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May 28th, 2005, 3:06 PM
Hi, there. I made this Thread cause roleplaying's a kind of game. Fun is all about it. So, describe the trainer you want to be, made up or an actual character like Ash Ketchum, and if you make up a player, to make it more fun and detailed why not put a last name too? The storyline of this thread is this: In Jhoto, its late at night, probably about 10:00, and you can choose a city or town you live in, and your roleplaying may take place there, but its in Jhoto. You can travel to other towns, too. Your a trainer, and can decide if your a rookie or very experienced. Your on your way home or out late, or maybe staying over at the pokmon center. You may have up to 6 pokemon. Roleplay with your pokemon, use details and have fun. Remember its all about roleplay. Example of how to describe your character:
Name~ Ash Ketchum
Age~ 10 (Try to keep your character's age rounded 7-12)
Categorized as~ breeder, bug catcher, lass, youngster, fisherman, ect. (try to keep pokemon matching your category such as fishermen should have water types)

Here's mine:
Name~ Tatay Wednsday
Age~ 7
Categorized as~ Breeder
History~ Born to Mrs. & Mr. Wednsday, Tatay was an only child, and hadn't many anncestors alive.
Description~ Wears a yellow sleeveless top, and black, baggy sports shorts. She's very grumpy and greedy, and hasn't many friends. It was bad for her, because she was just a little girl, only 7. However, she's considered a breeder because she offers to raise older trainer's pokemon for free until she's old enough to capture a pokemon on her own.
Pokemon~ Elekid- Tatay found it the woods, her only friend, and grew a love for electric types.
Lets get this roleplay started! Anyone can participate!

The streets of Goldenrod City were dark, the stone pavement cold and mossy. It was late at night, 10:57. Only few trainers carrying they're pokemon were out, yet probably on they're way home. A young child sat on a cold bench, next to a yellow and black pokemon, Elekid. The girl was ignoring her quiet pokemon, and was staring into a shop window. She was sitting in front of a candy shop, and had gotten lost on her way home from school. It was her first day at second grade, and was a new student to that school, located in Ecuteak City. So the girl had found herself back in Goldenrod,her hometown, after hours and hours. Instead of going straight home, she had entertained herself by staring at the candies in the windows. Finally the shop owner left, and so did 7 year old Tatay. Pushing open the red, wooden door of her house, she hurried into the kitchen to find cold patatoes and string beans waiting for her. "Mama, I'm home! I saw the candy man today." Mrs. W smiled, as she was glad her daughter was back. "You were out late tonight. Are you okay dear?". Tatay returned her Elekid to its pokeball and said, sighing, "I wish I was older. I want to catch my own pokemon." Her mother set down a glass of milk, and neither of them talked til dinner was over. "Tatay, dear, why not go and take a bath? that usually makes you feel better." Tatay was grumpy again, and, leaving her milk behind, stomped upstairs. "Fine. Make me a bubble bath!". And thats what Mrs. W did. Mr. W was on a buisness trip, and wasn't home. Tatay threw herself into the suds and water of the bathtub. "Wheres rubber Pysduck?", she whined, fishing under the suds for her favorite, and only bath toy while her mother made the water cooler and left the room for her daughter to take her bath, leaving a towel on the floor for her.

May 28th, 2005, 3:12 PM
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May 28th, 2005, 3:13 PM
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May 28th, 2005, 3:24 PM
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May 28th, 2005, 3:25 PM
Wow, thanks, Claire! Your'e the best! Would you like to roleplay this with me?

May 28th, 2005, 4:04 PM
Name~ Crystaleirenia Lilyuh Breezezaru (I love exotic names)

Age~ 14 (Two years higher than the age brackets. What? I'm very experinced and I don't want to be twelve!)

Categorized as~ Truthfully, if it was up to her, she has no catergories. But she has a tie with Beauty and Trainer. Personally, she's taken as a Trainer because she ins't really as stuck up as those Beauties are. You can also say that she's a cooltrainer. Though, she has a psychic aura. Oh! Just stick to Trainer and be happy!

History~ She was once living it up in Lilycove, City. In Hoenn. In her life in Lilycove, she was known as Top coordinatoor in her age group. That age group was seven. Amazing isn't it? But then there's this mid life crisis that made her move to Goldenrod City. In another life crisis her penpal May had to move to Hoenn. So you could say they switched places. Though, in Johto, they don't have any contests here, she has adapted and found her way to be a great pokemon trainer. By the way, she still has her Hoenn pokemon with her.

Description~ Crys stands at 5"4' and has a cat-like build. She has lovely electric blue eyes with a little tint of sapphire. Also, she has short white hair the shines like polished silver. She has soft, smooth sunkissed skin.

Her clothes consis of black jeans, a lavender, violet, and white sleeveless swirled shirt, matching running shoes and sun visor, crystal bangles and a crystal pendant her mom gave her. Crys also has a pair of lavender tinted sunglasses. She wears shimmery lavender eyeshadow and clear lipgloss to finish the look off.

Pokemon~ Espeon (Lea, Female), Kirlia (Serenity, Female, SHINY), Flygon (Mystic, Male), Flaffy (Sparkle, Female), Swampert (Neptune, Male), Typloshion (Flaze, Male)

Personality~ Wise, intelligent, smart aleckey. Three words that give her personality. Each of her pokemon stand's for a distinct part of her. Lea stands for intelligence and wisdom. Sparkle stands for cunning, swiftness, and stealthyness. Mystic stands for kindness, care, and love. Serenity, well stands for peace calmness and tranquility. Flaze stands for courage and strength. And last but not least, Neptune stands for loyalty and trust. You could say her pokemon are constant reminders of who she is.

~*((You never said that we can't have Hoenn Pokemon))*~

~*~23:49 PM~*~

Outside is another ordinary night for Crystal here. She goes into the Goldenrod game corner to get more coins to buy new TMs for her pokemon. Incidently, she always seems to forget her coin case at home so she walked back to her house.

'This like Lilycove city, except it doesn't have the ocean air and it was alot breezier.' Oh how she missed that place so. But now she has to make do with what she has. When she finally has reached the door to her house, she finds out that everyone asleep. She sighs. 'Oh well, maybe when I leave tommorow...' Then something crashed.


"Mom, please don't worry about me. If you keep on doing this, you are going to make me feel guilty for leaving tommorrow morning!"

"Isn't that that idea?" Crys anime-fell at this.

"Mom! I'm like fourteen! You had never worried like this when I was a coordinatoor in Lilycove!"

"That's because in Hoenn, we still had your father."

"Oh, not this again..." Crys wailed. In Johto, she had lost her father to murder.

"Come to bed, we'll talk about this in the morning." Cry's mother said, she walked upstaired to her room.

May 28th, 2005, 5:11 PM
Age~ 14 (Two years higher than the age brackets. What? I'm very experinced and I don't want to be twelve!)

Well in real life you are twelve lol :D

May 29th, 2005, 4:36 AM
The sun was shining, and Goldenrod happened to be quite busy this morning. Trainers coming from the Ilex Forest and Azalea Town were passing through on their journey with no time to stop and talk, (or at least thats what they think. They just want their badges) and the people living in Goldenrod were on their way to work and children were playing. Tatay was grumpy again, and came downstairs at 6:55. Her mother was downstairs early, too. She had started breakfast. "Would you like a pancake? Oh, where's Elekid?", Mrs. W asked, unaware of her daughter's mood. "Outside", spat Tatay, "and no, I'm not hungry." She stomped about the kitchen, bored. Then she remembered something and whined, "You promised me Celadon City today, mama! Lets go now!". "Our train comes at nine." Tatay sat down to read `How to Handle Voltorbs', while Mrs. W. started the coffee machine. At 9:00 they started for Goldenrod's Magnet Train Station, and boarded. "We will be parting soon," the ticket man had said. Sitting in the train that would go fast as light, Tatay waited for the other people to board. It was Thursday, and Mrs. W. had promised to treat 7 year old Tatay to a new dress, shoes, desk and chair for her room, and the big Wailmer poke'doll she'd seen on a television commercial.

May 29th, 2005, 8:41 AM
~*~7:59 AM~*~

Crys eyed groggrilly at the alarm clcok. "Why in the world did this stupid alarm go off? It's f***ing eight o' clock in the morning!" She then did a double take. "Eight o' clock!?!? AHHHH!!!!" She rushed into the shower, washing her hair. When she got out it was 8:39. She quickly got dressed and ran down stairs.

"MOM! WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME UP?! I'M ABOUT TO BE LATE!" She stared angrily at her mother.

"You were so peaceful just sleeping there and I didn't want to wake you up. Want breakfast?"

"No... I'm running out, bye!" She ran out the door, taking a mad dash towards the Train Station. When she arrived, she anxiously took out her Magnet Train Pass and showed it to the ticket person.

"Crys, you've made it just in time. We were about to leave." Said three vioces on the train.

"Gale, Lily, Frost! I'm sorry for being late..." Replied the teenager, hopping on the train.

The three other girls were heading out for shopping,. Lily wanted to buy more dolls and decorations for her secret hideaway. Gale wanted more research tools. Frost wanted more beauty supplies. Crys on the other hand wanted to by a new PokeNav, since her old one got squashed by a Snorlax.

'Stupid Snorlax...'

They were all heading to Celadon City.

June 11th, 2005, 4:12 AM
Tatay looked into the isle. She noticed the teenagers. "Wow, they're big. And pretty", she commented, in a better mood now that she was on the train. "All Aboard!!." The guy helping people up into the Magnet Train called loudly. "We'll be parting now." Suddenly, the train doors slammed shut. Tatay gave a yelp and fell back against her seat. So it was true. Magnet Train is so fast!! Tatay couldn't believe it. Closing her eyes, she thought to herself, This is the best time in my life! The seven year old appeared dissapointed when the train stopped so fast. "Over, already?", she wailed. "Yes, dear." Her mother, Mrs. W, answered. She took Tatay's hand and led her off the train. Celadon City, here they come! The streets were crowded again. Tatay tripped over someone's foot. Embarassment rose to her cheeks. She turned, and out of humiliation, fled to the automatic doors of the department store. Mrs. W chased her, and reached the door just as Tatay pulled her shorts free from the doors. They got caught. Mrs. W walked through the doors after Tatay. "You are to never run off on your own like that," she scolded. "I'm sorry, mama." Tatay muttered, ashamed of herself for stepping on someone's toe. The words "I'm sorry" were hard to get out. Tatay sighed and said, "I'm going to shop." Her mother was busy looking at a pile of on-sale magazines on massages and stuff. "All right, Tatay, but bring Elekid with you. Couldn't let somethn' bad happen to you," Mrs. W said, distracted by a cooking magazine. So Tatay headed to the elevator with Elekid by her side.