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January 22nd, 2004, 7:56 AM
OOC: I was wondering if I could use Archie as a person to use in the role playing boards if not tell me okay.

BIC: Archie was close to becoming the strongest trainer in the world he had his red orb and was going to capture kyogre. "Mwuhahahahaha I have the red orb now no one will stop me." Then he awoke the all powerfull kyogre. He was terrified he was utterly and totally a child. He then realized why would he unleash this evil upon the world. He finally had what he wanted and he id not long for it anymore. He left their in hope of the trainer to stop it a few days later the Hoenn reagion stopped raining and the sun came out again. He surfed away and met a trainer named Albatross Trevelyan.
"Oh hi who are you" said Al very confused"why would someone so dressed up be at see, I mean the most I am wearing is my swimshorts, not a pants and a shirt." Archie just snarled and started to surf away when Al told him to stop."Wait I know who you are now your archie leader of team aqua!" Al said gleamingly"I always thought you were the good guys wonder why the police came after you!" Archie just did an anime fall and got back up.
"I am archie leader of the fierce team aqua we are not the good guys." then their was a pain in his heart should he be a good guy, this was a whole new experiance for him. "You know kid I am starting to like stop by the base some time and we'll see what your made out of" and with that archie surfed away on his crawdaunt.
/That kid who was that kid he made me feel so goody too shoes inside anway if he shows up we will see what he's made of,he might even become part of the team/ with that archie snickerd and kept on going.


January 23rd, 2004, 8:06 AM
Al showed up the next day "Hey archie" Al said while walking to Archie but Aqua grunts stopped him.
"What is your name boy!" Said grunt1
"Yeah whats your name!" said grunt2 very mockingly of grunt1.
"My name is Albatross trevelyan and if you do not move out of the way I will hve to kick your ****!" Al said very seriously.
"Yeah well try me, go carvanha!" grunt1 yelled.