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Raichu Master
May 30th, 2005, 4:23 PM

Sealed away in a long forgotten temple in the far depths an ancient forests west of the River of Time, the Blade of Time was tamed and locked away. Like many legendary weapons, the blade, otherwise known as the Chrono Blade, had many owners, few could boast that they controlled the blade, but most ended up dead. Unlike many legendary weapons, the blade came in many different forms (swords, daggers, knives, bows, staffs, axes, etc.).

Dormit was the Chrono Blade, until a group of adventures stumbled upon the Chrono Temple, fleeing from a raging storm. We find our heroes stranded in some unknown region of the world, where their lives are about to be flipped upside down where the impossible becomes the possible.

The rest of the imformation needed

As you can tell, the character(s) you will be playing is a member(s) of the group of adventures. I figured trying a good ol' fashion fantasy adventure would be nice. Not mentioned in the short narration above is that the "Chrono Blade" is more of an essence that can assume more than one form. The weapons your characters start out with will be possessed, if you will, by the Chrone Blade. The chrono blade is a time travelling mechanism, for lack of an easier and simplistic explanation. It alters time to the will of it's wielder. There are a few rules though, too keep the wielder (your character) from being destroyed (which is a bad thing...a VERY bad thing, so pay attention!):

1.The Chrono Blade can't distort time at the will of just one of it's owners (meaning if one character says travel back in time, another person can't just say travel forward in time right after a command is given). All of it's owners (in this case, the group of adventures) must agree on a certain command. After the command has been issued it can't be called upon for use for a period of time, it needs a whole day to recover.

2.The Chrono Blade can be called upon to aid in battle at any point in time, giving it's wielder the upper hand. THE CHRONO BLADE CANNOT FIGHT ITSELF! (meaning that two "adventures" or it's owners can't attack one another and expect the Chrono Blade to aid them both or either of them at all)

3.The Blade is at it's strongest when it's all in one spot (which means that it can't be split, in other words the group of adventures can split and go their seperate ways and expect the essence to be as strong as it would be when all the members are present.

4.Travelling, or warping, has the same toll as time travelling, it can only be done once and if it's agreed upon by all members, since the action affects all of the group. So no one can be the "cowboy", if you will, of the group.

5.The powers of the essence is unlimited in battle. You can fast forward, rewind, slowdown, or even speed up time, without any side effects. Becareful of the speed up of time, because it also effects your enemy, only use it if neccessary. The slowdown of time only effects things around the wielder and not the wielder itself. Fastforward is a short of time lapse, which is completely random, and is done at the will of the Chrono Blade. (Which means that if it doesn't like you, it can lapse time so that you get stabbed, and it can make the time lapse as big as it wants. Only when you control the Blade can you stop the randomness, and make it useful.)

Now that you know the basic rules, that keeps you from wanting to powerplay or do anything by yourself. It promotes TEAMWORK!


Skills: Fighting style (not neccessary)
Items: Keep to the bare minimum, only include little things. The big cool stuff comes later. So just list like the potions, and what not that an average adventurer might use.

May 30th, 2005, 4:32 PM
Well, it's a different idea, and that's always good, XD
Before I fill out the description however, how exactly do they dress in this world? And are there limits towards the 'Race' section?

Name: David
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Description: 5'11" with short cut red hair and blue eyes. David is medium built, and wears nothing but dirty green rags that he found discarded throughout his travels. Due to lack of money, he also has no footwear, and only has his bow to rely on for protection, for the time being.
Personality: Hot headed and somewhat tempermental, David doesn't like being told what to do, nor does he like telling others what to do. He mostly keeps to himself, but tries too hard to be funny when he's in the mood. All in all, his personality can be very random.
Weapon: Bow & Arrow
Items: Canteen filled with water, arrows, small amount of dried meat, as well as a black cloak for certyain situations.

Raichu Master
May 30th, 2005, 4:41 PM
OOC: Good questions. This is a fantasy rp, so the dress is midevil. And as for race, there is really no limit, yet you can't have a race that there is no possible way that it could good, since I'd like everyone to be a good guy, because there is an evil that will unfold (or has unfolded, if you've already figured it out already). Sorry for the confusion.

May 30th, 2005, 4:44 PM
Oh it's fine, not many people include details like that... I sometimes don't... XD
I'll edit my profile up all nice and shiny after I finalize what I'm going to be, okay? :P

Lu Fei 21
May 30th, 2005, 5:25 PM
Name: Isaac
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Description: Black clothing, blue eyes, black hair, and a cold looking face.
Personality: Not good at working with others, because he has personal issues that he needs to clear up to trust others, he keeps to himself (which if he doesn't keeps it up, it will only lead to his demise) :( , he acts cold around others because he does not believe to show affection. (All of those bad cualities should change once he learns to trust others), but he doesn't do anything foolish and fight on his own free will, unless he's by himself.
Weapons: Dual katanas, both in gold sheaths (which can be used as weapons too).
Skills: The ways of the samurai.
Items: A healing potion, rope (for any purpose needed), some bread wrapped in a paper towel, and some throwing knives.

May 30th, 2005, 6:17 PM
Name: Daniv
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Description: A young warrior who dresses in a dark emerald shirt trimmed with gold. He also wears a small silver pendant around his neck. He is around six feet tall with medium length brown hair and blue eyes. He keeps his claymore sheathed and attached to his back. The one distintive mark is a cresent shaped scar on his left cheek. (Maybe I overdid it? ^^)
Personality: He is very outgoing and befriends others easily. Although he dislikes violence he will fight whene he must, and protects others.
Weapons: Claymore, and a small knife hidden in his boot.
Skills: Specializes in knocking his opponents down, then striking when vulnerable. His secondary style of fighting is hand-to-hand combat, easily dodging and kicking vital points.
Items: 2 healing potions, A canteen of water, and several rations of bread.

Raichu Master
May 31st, 2005, 3:19 AM
OOC: That's fine with me, Yukito. I guess we'll wait for probably 2 more people to join before starting.

Raposa Dalua
May 31st, 2005, 11:40 AM
Name: Kashime

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Description: Kashime is quite tall for her age, standing at a good six foot three. She has soft, tannish-brown skin and devious blue eyes that hold an air of mischeif and trickery. Her dark brown hair flows to halfway down her back and it has strands of green highlights in it. She wears a blue, traditional chinese shirt with silver trimmings and buttons. Below this is a chinese style skirt, blue in coloration with silver trimmings. It hangs down to her knees, and has a small slit that goes halfway up her thigh and is topped with a silver dragon pendant. She wears black wrist guards with silver tassles stringing from a point on the bottom end. She also wears black ankle guards with the same tassles poking out from the top on the outside of her legs. Centered behind her, just above her waist is a thin but large black bow. On her feet are simple black shoes and white socks.

Personality: Kashime is... well... she's a jerk. Brash and insulting, she will always speak what's on her mind whenever the hell she wants to. She has very little tact, and even less respect for others. She's smart-alecky, wise-cracking, and always looking to pick verbal fights with others. These arguments provide a clear entertainment for her, and she usually doesn't really mean half of the insults she throws at another person. It is also, very, very hard for any human being to earn her respect. Despite all this, she has a very large respect for nature and wild creatures. At some points it may seem like she doesn't care about her own life, while at other times it's very obvious that she doesn't want to die just yet. You could say this is her 'other side', she has a strong connection with almost any environment and just loves being outside.

Weapon: Twin Blades

Skills: Kashime has excellent agility and is quite able to think on the go. She was trained well in tactics used against large groups of people, learning how to sense what is coming and listen for the silence. Her attacks may become increasingly assassin-like, depending on the difficulty of the enemy. She can use the environment to mask her sounds, and also make it seem as if she is in multiple places at once.

Items: Two healing potions, a canteen filled with water, three very small loaves of bread, and a sticky, gooey substance that can be added to water and used to fill a person up when there is no food available.

May 31st, 2005, 12:38 PM
*wonders how he missed this* *realizes he's paid little attention to the RP section for a goodly while* *smacks forehead repeatedly*

Name: Ahndrith Tel'noch'lian
Gender: Male
Race: Wood elf
Description: Stands rather tall for an elf, so about average height for a human male, though far more slender. Somehow, though, he has the muscular strength to use even the heaviest of weapons. His once-pale skin is now permanantly weatherbeaten. Emerald-green eyes and long brown hair, done up into many small braids. Wears light (but no doubt effective, as the numerous battle scars upon it prove) leather armor and a forest-green cloak. His boots, pants, and shirt are rather nondescript, as is his pack. The greatsword strapped over his back, though, is unusually magnificent. The only other remarkable object on his is the silver choker he wears at all times.
Personality: He's good-natured, free-spirited, and quite the joker. He proves to also have an immensely reckless side, e.g. "Hey, come on, it's only an active temple to the God of Murder! There's GOT to be some worrthwhile treasure in there!" Despite this, he is, at heart, a very caring and loyal person.
Weapon: Greatsword, believed to be magical. Those who would know, however, can't talk without the aid of a necromancer.
Skills: His main skill lies in his deceptive speed, even when using his unusually heavy weapon. Though it undoubtedly slows him down, he is still fast enough to match most wielders of a raiper, scimitar, or similar light weapon. He is also proficient in unarmed combat.
Items: Rope, several bandages and healing potions, salted meat, a cooking pan, and a waterbag.

May 31st, 2005, 2:45 PM
Well hi again The Adamant Dodger. =D It looks like we may have our people.
I'm just going to fix up my skills right now.

Raichu Master
May 31st, 2005, 5:40 PM
Name: Alvender Del'Nurn'Tella

Gender: Male

Race: Moon Elf

Description: Alvender is your average moon elf, in terms of height, he stands evenly at about 6 feet. Slender in build, Alvender as agile and as quick or even more so than any ordinary elf. His tight and well-toned muscles make his reflexes at their best, and keeps him constantly alert. His complection is pale in nature and his hair is a slick silver, what sticks out about this seemingly normal elf is his deep scarlet eyes, which so his age and experience. Alvender wears a tight pure white tunic that is protect at the chest and abdominal areas by splint mail. His shoulders are also protected by splint mail that bends comfortably with his shoulder and down his shoulder blade, the sleeve of the tunic cuts off at his elbows. A splint forearm piece is the only thing protecting his exposed arm, which leaves his hands completely open, which are calused by many battles and wars. His legs and feet are completely iron clad with splint armor. Unknown to most opponents, Alvender wears a strong chain mail under his tunic and splint armer.

Personality: Alvender is a very very wise elf, whose youth and strength is considered impressive for the age of the elf. Most elves begin to go down hill at the age of Alvender, but Alvender has stayed young and healthy, showing no signs of decay. Some say it's his blade, Dragon Tooth, keeping him youthful, others say he just takes care of his body more so than most. Alvender's sword skills haven't slowed a bit, his sword still flows with a rythm yet matched by any other. His fighting prowess is just one thing that sets him apart from the rest of the races, another thing is his wisdom. Even though he keeps his youth, his wisdom and experience show the age of the elf. Wiser than most, he rarely ever lifts his blade in battle or as bluff anymore. Although some call him washed up, most realize the intense respect and fire in the old elves eyes, that proves the doubters wrong.

Weapon: A special, and magically enchanted scimitar. It's nickname is Dragon Tooth because the hilt of this sword is carved out of a tooth of a dragon that Alvender had killed more than a century ago. The enchantment is in the perfectly curved, yet battle-worn blade, the dragon tooth hilt flows it's powers through the blade, glowing a deep hew of red when an enemy is close. Accompanying Alvender's sword is a shield, with the mark of his house on it. The slender yet smooth shield shows an image of a griffin standing tall and proud overlooking a forest from a high cliff. The shield is circular in shape and its diameter is alittle longer than Alvender's forearm and fist put together.

Skills: He prides himself not in his fighting, but in the wisdom he has managed to gain through the years. But when battle is inevitable, he draws his blade only when there is something to lose. His swift and sure movements intimidate many and gains respect from even the most proud warriors. He is able to fight with any weapon thrown his way, but favors his scimitar and shield combination.

Items: 1 pocket blade, 2 ropes (one for a clothes line, the other for climbing if need be), 5 healing potions, 2 dry bags (for keeping meat and other meals from the rain and keeps from rotting), 1 water bag, 2 pages worth of magic notes (for quick reference for those close calls)

OOC: I guess we'll begin now! YAY!

IC: Alvender lit a dry branch that he managed to find as he they headed into the marbled temple, which was in the fashion of any greek work of architecture. "Someone take the torch. Keep an eye out for traps. A temple such as this one isn't likely to be safe," Alvender advised as he let his fellow companions lead on as he took up the rear to watch for any unseen enemy. Handing his torch off, he fell back about ten paces from the group and began to examine the giant statues that lined the long broad corridor.

Ever light on his feet, Alvender crept along without the slightest noise. Slipping Dragon Tooth half way out of it's emerald and ruby embroided sheath, Alvender noticed the ever growing hew of red that surrounded his sword. With a soft sigh, he slid is sword snuggly back into the sheath, just what the company needed, he thought, something to fight after being drenched by a storm that grew stronger and stronger with each passing second. The sounds of the thunder clashing echoed through the seemingly empty corridor, and the sound of the pouring rain made it almost impossible to hear, even for an elf.

Out came Dragon Tooth, as he realized that the glow had penatrated the sheath. Danger was no longer avoidable, there wasn't even a way to reason with whatever unseen horror lie hidden in the dark shadows. Alvender in his friends would soon have to fight. As the red hew of his sword lit the dark corridor even more fiercely than before, he gripped the leather strap of his shield hard, anticipating the worse. Spinning on his heels, he frantically looked around, trying to find any advantage point from which he or his enemy might have.

June 1st, 2005, 3:38 PM
I'll take point I signed to Alvender, creeping ahead with the grace of both an elf and a swordsman. I'd seen the red glow and recognized that whatever it meant, it couldn't be good. I checked to make sure that Solus, my greatsword was loose in its backhanger before I continued stalking ahead. I thought And given my luck, it'll be a den of beholders. It was meant as a joke, but as I turned a corner... My magically enhanced eyesight (much thanks to a scroll I'd secreted away) picked up one eye opening... And then another... And another... And another... They kept comeing, too many to be but one of the foul beasts. And now they were awake. I silently backpeadled to the group, signing Well, my friends, I'd say that right about now, we should run if we don't want to become the butt end of some cosmic joke. It was then that the golden-colored eyebeams began slicing through the marble walls like dwarven steel through a kobold's skull. Silence, it seemed, had little bearing on us anymore, so I muttered aloud "Davinya och'nel'tiran." Literally, "May the stars **** the stars."

Raichu Master
June 1st, 2005, 5:36 PM
"What?" Alvender inquired as he turned on his heels to see what the commotion was about. Missing the beam by a good measure of distance, Alvender looked to see gleaming eyes staring straight back at the company. "There was a side passage! Quick follow!" Alvender shouted as he sprinted back down the corridor, back tracking while trying to find the hidden passage he had spotted.

The passage was small, Alvender had to kneel to fit, yet he still went through swiftly, he couldn't lag for fear that his comrads wouldn't be able to get in if he hesitated.

The passage led to a huge room, yet it appeared to Alvender that no other enterance or exit could be found. Drawing Dragon Tooth, his trusty scimitar, he waiting for his friends to catch up. Whatever was chasing them, would have to fit through the passage, and if monster or monsters were, the company would be prepared for them.

June 1st, 2005, 7:02 PM
Following Alvender through the small opening, I began to wonder why monsters would be in a place like this. I drew Mythras, my claymore from my back, it was vibrating forcefully. Perfect, they were closing in on us... this was a wonderful idea, climbing into this temple. I noticed there were no other ways in, or out of the room I had just entered. Just like a tomb, I thought, searching for any possible secrets. The noise was growing louder, as if the temple itself was alive. Focusing on only what was in the chamber, I looked up. "Vale'im taneth hilfthre." I said in desert speech, "We're not alone."

Raichu Master
June 2nd, 2005, 1:31 PM
OOC: Jake what idea did you have for the monsters attacking us? I'd imagine some sort of guardian, that's why I didn't do any attack...I wasn't sure what you had in mind. I won't continue, cause if you have something coming, I don't want to spoil it, if I already did, then I'll edit my last post.

June 2nd, 2005, 2:04 PM
<OOC>Just read and learn, lads. Keep in mind that even a single beholder is the equivalent of a talented archmage, plus those nasty eyebeams, so we don't stand a chance against an entire bloody den.<OOC>

I rolled into the opening, following my companions. As Solus hit the ground in mid-roll, I heard something... Well, odd, but that might well save us. To those of us still outside of the room, I shouted "Follow me!" With a single smooth move, I drew Solus and rammed it into the marble floor. A single, sharp report of stone cracking told me that I'd guessed right as the floor crumbled beneath me.

Raichu Master
June 2nd, 2005, 3:37 PM
Alvender met up with Ahndrith, and cocked his head? A whole herd of what seemed like beholders were following them, and all he could do was hit the floor. If Alvender was a split second earlier, he would have noticed what Ahndrith had.

All Alvender did was nod silently as he felt the floor beneath him crumple. As many adventures as he had had with this group, he grown to trust each one with his life, and if anyone was brave enough to take point before himself, he would faithfully follow their lead.

Although he didn't see what falling to the floor below would help, if they were in fact beholders, then the enemy would have no problem in following the elven magic down to the bottom. Hopefully there was some sort of maze for which to scramble, making it a bit easier to defeat the enemy. As wise as Alvender was, he couldn't see the advantage of falling, the only thing this would do would buy them time to regroup. He had to admit, as he felt himself plummeting, that he had grown unusually scatter brained, there was a strong magic surrounding the place that was blocking his sense, Alvender realized, as he prepared to land on his feet.