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May 22nd, 2005, 5:56 AM
My hand brushed against a large tree. My mum and pops were standing behind me. I slowly crawled forward, stepping on a small stick.
"Shh," Mother told me, "We must be quiet." We were standing at the edge of our forest, looking a pokemon battle.
"Combusken, Flamethrower!" A twoleg shouted pointing at a small Ivysaur. The Combusken opened his mouth, shooting out lots of orange fire. I could feel the heat. The Ivysaur fell making a week Ivy before fainting completely.
"Hurry, lets go dear. Before the twolegs spot us," Mother quickly pounded her tiny paws away from the clearing. Poppa and I follow. I stopped when we reached a small river. Many of our kind were drinking the delicate water. I slowly crept away from daddy, hoping to find my friends.
Poppa faced me, "Cinder, go to bed. Tomorrow you can tell your friends about the twolegs battle. But not now!" He glared. I whimpered, walking to a large tree. Stumbling inside, I fell asleep.

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May 22nd, 2005, 6:01 AM
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May 22nd, 2005, 6:12 AM
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May 22nd, 2005, 6:13 AM
"Cinder, you are one, you are many," pokemon of all types began to circle me, singing this strange chant. I shut my eyes to prevent me from falling. A large blue and white pokemon flew forward.
"Cinder, I give you a second life, a life of love," the pokemon said, touching my nose. I gasped, it was Latios! Then Latias, its sister, flew to me.
"I give you a third life, a life of kindness," Latias said, holding my hands. A small glowing pink pokemon bounced to me, Mew. My heart skipped a beat as Mew genially put her tail on my birthmark, a tiny orange ball of fire.
"With this fourth life I give you love. Use it well to understand the meaning of life," Mew said, a mystic voice tingling inside it. Mew rose up above my head, disappearing into thin air. I awoke with a start. It was just a dream I told myself, just a dream.

Sorry my chapter is so short. *blushes*

May 22nd, 2005, 6:15 AM
I hopped out of the warm tree, running to meet my friends. They would be so surprised that mom and poppa let me watch an Ivysaur get caught.
Cinder! Where were you? asked Flame. He pranced around me, making me remember my dream.
My mother and father let me watch a twolegged battle. The poor Ivysaur had no chance, I sighed. Ginger twitched her nose with excitement.
Please tell us! Please, Please, Please, Please, Ginger begged. I laughed, she looked so silly!
Lets eat first, then Ill tell you, I raced to Midnight Meadow. I could here Gingers paws running on the delicate grass, following my path.
I stopped, panting, Okay, what will it be? A small spearow or a wurmple? Ginger looked at me funny.
Sorry! I forgot, youre a vegetarian, I gasped at my mistake. She grinned, as Flame pounced on her back.

May 22nd, 2005, 7:57 AM
He, he! Flame cried, scratching her back.
Ginger screeched, trying to get away from him. I opened my mouth, shooting fire at the couple. Flame groaned.
Cinder! You always have to spoil the fun, He grumbled. I grinned. Ginger slowly backed up. Did she think really think I was tough?
Hello little Cydiquil, whispered a new voice, Dont worry. So of course I worried. This was a twolegged trainer! Ginger ran across the misty field, to the safety of the river. Flame followed her footsteps. Marshtop, go! the twoleg shouted, throwing a red sphere in the air. A large blue pokemon appeared.
Hi! the Marshtop told me, Sorry to do this but He opened his mouth shooting water at me. A wet sensation hit my head. I gasped for air as the water kept coming. I lost control as I fell into nothing absolutely nothing.
My eyes opened. I was caught by the feared pokeball. I tried to claw the cage, only realizing I would hit air, and nothing else. So the only thing left to do was to Sleep! I layed down, only to be startled with a big bump.

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May 22nd, 2005, 8:23 AM
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May 22nd, 2005, 10:47 AM
Chapter 3 A trainer to take care of
Cyndiquil, come on out! said a twoleg. I groaned. My new trainer was bending on her knees, right in front of me! It had bright orange hair, and blue eyes.
Its so cute! it shouted in my ear. An other twoleg was standing nearby, telling it (the twoleg was called Melody) to watch out. I got mad, nobody ever dares to call me cute at home, and I dont think now would be an exception. I gave her a good nip on the nose that she wont forget.
Hey!, Melody cried, rubbing her nose. I grinned cutely.
Not my fault! I cried, so she could hear me. Mum and Dad taught me to speak twoleg talk. The twoleg just stood there, her mouth hanging open.
Dats not polite, I told her, holding up my nose.
Uh Prof. Oak, Ill take the Cyndiquil, Melody told the twoleg near her. I hopped on her shoulder, pulling her hair. The twoleg hit me on the arm, and hard.
Ouch, I winced. Melody grinned.
So whats your name? Melody asked, grabbing a yellow bag.
Cinder. And dont yous ever call me Cindy or any othar stupid nams! I shouted in her hear. Melody ignored my comment. She pulled me down to her belly, holding me tight. Melody walked out the white door, down the steps and into loads of twolegs. My hands covered my face as she walked up to a very fat twoleg.
Mom! Look, I got a Cyndiquil. Her names Cinder, Melody told the crowd. Many bright lights flashed my way. I poked my head in Melodys hair.
Mely, I very scared, I whispered into her ear. Melody shook me out of her hair, I fell onto a large pearly ground, unlike anything Ive ever felt. My body tingled with excitement as I curled up into a tiny ball, falling asleep.
Cinder. Danger is coming. You must warn them all, A loud voice told me, putting its hand on shoulder. I tried to shrug it off but it lay firmly on me, jiggling it around.
Cinder, Cinder. Wake up, a soft voice rubbed my shoulder gently. My eyes blinked open to find Melody rubbing my shoulder, as she lay on a small red pillow. I bounced up, walking to Melodys backpack. I hopped inside.
Mely. Lets go! I said, talking in a tiny, cute voice. Melody laughed as she took the yellow pack, swinging it onto her dark red tee shirt.
Watch it! I grumbled. Melody kept walking on a small dirt road until she found a meadow. I jumped out of her bag with excitement. I ran around Melody.

May 22nd, 2005, 11:34 AM
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May 22nd, 2005, 12:11 PM
Melody! Want to see my friends? Can I see my mommy and Daddy? Can I show you the river? Lets go see the wise Umbreon! I pounced into the delicate grass.
Cinder. So this is your home. Do you want me to catch your friends? Melody asked, Is that what you mean? I forgot about Melody as I ran farther onto Midnight Meadow.
Cinder. Stop! Melody shouted. I turned. Ginger was huddled in a small ball, in a high patch of grass. I slowly walked up to her. She hopped up, ready for action.
Traitor! Ginger yelled, How could you possibly leave us for some dreadful twoleg! She pointed in Melodys direction. Melody shrugged. I realised she couldnt understand our language.
Ginger, its not so bad. I dont have to walk, and I can fight whenever I want to. If you come with me, you can travel and live with me. We can be sisters, I told Ginger in our language. I could tell Ginger was thinking it over. We always wanted to be sisters.
Ginger grinned, Yes, Lets do this. Melody grabbed her backpack, after I nodded to her.
Try not to fight back when Melody, my twoleg trainer, throws the pokeball. Okay? I directed. Melody tossed a red ball at Ginger. The ball zapped Ginger into it. It rolled once twice three times! My tiny feet pounded to gingers cage. I nudged the pokeball to Melody. She picked up the ball, tossing it in the air again. Ginger appeared in front of me.
Hey, Cinder. Lets go tell my mommy what happened, Ginger pounced on me with new energy. I translated this to Melody. She shook her head.
Sorry, Melody said no. She doesnt want any problems, I lied. Ginger pouted, racing to meet Melody.

May 22nd, 2005, 3:17 PM
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