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May 28th, 2005, 5:06 AM
Everything in life happens for a reason. There is NO coincidence.

Now, this RP won't be following the anime or manga. It's a totally new adventure with lots of characters, new and old.

For one reason or another, you have been sent to the Time-Space Witch from your own world. Whether it be of your choice, or due to a force you have no control over. Either way, you go there with a goal in mind, and you need to complete it.

She explains to you that in order to complete your goal, you must travel through different worlds in search, but in order to do this, she needs to take the thing most valuable to you.

There, you meet up with a group of others, also sent to the Time-Space Witch, and she gives you a small, red box, with a keyhole inside. She explains that in order to travel to the different worlds, they need to find a navy blue key in each world, and insert it into the box, since the worlds they visit are randomized.

In a nutshell, for your own reason, you are travelling through the different worlds with this group, running into various dangers, and finding powers within you never thought you had.

No 2 worlds are alike. In one world you may find that you have a special power, then when you move onto the new world, you have a different power. How you look is key as well, so you'll have to find new clothes as you arrive in each world.


Species: (You don't have to be specifically human. Depending on the world you came from, you could be a vampire, werewolf, the possibilites are endless.)
Personality: (optional)
Original World: (If you made it up, give a description of that world, XD)
Reasons for travelling through worlds: (Why are you on this quest?)
The one thing you must give up: (What is that "one thing most important to you" that you must give to the Time-Space Witch?)
Other: (Any other details you might like to give about your character.)
RPing Sample:

May 28th, 2005, 8:35 AM
Name: Rine Ganymede
Age: Appears 19
Species: Demigod/Ghost/Undead (Er, he was a demigod before he died)
Gender: Male
Appearance: Dark, unkempt hair with a few brown highlights; one lock of hair beside his face is longer than the rest of his hair and is braided with a gold ribbon; gold cat eyes; lean, compact body structure; usually there is a mask over the left half of his face
Personality: . . .
Original World: Olympus - A large world with an environment similar to the myths of ancient Greece. Powerful beings many think of as "gods" exist, as well as mythical creatures. In a few aspects, however, Olympus includes several slightly modern or medieval characteristics.
Reasons for travelling through worlds: After he died, he angered Hades and Persephone and was sent to the dimensional witch. Feeling unwelcome in his original world, he is unsure if he wants to return. But, for the moment, he is searching for a purpose in his life.
The one thing you must give up: His ability to feel happiness - due to his painful past, Rine often engaged in various forms of obtaining fleeting happiness to hide or forget his pain
Other: Rine is a warrior and has overcome many opponents. After defeating a two-headed dragon, he captured its spirit. The dragon transformed into an armguard he now wears. When needed, he may summon the dragon.

At birth, a curse was placed on Rine--one that has caused him much pain. Anyone he loves or cares for will die.

RPing Sample:

Rine sat on rocky hillside, silently fingering his armguard as he stared into the valley below. The light of his amber eyes was dim as he continued to suppress the unshed tears within his soul. Hearing a sound behind him, the warrior did not turn. However, he swiftly straightened and hardened his previously contemplative expression. Feeling a light touch on his shoulder, Rine's hand instantly grasped his sword hilt. However, glancing toward his opponent, he realized it was no opponent. A stag, whiter than the silver moon and foam of the sea, gently pressed its nose against his shoulder. Instantly releasing his sword hilt, Rine hesitantly raised his hand toward the creature. As the warrior carefully stroked the white stag, a faint smile of sadness passed over his features. If you knew my scars . . . and my curse . . . you would not dare to be near me.

Then, Rine stiffened. Lifting its head, the stag's ears raised. Suddenly, an arrow burst from a near forest toward the creature. As the projectlie sped toward its target, it was suddenly intercepted and caught. Rine snapped the arrow in one hand as he drew his sword. Staring darkly toward the wood, he murmured one word. "Run." Without any further urging, the stag dashed into the valley below.

As several hunters emerged from the forest, Rine moved into a fighting stance. Everyone knows the white stag is sacred to Artemis, so who would be foolish enough to hunt it? Rine's eyes narrowed. Whoever it is, they won't be successful.

May 28th, 2005, 3:44 PM
name: Tai
age: 18
species: human
gender: female
personality: likes to keep things interesting, and can get hyper
original world: ...uh...since i have no imagination, ill call it EARTH!!!
other: n/a
RP examlpe: could i please post tommorrow? i wont have time to fin finish it today, but i will post it.

May 28th, 2005, 5:29 PM
Name: Itoko
Age: 16
Species: Fox Demon
Gender: Female

Appearance: Itoko is a shape shifter, and has the ability to change from her older self to her younger self. Some things that dont change during the process of transformation are: her hair, and her eyes.

Older Self [[Click to see an image]]: (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v312/Riyuko/Random/FoxDemon1.png) Itoko has a normal fox tail and fox ears, and piercing red eyes. Her long, dirty blonde hair cascades down to the middle of her back. She wears a light brown jacket, and short, brown shorts. Her socks are striped with red and white, and reach up to her knees. She also wears brown boots that almost read her knees. Itoko wears a necklace of a fox tooth around her neck, in which indicates what tribe she is in on her home-planet.

Younger Self [[Click to see an image]]: (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v312/Riyuko/Random/FoxDemon12.png) Itoko looks very different as a young child (age 9 to be exact). On top of her head she wears a cute fox mask//hat that covers up her fox ears. On her hands she wears light brown gloves shaped as paws that go up to her elbows, and her socks//shoes are basically the same thing without the shape of the paw, and go up to her knees. She wears light brown shorts and tank-top. Around her beck she wears a bell attatched to a red ribbon. She also has short, dirty blonde hair.

Personality: Itoko is most definately a trouble maker. She is outgoing, and definately not shy, and always trying to think up a new trick to play. Itoko is also very sly, which is to be expected in a fox demon. But when she is in trouble, she knows it~! She always tries to find a place to hide! Overall, Itoko is a cute and kind girl, filled with confidence, encouragment, and enthusiasm for everything she does.

Original World: Itoko previously lived on a well hidden world called, Forestia. This planet is covered with forests and other natural sources. Humans and forest creatures alike live together there. The clothing styles may basically be the same there compared to earth, but their lifestyles are very different.

Reasons for travelling through worlds: According to her tribe leader, Itoko is the most mischievious fox demon he has ever met. He has sent her to the Time-Space Witch to travel amongst different worlds to 'get a life' and 'learn some respect for your environment and fellow fox demons.' Strangely, itoko is excited to go on this quest~!

The one thing you must give up: As silly and unfortunate as it may seem, Itoko is forced to give up all her toys and gizmos used for playing tricks on people {except for her special leaves in which she uses to transform} in order to travel amongst different worlds.

Other: Although Itoko may be a great trick-player, she is different then all the other fox demons and often gets teased. She only has the ability to transform into her younger self, unlike all the others who can transform into anything they want.

RPing Sample: Must I type one out, onee-chan? X3

Hope this is okay. XD;


May 30th, 2005, 3:28 PM
If we don't get at least one more member bytomorrow morning, I'll edit an IC post into this one. Everyone is accepted except Kasanai Tsumi, who has yet to finish filling the form out.

Name: David
Age: 14
Species: Human
Gender: Male

Appearance: 5'11" with short red hair, and blue eyes. He is also medium-built. David is dressed in a black t-shirt with a grey sweater overtop of it. The sweater is made so it's zipped on like a jacket, and has a hood on the back. On his legs, he wears a pair of blue jeans that just go slightly over his ankles. He also wears a pair of black running shoes.


Original World: An alternate version of our current Earth. A slightly different past has made it so the governments of earth use its residents in experiments and such, like DNA testing, to help "improve" the world. This has brought the uprising of many groups bent on stopping the government.

Reasons for travelling through worlds: To avoid his own world, while trying to find shards of an ancient orb which is said to have the power to purify the hearts of anyone, in order to set his world straight.

The one thing you must give up: A pendant handed down to him from his father who was killed in the testing. It's his inspiration for helping his world, and it also posesses a rare hidden magical power.

Other: David is skilled with many weapons, including the bow, and the sword. Lets just say he watched too much TV, and had way too much free time as a kid.

May 31st, 2005, 8:01 AM
I hope this is OK!

RP example: "School sucks..." I muttered to myself. "Why should we have to go there? All they do is hand you failing test scores, call your parents, and you get grounded for 3 more months..." I looked at the ground and sighed. The school was coming closer, and I didnt want to look at it.

if its not enough, tell me, and Ill add to it.

Midori Chi
May 31st, 2005, 8:36 AM
Appearance:she looks like the pink one on my sig
Personality:sweet,"heroine type",serious
Original World:Skyth,the land where "Princess Ren" lives. But ofcourse,she's not a princess in other worlds. The world of Skyth is mostly made up of plains. There are many trees and flowers.
Reasons for travelling through worlds:Ren is looking for the lost marble which ables her to unlocking the lost world of Tyaria.
The one thing you must give up:Her love,Junichi
Other:In the end,she'll be able to see Junichi again.
RPing Sample:

The moon was at it's fullest. It was all Ren needed for a light in the cold night. She stood upon her balcony,gazing up at the sky. There was a soft"catchack" from the door being opened to her room. A servant walked in.
Servant: Princess Ren...we're really needing that marble. We must find it emmeidiately. We got orders from your mother for you to travel to the Space Time Witch.
Ren: But...okay...I'll go...If it's really that urgent..
Servant: You must leave tonight. Pack lightly.
Ren grabbed a white cloak from her chair next to her desk and wrapped it around her. She took off her crown and set it on her nightstand and then put some food in her cloak's pocket.
Ren: Okay...I'm ready..

May 31st, 2005, 9:03 AM
Name: Aisha

Age: 18 in appearance (302 years old)

Species: Vampire

Gender: Female

Appearance: Aisha has jet black hair that extends to her mid back, natural silver streaks rake through to the tips. Her eyes are pools of blood red which stand out forcefully against her sickly pale skin and think black eyelashes cast shadows over the Bloody orbs. She wears a black, long-sleeved crop top accompanied by baggy black trousers and black boots with metal clasps. Around her waste is a studded belt and hanging from the belt are two sword sheathes in which two silver bladed swords hand. Covering her thin frame is a long flowing, black leather coat and around her neck is a black choker.

Personality: Aisha is sarcastic, sardonic and utterly chaotic. Her main objective in life is to cause havoc wherever she may roam and her manners towards those of her own and other races is poor, formal or informal, no matter what the occasion you can guaranty Aisha will remain the same as ever. When met with danger, she literally does laugh in its face and when in the company of others, you can almost guaranty a scare now and again.

Original World: Aisha comes originally from Troian, planet of the Demons. This word is forever in darkness and plays host too many night crawlers and Demons, from the common Wolf to the Werewolf. Here you can guarantee that if you are human, you will not survive. The land is barren and plays host to only rotted trees, haunted castles and blood.

Reasons for travelling through worlds: Plainly, to wreck havoc. Aisha plans to travel the many worlds and find out as much as she can about them. She is a curious vampire and plainly just wants to wreck havoc wherever she goes. The thrill of travelling as many worlds as possible sounded almost too good to be true for her.

The one thing you must give up: Aisha must give up her power to conjure fire which was a gift to her from Dracula. She treasured it but unfortunately the witch asked for her most treasured thing.

Other: Aishas blades are made of silver which is harmful to Vampires and other dark creatures, but she has learnt to use them with care. She prefers silver to the safer Steel because of the advantage it has over other Vampires as well as Werewolves and others.

RPing Sample: *Pulls her best puppy dog face*

May 31st, 2005, 12:54 PM
Name: Ayame Rei
Age: 13
Species: Human
Gender: Female

Appearance: Ayame has waist length yellow hair and odd cherry eyes, often damped with her tears. Whenever she isn't crying, a smilesweet and brightis present on her face. She has a short and slender built, and is dressed in an orange sleeveless shirt underneath short denim overalls. She often wears a red cap beneath her hair which is frequently sloppily tied into two braids.

Personality: In simple terms, a bumbling crybaby. She tries to act tough, but always fail for she can't help but shed tears for every little mishap. She has the tiniest bit of wildness in her, ready to emerge, but it is overshadowed by her benevolent nature. She is basically brimming with the simplicity of a child and is easily attached to anyone she meets. And, although it seems false, she is quite a tomboy.

Original World: Renvall. Ayame is from a modern~ish world that has three main lands, all protected by a lineage of monarchs. All inhabitants of those three lands have specific duties; healers, magic users or combatants.

Reasons for traveling through worlds: Ayame is the secondary successor of her land, Citadel Kiris, which is currently being assaulted by monsters from the dark forest 'Misery'. Her father sent her to his friend, the Time-Space Witch, in order to strengthen her should his land fall.

The one thing you must give up: Her memories of her deceased mother. Her mother was the only one who understood her love for peace and encouraged her to stay the same, unlike her father and brother. She'd rather give her favorite necklace, even if it served as an armament, but Yuuko chose her memories.

Other: Her land is the resident of combatants, which makes her quite skilled in fighting. She is trained to use a vast variety of weapons and hand to hand combat. But unfortunately, she abhors fighting and usually hesitates when engaged in a fight. Her frail looking figure doesn't help either.

RPing Sample: //pokey pokes/ Daveeeey-chan! X3;

June 1st, 2005, 2:56 AM
Kasanai Tsumi, you still haven't even filled out your appearance. Also, use the edit button instead of making a whole new post.
Midori Chi, You aren't using proper format in your sample. We don't use script form here but we write rather like a story.
The rest are accepted, and I'll make the opening post when I get back from school >>

Midori Chi
June 1st, 2005, 10:32 AM
Oh! Okay! Sowwy..I can redo it if you want me to then...

June 2nd, 2005, 3:42 AM
OOC: Yes, I'd like you to edit it Oo Anywho, here we go.

IC: "Take this and go!" Father yelled at me from his holding cell. I had broken into the local testing center to get him out, but had foolishly triggered the alarm system in the final corridor. He threw a pendant at me, red in color, and it glowed a brilliant red. "Get out of here, and find one of the rebels names Sari, she'll help you!"

"B-but Dad..."

I did as I was told, trying to hold in the tears, and quickly exited the building, removing any trace of my presence on the way. I finally got out of the building, but I felt something sharp stab me in the back of the neck. Well, it didn't seem to be hurting after, so I continued on into the city, in search of this Sari girl.

June 2nd, 2005, 3:48 PM
Itoko wandered around a strange and unfamiliar village, surveying the passing villagers, whom were all humans. There were so many of them; each one turning their heads to look at the fox demon's odd presence. She was in her younger form, and tried to look as cute as ever. She smelt food, and she just happened to be starving. Itoko had a simple plan; a simple plan that would change her life forever.

"Awww~! Look at the cute fox demon!" said a young passing women, setting her basket of fish down beside her. Not daring to say a word, Itoko sat down on the ground and wagged her bushy tail back and forth. The women patted her on the head, smiling delightfully. Itoko payed no notice, since she was focusing on the basket of fish resting beside the foolish women.
"Woof!" smiled the 'young' fox demon, now smiling to show of her sharp teeth. Now was the time to put her plan into action. Itoko picked up a small rock and threw it behind the women. The women turned her head for a moment while Itoko drew a leaf from her pocket and placed it on top of her head. Within moments, Itoko had completed the process of duplication, or, in other words, she had duplicated herself. Now there was three!

"Hey!" one said, tapping on the womens shoulder while the other duplicate started to dance to get everyone elses attention. Meanwhile, the real Itoko slyly grabbed the basket of fish and darted off in the direction of the forest, leaving her 'clones' to look after all the villagers.

Itoko quickly transformed into her normal self before walking into a dark cave carrying the basket of fish she had snatched from the human village. Her friends came running over to her, and Itoko smiled slyly.
"Hey, guys. Look what I managed to catch..." Itoko bragged, showing off the large basket of fish in which she set down in front of her. She covered the basket with her arms and growled as others tried to snatch the fish from the basket.
"Ahem..." she said, clearing her throat. "I'm willing to share for a total of 4 shillings each!" she winked.
"Aw, common! You cant tell us you're going to eat all of those fish by yourself are you!?" exclaimed a rather rude and persistant male fox.
"Well, I-" Itoko began, before she was cut off by a rather old and mysterious voice.
"Itoko...I expect to see you in my cave as soon as possible..." said the strange voice. Itoko reddened in the face and her ears twitched slightly. She hated this nervous feeling she always got when she knew she was in trouble.

His name was Ichigo, and he was the leader of the tribe. Itoko shivered slightly, awaiting her punishment. Ichigo knew what she had commited; he knew everything. Itoko had lost count on how many times she had been present in his cave.
Ichigo walked back and forth in front of her, stroking his red beard, obviously pondering about something. He was clearly trying to reach a decision on what he should do with her. This time, Itoko was too petrified to even cry.
"I have finally reached a painful decision, Itoko..." Ichigo said slowly. "I shall send you to the Time-Space Witch, where you will travel amongst the different dimensions. Today is one of the many days in which you will finally learn your lesson."
Itoko was confused, now. Time-Space Witch~? Travelling dimensions? She had never heard of such a foolish manner. But, as awkward as it may have seemed, Itoko was beginning to get very excited about this adventure.

Within minutes, without even saying goodbye, Ichigo tapped the ground with his walking stick, and a large, colourful circle surrounded Itoko. This startled Itoko greatly, and she stood up from the rock she was sitting on. She still had so many questions to ask, and he didnt give her any time to ask them before a big light flashed and Itoko was gone from her leaders cave.

"Today is one of the many days in which you will finally learn your lesson."

June 2nd, 2005, 5:25 PM
"Men, prepare your arms! Activate all defensive maneuvers!" The King of Citadel Kiris bellowed, panic dripping in his tone. "You there, if all telephone lines are not functional send a Pegasus General to Adhira, call for Clerics and Troubadours! Send another to Mistral and notify them of the beasts!"

Ayame stood quietly beside her father, firmly squeezing the stuffed monkey on her arms. Her pearly whites pressed against her lower lip and she struggled to hold back her tears. She couldn't be a burden to her father, not now of all times.

All kinds of monsters were marching towards her land. Her father had ordered all her soldiers to welcome the beasts; her father and brother would join them soon. And what of she? She merely stood, in the verge of shedding endless tears. Being worthlessagain.


Ayame instantly straightened up and forced a valiant expression on her face. "Yes, daddFather?"

Her father smiled softly at her, as if taking his last glance at her. "I'll miss you." He whispered, although too vague for her to hear. In an instant, his expression altered. His face showed pure seriousness, as a King would normally have at times like this. "Listen. You are to visit my old acquaintance, Yuuko, the Time-Space Witch. With her help, you will travel different worlds, where you could train to strengthen yourself. Once you find yourself fit, hurry back."

Ayame could only blink in confusion. Her, train? "But, Father. I' am the least useful here. I'm bound to fail." She was gripping the childish little toy on her arms tighter and tighter.

"Hush, Aya. Granted, your abhorrence for war is very admirable, but you must know that you must fight in certain conditions. You are a lot stronger than you think; you even surpass your brother, but if you stay frightened to fightCitadel Kiris will fall."

That was it. Tears were starting to form, soaking her soft cherry red eyes. "O-okay," She said with a slight sniffle, "I'll do my best, Daddy!"

Her father gave her a nod and smiled softly once again. "Close your eyes, myAngel." His meek whisper had again been faint to the child's ears. With his hands forming seals, he muttered undecipherable incantations. Within moments, a blinding light engulfed Ayame, but ironically she could only see pitch darkness.

The Time-Space Witch? To strengthen myself? You can do this, Aya! I hope.

June 2nd, 2005, 5:32 PM
Rine did not struggle. Despite the layers of binding chains and biting manacles clinging to him, he remained silent and still, staring in quiet defiance at the two beings before him. Escape would be near impossible--Hephastus had forged the chains himself--and if accomplished, where could he go? There were not many lands where one who was dead could go. However, despite this, Rine's spirit remained as an unyielding, unbreaking, unrelenting icy fire. Blood dripped slowly from beneath the captive's mask, splattering as it struck the stone floor. The demigod's singly visible eye of burning amber retained its piercing flame as it stared coldly forward.

Then, one of the beings before Rine arose. Standing with a rigidly straight posture--one of confidence, though not of arrogance or pride--the dark being slowly made his way toward Rine. Despite the shadow enveloping him and the eerie light of his pale eyes, no malice could be sensed about this being. However, somehow, the mere presence of such a being was one enough to incite trembling and fear. This being was Hades, god of the dead.

June 2nd, 2005, 5:42 PM

Itoko awoke to the sound of the rain bouncing off the ground in small drops. She was lying on the ground, and in front of her lay a mysterious brown bag. She couldnt remember much; well, she remembered going to Ichigo's cave, and he sent her somewhere. But where was this somewhere? It took Itoko a few moment to remember the details.
The Time-Space Witch...I remember now! Ichigo sent me here...something about learning my lesson? Itoko thought, sitting up and rubbing her dazzling red eyes. It was dark out, but thanks to her fox-vision, she could see perfectly in the dark. Above her, lightning striked, causing Itoko to jump to her feet.

Only now did Itoko notice a fairly large house before her. She was amazed by this house; it wasnt like any others in Forestia. She wanted to go inside; she was soaked from the rain, and the feel of water dripping from her long hair irratated her greatly. So, without a care, Itoko followed her instincts into the large house.

Midori Chi
June 3rd, 2005, 12:00 PM
Appearance:she looks like the pink one on my sig
Personality:sweet,"heroine type",serious
Original World:Skyth,the land where "Princess Ren" lives. But ofcourse,she's not a princess in other worlds. The world of Skyth is mostly made up of plains. There are many trees and flowers.
Reasons for travelling through worlds:Ren is looking for the lost marble which ables her to unlocking the lost world of Tyaria.
The one thing you must give up:Her love,Junichi
Other:In the end,she'll be able to see Junichi again.
RPing Sample:

The moon was at it's fullest. It was all Ren needed for a light in the cold night. She stood upon her balcony,gazing up at the sky. There was a soft"catchack" from the door being opened to her room. A servant walked in.
The servant said,"Princess Ren...we're really needing that marble. We must find it emmeidiately. We got orders from your mother for you to travel to the Space Time Witch." Ren said," But...okay...I'll go...If it's really that urgent.."
The servant said," You must leave tonight. Pack lightly."
Ren grabbed a white cloak from her chair next to her desk and wrapped it around her. She took off her crown and set it on her nightstand and then put some food in her cloak's pocket.
Ren: Okay...I'm ready..

June 4th, 2005, 6:24 AM
OOC: You used the script form in the last line of your sample still, so no still. vv;;

IC: Dad, I will save you was all I could think about as I wandered the city streets. Even though it was day, dark clouds loomed over the city, giving the impression of night. Just when I thought this town couldn't look any gloomier. A lot of the building were in ruins, and most of the cities inhabitants had been taken away for testing. I was tested upon once, but there were never any effects, so they had released me. I can't even remember what they did to me now...

I approached a small hut on the outskirts of town after travelling for a while. There was a crow perched on the roof, making a cawing sound that would run shivers down the spines of even the bravest men and women. This was the rebel hideout, as puny as it was. Though, underneath it, was a series of tunnels that lead to various places in the town.

Upon walking through the entrance, I found a gun pointed at my neck by something in the shadows. "Who are you and what is your business here?" The shadow asked. The voice sounded like that of a girls, not too much older then me.

"My name is David, and I'm looking for a girl named Sari." I replied to the voice, and the girl stepped out from the shadows.

"What's your business with me?" She replied. She must be Sari! She was actually kind of cute. 5'9" or so, and she had brown hair that went down to her shoulders, with green eyes, and she wore a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt, a necklace with a cross hanging off her neck. I blushed, then explained my situation to her.

"I see, so your best bet is to find the shards of the Geon Orb, and reassemble it. Your father must have known this, and sent you to me." Sari explained after hearing my story, and walked over to a closet in the lobby of the hut, pulling out a strange brown staff with a red orb on the top. "I'm sending you to the Time-Space Witch. She can help you further."

"Wait! Geon Orb? Time Space Witch?" I called out to her as the orb on her staff began to glow a brilliant red, and a black hold opened up underneath me, and sucked me in.

I woke up sometime later, and something wet continuously drummed on my body. Rain? I wasn't outside!

June 4th, 2005, 9:11 AM
A silver bladed sword collided with the grimy grey back of the snarling beast cutting through it as if it were merely paper. Blood gushed from the many veins and arteries that were sliced and the mighty beast gave a muffled howl as blood dribbled down its blood drenched jaw. It fell with a loud thud to the decayed ground and lay unmoving as its life came to an end in an instant.

The sword wielder stepped forth and kicked it roughly in the ribs, only centimetres from where the blade had collided before. She gave a snort and returned her prized position to the sheathe it which it first originated from. Giving the beast one last glace with merciless blood red eyes, she left it in a pool of its own rotting blood and made her way back from where she one came.

This planet was forever in darkness and therefore the Vampire had nothing to fear in terms of light and sunlight effects. She strolled casually through the demonic scenery that she called home, lazily swinging her sword so that the tops of all those cursed flowers sprang from their stems and whose petals were then carried by the wind.

Her village was surrounded by nothingness, only the lonely stubs of rotted trees and the odd bush were present on its outskirts. The village was made out of rotting wood and vines in which they had managed to pull from the existing trees that still existed on the outskirts. Her house in particular was the largest of the lot, but still of the same standard of construction work.

She entered through the open door and took a glace around. She lived with her older brother, Damien, who had taught her everything she knew about her species in exchange for her teaching him her sword skills which were legendary to her Species, some even said that she was taught them by Dracula himself, but the only thing She had gained from the true Vampire, was her ability to create fire.

Damien!? She called, her voice echoing off of the thin, rotted walls.

Upstairs, Aisha! Another voice called.

Aisha drifted up the stair and into her brothers room. And true to his word, there he sat on an old oak chair, his feet propped up onto a matching table with a book in his hands. Aisha walked over and perched herself onto the side of the table, looking at him with questioning eyes Watchya reading? she asked out of curiosity.

Her brother looked up from his book and answered with a smirk it is far to complicated for you to understand, dear sister. Why dont you go and swing your blade around outside for a while in till I call you for dinner He then turned his gaze back to the book he was reading.

A lop sided grin appeared on the younger face and she tilted her head off to the side Oh reeealy She drawled If you have forgotten, dear brother. You taught me everything I know, and telling me that I would not understand is truly saying that you yourself would not understand. I recall you saying that we were at the same level of education

Her brother laughed a deep haunting sound which echoed off of the rotted walls Dear Sister, you entertain me so. If you must know it is of black magic. It is a list of the many Vampires who were gifted enough to have learnt the ways of the cursed magic He placed a finger on a picture I believe this is the one that taught you how to conjure flames?

True enough, there was the picture of the Count himself, a charming smile plastered upon his face and a fire ball clutched in his grasp. Aisha smirked Why arent I in here then? She asked I know how to use the dark magic you speak of, brother

Damien gave another of his terrifying laughs Because, Sister, you were not born with the power, you were given it. This book only holds those who were born with the natural power. He cast his eyes downward again and flipped through the book for a spell in which caught his attention. It didnt take him long before an interesting spell caught his eye Look at what we have here, Aisha

Aisha lowered herself from the table and walked around the chair so that she could look over her brothers shoulder. She glanced at where her brothers finger was placed and smirked The time witch? She stated Travel the many worlds of the Universe She gave a bark of laughter This truly has to be a myth; there is no such thing, Damien

Her brother sighed If you recall, Aisha, may think us as myths. This book is filled with nothing but truth, take the Count for example, you have learnt from experience that his powers are anything but myth

Aisha snorted I would certainly like to travel all those worlds. It would be a great experience She smirked Not to mention the havoc I could ensure in many of those worlds. It would not just be an experience, but a chance to create as much suffering and misery as I can conjure

Damien smirked Want to try it?

Aisha was pulled from her fantasies and looked down at her brother Try it? She thought for a second, if it was true, she could make all of these fantasies come true. She nodded Youre on!

Damiens smirk grew wider and he began to chant the spell from the book. They were words Aisha had never heard before and she never thought her brothers voice could be so soothing and calm. Her eyes drooped shut and before she knew it, harsh drops of water were falling onto her back and seeping down her neck.

June 4th, 2005, 10:02 AM

Ayame blinked back her drowsiness and let a yawn. She felt water soaking her faceand her whole body. At first she thought she had been crying againdrenching herselfbut as her exhaustion sank, she got an apparent view of her surrounding. She gave a quick glance up; it was raining so it was obvious that she wasn't in the comfort of her home anymore. Her eyes then wandered towards the rather enormous house across of her, its structure was very dissimilar those at her home.

"Where am I?" She whispered to herself, hugging her knees close to her. Silently, and near in tears, she remained in her place, not daring to move. She kept her red optics steadied at the house; in any case the Time-Space Witch arrives.

Midori Chi
June 4th, 2005, 12:40 PM
Appearance:she looks like the pink one on my sig
Personality:sweet,"heroine type",serious
Original World:Skyth,the land where "Princess Ren" lives. But ofcourse,she's not a princess in other worlds. The world of Skyth is mostly made up of plains. There are many trees and flowers.
Reasons for travelling through worlds:Ren is looking for the lost marble which ables her to unlocking the lost world of Tyaria.
The one thing you must give up:Her love,Junichi
Other:In the end,she'll be able to see Junichi again.
RPing Sample:

The moon was at it's fullest. It was all Ren needed for a light in the cold night. She stood upon her balcony,gazing up at the sky. There was a soft"catchack" from the door being opened to her room. A servant walked in.
The servant said,"Princess Ren...we're really needing that marble. We must find it emmeidiately. We got orders from your mother for you to travel to the Space Time Witch." Ren said," But...okay...I'll go...If it's really that urgent.."
The servant said," You must leave tonight. Pack lightly."
Ren grabbed a white cloak from her chair next to her desk and wrapped it around her. She took off her crown and set it on her nightstand and then put some food in her cloak's pocket.
Then Ren responded," Okay...I'm ready.."

June 4th, 2005, 2:48 PM
As Hades reached his hand toward Rine, the demigod did not move. However, as Hades' icy, death-stained hand touched his cheek, he instantly recoiled, his visible gold eye narrowing intensely. "I take it you've decided my punishment," Rine stated flatly, his bitter voice echoing amidst the darkness.

"You do not belong here," Hades responded simply. "You may either find where you belong . . . or change to belong here. Your journey will decide that."

Curiosity tainted by suspicion flashed through Rine's mind. Journey?

Suddenly, a strange energy coursed through Rine's body, causing him to stiffen and struggle against his chains. Turning the full force of his amber eye toward Hades, the demigod suddenly felt an unusual shock stun him. Instantly, he fell unconcious.


Rine's eyes slitted open, a blurred vision of shades of grey filling his partially aware mind. Lying still, he felt coldness touch his cheek before dripping across his face. Then, he felt the same cold splatter against his hand. Slowly raising himself into a sit, his gold, cat-like eyes not yet fully open, Rine stared quietly at the weather-struck ground. Reaching one hand forward, he caught a drop of water on his forefinger.

Rain . . . ?

June 4th, 2005, 4:05 PM
Itoko warily poked her head around the large door that led into the house. She was nervous at first, and for the first time she truely felt that she 'shouldnt be doing this'. Maybe she would feel better about what she was doing when she was in younger form. Itoko reached into her pocket and pulled out a leaf which she placed quickly on her head. Within an instant she had transformed.

Itoko ran into the house, glad to free herself from the rain. It was dark; only a few candles lit the gigantic space. The silence made Itoko very uncomfortable, and she wished with all her heart that she could go back to everything that was so familiar to her. Her friends, her tribe, her dimension. A large sound of thunder disruppted Itoko's thoughts, and caused her to hide under the nearest thing to her. There, under a table, Itoko waited. Maybe someone would come in...maybe someone would help her.

June 5th, 2005, 10:41 AM
Ugh... where am I? Oh right, the Space-Time Witch... Sari, where did you send me? I thought to myself as I got up and glanced at my surroundings. The surrounding area looked similar to what my world once had looked like, before the government became corrupt that is. I was in front of an odd building, and noticed others around me.

"It seems I have guests..." I heard a voice say from the shadows once again. "Would you be looking for me?"

"Are you the Space-Time Witch?" I asked the darkness, and it replied, after stepping out.

"My name is Yuuko, and yes, I've been called that."

OOC: Yuuko looks like this http://www.clamp15th.com/book/img/book/pct_tsubasa_p_09.jpg

June 5th, 2005, 10:57 AM
Damien, Ill kill you She muttered into the grimy ground, lifting herself up with her hands. She rubbed her forehead and cursed, when some of the grime from the floor found its way onto the pasty skin. Fell back onto the floor and crossed her legs, trying to regain her composure and thinking of the most painful way to make her brother pay for such a thing. A brief flash of her silver blades penetrating his chest came into her head and she smirked maniacally.

She took a look at her surroundings, which was nothing like her home apart from the darkness it was going through now, but she bet that underneath those stormy, grey clouds was a smiling sun. She snarled and returned her gaze to the ground. She was not alone. There, sprawled across the ground were multiple other beings, some were common humans and others demonic creatures. She pulled a distasteful face I bet Damien knew this would happen, and furthermore I am not working with Humans. Such complicated creatures

A voice echoed through the distant land at that moment and Aisha cast her glare upon a tall woman coming forth from the shadows. Aisha flipped herself onto her feat and took the silver blades from their casing at her belt. There was no way she was going to be caught off guard at any time. Any sudden movements and this blade will find its target in no time she muttered mentally, reminding herself that she was a Vampire and Vampires were not welcomed upon other planets with open arms.

"It seems I have guests..." she said looking upon her guests "Would you be looking for me?"

Aisha had to laugh To bloody right, mate The words rolled off her tongue as if they were venom. Aisha, was not at all in a good mood. Waking up in some unknown land along side humans and other distasteful things were not her cup of tea. She would have had them for lunch by the end of the day anyway. She ran the tip of her tongue over an overly large canine.

"Are you the Space-Time Witch?" A young male asked the shadows. Aisha snarled she hated the boy already. His voice was so innocent and pure, she only hopped that his blood was the same.

"My name is Yuuko, and yes, I've been called that." The woman answered the innocent question, stepping forth from the shadows so that the young Vampire could see her face. Aisha tilted her head to the side The Time Space witch, eh? Soooo She stepped forward, waving her arms around What, mythical magic power do you posess?

Midori Chi
June 6th, 2005, 9:04 AM
ooc: Hey Yukito,may I start rp-ing now?

June 6th, 2005, 1:19 PM
Itoko waited, hunched under the table and rocking back and forth slowly. Thunder cracked viciously, causing little Itoko to jump and bump her head off the top of the table.
"Ouchie..." Itoko whispered, clearly irratated by this.

Itoko crawled out warily from under the table, and stood up. She heard some voices that seemed to be coming from somewhere downstairs. Would these voices help her? Only one way to find out!

The young fox demon tramped swiftly, yet, swiftly down the stairs into a room which was darker than any other that she had seen before. The voices she had heard before-they were that of a male, and two females. Could pne be the voice of the Time-Space Witch Ichigo spoke of?

"H-Hello~?" Itoko asked nervously. "M-My name is Itoko. Is the Time-Space Witch present in this room?"

June 6th, 2005, 6:55 PM
Ayame slowly lifted her head up to gaze upon those who were speaking. She bit her lip at the sight of the rather pale woman across of her; the look on her blood red eyes made her shiver somehow. She knew it especially erroneous to judge one by their looks, but she couldn't help but be reasonably fearful of her.

She was so thankful to spot a more ordinary-looking boy near. She knew she would have fainted should she have been left alone with the mysterious, ill looking, being.

"Are you the Space-Time Witch?"

Her attention had immediately averted to the one being questioned. Was it true? Was she the Time-Space Witch? She had supposedly met her many years ago; when she was simply two, but she could not quite perceive her appearance back then.

"My name is Yuuko, and yes, I've been called that."

She found herself brimming with anticipation at that time. She was purely glad that she had found who she had been waiting for. "Umm, excuse me"

Ayame halted abruptly after hearing a child's voice speak. With her curiousity, she turned to get a glimpse of the origin of the voice, a little girl with a fox's mask sotting atop her head, and found herself beaming suddenly.

Oh, thank you~! She thought gleefully. She knew with a child in her presence she wouldn't be frightened anymore; she was quite the child herself and would simply love to play with another.

June 7th, 2005, 9:04 PM
Rine slowly moved into a stand, rainwater trickling across his face and running in streams from his hair. Raising his gaze, he turned toward a large structure--a strage type of house he had not seen before. This place . . . Hades sent me here? The house of some strange god or goddess? A nymph? The demigod turned away. Whatever the place is, I've no intention of going.

The male started away from the house, only to find himself suddenly encountering an energy barrier. Instantly Rine's hand had grasped his sword hilt. However, after pausing to study the barrier, he released the weapon. This barrier--it is stronger than one made by Zeus himself. He lightly touched it, resisting it as his hand was automatically repelled. Then, finally lowering his hand, he lightly touched the damaged, bleeding flesh. Now my interest has been aroused. What manner of being exists that creates shields such as this?

Rine's visible eye shifted toward the house, shimmering a pale amber. Brushing a droplet of water from his cheek, the male started toward the structure.

Midori Chi
June 8th, 2005, 12:19 PM
ooc: HELLO? Yukito? May I start rp-ing?

June 8th, 2005, 4:38 PM
Underneath the large hat resting upon Itoko's head, the young fox demon's ears twitched uncomfortably. She was nervous, and didnt know the exact intentions of her coming here. What was she supposed to do know that she had set eyes upon the Time-Space Witch?

Itoko was shocked when she heard the voice of a child. The sound of her voice made her lighten up a bit, and she began looking desperately around the dark room. It was so dark, even Itoko could barely see. The candles were the only source of light.

"Hello~?" Itoko said, now not feeling as anxious as she had been before. Now suddenly very frustrated, Itoko transformed into her 'older self'.
"Can anyone...anyone at all explain to me what the heck is happening!?" she said, holding her hands to her head which was in pain. Back in Forestia, all the Fox Demons carried around a special leaf, which would help with any common headaches. But this time, Itoko was unprepared for the fate that had fallen upon her.

June 9th, 2005, 2:07 PM
Yuuko glanced over the group, not making a sound, while I did the same. The only one who truly creeped me out, was the girl with the red eyes. She kinda gave me the chills, just kinda.

Yuuko did not reply to any of the asked questions, but rather just asked "Why have you all come to me?"

I explained my situation to her, and waited for the others to do so as well, as it seemed I wouldn't get a reply until then.

June 9th, 2005, 4:24 PM
As he carefully pushed the large doors open, Rine heard several voices amidst the darkness. Pausing to allow his eye to adjust to the dim light, the male then warily made his way inside. After deeming the situation not too hostile, he quietly puched the doors behind him closed as he observed the scene before him. Who are these people . . . and who is she?

His visible amber eye narrowed. Someone referred to her as the Time-Space Witch . . . no doubt the one Hades sent me to see. Rine remained silent, folding his arms and leaning against a wall as he listened to the words being spoken.

June 9th, 2005, 5:46 PM
"Why have you all come to me?"

Ayame stood quietly with lips slightly curved in a pout as the Time-Space Witch didn't bother to answer any of the inquired questions. She listened as the boy enlightened Yuuko with his circumstances. As he finished, Ayame took note that Yuuko would only respond once everyone else has.

"I, umm, was sent here by my father." Ayame stated a bit timidly, trying to avoid eye contact with the Time-Space Witch. "He wanted me to gain strength by traveling through different worldsI think."

With her anxiety, she decided to avert her gaze from Yuuko and focused it on the ground instead. Her knees were vaguely quivering. Either from the cold rain, or simply because she was frightened.

June 9th, 2005, 5:52 PM
Itoko scratched her head, and then stubbornly crossed her arms. She didnt like this at all! She wants to return home to all her friends and family...she was homesick.

"Why have you all come to me?"

These single words stunned Itoko for a few moments. Why was she here? Itoko didnt understand a word Ichigo had said to her back in his cave in Forestia. Something about learning her lesson? It all sounded so cheesy in Itoko's childish mind.

"I think...I'm here to learn my lesson and whatnot...", Itoko began, trying to figure out what to say next. "I am very michievious, and my master wants me to learn my lesson. At least, I think thats what he wants". Itoko didnt know what to say next, so she stayed silent.

Midori Chi
June 9th, 2005, 5:55 PM
*sigh* Okay...I'm gonna ask this one last time. May I start rp-ing now?

June 10th, 2005, 12:51 AM
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June 10th, 2005, 2:40 AM
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Midori Chi
June 10th, 2005, 9:03 AM
ooc: I'm sowwy..

ic: Ren was then transported to the Space Time Witch. She looked up at her. Her eyes were cold, and the pitch of black in her clothes made her feel odd. She took a deep breath. "A-are you the Space Time Witch?"
"Some call me that...yes, I am. Are you here like all the others came here for?"
Ren took a gulp. "Yes."
"Okay then, what are you willing to give up?"
Ren gasped. "What?!!"