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Articuno Power
May 22nd, 2005, 2:15 AM
I will put in this forum my fanfiction but it's in french ... (because I'm french)
People are interest ??

May 22nd, 2005, 6:18 AM
If you can translate it, yes!

May 22nd, 2005, 6:35 AM
Well, I think that you can go http://babelfish.altavista.com for translation

Good Luck ! ^_-

Articuno Power
May 22nd, 2005, 10:59 AM
ok i make it tomorow ^_^ thanks

May 23rd, 2005, 3:23 AM
Be quick...I want to see it...

Articuno Power
May 23rd, 2005, 10:06 AM
Ok ^_^ here it's the first chapter !!! Sorry if the traduction is bad ...


Chapter I: The catastrophe.

All begins in Azalea Town , a city famous through Johto for its legends pokemon... Two years passed since Ash had there put the feet, the it-last had come brought the mysterious GS ball, with manufacturing special pokeball: Kurt . This last was always accompanied by his small daughter, Lila, which had the age to draw up pokemon like its Teddiursa. It grew dark black, to see even dark, all was calm and quiet, to be little even too. The city was deadened, it was to be 11 hours of the evening, but any stars was not posted on the sky. Slowpoke of the city slept peacefully in various positions, with back or the place. When suddenly, a flash crossed the sky in a deafening noise, reveillant the population, then jolts were felt. The flash had been reper close to the beach, all the city went there. On the coast, one could aperevoir the headlight of Oliville to far. But the tremors ceased, they were small jolts, nothing low register... when suddenly, an immense meteorite crossed the sky, ignited and rocky, to be crushed in the sea, it y have then an enormous flash. The inhabitants of Azalea Town had the air fascinated by this extremely rare spectacle, none seemed to test feelings of fear or concern ...

A girl threaded in crowd, it had of long mauve hair smooth, the eyes emeralds tincelants, and wore a nice dress green-sheet, her first name was Marina. During this time, a gigantic column of smoke was created at the place where the meteorite had been crushed, then suddenly it y have jolts even stronger, then a fire of artifices of rocks in fusion commenca, as if a volcano exploded. The rocks projected destroyed all the formerly green littoral. Destroying all on its passage, absorbing some inhabitants, an enormous tidal wave approached the city. Marina had ventured in the deserted streets of the city thinking of escaping from the terrible tsunami. She went to the Pokemon arena, but while entering, she saw anybody, neither her brother, nor the pokemon which populated it formerly. She suddenly took fear, she believed during one moment that it had remained on the beach when the catastrophe had started... but this thought hta of its spirit when she realized that it was not even there. She thus went to Kurt's house , but , anybody. Was too much, it felt a feeling of loneliness climbed to him in the heart. It considering immense vagueness to arrive on the city at speed constente, it knelt, awaiting the end and closed its eyes...

But it reopened them when it heard a voice which was familiar for her. Somebody call it with far. It was raised, seeking from which the voice came. When suddenly, one Rapidash arrived close to it, and a young boy with the mauve hair tightened the hand to him; there was also an old catch and a small girl on Rapidash.
Bugsy : Go come!
Marina: But! One will not escape from it, it is finished...
Kurt : Not, there is still a chance, I know what you test, but there are not the choice, it is necessary to leave from here and quickly!
Marina looked at the Bugsy's eyes , which were full with hope. With hesitation, it took the hand to him and went up on Rapidash , which was not long in leaving to the sight of the waves which traversed the streets. Being faster than the wind, took along its adjusters on a hill, and after a few moments, they looked at behind-them. The city was devastated, the houses all were broken, no inhabitants had not survived, only Slowpoke sailed on pieces wood to shred...
In front of the sad spectacle, none which been able to retain its tears, Lila and Marina, which were ploughed up in front of such a spectacle...
Finally they fell asleep, and Bugsy spoke Kurt .
Kurt : It was a Natural , one cannot nothing make there...
Bugsy : On the contrary it was not natural...
Kurt : What?
Bugsy : One will speak again of that later if you want well... go of.
Kurt : Where do you want that one goes there?
Hector: In Ecruteak's city ...
His Rapidash went away towards the legendary Pokemon city, Ecruteak ...

Here a little sad, but it is the life, leave me comments please. ^ _ ^

Articuno Power
May 31st, 2005, 8:08 AM
Here it's Chapter 2 :

Chapter 2: The beginning and separation.

Rapidash had run all during the night, finally at daybreak, he'll arrive at Ecruteak City. But there still, Bugsy pushed a cry which awoke everyone.
Kurt : What?? What has there??
It looked at the city in front of its eyes, which covered with snow, there was of it at least a layer of at least a good metre ...
But Rapidash moved nevertheless, snow went up to him until the neck . Bugsy had proposed earlier, to go to the Pokemon's gym of the city. They went in front of the tower burnt , and there Marina seen something but does not say anything of it...

Arrived at the door of the pokemon's gym , this one was covered with a thick wall of snow. Kurt had noticed that the streets were deserted, and something said to him that snow had not fallen yesterday, but that the city had been covered for at least two weeks.
Kurt (thinking): It would astonish me that somebody lives still here!
Rapidash have any evil to melt snow thanks to its FlameThrower attacks . All the people entered, but the arena seemed deserted it-also.
Marina: It become a practice, never has nobody there when one goes some share!!! Lila: It is not wrong, this place gives me the goose flesh...
A Gengar appeared in front of it, making him a grimace, and Lila left while running while howling that the place was cursed.
Voice: Gengar !
The remainder of the small group was turned over towards a young man to the fair hair. Bugsy : Morty!!!
Kurt : And me which believed that nobody lived here any more...
Morty : It is the case! Everyone left when snow started to fall, but me I chose to remain.
Bugsy : Two cities which undergo odd climatic variations!
Morty : I am sorry for what to pass to Azalea Town.... but as you I think that it is not natural this snow.
Kurt : Here is the climate became crazy !!!!! It is the world with back!!!!!!
Marina: If somebody is behind all that, who it is?
Morty : In my opinion, only the legendary pokemon Ho-Oh is able to do that to us, but why would it do it? Its most expensive dream is a world where Pokemon and people would live in perfect harmony... it is crazy ....
Marina: Except if somebody is useful himself to make the evil in the world...
Everyone looked she by thinking that what she had just said was exact.
Marina: Oh! My city was crushed by a monster!! I want to find!
She looked at her brother :
Marina: Let me travel, to find the culprit... I am older now...
Bugsy : But let us see!!! You do not have any Pokemon to protect you !!! And if it arrived to you misfortune???
Marina: Before the disaster , I wanted to leave towards the Pallet Town , because I knew that Oak , a great teacher , gave of Pokemon. And I wanted to leave... but the tidal wave very upset , but now I am motivated, I want to make this search !
The words of his small sister had said all, without few hesitations, it encouraged she to leave, but Morty saw that it did not want which from goes away...

At the end of the day, with the doors of Ecruteak City, Marina was on Rapidash , a bag with back on its back, it was on the point of leaving. Bugsy sent a pokeball to her. Bugsy : Takes at least my Scyther with you !!
He have not time to complete his sentence that she had jumped to him in the arms, by thanking he.
Marina: Thank you I would take care of it!!!!
She overlapped Rapidash and addressed last once to hers friends.
Marina: What do you make now?
Morty : Us also one will travel towards the other towns of Johto, to bring back the other gymleaders here, in Ecruteak City.
Fargas and Lila left a few moments ago for New Bark Town , they will place over there as long as these storie will not be finish...
Bugsy : Go!! Leave !!!
Rapidash left , Marina led with tears at the eyes, but being never turned over... the fire horse disappeared in the horizon...
Morty : You did not want that she leaves? Not true?
Busgy no answer , he had also tears at the eyes but answered him .
Bugsy : One can really nothing hide you, she was to leave ....
Finally they moved towards Olivine City, leaving the town of snow alone...


Do you like it ? ^__^

May 31st, 2005, 12:32 PM
I'm sure it's a wonderful story, but babelfish has changed much of the grammar and made it sound a little stupid. It's probably a great story, so it isn't you, it's babelfish. If you get somebody with good knowledge of English and French, they could probably translate it much more reliably.

Articuno Power
June 1st, 2005, 10:12 AM
I know that ... i'll tell my english teacher about it !!