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June 2nd, 2005, 4:45 PM
Calimport, one of the three major ports along the Sword Coast has long been an unstable city, a place for the rogues and murderers. A place for assassins such as the dreaded Artemis entreri to make their mark. Now, more than ever, a sane, gentle, law-abiding citizen of the Realms would find Calimport the worst place imaginable. Civil war has split the city in half.

Why, one might ask. Why would any of the thieve's guilds that truly run Calimport upset the delicate balance that keeps them all in line? Because, for once, it's not one of the guilds making a power grab. It's the government, if it can be called such. The Civil Watch has a bold new head. A head who, truth be told, is much more than he seems. Bregan D'Arthe, a legendary drow mercenary group from the Underdark, the massive cave network running under all of Faerun is back on the surface world, always trying to expand. The true name of the new head of the Civil Watch is Berg'inyon Baenrae, one of Bregan D'Arthe's highest-ranking lieutenents.

In truth, the leader of the mercenary group, Jarlaxle has plans far larger than a puny human city. The matriarchial power structure in the drow city of Menzoberranzan has finally become weak. Ever the pragmatist, he's extending his power base before he begins his revolution, overthrowing the ruling houses of Menzoberranzan. At the same time, his operaatives on the surface world are destabilizing power bases all along the Sword Coast for a drow invasion. Question is, where do you fit in?

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