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May 26th, 2005, 4:46 AM
Look at it The wise wizard stated, a hand placed on the shoulder of the young lad standing at his side This is now yours, your father has passed away and now you own this great land before you and the peasants that live in it he grasped the younger shoulder and watched as he scanned his newly acquired land.

Sir Augustus Valentine had passed away only two days ago due to a serious case of the flue, he left in his will the land of Lorette in the hands of his son, Sir Harry Valentine. But the young heir knew not of how to rule his own land and his stomach fluttered from the horror of the moment.

But, I dont know- The young man was cut off with a harsh laugh from the aging wizard Which is why I am going to help you, Harry. Do not worry I will teach you how to rule this land. Your father was a fool, he did not have the will power to teach these peasants the way to behave in his presence, but you will rule this country with power, I will help you, Harry

10 years later

The land of Lorette is under the control of the Iron Fisted, King Valentine who rules with power and fear. The wizard taught him his ways, never to show mercy to anyone, never to forgive and forget and never to let the peasants get what they want and allow them to rule over his country. No the Wizard had made sure that the King knew exactly what he was doing.

Now humans and demons alike run in fear of the Kings power and the Wizards magic. The army of death as they now call it, march all over the country, seeking battles to claim rule over the many patches of land Lorette has to offer. Many great kings have fallen and many Queens have been imprisoned and their Armys destroyed or taken for their own.

The Kings army is made up of many, from mere humans to powerful creatures such as the Undead and the cursed. They themselves seek power and bow to the king upon his word that they will get it. They have fallen under his control and now kill for pleasure.

Princess Loretta, named after the mighty land itself can take no more of the selfishness of her brother, King Valentine and has ran from her home in search of Warriors that can help her take revenge on her brother and release the word from his wrath. Some say she is the descendant of Angels and possesses extraordinary powers, but if this is true, why has she not over thrown her brother and claimed rule over the thronecould it be her love that prevents her from brining harm upon her brother?

She now seeks all; Undead, cursed and humans for aid to overthrow her brother and his army of death and save the countless lives of those that suffer across the land of Lorette.

Sum up:

Basically, you are the leader of a turf of land that has not been defeated by the King and his army. Be you Undead or a Warrior, you rule over a small turf of land that many others of your species live. One day, the Princess Loretta visits you and bids you move to the forest of Nolen before the kings army seeks war upon your land. You are tempted to move your people and follow her instructions.

You all meet in the forest and prepare to make an Army worthy of Angels and Devils (Whatever path you follow) and try to overthrow the king and protect Kingdoms from the wrath of the Army of Death. The more Kingdoms you save, the more men you receive and the more powerful you get. Will you be able to overthrow the most powerful army in the land?

Sign ups:

Species: (Human, Vampire, Werewolf?)
Description: (I would say this is set in the time of Arthur and the Knights of the round table)


Lu Fei 21
May 27th, 2005, 11:11 AM
Name: King Jerome Flanor
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Description: Green eyes, black hair, and and he's somewhere near 7ft tall. He has elegant looking blue and gray armour, a sword said to be made by the gods themselves. A small green shield (not breakable, and very light to move around with) and the armies crest, that is shown prowdly, is a wolf.
Personality: Very kind to those arond him, and most of the time he shows some mercy because he doesn't like killing, even though he knows that he has to kill to survive. Also he is very wise when it come to battles, so its like he's his own strategist.
History: Sir Augustus Valentine and Jerome Flanor's father, Sir James Flanor, were brothers, and because of Harry's wrong evil schemes, Jerome doesn't care if he has to kill his cousin in order to save the land of Lorette.
Other: N/A

May 27th, 2005, 11:19 AM
Not bad Lu Fei seeing as I havent seen you RP before. Hmm I'll give you a shot, I like the conection you have made to the Valentine family, it gives you a reason to accept Loretta's proposal.

Your in.

Lu Fei 21
May 27th, 2005, 11:23 AM
Thank you so much. I know this will be fun. :D

May 27th, 2005, 4:58 PM
Can you save a sign up for me? =3 I'll post it later. n_n;;;

May 27th, 2005, 10:38 PM
No Problemo Miyu! *Saves spot*

Lu Fei, your very much welcome ^_^

May 28th, 2005, 9:36 AM
Name: Almira Elvinia
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Elf
Description: Misty silver/blue eyes, shoulder length light blue hair, pointed ears, a navy tunic with a gold symbol on the back, navy pants, and a belt with a dagger and a sword on her waste. She has a slinder but very strong silver/blue blade at her waste in a regular brown leather sheith. She has a dagger similar to her sword at her waste as well in the same simple kind of sheith. A bow and a quiver of arrows is hung lightly on her back. She covers her pointed ears with a navy hat and wears a navy cloak with the hood down.
Personality: Calm and friendly. She has a good sense of humor and tends to be rather sarcastic. She is strong and determined and never backs down from a fight. She is usually pretty quiet and carefree. But when the situation calls for it she becomes very serious. She is a natural born leader and puts alot of faith in her friends. But she is also secretive and can be very hard to read at times. If she has a secret that she doesn't want others to know there's no way to pry it out of her. She refuses to give up and will fight to the very end if it means the safety of her freinds and the people she rules.
History: Almira was the only child of Sheila and Burdock. They were the rulers of a small group of elves who lived in Lorette. Her mother and father were killed in a battle that was fought to protect the land they ruled. Almira was only thirteen but she was the heir so she had to take leadership. She was a kind and fair ruler. As a young girl she had been trained to fight and her lessons continued through the years of her rulership. She, like most elves, can use magic. But she's not very good at it and it leaves her drained and often weak so she prefers to stick with swords and arrows. She has a great dislike for King Valentine for it was his soldiers that killed her mother and father. When she was asked by Princess Lorette to help defeat him she gladly agreed but only if she would not tll that Donella was elven. She cut her long hair to shoulder length and dressed in travelers clothes keeping her pointed ears covered. She left the sheiths to her sword and dagger and replaced them with plain leather ones. She aslo switched the quiver for her arrows. She has her own reasons for not wanting anyone to know she is an elf and doesn't intend to tell a soul.
Other: I'll post a pic of what she looks like wearing her regular elven clothes. Her ears are shorter than they are in the picture but it's bassically what she looks like when she's dressed in regualr elven clothes. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v465/SpiritGirl/1110932299_h252520bow.jpg

May 29th, 2005, 12:22 PM
Name: Meryl Thorne
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Description: At first glance, Meryl gives off no impression of being a leader. Glossy hair of orange cascades down like a waterfall, stopping at her mid back. Two thin strands are neatly braided and therefore tied together at the back of her head, giving her an Elven look. Her skin is flawless and pale, almost translucent, except for two tints of rose at each side of her face. Cheekbones are slightly higher than majority, giving her an unruly dignified aura, with her chin held up with pride. Narrow eyes of emerald with flecks of amber often glower, thin eyebrows arched carefully above them. She wears a glittering dress of pale silver, simple and casually kept without being adorned with jewelry; the only trinket she is fond of is the necklace - a thin chain with a peculiar gold amulet at the end. On her back are arrows and a strong bow, given to her as a gift. On some occasions, she uses a sword, an object of battle she is not familiar with as to the bow.
Personality: Stoically cynical and full if determination, it is very hard to talk to her. She opens her mouth only if it is about getting a certain task done. Despite this, she gets agitated very easily, but still chooses not to speak her mind. In most cases, she will probably just grimace at the absurd foolishness of it all. Although being friends is difficult, Meryl is simply a loner who is merciless and brutal when it comes to fighting.
History: Possessing remarkable leadership skills, it is no wonder Meryl was granted a leader at a young age in her own village. She started hunting at age fourteen, showing interest in the ways of nature, and often cooperated with other men in the foundation and development of her obscured home. For many years she practiced archery, having a sufficient amount of dexterity by now. So it was inevitable that she accepted Princess' Lorette's request.
Other: N/A

May 29th, 2005, 7:02 PM
Thanks RD. =)

Name: Lady Xaviera Ka
Age: Looks 19, actually 250.
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Description: Xaviera, being a vampire, has naturally pale skin, in a milky white color. She has long black hair, trailing down her back to the floor, resembling an ebony waterfall. A portion of her hair is braided and piled upon her head, like a crown with ruby jewels adorning it. She usually chooses to wear a gown of blood-red velvet, with silk lining. A belt of gold chains are wrapped around her waist. Her eyes are brown, but the center is dark red. She also has long, white pearly fangs that slide down at her will.
Personality: Rather arrogant and self-centered, Xaveria loves freedom. She is not afraid to speak her own mind, and has rather strong opinions. (aka, shes stubborn.) However, she does think of her peoples safety and benefits, and is a rather admired leader. (Though not necessarily well-liked)
History: One of the last surviving members of the Ka vampire clan, she inherited some land 230 years ago and built a kingdom consisting of a few noble vampires, as well as a human lower class. She is single, constantly fighting against proposed marriage. She doesnt kill humans, since her great-great-great grandmother was one, instead her kingdom focuses on breeding animals, in which after the vampires suck the blood out, they are distributed throughout her kingdom. In result, she rules over a happy, consented people. However, she is now threatened by the rising army of King Valentine
Other: She has the powers of a vampire, able to move fast enough so that she isnt visible, two times stronger strength than a male human, and immortality. However, she is killable by silver stakes, and strong sunlight. (they can survive in cloudy weather though.)

May 31st, 2005, 10:33 AM
(All of you are accepted)

Name: Kali Lgura (Kali= The dark one)

Age: Looks to be around 18, is in fact 244

Gender: Female

Species: Vampire

Description: Kali has long flowing black hair which bares silver streaks and to strands of which fall down past blood red. Her skin is a pasty white colour and bares no scars only strange markings which wind themselves around the sleek curves of her body. She stands at around 57 and wears tattered clothing, which consist mainly of rangers clothing; a black tunic and leather trousers accompanied by heavy boots with metal clasps, many black belts wrap themselves securely around her lithe frame and strange markings can be seen etched into the pale skin just above the collar of her tunic, some wonder whether her whole body is covered by the satanic markings. Secured at her belt are two sword sheathes which bare mighty, silver bladed swords with grand handles, though this lithe form is covered by a large, long flowing cloak which is some times held closed by a golden chain at the collar. The fangs that penetrate her pink gums are normally seen piercing the sensitive skin of her lower lip, drawing blood in the process which is usually licked up by an abnormally large tongue.

Personality: Kali is anything but lady like and will not stand down at the hands of men when she is told to. Her sarcastic and witty nature normally deprives her of true friends, but she is looked up to by many of her species for having the strength to lead a clan of her own as well as her glorious rain. She is caring only for her people and will show no mercy to those, whom threaten her, any companions she makes on her many journeys are normally forgotten in a heartbeat (Bit of Irony there because Vampires hearts do not beat XP).

History: Karli was bitten at the tender age of 18 by a Vampire named Vladimir, he cared for her for many years and taught her how to defend herself when in trouble and told her the ways of the Vampire nature. At the age of 100 she had seen more than what the great kings of that era had and was already skilled in the ways of battle. She killed countless through bloodlust and for a short while remained alone, fighting her own battles and pillaging from villages. When she came to the age of 180 she met with others of her species, and slowly began to create a rule of her own. Many looked up to her and counted on her for their blood, they killed countless at her orders and still do to this vary day. Karli is the leader of a bunch of rogue Vampires who were cast aside by the ones they loved after being turned by those their families hate so much.

Other: None.

The land was quiet as nightfall came and villages dimmed their candles as the lunar orb appeared from over the tops of mountains and hills. The flow of the river continued and the light slashes of the water flowing over the stones were calming to the wanderers of the night.

A lone warrior accompanied by none but a horse, rode back after what seemed to be a hard days work at the castle, over the countless hilltops and off towards the quiet village of Ambroth. His eyes dropped slightly and the spear he carried flopped lightly in his grasp, the jerk of the horse was the only thing that kept him awake.

From the shadows of a great Oak tree, a pair of lustful blood red eyes loomed, watching the soldiers every move, whether is be the droop of his eyes or the movement of his artery as he was jerked awake. The eyes narrowed at his every movement, lusting over the blood that would soon be theirs.

The warrior, unaware of his surroundings, drew near to the forest in which the great Oak lay and unexpectedly, the horse gave a great snort and arched backwards, tipping the warrior down its back and landing with a soft thud, comforted by the soft grooming of his owners hand.

The warrior took a look downwards, trying to find the source of what had caused the hours to react in such a way. He found nothing but the scuffed surface of the ground. Sighing the Warrior raised his head and came face to face with a grinning pale face, pearl fangs tipped with rotting blood and breath stale with the metallic sent.

The Warrior gave a great yelp and fell from atop the horse onto the floor. The Vampire gave a great shout of laughter and balanced on the branch of the tree, turning herself right way up and crossing her legs, using the branch as if it were a comfy seat. Humans are of great entertainment She chuckled evilly, eyes droopy with the lust for blood, which had doubled since the Warriors great yelp.

The Warrior had managed to force himself into a kneeling position and had his spear in alignment with the Vampires hear Back spawn of Satan! I am not afraid to use this!

This only caused the Vampires laughter to double Spawn of Satan? I have been called many things, but I have never heard that escape a humans mouth She sighed, disappearing from view momentarily and re-appearing just at the tip of the spear so that it pierced her clothing only slightly Then use it She stated without emotion Pierce my heart and send me back to my maker

She was taunting him and the Warrior knew. He took a deep breath and withdrew the weapon. Vampires were immortal, not entirely, but the metallic tip of the spear would do no great damage. Silver and Sunlight were the only things that could truly harm a vampire, though a select few were also immune to sunlight.

The Demon chuckled sadistically Wise choice, my friend

Call me a cutthroat a Dog, but do not call me friend! The young warrior yelled forcefully, glaring daggers at the fallen angel before him I will die before I am called friend by the likes of you, Scum

Kali sighed and knelt at his side, earning herself a gasp from the valiant knight, her eyes fell upon his neck and she licked her fangs in want. She drew back the hazel hair from the boys neck, fingers tracing light patters for a while before she spoke again It will be quickbut only for you She smirked and bit into the artery as swift as a viper. Blood gushed from the open wound but was quickly licked up by an abnormally large tongue, wasting such pure blood was not on Kalis to do list this evening, and rarely ever was. Every drop of blood was like a sacred pear to her.

The young warriors eyes drew closed and light noises, perhaps muffled screams passed through his lips as Kali gently lowered him to the floor. Several minutes passed before Kali drew her head back, licking the brim of her mouth for any stray droplets. She looked down upon the pale figure and smirked Foolish mortal, why would one travel alone on such a wondrous night? She tucked the hazel hair behind the young lads ears and stood from her kneeling position. From this angle the young form looked almost angelic and Kali gave a cruel smile May god accept you with open arms, young warrior Before darkness consumed her and she left the young corps alone in the darkness. Kali had made the death as quick and painless as she could muster.

(OOC- OK first post will just be a piece on your everyday life. Not that much, just an introduction on your character)

May 31st, 2005, 10:51 AM
OOC: That's charming. I'll be very comfortable traveling with you. Lol.

Almira smiled at the young elf child as she ran up to her. "Yes Karin? Do you need something?"

"Yes miss Elvinia. My mother is sick. And as you know Ethrin is tending to Coro. Please help me." Said the child.

"Relaxe Karin. I will see what I can do." The young queen followed the girl back o her home and knealt beside the sick mother. The illness was not serious and she would be well again soon. But the young child was distressed at seeing her mother ill so Almira decided to speed up her recovery. She placed a hand on the woman's forhead and closd her eyes. There was a soft light blue glow and Almira stood up. "There. Your mother will be fine in a few hours."

"Oh thank you miss Elvinia."

"You're welcome Karin. And please, call me Almira." She smiled and left. As soon as she was outside she let out her breath and walked slowly home. Though she may be exalent at sword play she wasn't much for magic. Even the simple magic she had used to speed up recovery left her feeling tired and slightly drained. But she'd be alright in an hour or so.

Lu Fei 21
May 31st, 2005, 10:53 AM
Ic: "I look out my window and see a beautiful sunrise coming from the east. As I get ready for another day of preparing the troops for our castles deffence, I eat my small breakfast, then go nd put my armor on and equip my sword, hmm yet another day of hard work, well lets begin". Jerome said. As he got to the middle of the castle, he explained that they all should train harder for he senses something coming. Now Jerome has a small castle with a number of troops that couldn't be called an army because it is so small, maybe about 2500 troops, and yet every army that has attacked they have been pulverised, that is because of the leadership of Jerome, and because the loyalty and strength of his troops.

Ooc: This is an every day life for them work, some play, eat, rest, train, and fight against enemies. Do I need to put down when Loretta comes, or is this fine?

May 31st, 2005, 12:21 PM
She was such a mystery.

Even mystery was spelled kind of like Meryl.

Just beyond the horizon, her eyes caught sight of the golden pearl, stitched ever so carefully among the ripples of blue. Everything was blissfully tranquil. Below her dangling feet were tiny models of houses, and grass carefully kept by the village people. She knew it was going to ge trampled upon and ruined later, but now it looked like a blanket of emerald, shining gloriously against the light.

Coming up here had been a favorite hobby of hers. An obscured path spiraled up invisible steps to the forests' cliff, giving her a beautiful view of what seemed like the world. She gingerly placed the bow next to her, an old friend, meeting the arrows with silence. The sun felt so warm and the breeze so perfect; it was hard to pry away from this place. With a grimace, she heaved herself up, stretching slightly to flex her slender, well fit body, and picked up the objects of hunting.

"Scared, aren't we," she spat once, raising her bow and shooting an arrow so fast, it was hard for a mortal to see it clearly. There came the unmistakable whimper of struggle, defeat, acceptance, then death. Well, she caught dinner, at least.

Without even bothering to glance at which misfortunate creature it was, probably a stray deer or so, she skipped down the rocky shortcut to the village. Immediately the people waved pleasantly to her, baskets of rice tumbling about, some even on their heads. Children ran amock with ears of corn, some even bigger than they were. The smell of stew arouse, and she was hungry. Glancing around briefly, she entered one of the courtyards, where some men were laughing broadly.

"Ah, my little Meryl," one cooed, in hopes of receiving recognition. All he received was a smack.

"'ey, Thomas, I have a deer for you," she waved her hand carelessly, gesturing to one of the cliffs, oblivious to the grown man's pout. "Around there somewhere."

He laughed. "What I wouldn't do for my little Meryl..." Thomas dodged the swift blow and weaved through the houses. Meryl snorted in disgust. The men stifled their giggles in the brimful mug of ale.

"Honestly. That lovestruck fool. And you, Den," she suddenly snapped. The man straightened up immediately.

"Yes, Meryl?"

"Get me some ale. I'm thirsty."

June 1st, 2005, 12:07 PM
The dark forest was alive with the cursed beings of the night. The Vampires howled delightedly as they discarded dead rats and badgers into the fire that was located to the centre of the deadly village. These Vampires were killers, showed no mercy and laughed in the face of danger. Discarded by all other beings as being uncaring and unworthy of mingling with the Human kind, they of course, thought differently and played no heed to those who thought them as Scum.

There were only few of the Night crawlers, around 40 in all, but together they matched the strength of an entire army of humans. They killed without mercy or thought and enjoyed it; there was nothing more delightful to the undead creatures than the unpleasant squirming of the dying as they took their pray.

These descendants of Satan were truly horrific and Sinful.

The Village itself was made of rotted wood and vines, being outcast unfortunately meant being low on the necessary materials to build a strong village of stone. The floors were stained with rotted blood and the wooden walls cursed with unholy symbols, the trees that surrounded to the unholy ground bore the same unholy marks and played host to multiple weapons etched into their bodies.

Kali walked slowly through the ****ed village and multiple red gazes fell upon her figure in acknowledgment. Her black hair travelled behind her like a trail of feathers and her long flowing cloak billowed in the light breeze. The Vampires watched as their leader made her way to the centre of the circle that had formed momentarily before and came to a stop, hair falling gracefully down her shoulders and red eyes admiring her undead army.

She threw her arms out to her sides and grinned menacingly, blood stained fangs glowing in the fait moonlight that shone through the trees branches. She spoke in a thundering and proud voice to her equals Another Knights blood has been spilt She announced Soon our wrath will be unleashed upon the innocent people of Agroth and we will become its rulers. The king will bow in shame before us and out vengeance will be made and show in their filthy, conniving blood. Never again will Vampires be looked upon as filth, but as Gods. We will make Satan proud, my fellow night crawlers!

There was uproar as the Vampires threw their pale arms into the air and admired their leader. The trees rustled and the once peaceful night was disturbed as each Vampire called out their Vengeance. They would take the village that once bore them by force and the king will surly cower before them, their leader would make sure of this.

You will not! A feminine voice echoed, causing the entire Vampire fleet to stop in their cheering and turned to the offending voice.

Kila spoke with anger and true hatred to the one who had doubted her plan Who speaks such nonsense? Walk forth and reveal your betraying face!

But the figure that stepped forward was not one of her own, but a young woman clad in white from head to toe, Yellow-blond hair falling in locks to her shoulders. Her face showed no emotion, not even fear towards the crawlers of the night as they glared upon her with angry red eyes. She walked up to Kila, merely a few meters away and spoke loudly for all to hear Here me, Night crawlers. The King is not to be taken lightly. He has founded a great army, and army worthy of both God and Satan themselves, it is made up of the strongest of warriors, both alive and undead. If you truly with to stop such a powerful enemy, I advise you not to do it anytime soon

Kila snarled, a growl emitting from the back of her throat I do not take orders from a mere human She withdrew one of her swords from the sheath and aligned it with the young womans throat Who are you to give me orders, Human filth?

The Woman did not flinch as the cool silver came into light contact with her throat, piercing it slightly so that only the faintest drop of blood spilt, there were many gasps as the red liquid made a path down the pale throat, but Kali snarled, warning them not to interfere with current situation unless the order was given Who are you?

I am Loretta, Sister to King Harry She spoke proudly, her chest rising I have come to aid you in your quest to bring down the king and his feared army

Kali gave a bark of laughter Feared army? We fear no army, much less one that the king has concocted, we are immortal fair lady

You may be immortal to mere human weapons, Kali, but the weapons the King holds, can bring down any enemy who stands in his way. I believe silver is harmful to you kind and well as the rays of light. So I beg of you, go to Nolen forest and await me there. There you will meat many more and soon you will be free of the discrimination the King holds against your kind

Kalis eyebrow arched ever so slightly Why, Princesswould you rebel against your won brother and aid an army of Vampires? How are we to know that this is not another attempt of the Kings to rid us of this world? Surly a Princess would not turn against her brother.

Loretta sighed Kali, my brother has treated many wrongly. Not only Vampires and Werewolves, but the innocent people of other Villages, I cannot stand back and watch him torment and torture those who have done nothing! This is all the doing of that evil Wizard, please Kali, trust me and travel to Nolen, there all will be revealed, you have my word, I swear on the Holy spirit of God

She then turned her back and disappeared into the forest. Many eyes turned to their leader once again. What do we do, Lady Kali? One asked, red eyes flashed with worry How do we know what to do?

Kali gave a loud sigh, and looked at each in turn before speaking in a hushed voice We will go to Nolen. LorettaI feel would not lie, she would not swear on the Spirit of God and go against her wordI feel to is a fair angel. We will follow her guidance, even if it is a descendant of God

(OOC- Next post will be the arrival of Loretta at your camp or village. She will tell you of the Army and her brothers intentions and bid you go to Nolen forest. She will then disappear and head for the next location)

June 1st, 2005, 1:42 PM
A soft thunk echoed through the training yard. Almira's soft eyes shone as she fitted another arrow into her bow and fired at the target again. It hit it's mark right beside the first. Almira lowered her bow and replaced it on her back. She turned and walked out of the training yard with a nod to her fellow archers.

Almira laid her bow and sheith full of arrows in her room and went back outside. The air was crisp and cool and the bright orange sun was fading from the land. A smile appeared on her gentle face as she crossed the soft earth heading towards the trees.

Suddenly she stopped and her hand wnet to the hilt of her sword. A soft rustle in the trees made her look round. A woman walked into view with an emotionless expression on her face. "Almira Elvinia I have come to ask for your asistance."

Almira was taken aback for a moment. But the woman did not appear threatening so she replied, "What do you need my help with?"

"The king has founded a great army of the most skilled warrories of this world and the next. I can stand back and watch any longer. I wish to stop him but I cannot. Please I will need your help." The woman spoke in a soft tone but there was something that interested Almira. Then a light clicked on in her brain and she knew who the woman was.

"It is a sad thing when you wish to have someone so dear to you defeated. But I do not like the king so I will help you. However you must promise me something in return."

"What do wish of me?" Asked Loretta.

"Only your word. Promise me that you will tell no one of my elven harritage. My reasons are my own. The fac that I am an elf will be kept hidden and I wish for you to keep that information to yourself. Do I have your word Princess Loretta?"

"You have my word Almira Elvinia." The young woman nodded then turned and vanished into the trees. Almira stood still for a moment then headed back to her home. She took her sword and her dagger and changed their shieths. Then she cut her long hair to shoulder length and changed her clothes. Finally she changed the quiver for her arrows and placed a hat on her head to hide her ears. Then she left word with her most trusted elf and headed for Nolan forest.

June 1st, 2005, 3:22 PM
Lady Xaviera scowled, looking disdainly down on her maidservant, What do you mean that King Valentine is planning to take over our lands? she said scathingly, tossing back her luscious ebony hair.

The maid flinched. Even though the vampires she knew didnt drink human blood, and are sung as thoughtful beings, she still got a bit squeamish around them. Lady, he means to conquer your lands, I believe. She said, bowing respectably. She seemed to have struck a nerve, as she regarded Xavieras furrowing brow.

I know that! she snapped, eyes flashing bright red. The maid backed up in fright, while Xaviera seemed to calm herself. Im sorry, she started. You may leave now. She finished, placing her head on her heads, deep in thought.

The servant bowed again, and left, after leaving the letter from the King on a nearby table. Xaviera sighed, looking outside, regarding the nightscape when the door closed. What now? she said, sighing, turning around to face

A young women, dressed in white from head to toe, her golden hair draped around.

Who are you? Xaviera asked cautiously, preparing herself to strike at any moment.

I am Loretta, Sister to King Harry She replied, I have come to aid you in your quest to bring down the king and his feared army

Really? Xaviera replied, prowling around the Princess. How do I know if youre really a sp- she stopped, shaking her head lightly. Everyone knew how she hated her brothers hateful actions.

What should I do? She said sharply, glaring at her. However, Loretta took no offence at her actions, and replied, Go to Nolen forest and await me there.

Xaviera nodded, gathering her cloak urgently, but as she prepared to walk down to summon some of her men, Loretta was already gone.

Lu Fei 21
June 2nd, 2005, 10:28 AM
Ic: As I woke up to another day of training, my men called for me to come see a lone woman riding tomy castle. I thought it was another enemy scheme to kill me, but when I saw her face I noticed sorrow
and suffering. "Men open the gates she is now enemy" said Isaac. As I brought her to the guest roomshe told me that her name is Loretta and something about her brother, King Harry. That he has become
cold hearted and is not himself, and that is when I realized that she is my cousin Loretta.

L- "I have gone far and wide looking for Lords such as yourself to bring him done and end his evil rule,and I know it is too late to talk to him because he has been corrupted by an evil wizard"

J- "But if you have extraordinary powers why don't you kill him yourself?"

L- "....Well, I do not wish to harm my dear brother no matter what he has done...".

J- "Oh I see, I'm sorry, but let us forget about the past and move on to the present, I will definitely helpyou out with this problem my lady even though he is my cousin, still you are my cousin too, and I would rather loose one cousin then both and I dont want anything happening to you..

L- "Thank you very much Jerome, now I must leave to recruit others to this cause.

Then I led Loretta to the entrance with some supplies to survive the journey.

J- "Make sure to keep yourself safe Loretta, dangerous roads lie ahead.

She left with silence and I went back to my room to got ready for my leave to King Harry's castle.

J- " Take care men, for I promise to return, but if I don't return then I turn the ruling to General Seth.

June 4th, 2005, 7:57 AM
Kali threw her belt around her waste and secured, slipping it through the metal buckle. The silver blades at her side skimmed her hands and she recoiled in pain, hissing at the unloving things as if it were completely their fault, in response hit their sheathes and growled deep in her throat. This night had not turned out to be one of the best in her life, what with her life long plan being thrown asunder and the problem of having to team up with Satan knew who.

Maam A light voice came from the door way. She turned in response to her title to look upon the younger Vampire. Though he looked to be around 35, he was in fact younger than Kali, only being 140 years old. She raised an eyebrow, beckoning him to continue. Go on Henry

The male cleared his throat and advanced into the room, closing the rotten door behind him Maam, we will most certainly be working with Humans on this mission, do you not think it to berisky? He asked, his fingers fidgeting in a nervous gesture I mean, what with us being blood suckers and all, what if we cannot control our bloodlust, Maam?

Kali sighed, she had not thought of that. She herself was fully capable of resisting her blood lust having had much training, but even she needed to feed off of the odd human now and again. But if she herself could not hold the urge for long, then her equals did not stand a chance I seemed to have overlooked that certain detail, Henry She admitted rather foolishly We will have to feed off of animals, it is the only answer to our problems

Yes, Maam but with so many humans around, do you not think it will be hard for us all to resist the call of innocent blood? Henry asked, his hands falling to his sides in a calm motion.

Kali sighed and cast her eyes to the filthy cabin floor I will speak with them; they will resist or suffer the continuances. Besides, when we have entered battle, there will be plenty of human flesh to feast off of She said, reassuringly, walking past the commander and out into the fresh air. She pulled the fingerless gloves over her past skin and walked over to the circle that had formed once again.

It has come to my attention that we will most certainly be working with humans in this cause She announced, casting a glance at her Vampires and it will be most certainly hard to resist such a tempting feast. But I am warning you now, that there will be no such thing, we will work together and prove that we are not monsters unable to gain control of ourselves!

There were yells of agreement as many of the Vampires threw their arms to the air.

We will resist for the time being, there will most certainly be many bloody fights, and only then will I allow you to feast, if you feast on any comrade, Satan help me, I will cast the flame of hell upon any who disobey my orders. Am I clear!?

They agreed naturally to their leaders wishes.

Now, we leave for Nolen. The sun will rise in a few hours, it will not take that long to reach the forest, and we will rest under the shade of the trees and await the arrival of our supposed comrades. Let us leave!

The army of Vampires then marched after their leader, heads held high as if to prove their worthiness to not only their leader, but the world.

(OOC-And so you make your way to Nolen in this post, your next few posts, say about another two, perhaps even one, you will declare your arrival at the Forest)

June 4th, 2005, 12:36 PM
Almira moved quickly through the dense underbrush. She was thinking about the elves whome she lead. She hoped they'd be alright while she was gone. Carleema was a trustworthy elf adn dear friend. She was confident in her abilitis, but it wasn't just abilities that made a leader. You needed the respect or the people you ruled.

"Well I shouldn't worry. I have other things to do now. And I may be seeing them soon. Lorreta was person to trust. And I am willing to fight and help her. But I won't invole all of the elves I rule until I see how bad things really are. If it is true that this 'Army of Death' is truely so powerful, then I will send for my warriors." She nodded slightly as if to confirm what she had just said. "Nolen Forest is still a ways away. I wonder, Princess Loretta would need more than just the power of the elves to defeat an army so powerful. Perhaps I am not the only one who has been summoned."

The would was dark and the sun was but a faint memory while the moon shone brightly. Almira moved the hat on her head ever so slightly to ensure it covered her ears completely. Appearance wise her ears were the only difference between her and a human. However there was much more that made her different. She would hide some of that and not bother with others. Skilled human warriors had excelent balance and swift movements so that was something she didn't have to worry about.

A prickle on the back of Almira's neck made her hault. Her hands were already grasping her bow and an arrow was fitted into it. She waited but there was nothing. Then a small fox leapt out of the bushes and growled at her. Almira couldn't help laughing at the small creature. She lowered her bow and continued on but she kept her bow in her hand. She had been preocupied and that was dangerous. There were much fouler things that lurked in the dark. A fox was a harmless creature and a creature to befriend. But other things, like vampires and gouls, were not so friendly and creatures to be warey of.

Lu Fei 21
June 4th, 2005, 1:33 PM
"Hm I suppose I should have recruited some troops in that last town, oh well haha..ha....hm well there is still towns left to recruit, I am sure there will be some loyal subjects that will aid me in battle.

Then all of a sudden two thiefs appeared to attack Jerome. "Hey are you a lone lord?" said the first thief. "Hahaha he looks like it with the fancy armor and horse, hey you don't mind if we take your stuff do ya?" said the second thief. "What if don't cooperate with you two?" Jerome said with a bad feeling in his stomach because he knew there would be more than just these two. The first thief replied "well then we will just call out our army and attack you." The second thief whistled and about 68 more thiefs came. Jerome chuckled and said, "you think this can scare me, I was expecting 1000's more of you, but this is it? I have fought tough and scary barbarians, and there was 200 of them by myself, do you think you can stand a chance against me?"

Fear shook on their ranks, but the others will still willing to loose their lives foolishly. The first thief then realized that he has heard of the strong lord named Jerome that has kept his castle safe from harm with just small numbers. The second thief was too ignorant and didn't believe what I said. So then he attacked at Jerome and Jerome dodged the attack and killed the thief. Then the rest of the thiefs that weren't scared saw my quick reflexes and started to fear me. "So you 69 thiefs that have no lord, do you wish to join me in my fight against my cousin, and if I were you I would take this opertunity because this means you won't have to run for food or riches or steal homes, you can stay with me and get that for free still, but you won't have to run like cowards." exclaimed Jerome.

The first thief started to say "well men this lord is very strong we must follow him to aid him in battle." Shouts of agreement and fists thrusted in the air came from those thiefs which then became my troops. "By the way my lord, my name is James Ferrel" said James. "Hm well this is good now this is what I call a start." Jerome said with a big smile. "Foward we shall head to Nolen from there we will head to the forest, but to get there we will have to pass one more town.

The arrival of Nolen was not like Jerome was suspecting it to be, war has almost reached this town there are broken buildings and the smell of death here, but in the inner part of the city there was happiness and life, so that would explain why the city isn't totally destroyed only the outter parts were the battling really is. "We will stay here and rest for now who knows maybe we will meet others that are on the same journey." Jerome said. Then about half way into their resting a battle struck out near the gates of Nolen. "Hm we must save this town from the coming evil or no one that comes after us will never get to kill my cousin." Jerome yelled at his troops. "We will follow you to the end my lord" yelled one of the troops. The battle had the towns 2000 troops with my aiding 69 troops and then me, against 5000 half humans, half elves, these troops were under the rule of Harry. "Hm I can see he's trying to take this city over so badly because it is one of the strongest cities in Lorette.

Jerome and his men began to fight, luckily there were some troops that didn't want to fight and they knew what was right from wrong. The battle lasted two days of non-stop fighting and killing, but we managed to surviveme loosing 19 of my troops but gaining 30 half elves. The town was thankful of me helping out that they said they would get more troops from the castle that owns the town. So they gave me 10 troops and supplies to help with my quest. Jerome took his leave and set his trail for another town then the forest. He knew a short cut to the forest that is why there is only one town after Nolen, but the trip is dangerous so he will have to keep his guard.

June 7th, 2005, 4:34 PM
"Move it people!" Xaviera snapped at a knight, who was treading slowly. Frightened, the knight quickened his pace a soonly, he dissapeared out of her sight. Letting out a slow sigh, Xaviera turned to the people who signed up for this trek. There were quite a few, not meager and not too much either.

She sighed again, tossing back her ebony waves. As she reminescenced about Loretta's words, an earl approached her cautiously. "Lady, excuse me... we should get going soon." Xaviera blinked in surprise as she glanced at the earl. He was a vampire as well, and one of the many who proposed for her hand in marriage.

"Get going people!" she shouted at her army, as she climbed abroad her dark stallion. Her army moved urgently, at a swift speed towards the forest.

But with every step, every stamp of her horse's hoof, Xaviera had a feeling of worry that was building up. She had bought some cattle for them to feed on, but if they run out, or if they taste human blood, they'll lose themselves for sure...

June 8th, 2005, 6:59 AM
The loud hoof of the army of horses echoed through the night, causing disturbance amongst natures many night walkers. Bats flew over head, squealing their disapproval of the sudden interruption and flew off towards the other end of the forest. Kali stared after them, following their path in till they disappeared into another tree further on down the path. She guided her horse over the many mounds of moss, careful not to cause the creature to trip in the process. The night was something she could see past, but the large creature beneath her was unable to.

The army of Vampires followed her trail in to the forest of Nolen and remained close to one another, for once, disapproving of their leaders decision to trust the daughter of the late king. They were waiting for an army of the Kings men to emerge from the darkness of the forest and trap there, all due to their leaders stupidity, but everything seemed to be going as planed so far, but nothing was certain in this day and age. Vampires were hated and thats all that mattered.

Kali listened out for any sounds that she did not approve of, any predators, humans even. She at this very moment did not trust her own judgment of Loretta, but they had come this far, it would be a shame to turn back now without knowing of what Loretta had planned, be it against them or not. Nothing seemed to disturb the peace except for their own disturbance of the great forest.

Another thought hit the rouge leader, where were they suppose to meat? The forest was vast and there were many places in which the group of scattered soldiers could meat and she had been stupid enough not to ask Loretta of where exactly the meeting would take place. She came to a halt and in unison so did her equals who were following closely behind. She turned the midnight black horse around and stared at her companions We will wait here She announced Loretta did not tell us exactly where to meat, so we will wait for her guidance here. She seems to know where to find us

There was an all round rummage as the Vampires demounted their horses, what few had steeds and set their weapons and supplies down against the Oak trees. They waited patiently for any sign up civilisation.

(OOC- You will all make it to the forest of Nolen and await the Princess Loretta; you may meat in the same places as each other, but if you wish to remain alone, then await Loretta to give you notification on where to meat. The place in which we will all meat in the end, is where my group lay, secluded by high trees where the sun light cannot reach fully)

Lu Fei 21
June 8th, 2005, 9:45 AM
Ic: Now leaving the city of Nolen to Askar a little town that is hidden away from danger. So Jerome and his troops didn't have anything to do so they just stayed for a little rest and some restock on supplies, then headed off to the forest of Nolen.

Ooc: I'm sorry I thought Nolen was a city, not the forest. Is it alright if there is a city named after the forest?

Ic: After 5 hours of hustling, we finally made it to the forest. This was a very dangerous forest, so Jerome told his men to keep on guard but do not attack no matter what. "If anyone is here for the attack on my cousin king Harry then do not attack us we our here to help." yelled Jerome hopping someone will hear him and not attack.

June 8th, 2005, 1:51 PM
Almira knew she was not far from Nolen. She knew also that it must seem odd to be walking on her own through a dense forest. It was also a stupid idea. But she was not worried. She turned awauy from her path and headed for a town not too far away. "No matter what I will need to be much more careful once I enter Nolen Forest. I trust the princess but that is no reason to assume safety."

Once inside the town Almira had a horse sattled for her. She had owned the horse for quite a while and it was a favorite of hers. But she left it in this town just in case an elfen soldier was wounded and needed quick transportation. The horse was a young mare by the name of Audra. She was a noble horse with a white body and a black blaze down her face. The bottom of her legs where also black.

Almira mounted Audra and headed off again. Soon Nolen forest came into view and she slowed her pace. The forest was dark but her sharp eyes were plenty a match for that. "Be on the alert Audra." She whispered. The mare tossed her head and nickered softly. Where were they supposed to meet? The forest was huge and Lorreta could be anywhere. But she had wished to meet her so they would find eachother.

Suddenly Audra stopped and tossed her head snorting. "What is it?" Almira's eyes scanned the darkness again. Yes she could see a group of people standing there. "So I was right. But what is it that bothers Audra so much?" The horse was prancing nervously and tossing her beautiful head. Almira had sense enough not to call out to people who upset her horse so much so she stayed back from the group and watched. But she knew that they must have heard Audra's hooves.

June 15th, 2005, 1:48 PM
The treading of numerous horses hoofs were starting to get on Lady Xavieras nerves. She glanced around cautiously. The forest was getting deeper and darker, and the time probably getting lighter and brighter. She rolled her eyes at her own rhyming comparison. Just a few more feet, and theyll be in the heart of the forest. No need to worry about the traitorous sun there.

But as they neared the heart, she saw something (or was it someone?) standing in the darkest spot of them all. As she neared, she spotted two groups of people, one fair, one dark. Averting her attention to the darker crew, she caught a glismp of their eyes. They were vampires.

But not like hers. They were untamed, wild, teeming with un-leashed energy. Xaviera glanced back and signaled for her army to stop. Then, she leapt off her horse, her dark cloak trailing the forest floor. She leaned against a tree trunk and stared with narrowed eyes.

June 16th, 2005, 7:51 AM
Kali turned her head in the direction of a sudden sound. A human? She thought gleefully, here eyes glistening with hunger, her bloodlust getting the better of her. She bared her fangs and her grin widened to a tearing point. She heard her army lick their lips and prepare for an attack and suddenly her thoughts were darted back to reality and she gasped as her army made to feed off of the Human who had just shortly arrived.

She growled and turned to face her army with mad eyes Remember what we agreed on She hissed under her breath as not to let the human hear. There were groans of disappointment from the army and one of them even growled at his leader, but was quick to drop his head in shame as he noticed what he had done. Bloodlust, was a great thing to overcome when in the presence of a Human, Kali understood, it could even drive Vampires into rage.

She turned to the human and gave a charming smile, bowing low with a sweeping motionas if mocking herbut it was Kalis way of welcome, no matter how mocking it may seem. She straightened after a while and grinned mischievously What brings a fair maiden such of you to such a dark part of the woods? She asked a tone of amusement etched her voice Did you by chance receive a call from the fair Princess Loretta? She asked with a raised eyebrow Only, I thought Loretta seeked strong warriors, not fair maidens

There was another noise that her sensitive ears picked up and she turned in the direction of undead blood. She snarled at the sight of another Vampire whose eyes showed, not the hunger and bloodlust she was use to seeing from her equals, but calm, tamed even. The snarl slowly turned into a smirk and she took another sweeping bow of welcome It is good to see another of my kind she lied before straightening and turning her red gaze onto the human It seems you may have some trouble in these woods fair maiden She stated evilly, flashing her a toothy grin.

(OOC- Lu fei- Thats fine, no worries ^_- Just make your way to the forest as soon as)

Lu Fei 21
June 19th, 2005, 6:21 PM
Ooc: Oh ok, but uumm I already arrived so you might need to put something in about me steping in to the picture, or should I do it?

June 21st, 2005, 11:39 AM
Almira looked at the vampire with dislike. But she controled her emotions and simply scowled at what the vampire said. "The fact that I am a maiden means nothing. And yes I was summoned here by Princess Loretta. You may doubt my abilities but I am stronger than I look."

Almira placed a soothing hand on Audra's neck because the horse was still jumpy. The mare did not like these dark creatures and was edgy. Almira dismounted the horse and faced the vampire. "I must say I'm surprised that the Princess would approach a band of vampires. She is more couragrous than I thought but I'm not surprised she would not fear the creatures of the night." Her tone was nutural because she disliked vampires. However she did not fear them. Her people had killed several vampires with specialy made arrows. Each elf carried one with them when they ventured out of the city. She had one now though she had no intentions of using it. If Princess Loretta trusted them enough to ask for their help then she would tollerate them. But trust was something she would never give to a Night Walker.

Almira was considering. She wondered if Loretta had only asked for the help of vampires and elves. That didn't seem a smart thing to do. Humans and other creatures would help. But then again she had not been in the forest long. If others were coming they would arrive soon.

Lu Fei 21
June 21st, 2005, 12:42 PM
Jerome noticed two women argueing about something in the forest. As he got closer he saw that one had pointed ears, so she must be an elf, and the other has a bit of a pale looking skin with sharp fangs, she must be a Vampire. Jerome knew these two were asked by his cousin to help defeat his other cousin King Harry and the army of death that he controls. Jerome got closer and saw one massive army of elves. He got curious for the Vampier's army, but then looked up and saw another massive army, but filled with vampires. "Excuse me my ladies, but I am King Jerome, the one that can keep his castle safe with only but a small number of troops, against thousands, maybe you heard of me? But then again maybe you didn't. I am the cousin of Lady Loretta, are you also here for the fight against King Harry?" Jerome said hoping they would agree on inviting him top thier little chat without killing him and his small number of thieves and half elves. Jerome did not know whether he should trust an elf or a vampire or anything else. He was brought up to not trust anything, even humans. Yet he has an army of humans and now a small amount of half elves but still he has not known the meaning of trust yet. Jerome has heard and is foolish enough to believe rumore that Vampires are rutheless creatures who only fight to kill. The other rumors are about elves that they are low lives and steal from other kingdoms, whether it is an ally or foe. (Hopefully those rumors are JUST rumors.) thought Jerome. "Gulp...this is gonna be a long war." muttered Jerome to himself.