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Harry Potter
May 31st, 2005, 3:14 PM
Pokemon: Generation X

They say every story has a hero. They say every journey begins with a single step. They say A Picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes this is true, and sometimes not. Sometimes, the world is a friendly, happy place. Sometimes, its darker than the heart of a villain. But one thing is clear. Every story has a purpose to be told. It could be for history, for amusement, or for moral confidence. This story. This is the story, of friends. Normal kids who stood against darkness that swept over their homes. Ordinary Kids, with ordinary lives. That is, until they came of age. This story, takes place on a world where dreams become reality, where people band together, where there are no boundaries, no limits, where men have a true new way to live. This world is inhabited by strange, wonderful creatures. Pokemon. Pokemon are animals, plants, machines, or entities that can think, move, live, and survive. These Pokemon have amazing abilities, ways to battle with others like them, ways to overcome obstacles, ways to help man when all seems to be lost. Humans can study Pokemon or keep them as pets. Sometimes, Pokemon owners square off with each other and battle with one another. These people, known as Pokemon Trainers, may catch other Pokemon is capsule devices. These are called Pokeballs. This way, a trainer can create a powerful team, and become a master. That has been the goal of many boys, girls, men and women. But Hey, Enough about this. You didnt click on this link to read a long and boring history of Pokemon. You came to hear a story about those four kids I was telling you about. But, if you want to read a history of Pokemon, I think theirs a documentary showing in theater 3.

Chapter 1: The Journey Begins.

The Four children stood back to back in a cave. Each of them was surrounded by a team of men and woman, dressed in Red or A Light Blue. The Man who stood before the light blue shirts stepped forward. So did the Red shirt Leader. The Two Held their hands in the Air
ATTACK! The two called, and the men and woman rushed at each other. The children stood in the middle of the battle, and each..Wait a Minute

Im Sorry. I put in the wrong film. Silly me. And besides, you wouldnt understand a word of it. Lets try this again.

Chapter 1: The Journey begins.

A History of Melodo and Delphino: Travis Storm

My Name is Travis Storm. I come from the Island of Delphino, south of the Mainland, a region called Melodo, Named after Victoria Melony, a Hoenn explorer who was leading a team of scientists to track the migration patterns of Lanturns. Delphino was where the first settlement on Melodo was founded. Now, Her Great Great great Great Grand daughter, Victoria Pine, is the head authority of Pokemon in Melodo. Delphino is a small island, but, it has a wonderful climate. So, it costs a lot of money to live there. My Family, However, gets a house cheap, because my bro, Tommy, was Proffeser Pines assistant. But, Later on, He left on a Journey with his best friends. But hey, this story isnt about him! Its about me! And my Friends. Anyways, heres my story.

On the Island of Delphino, there was a small lane. This lane had afew large houses, many with swimming pools or Tall trees. A paved road was in front of theses houses. But, thats not important right now. Inside a house to the Far right, a boy was fidgeting in his sleep. This boy had messy brown hair and blue eyes, even though you couldnt see them if you were there that night. In his sleep, he was dreaming about boats and planes and roads and Hills. And by him he had a Pokemon. He didnt know what on earth it was, but, hey, he owned it in this dream! Suddenly, just when he was walking to the end of a road, he heard a voice calling. Then he saw the thing that ensured him he was dreaming. Yep. You Guessed it. A Flying banana. He sighed and pinched his arm. He instantly opened his eyes and looked into the eyes of his Mother. She was a Woman in her Thirties with curly black hair and kind, Green eyes. She gently shook him

Travis, Travis! Wake up! Youre going to be late for your appointment with Proffeser Pine! She Said. He instantly jumped out of bed and grabbed some clothes. Now, Travis had woken up just 20 seconds ago. He finally shook off his sleepy-ness and realized he was stuffing his Arms into his Pants. After finally getting his clothes on properly, He Made a mad dash for the door. However, he was blocked by his father. Travis father was the Principal of Long Seas Elementary school. He was, well, sort of..big. Big as in lay off the Nachos. Travis crashed right into him. His father laughed

Travis, you know you cant leave yet. We have to have break-However, he couldnt finish, because of the fact that Travis Had Grabbed a Waffle with syrup and Jumped out of the window. Now, you may Gasp, I mean, he jumped out a window! But, it was the first story Window and the only thing he injured was his toe when he tripped on the lawn. However, that didnt stop him. He looked over his shoulder

BYE MOM! BYE DAD! He Called. Suddenly, a blur of green jumped on him, aiming for his face. He Screamed and laughed as he pulled the Family Dog off of him. The Family dog was a green dog with two yellow streaks on the sides of his head.. This was Sparky, an Electrike who Travis found one day walking home from school. Back then, Sparky was cold and hungry and very poor looking. However, Travis took him home, and, even though his Mother disapproved, he kept him. However, he was the Family dog, so, he wasnt coming with him. Travis petted the Electric dog and Sighed

Well Boy, this is Goodbye. He said. He patted the dog again and slowly began to walk away. However, the discharge Pokemon followed. He looked at it

Sparky, your not coming with me. Im sorry. He sighed. He broke out into a Run, and he could hear Sparky howling in protest. He sighed and slowed down. He Looked over at the houses and counted the Addresses

103, 104, 105, and.106! He said. He found a boy and a girl standing outside of the house, both looking impatient. The Girl spotted him and raced over

Hey Travis! She said. This was Taylor Warren, Traviss best friend. She had dark brown hair, tied back in a ponytail. She had purple rimmed glasses, and wide blue eyes. She smiled at him and playfully slugged him in the shoulder

What took you? She asked. Meanwhile, the other boy walked up. This guy was Chad Spaulding, Travis other best friend. He had spiky brown hair, with emerald green eyes. He also had red braces. He looked at Travis and laughed.

Dude, I Think you got up to fast! He said, pointing to his shirt. Travis looked down and blushed. He had worn his shirt backwards past 5 houses! He withdrew his arms and used his elbows to turn the shirt around, while Chad and Taylor rolled around on the ground, laughing theirs heads off. Eventually, the two got up, still giggling

Oh, that was good. Chad smiled, his face as red as his braces. Travis scowled and kicked him. Chad stopped and soon the two boys were on the ground. Taylor Sighed.

Can someone remind me why I hang out with these people? she spoke aloud. She jumped as a voice spoke up behind her.

Because theyre so funny you know youll laugh until you choke. A Girl spoke behind her. This was Chloe Pecha. She was Taylors best Friend, and was going also to the appointment with Proffeser Pine. However, today, instead of smiling, like normal, she looked depressed. Taylor looked at her best friend and wondered

Chloe, whats wrong? She asked. Chloe sighed and turned away. Travis and Chad stopped kicking each other and stared at Chloes back. Well, actually, her legs. They were lying on the ground, remember! Her shoulders sagged

Im not going with you! She shouted. Taylor gasped

WHAT! She shouted. A Crash came from the kitchen of the next house over, but, no one noticed, the house belonged to a weird old lady who kept Vigers in her basement. Yes, I know, its odd. But still, she isnt even a part of the story! Anyways, Chad jumped to his feet, kicking Travis again. But, Travis didnt notice. He jumped to his feet.

WHY! Chad shouted. Another crash came from the kitchen, followed by a yell

Well, last night, my father.got caught in a Car accident. So, My Mom has to support the family while I take care of Etta. Hell be out of the hospital in a month, though. She sighed. Chad was thunderstruck. He looked at the ground

Well, Im sorry about your dad.. He said, his voice trailing off. Travis Looked at Chloe

Yah, Im Sorry too. But we really have to get to the Lab, or no one is going! He said. The other three looked up and broke into a run, leaving Travis behind.

HEY! WAIT UP! He Called and sprinted after them.

Yes, I know I need to work on capitals. But PLEASE! READ AND REPLY! DON"T LEAVE MY TO DIE!

Taylor: Hey, A Ryhme!
Chad: At at this TIme?
Chloe: I"m Gonna enjoy this*Slaps them*