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May 22nd, 2005, 10:55 AM
If this is bad, try to tell me nicely. I already know it's bad.

Hi! My names Shade sorry, I dont know my last name. You see, when I was a baby, my mother and father died. Now Im an orphan. I was sold to a man nearby; he has a wife, two daughters, two boys, and lots of other servants. Im a small girl for my age (Im 9 years old, tomorrow is my birthday, then Ill be 10!). I have black hair, and green eyes. I was wearing a lavender mini skirt and a navy blue, belly showing, tee shirt. I just happen to know everything about pokemon- not to mention Im really good at it!
Just this morning, Karolyn got to pick out her first pokemon, tomorrow she goes on her journey. She has to pick out five other people to go with her. I was making bacon when I heard Karolyn announce her traveling partners.
Everyone! My followers for the journey will be Alyssa, Spicy, Robbie, Jordan, and Shade! Karolyn shouted. I grinned, that meant I get to choose a pokemon, too! I grabbed the platter of bacon and ran to Karolyn.
Hi! Um here, want some bacon? I asked. My heart was pounding with excitement!
No. Hurry up, I need to go now! She said, turning to the door with Alyssa, Spicy, Robbie, and Jordan following her. I hurried to catch up with them.
When we entered Professor Oaks Lab, Karolyn ran to Professor Oak.
Oh! Hi Karolyn! Here I have six pokemon for you and your companions. Choose wisely, He warned.
Karolyn grabbed the first pokemon she saw.
Hurry up and pick, She said.
Robbie gabbed the third pokeball. Alyssa took the fourth ball. Jordan picked up the second pokemon. Spicy grabbed up the sixth pokeball. My heart pounded, I slowly picked up the fifth ball.
Daughter of the legend,
Mystic Magic swells within,
Use it well,
Friend or foe,
Soon well see,
This we know, sang many voices, sending a pain from the tips of my feet, shooting up to my head.
I fell to the floor, my head bursting with pain. Black darkness covered my eyes; my hands wouldnt hold my weight. Nothing Nothing.

May 22nd, 2005, 11:10 AM
My eyes opened quickly. I looked around; I was lying on a wooden bed in a room of one door, one window, and a small chair.with Tthree people standing close by.
What happened? I asked.
You fainted, came a short reply, Youre weak, so I dont want you to come with me.
I got out of the bed, still holding my shiny ball.
Fine, I said, Ill go alone.
But you cant, a strong voice said, You have to stay at my home. I bought you, so you will do as I say, and nothing else.
I gripped my pokemon even tighter. How many times have I heard that? Too many to count. I hit a window near the door and jumped out, running for my life.
After her! yelled Mr. Hollow.
Twelve men, hidden in the shadows, in yellow raced after me.I ran into a forest. I hid behind a tall red oak tree.
Pokeball go, I whispered. Nothing happened. I frowned. Suddenly a black haired boy appeared.
Hurry! He whispered. I followed him quietly. He hit a button on the tree and a latter appeared. I climbed up, reaching a tree house.
Who are you? I asked, too scared too move.
You dont know me? he said, completely surprised, Im your brother, Dyni.
I looked at Dyni in suprise. All my life I had dreamed of meeting someone from my own familymy mother, knowing I would never see heranyone. And yet, my own brother, tells me she liveslives.
"Ha, ha, ha!" I laughed.
"Shade! I'm not kidding . . . Shade! you're fading! Were, were are you?" Dyni screamed. I could tell he was completely freaked out. I didn't know if I should believe him or not.
"There he is grab him!" yelled a man.
"Aren't we looking for a girl?" muttered a smooth voice near by, I think that was a girl.
I was suprised. They couldn't see me? Maybe Dyni was right. I began to laugh once more. "Look she's right there!" said the man.
Shade!" yelled Dyni, "We need to get a way from here.! Fearrow, go! A large bird was standing in front of Dyni, making the loudest noise I've ever heard. I was scared, very scared. "Shade, hurry up and get on," Dyni whispered to me. I held tightly on Dyni, totally freaked out. We began to rise off the tree and Ferrow swooped down, were four men stood looking at our every move. Suddenly I felt a jerk on my left leg, then another, and another, until I wasn't holding on to Dyni any more.
"Got her!" yelled a small, green haired girl.
Hold on tight," whispered in her ear, thinking of everything that had happened that morning. I thought of my brother, Dyni, flying to freedom. Then I thought of my power I discovored this morning. I shut my eyes tight thinking of my brother, and his big pokemon.
My heart pounded. If this worked, I would be a magical human. And it did, for when I opened my eyes I was sitting on Dyni's lap.
"Get up Shade. And... who are you?" asked Dyni, looking at the girl I held onto.
"Hi, I'm Crystal. Why did you tell me to hold on tight?" Crystal said, looking into my eyes.
"I wanted you to teleport to with me," I said quickly.
"We will be ariving at Lilytown. Crystal, sorry, but you can't come with us," Dyni said.
"Thanks for taking me Shade," Crystal said, taking a pokeball out of her backpack, "Here. Ttake this," she whispered, shoving the ball into my hands. And with that, she jumped off of the Fearow, into the endless sky.

May 22nd, 2005, 11:35 AM
oh hon so not bad your so great!i love it!

May 22nd, 2005, 11:57 AM
"That was strange," commeted Dyni, looking down at Crystal.
"I guess," I said quietly. I couldn't really conseontrate on the question, something I had said was bothering me. Did I really teleport to Dyni?
"Well, open the pokeball," Dyni told me. I realised I was still holding the pokeball.
"Pokeball, go," I whispered.
"Squirtle!" squicked a small blue pokemon.

"No way!" Dyni cried, his face getting red, "That's my dream pokemon."
"Here you can have it," I said, handing him the sphere. I never really like water type anyway.
" Thanks..... wait, this is your pokemon. I'll trade you a charmeleon for it, though," Dyni told me . I nodded my head. Fire was much better than water.
"Okay, we're here," Dyni said as his Fearow landed on a grassy field nere Lily town.
"Wow..." I whispered, as we walked up to a 40 ft. monument of Mew, the legendary pokemon.
"Amazing, don't you think?" said a deep voice from behind me. I turned, bumping into a blonde boy.
"Hey!" He said.
"Sorry. Not my fault you were standing there," I said in a snooty voice. This boy was really formilure, I don't know why but...
"Shade," He whisped. I gasped. This boy was Tommy Hollow. Then I began to laugh. Just like this morning, I was beggining to fade.
"Where did you go? No problem, I'll take your boyfriend instead," Tommy grabbed Dyni's hands. Dyni opened his mouth, ready to scream. I shut my eyes tight.
My eyes burst open. Tommy was soaking wet.
"What did you do?" He spluttered.
"Nothing," Dyni grinned.
I began to laugh again, thinking it was safe to reveil my self.
"There you are, you little twirp!" Tommy shouted, lunging his body for me.

Oh, no you dont, Dyni said. Again, he opened his mouth. This time I wanted to see what would happen to Tommy. Dyni screamed, letting out gallons of water from his mouth.
Look at me! Tommy yelled, pointing to his now soaked clothes, Ill be back. I promise. I smiled, so this is revenge. I turned my attention back to Dyni who was waving good bye.
Dyni, how did you do that? I asked.
Look, remember when you teleported onto my lap? Dyni said, I can do the same thing as you, only I use water, not some mystic powers like you. I faced Dyni.
So you mean were like pokemon? I questioned.
Yes and no. Sure we have abilities like pokemon, but its not just us. We have 14 other brothers and sisters, around the world, Dyni told me. I just stood there. Nobody has mysical powers, right? So then why did I teleport to Dyni, or turn invisible?

I'm not going to continue unless I get morre comments. From other people. No offence Gymleaderwhitney.

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May 22nd, 2005, 3:30 PM