond hair, red jacket, jeans, white shoes, backpack, and fingerless gloves.
Weapons: Staff, whip, and sword.
Team: None
Pokemon: Blaziken, swellow, raichu, tyranitar, and latios

We need 2 more people to start.

Princess Zelda
May 21st, 2005, 9:16 PM
Ill join, I love rps
Name: Niki
Age: 16
Appearence: long blonde hair thats usually tied up in a ponytail, blue eyes, purple tshirt, jeans
Weapons: bow and arrows
Team: none
Pokemon: Ponyta, Rapidash, Pikachu, Shuppet, Eevee, Arcanine

May 22nd, 2005, 1:17 PM
Ill Join Cause I Got No Choice
Appearence:Spikey Green Hair,Black T,Jeans
Weapon:Sword Im A True Warrior I Dont Need A Dam Sheild
Team:Try To Stop Team Darkness
Pokemon:Garvedoir Swampert Blazeking SceptileMetagross Rayquaza

May 22nd, 2005, 3:24 PM
Name: Kayota
Age: 12
Appearence: Black hair, *wolf ears and tail
Weapons: Her teeth. 0.o
Team: None, will be decided in the RP...
Pokemon(not needed): Just a mightyena and a shiny Umbreon.

Sima Yi's Apprentice
May 22nd, 2005, 3:45 PM
OOC: Seeing as everyone is neutral, I'll take it that you need someone to play the part of the leader of Team Shadow, correct? Well, I'll fill in the part, if you're okay with it. Plus, I just like being evil.

Name: Chaos Orunitia

Age: 16

Appearance: He has a pair of crimson eyes, which look like they contain a fierce fire within them. His skin is a dark tan and he also has almost midnight blue hair, which hangs down to the end of his back. Usually he wears a pair of shadow black gloves, along with the same color boots. Also, he wears shorts, which are a camouflage color, and a sleeveless t-shirt, which is a grey/blue color. Always wears a pair of sunglasses, to hide something which he wishes no one to ever see.

Weapon: http://www.mwart.com/images/p/Fantasy_Swords_Kilgorin__Sword_of_D_UC1239_700.jpg
He has two of the pistols.

Personality: Basically clam, carefree, and wise. He is sensible, and is usually sarcastic. For some reason, he has an odd interest in messing with the minds of other people. When using a sword, he is balanced, quick, and strong. Two words can describe him when using his pistols: trigger happy. :D He can easily lead people, which is why his team has become what it is today. Yet, even with this huge force, he prefers not to sit back, but rather to go out and deal with problems personally.

Team: Team Shadow

Pokemon: Scizor- Skarmory- Kabutops- Haunter- Sneasel- Gardevoir

May 22nd, 2005, 6:26 PM
If I am allowed to be a yoshi
Appearence:A yellow yoshi
Weapons:Mysterious staff, special magic
Pokemon(not captured):Beautifly(Mary)

If not
Appearence:He has pale skin,wears a yellow shirt with black shorts/pants, he has blonde hair that turns black if it gets wet,and he doesn't appear to be physically strong,but is actually somewhat strong,and isn't very tall.
Weapons:Shadow sword and various kinds of magic.
pokemon:Absol, Dragonair, and Misdreavus.

Yami's Girl
May 31st, 2005, 8:28 AM
Name:Emily Mueller
Appearence:Blue eyes, blonde hair in ponytail, 5'2", black shirt with flames, jean shorts tattered at ends, red-orange sneakers, and a purple hat.
Weapons:A purple tinted staff with the power to bring forth pokemon to help in battles and control people, and a whip with sharp bumps.
Pokemon:Charizard[Flare],Vaporeon[Hydro], Houndoom[Darkness],Dragonite,Salamance, Tyranitar[Rage]

May 31st, 2005, 8:34 AM
Appearence:brown hair black pants blue shirt
Weapons:a sword
Pokemon(not needed):gengar dragonite gyrados knigdra misdreavus charazard