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Emperor ServingSpoon
June 2nd, 2005, 9:34 PM
This idea was inspired by an idea on another forum that wasn't really that great an idea, and didn't work out very well, anyway. For the most part, it's an entirely different idea. I posted this at the same other forum, but as it has a low member count, I imagine it would work out better here.

Basically what will happen is that when two people battle, they will first write down their chartacter's name, which six Pokemon they'll be using, making sure to list any special moves they have(only things obtainable in the game), and any nicknames for their Pokemon. Then when both people have written down their teams, they both write a seperate fanfic of the battle. For this to have any point, you will win in each fanfic you write, as will your opponent in theirs.

Then when both fanfics have been written and posted, people vote on who's fanfic was better(Basically, you can take better to mean whatever you want. If you like one person's team better, then you can vote for them. If you think that they would've won an in game battle, you can vote for them. If you liked their nicknames, you can vote for them. If you liked their character better, you can vote for them. If they wrote better, you can vote for them. You don't need to list why if you don't want.). The first person to get five votes wins.

Do note that you and your opponent's battles in the fanfic don't need to be the same style. So you could write a double battle, and they could write a full 6 vs 6 battle. The battle types are those that appear in the games: single battle 6 vs 6, single battle 3 vs 3, double battle 2 vs 2, double battle 4 vs 4, or double battle 6 vs 6.

Your Pokemon should be listed in priority, so if you have a favourite Pokemon that your character would always use, give it an asterisk, so that your character will use that Pokemon in the other person's fanfic. If you have more than one, asterisk them(no more than 4, since there's no 5 vs 5 battle, and 6 vs 6 would be all of them.), and list them in order of preference. So in a 2 vs 2, your first two would be chosen, and 3 vs 3, the top three would be chosen. The Pokemon with priority don't have to be used first though, they just have to be used.

Lastly, try to make it interesting. Don't make yourself win too easily, as that will bore your readers to death, which would make you a murderer, and you'd get sent to prison for manslaughter. And we don't want that.

All teams should be listed in this thread, and all voting will take place in this thread. The fanfics can be posted in this thread, too, but I don't mind if they're posted in a seperate thread.(But if you want to, say so here, and I'll create a thread for all the battles to be posted in, and all other comments and anything should be left in this thread.)

Oh, and no legendaries of any kind in your teams. It's a fanfic, so they're meant to be super rare. Also, you may only have one of the following, if you want them: Metagross, Salamence, Tyranitar and Dragonite.
The banned legendaries are: Mewtwo, Mew, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Lugia, Ho-oh, Celebi, Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Latias, Latios, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Jirachi and Deoxys.

oni flygon
June 3rd, 2005, 2:27 PM
This should be good... though maybe I should only allow good writers to participate in order to to take off those other poorly written anime style battles...

Casual Billy
June 3rd, 2005, 2:33 PM
Wow, what qualifies as a "good author"? I am trying to enter into it because me and RaikouRider243 have already been talking about a crossover fic where our main characters fight. Hope We're good enough...

oni flygon
June 3rd, 2005, 2:38 PM
Oh I think you're decent enough... if your fics don't get closed, then you're fine.

Emperor ServingSpoon
June 3rd, 2005, 7:59 PM
I don't mind if you actually want to cross over whole fanfics that you're doing. That's not a problem with me. The only reason I had it with those rules are for people who don't want to write whole fanfics, and just want to write out a battle instead, so two people could just invent a character, give them some pokemon, write a battle, and never have to worry about that character or team again. Plus you could have as many characters as you wanted this way, without having to have much of a backstory, or any real plot to the whole thing. Just writing an interesting battle. If two existing fanfics want to crossover like this, then they can, and wouldn't need to fit into these rules, as long as both the people "battling" don't care.

July 6th, 2005, 1:19 PM
What if you have written one fic but it was closed can you still enter?

July 6th, 2005, 2:22 PM
This isn't necessarily the character from my current fic, right? But it can be a new made-up character?

Well, I'm in either way. ;)

July 6th, 2005, 5:17 PM
Sounds like interesting. I'll take this up ;)

Uh, do I have to make myself win?

July 17th, 2005, 10:49 AM
It's not a big bad bump if it's someone else's topic, is it?

But I'd like to see this take root. I really would. I need some practice writing pokmon battles (in fact, I've nevere tried one).

July 17th, 2005, 11:41 AM
I agree with Ionem. I'm in, too.

If I'm reading this right, I think I'm doing this correctly.

Trainer: Bob
Description: author's discretion
Raticate(Speedo)*(knows Shadow Ball)
Pigeot(Claudia)(knows Steel Wing)
Beautifly(Dexter)*(knows Whirlwind)
Hariyama(Claps)(knows Attract)
Flaafy(Lucy)(knows Flash)
Typhlosion(Blaze)(knows Thunderpunch)

ph34r me. XD

Anybody up for one?


Casual Billy
July 17th, 2005, 12:01 PM
I'll fight you, Silverblaze.

Trainer: Billy


Milotic(mirror coat)*

So, we just write the battles now, right?


I forgot that I had to breed to get that move. Is it too late?

July 17th, 2005, 12:02 PM
Whoot! Now I will pwn u! lol XD

Turning on MSWord now.

Let the crowd cheer. XD


P.S. Yah, we start writing.

Casual Billy
July 17th, 2005, 12:37 PM
hey, wait. I forgot to put mirror coat on milotic. It slipped my mind that I had to breed to get that move, so it kinda counts as special, right? Is it too late to add that in there?

July 17th, 2005, 12:39 PM
hey, wait. I forgot to put mirror coat on milotic. It slipped my mind that I had to breed to get that move, so it kinda counts as special, right? Is it too late to add that in there?

Nope, it's not too late. If you have any other special attacks you might want to put them in now.

Special, in this case, means anything other than what it learns via leveling up, I think. XD


Casual Billy
July 17th, 2005, 12:41 PM
No, that's the only move that's "special" then. Okay.

July 17th, 2005, 12:44 PM
*salutes* Good luck, mate! And may the best man/trainer/writer win! XD


July 17th, 2005, 1:35 PM
Oh, I'm lad this came back ^^ I really love writing battles. I'll take someone on next :)

July 17th, 2005, 1:48 PM
what's "special" move... Why not just say "any legal movesets" o.o;;

I can't write battles, and I still got too many reviews piled up ^^; But I'll love to read over the work of the champion of fanfic battle.

July 17th, 2005, 3:57 PM
I'll challenge Act. ;)

message too short

July 17th, 2005, 5:38 PM
Muahaha... xD I'm in an odd mood. Here's a team so we (er... me the Queen Procrastinator) can start up:

Trainer: Mattie
Description: To each their own.
Debbie (who I should have named Mystery)/misdreavus
King Quag/quagsire

Enjoy. ^^; Points to anyone who can pick out the prigin of some of these names xD

July 17th, 2005, 7:09 PM
****, half of your team is mine (and by half I mean houndoom and misdreavus). Could be a nice match, though. I'll stick with this trainer, though. His team's actually loosely based on my NB team. (heh, I have like seven or eight stock trainers with teams and personalities all their own.

Archer Cross
Physical description: He's very handsome, in a cocky way. He became a small-time celebrity as a pokmon trainer and has dreams of competing in national and worldwide tournaments. Oh, right...Physical description. Sorry.
Short black hair, a really tiny straight goatee (no mustache, just beard. Think tuft, but short) under his lip. Fair skin, piercing blue eyes, that seem to change their lightness at random times, often not even matching his mood.

And the important part, Archer's team (no nicknames):

Mr. Mime

*his three favorites. as a tournament-level competitor, he often switches his team of six. however, he always keeps on venusaur, houndoom and lapras.

Important note, maybe?
You don't have to make him a tournament-level guy or even stick too much to his personality in your writing. It's about the battle, anyway. I just really, really, really like characters, so I sort of go overboard here and there.

I'll start tomorrow, probably. I'm tired. G'luck.

July 24th, 2005, 2:59 PM
Ta-da! Here she be! My first-ever one-shot that's actually gonna have more than one reader! lol XD

Average Bob.

Thats what they all called him. He narrowed his brown eyes angrily. Today hed show them. Hed show them all. Theyd all leave saying Bob the League Master. Master Bob. He smirked, clearing his face with his trademark expression.

Round twelve of a fifteen-round endurance match and still going strong. He and his partners werent going anywhere but up. He cracked his knuckles and stood on the rectangular white area indicated by a referee. He set his feet fourteen inches apart, as he always did. He stared across the arena at his opponent, a kid called Billy. He smirked. The kid was confident; his stance casual, his green eyes staring purposefully back into his. They smirked at each other as the referee announced the rules they had agreed upon beforehand.

"Welcome to the twelfth round of the Orre League! This shall be a Pokmon battle between Billy of Littleroot town in Hoenn," he stopped as the crowd began roaring, waiting until the cheering died down before he continued, "and Bob of Johto!"

More cheers, and a lot of laughter as the accursed name was thrown around the crowd, falling from the lips of the people and turning into acid as it fell in his ears. His smirk turned to a snarl, then disappeared as he clamped down on all emotion. His brown ponytail swished behind him as he turned his head back and forth, gauging his terrain. It appeared to be a normal cement-and-dirt arena, but there were some strange orbs on either side, six along each wall.

"This shall be a six-on-six match. Each inter-round shall be decided by a knockout. If one trainer has defeated three of his opponents Pokmon without losing one of his own, he shall be declared the winner. This is a Random stadium, so please be advised. Begin the countdown!"

The ten-second timer began counting as Billy started the traditional taunting.

"Hey, Bobbo, Im gonna paste ya!"

Bob smirked, but didnt reply. Hed found that silence was a better taunt than anything he could speak was. Besides, he was trying to figure out what a random stadium was.

Eight seconds left on the clock.

Billy looked uncertain, then obviously decided to keep with tradition. "Aw, youre scared! Scaredy-cat!"

Billy must have been flustered; in all of Billys battles that Bob had seen, the kid had been extremely witty and creative with his taunting. The taunt was very traditional; it helped to discover who was inexperienced and who was more seasoned. The goal was to try to fluster or anger your opponent so much that they couldnt think clearly. Billy had scored two wins on the muddled thinking of his opponents alone.

Bob looked up at the clock, putting a bored look on. Four seconds to launch.

Billy smirked, a cocky expression. His black eyebrows went down until they seemed to touch his eyes, while the corner of his mouth pulled back almost to his ear.

"Whats the matter, BOB? Afraid that youre gonna lose to someone with a COOL name?"

The short young man held his gaze on the timer for one second before he lowered it to Billys. He said nothing; verbally, at least. His eyes, however, said one thing: Prepare to be afraid.

Billy cracked a smile and, as the timer hit zero, grabbed a pokball off of his vest and threw it in one smooth motion. Bob smirked as his hand released his white-and-red sphere into its arch.


Billys ball exploded in red light, the capsule releasing its contents before returning to his waiting hand. The reddish beast that emerged was almost six feet tall, with a beaked mouth and two slender arms ending in triple-clawed hands.

Its second most prominent features, and its most powerful weapons, were its long legs. They ended in triple-clawed feet, much like the hands. They were covered in red, shaggy feather-fur.

Its most prominent feature had little to no use in a battle, but it gave it the appearance of a lousy attempt at wings: long hair on the back of its head that was split into a boomerang shape.

This strange creature caused Bob to groan inwardly. Most of his Pokmon were technically weak to the dual-type. Hed have to use strategy for this one.

He hated strategy.

His pokball erupted in light a mere half-second after Billys did, but the creature that emerged was decidedly less awe-inspiring. Fluttering gently on multi-colored wings, it had big blue eyes and a long proboscis. Its arms and feet were nonexistent, but the tiny paws contributed to its cuteness. It looked sternly at the Blaziken, its entire manner suggesting contempt for such an obnoxious entrance. Shaking itself once, it stopped glaring long enough to twitter at its trainer.


Bob smiled. "Thats right, Dexter, he isnt very refined. And, he believes he can beat you, too."

The butterfly snorted once, or snorted as much as he could. He twittered again as he nonchalantly dodged a sudden attack coming from the bird opposite him, dancing around the stream of fire elegantly.

"Remember, Dex, this isnt a contest. Flatten it with a Stun Spore!"

The bug spun around once and went skyward, his wings flapping rapidly as they released a cloud of glittering powder over the big biped. Billy snorted loudly and crossed his arms.

"Blaziken, show him why that was a dumb move."

The creature smirked, roared, and then, spinning around, it flung its arms skyward. Fire formed around its wrists, and then a ball of fire flew from them, morphing into a five-pointed star made of fire speeding right at the butterfly, all within seconds. It hit him dead center, leaving a cloud of burning spores drifting to the ground. A small form fell from it and hit the ground in a heap. The crowd began roaring again.

Bob had, by now, stuck his battling face on. Which meant no emotion got in or out. He still groaned inwardly as he recalled his Beautifly, but they didnt get the satisfaction of hearing him. He thought his options over.

Fire was weak to water, and Fighting was weak to-he grinned.

Slowly, deliberately, he replaced Dexters pokball on his belt and grabbed one from the opposite side.

"Claudia! Go get im!"

With a reverberating call, a large bird-of-prey erupted from the black-yellow-and-white capsule, its brown-and-white feathers rustling with every move it made. Its curved beak opened in another piercing scream. Its massive wings beat the air as it began climbing into the sky.

"Blaziken! Jump and grab that bird!"

"Claudia, amscray!"

The red bird-creature crouched, then shot skyward almost too fast for the eye to follow.

The human eye, that is.

By the time the Blaziken got to where the bird had been, she was already behind him. Her wings began glowing, then she rammed him in the center of his back. He roared and dropped, managing, just barely, to squirm around and land on his feet. He roared and spun, looking for his attacker.

She was behind him again, her wings glowing again.

Billy, noticing the bird, yelled, "JUMP!"

That command finished the round, for instead of running him into the ground, Claudia only managed to hit him in the back of the legs. He used the impact to assist his backward summersault, while his arms began glowing again. As he hit the ground, he shot a river of fire at the Pidgeot, who was banking for another sweep. It hit her dead center, knocking her against the wall. She hit it and slid down to lie in a heap at the wall' base.

Bobs face twitched. Normally, his eagle-creature could have taken another hit or two, but, this being an endurance match, she was already weakened by her earlier battles. His smirk wasnt there as he recalled her, his mind already agonizing over defeat.

"Whassa matter, BOB? Cant take the heat?"

Bob shot a glare at his long, lean opponent. Then his mind caught up with him.

He laughed. And laughed, and laughed. The crowd stopped its noise in shock. This was the first time ever that he had laughed in a match, his entire mood usually being locked behind his expressionless face. Whispers about cracking up and stress-induced mania began fluttering around the stadium.

He straightened painfully, a cramp having formed in his side. He didnt give a hoot.

He smirked, plucking a pokball from his belt. "I think today is gonna be a good one For me!"

He spun the sphere on the tip of his index finger, then threw it up and plucked it from the air as it fell, his right arm now resting across his chest. He backhanded the ball towards his opponent and his Pokmon, which was breathing raggedly, albeit not very.

"Go, Claps!"

A massive brown wad of muscle and energy bounced out of the pokball, its entire manner that of a nuclear generator: explosive and powerful. It stood about five feet, six inches tall, with the rounded body of a sumo wrestler. Its tiny feet and huge hands were in odd contrast, but the thick head attached directly to the rest of the body was somehow fitting. It slammed one huge fist into the other, then roared a challenge.


As it finished, it slammed its fists together again, then spread them to its sides, ready to attack.

Bob smirked at Billys determined expression. If he had calculated correctly, he was going to win.

Hed realized that the only way the Blaziken could be this strong was if Billy hadnt used him in any other battles. Hed remembered the two or three battles that the other trainer had won, and they had all been one with one Pokmon apiece. He couldnt remember the exact creatures, but it wasnt worth thinking about. With only six Pokmon and eleven battles, they had to be pretty pooped.

He grinned. Hed done almost the same thing, but he had gone with the more traditional way of battling; namely, switching his Pokmon around to suit the opponents weaknesses. So, he had maybe two creatures that had seen no action, and the rest were equally tired.

Claps was one of the unused ones. Which made this all the more potent, the Blaziken having been damaged by its two previous opponents, while the massive, muscle-bound creature opposing it was undamaged and raring to go.

The earthbound bird roared in reply to Claps challenge and shot forward, his powerful legs churning the ground into mud.


Billys questioning shout was elicited by the sudden appearance of moisture. It suddenly clicked in Bobs head what a random stadium was: nothing less than a bunch of terrain types rolled into one giant building. He grinned; no matter what it would throw at him later, it was giving him and Claps the advantage.

The fiery bird suddenly dropped to one knee in the mud, which was steadily rising. Over the roaring crowd, Bob heard the announcer clearly yell, "Looks like Blaziken has been taken down by the sudden muddy assault from the Swamp Terrain setting! Will he recover enough to battle, or is this the end for this two-in-a-row winner?"

Bob felt a swell of professional impatience. Couldnt they ban announcers from all matches? They always seemed to pick on the current winner.

He shook his head, burying that detail beneath the rest of the options swarming his mind. This was his chance.

"Claps! Seismic Toss!"

The massive fighter plowed through the by-now-swampland. Grabbing a tuft of grass perched on what appeared to be solid ground, he leaped up, preparatory to flying over and dropping down right in front of the fire-bird, which was starting to get exhausted by all the mud it had to wade through and its weakness to dampness.

Unfortunately for Claps, it wasnt solid ground. Or maybe unfortunate for Blaziken.

Claps and the grass clump disappeared beneath the mud and standing water, only to reappear behind Blaziken. The wad of muscle grabbed the long-legged beast by the waist and, after spinning him around several times above his head, he slammed him into the mud.

Or rather, tried to slam him into the mud.

The giant bird had grabbed his wrists while he spun it around. When he raised his arms to slam it into the quagmire, it heated its entire body. When the heat hit Claps hands, they reflexively twitched a little, just enough for it to rotate its entire body so that it stood on its hands above the massive head of its opponent. When Claps swung his arms down, it dropped over backwards and kicked Claps in the face. He jerked back, but it kept a strong grip on his wrists and began ramming him with its feet.

Was Bob worried about the fact that he could lose?


"Claps, Attract!"

When Claps heard the rather bored sound of his trainers voice, he smirked and turned his eyes on the Blaziken. He made some suggestive remarks in pokspeak, as he and his trainer had worked tirelessly on.

The Blaziken screwed its face up as it tried to disengage from the apparently perverted beast it was fighting, but Claps merely reversed his wrists and grabbed Blazikens.

"Blaziken, use Flamethrower on the mud! Bake it!"

It flung its head around and opened it mouth preparatory to cooking the mud around it.

Claps let go of its wrists, giving it a mouthful of mud to choke on. He then grabbed the bird-like creature again and propped it upright.

"Claps, finish this with Arm Thrust."

Claps nodded once, then stood the still-sputtering Blaziken on its feet. Keeping one hand wrapped around the big biped, he drew the other back and waited for the other to clear its eyes.


It heard the command, it crouched-

-And lost contact with the ground, the massive arms of Claps keeping him suspended above the ground. It cleared its eyes and mentally ordered it legs to shoot downward.

Then it saw the hand.

By a wonderful piece of good fortune, at least in Bobs eyes, the red missile struck the announcers booth, collapsing one wall and sending the vile person flying out the side door.

Bob smirked as Billy ran toward the smashed structure. Things were looking up.


After the referees swiftly decided that it was unintentional of Claps to send the Blaziken through the announcers stall, they declared it a knockout.

Billy was worried. Hed had it all sewn up until the blasted stadium floor had gone sour. He mentally listed his options.

Not many of those.

"Go, Espeon!"

The small, purple-furred creature emerged quietly from the capsule, its twin tails slowly weaving back and forth behind it. The jewels on its head glowed in a subdued fashion, while its catlike ears twitched gently.

All the silence told Billy how tired his Espeon was, for the Psychic-type was normally his most energetic partner, appearing from her ball bouncing and scurrying back and forth.

He sighed and yelled the first command, since Bob seemed content to allow him to make the first move.

"Espeon, use Psychic! Get him out of there and into the air!"

She nodded and swung her gaze to Claps, who was lounging chest-deep in the mud. Her eyes began glowing purple, and then it cried out and collapsed.

Claps, in a surprisingly quick movement, ducked under the mud and water. A surging wave told Billy where it was going: the small grass clump that his Espeon was on. He reached to his vest for her ball, but knew he wouldnt get it in time.

Then the bow wave reached Espeon.

It passed her clump, causing her to bounce up and down. A massive head boiled out of the mud next to her clump, rising slowly, and, if Billy wasnt sure it intended to attack, carefully.

Then it grabbed her in one massive fist.

Billy closed his eyes, not wanting to see the following attack. If the crowd wasnt so loudly booing Claps and Bob, he would have at least tried to get it to let her go and still have the knockout

Something touched his foot.

He opened his eyes and started at the huge face within a foot of his. Claps gestured at the ground and Billy looked down to see Espeon lying on his foot. He glanced back up, startled, to see the Hariyama moving back into the swamp, seeming to be enjoying the mud. He saw Bob nod respectfully at him from across the dank, dismal setting.

He laughed. Recalling Espeon, he set himself in his Hero pose, the one his fans adored. His feet set firmly on the ground exactly eighteen inches apart, he posted his hands on his hips and threw his shoulders back and his chest out. A sneer spread across his face, and then he said but one word. One word, very loud.


Bobs smirk froze on his face and Claps suddenly jerked around to stare at him. He laughed again and, plucking a ball from his vest, threw it with all his might out over the swamp.

"I choose you, Banette!"

Out popped a dark gray biped with short arms and legs that looked almost interchangeable. It had what looked to be a nightcap on, but its main feature was the zipper that replaced its mouth.

Billy smirked, then stretched languidly. "Banette, deal with this."

It nodded, then smiled. Raising its arms above its head, it began humming calmly to itself as it began conjuring a dark mass above its head.

Then a bunch of mud struck it in the stomach, flinging it back at Billy.

He sighed as he belatedly remembered that Banette, being tired itself from a few battles, wasnt going to be able to do its ghostly thing; namely, avoid physical attacks by dematerializing. At least, not quickly enough to keep from getting damaged.

He grimaced as he mentally noted to himself to avoid endurance matches in the future.

Meanwhile, Claps continued his mud barrage. Banette was clearly weakening, but it seemed content. Suddenly, the floor groaned beneath them, and then the orbs along the sides began glowing. Spray nozzles appeared everywhere, washing the mud down through gaping holes that materialized from out of nowhere.

It took just seconds for the swamp to get washed away, and then the arena dropped down, forming a hole for the water to collect. It was raining from holes in the stadium roof and from the nozzles, making it difficult to see. Billy finally decided that the rain was one of the obstacles here and was opening his mouth to tell Banette to use another Shadow Ball while Claps was distracted, but, with a groan, the deluge lightened and then stopped.

Leaving a pool of water where a swamp used to be, the gentle ripples formed by Claps gentle bobbing interrupted only by some randomly sized hovering platforms randomly placed in random areas on the water. Something was glowing around Claps, but it disappeared with the rain.

Billy could see a smirk threatening to break through the imperturbable mask on Bobs face. Claps bellowed a challenge at the ghost, then began windmilling his hands through the water, forming a sort of Water Gun attack spraying down Banette. The ghost snickered once, then collapsed.

The crowd went wild. Bob had won with a three-in-a-row!

Billy bowed his head, heaving a relieved-yet-depressed sigh. He held a sphere out and recalled the now-comatose ghost. He turned and was about to leave when he heard Bob yell, "CLAPS!?"

Billy jerked his head around as if hed been slapped. There was the massive creature bobbing in the water, scorch marks covering its body. Its massive body shuddered and it flopped on its back in the water, its eyes closing.

Billy belatedly remembered the glow around Claps when the sprinklers stopped. His Banette must have used Will-o-Wisp while the wad of muscle was distracted, knowing it had no other chance. It was typical of the psychotic ghost.

As Bob recalled his Hariyama, Billy smirked, feeling a rush of adrenaline as he realized he wasnt out yet. He whooped and, in one smooth motion, fired off his favorite.

"Milotic, lets rock and roll!"

Out burst a long, sinuous creature. It had a gentle face set on a head bearing two long, brown, ear-like appendages. Its long, white body ended in a multicolored, scaled tail that bore three scaly feathers arranged in a fan. It let out a long, resonating call before it disappeared beneath the water.


Bob grimaced. He hated draconic types. They always got him in trouble. He decided that it was time to institute his normal strategy.

"Alright, Lucy, cmon out!"

He fired off another pokeball, this one releasing a pink-skinned sheep with yellowish wool. It had a long tail with pink and black stripes running in circles down to the small blue ball on the end.

"Flaafy. FLAAFY!"

The small sheep landed on one of the platforms over the water and bleated again.


With only the rippling of the water as warning, the dragon-snake shot out of the water directly in front of the sheep and shot straight toward her, its entire body emerging from the water. Bob grinned at the simplicity of the maneuver. If that snake thought it was doing something original, it was going to get a nasty shock. Literally.

The snake suddenly found itself flying back over the water, its body sparking and crackling from the Thunderbolt. It hit the back wall and slumped down, just in time to receive a Thundershock in the tail. It cried out and collapsed on the floor.

Bob smirked as Billy recalled his Milotic. The trainer from Hoenn was gonna lose this match.

Billy smiled as he flung another pokeball at the floor. Out of it burst a small, yellow, dog-like creature with spikes for hair. Its beady black eyes focused on its opponent, but, before it could launch an attack, Bob recalled Lucy and shot another pokeball out.

"Cmon, Speedo!"

Before anybody could see what hed sent out, the orbs began glowing again and a sudden wave covered the platform where the new arrival was. The pool drained within seconds and was replaced with blue-and-white tiles. Large orbs erupted from holes that were formed in the floor by missing tiles, two on each end of the arena. Rings were suspended around the large posts holding the orbs up. As the dust that had mysteriously appeared settled, the rings and orbs began glowing with an internal light. Bob grimaced as a reverberating "clank" flew over the area. He hated electrical gyms, and an electrical stadium was bound to be nasty.

Fortunately, his fastest Pokmon was on the case.

Facing the electric dog was a rat. A short rat, with armless hands and legless feet, but still a rat. There were a couple of squeals from some female members of the audience, but the rest was laughter. He had no chance now, they thought. He felt like rearing his head back and laughing. They hadnt seen the squirt in action yet.

"Watch out, Billy!"

Bob looked over at the shouter. He furrowed his brow, then, in a rush of adrenaline, recognized the face of Ash Ketchum, Master Trainer and former League Champion, a title lost by him to Bob himself.

Billy looked oddly at the famous man. "Why, sir?

The black-haired man snorted. "Nothing is faster than Speedo. But, since you dont know that, just pretend I never said a word. I wanna see this."

Billy looked uncertainly at the rat, which was now grooming its tail unconcernedly. He was obviously undecided at to what course of action he should take. Bob decided to help him along.


The rat glanced at his trainers bored tone. Bob examined his fingernails; they needed their weekly cleaning. "Would you mind dispatching that?"

He gestured at the Jolteon, which was recharging itself with the generators on its side of the stadium. The Raticate snorted and nodded once. It then disappeared.

Bob watched Billy jerk, and then begin yelling orders at his spiked dog.

"Jolteon, Thunder all around you-NO!"

The exclamation was elicited by the rat appearing behind the dog and ramming it in the only area of its body not protected by spikes- the rear. The dog flew across the arena and crashed into the wall behind Bob. It jumped to its feet and snarled, whirling toward where it had last seen the creature. But the rat was already gone, a small swirl of dust being the only marker of its former position.

"Shadow Ball, Speedo. Please."

The rat suddenly appeared above the dog and, with a flick of its nose, formed a dark ball and smashed it into the dog from above. The dog snorted angrily and fired a bolt of electricity at the rat.

Bob smirked. The dog would expend its energy on a pointless assault with electricity on the speeding form of Speedo, and then the squirt would chew its up.

Suddenly, a bolt of blue light flew from the generators and was absorbed by Jolteons skin. Bob mentally kicked himself; hed forgotten about the blasted generators. Nuisances, but hed dealt with those before.

"Jolteon, Thunder everywhere!"

"Speedo, Wattson maneuver!"

The rat suddenly appeared in front of the generator nearest Jolteon, making nasty faces at it and making some other, less wholesome motions with its hands. The dog bellowed and unleashed a full-power blast at the insulting creature, but the rat shot out of the way, causing the attack to hit the generator. The machine was only built to generate, not absorb. The explosion was satisfying.

Speedo appeared right in front of Jolteon, making even more demeaning gestures at it. With a bellow, the dog fired millions of tiny needles at the rat, which pulled its disappearing maneuver again. The needles, failing to find a softer target, rammed into the conveniently placed generator, hacking through the wiring and metalwork in it like a heated knife through butter. The generator tilted, then fell, smashing into the ground with a loud boom. Speedo, of course, perched on top of it and continued its campaign of insultment.

"Jolteon, get next to one of the generators so you dont hit it!"

The yellow dog nodded, then sped over to the leftmost one. It turned and looked condescendingly at its opponent.

Bob sighed inwardly, then nodded at Speedo. The rat chattered at him, and then launched a Shadow Ball at Jolteon, blasting it back and away from the generator and causing it to skid around. Before the dog could get its balance back, the rat shot over and kicked it from behind. The dog yelped and, spinning around, ignored its trainers "NO!" and fired a full-power Thunder at the rat.

Everybody knew what would happen one second before it fired.

The third generator toppled over, but the rat still didnt appear. Jolteon looked around suspiciously, seeking its opponent. Suddenly, the fourth generator tilted, spun, and fell. Speedos leering face rose from the stump of the generator, its teeth glistening evilly.

"Speedo, wipe it off the face of the earth. Please."

The rat bowed, then disappeared. Billys groan could be heard all over the stadium.


Billy did not like this. He watched Jolteon sag and collapse on the ground from the barrage of Shadow Balls coming from nowhere. He recalled the spiked dog and drew his last pokball.

"Heracross, mosh time!"

A giant, dark blue stag beetle appeared. It shook its long, dual-pointed horn, wiggled its wing covers, then set itself in a strange position that reminded Billy of something from The Matrix. He snorted as the beetle began bobbing its head.

The Raticate cocked its head to the side, obviously a little put out by the bugs strange behavior.

Billy signaled for a ref. Master Ash trotted over.

"I thought you werent a participant in this challenge, Master." Billy raised an eyebrow. "Especially since you prefer battling over refereeing."

The Master Trainer shrugged. "Its battling. What do you need?"

"Im calling in my item. Could I have a radio with a CD player?"

Master Ash shrugged. "Sure. What for, if I may ask?"

Billy grinned. "Its a surprise."

Ash gave him a mock-glare. "I hate surprises."


Bob watched curiously as Billy fiddled with the radio hed gotten from Ash. Suddenly, the speakers around the stadium began crackling, the first noise theyd made since the announcers stand met its demise. And then, out of the blue-



Bob jerked as he heard the popular heavy-metal song begin blaring over the speakers at full volume. The song, Lead of the gun, was purely about vengeance and death. He couldnt understand why Billy would play that song, unless it was for distraction. But that would work on his Heracross, too, so

Suddenly, Bob noticed the beetle.

It was dancing. Or rather, moshing.

Bouncing up and down, it jerked its head up and down with the rhythm of the song. Then, it spun and, its wings speeding like mad, slammed into Speedo.

Bob grimaced as the squirt hit the wall. He needed more power. And he had it.

"Speedo, return!"

The rat disappeared in a flash of light. Bob placed the sphere on his belt and plucked the last one off. "Blaze, mop-up time!"

With an ear-splitting roar, a massive beast materialized from the red beam of light. Almost six feet tall, it had blue fur covering its back and the top of his head, and whitish-orange fur on its abdomen and the under part of his throat. With another roar, he jetted flames from the tiny nozzle-like extrusions in its back. He turned toward the stag beetle, who was now really jamming with the music. He roared and, with a snort, finished the match with a Fire Blast. The beetle, too busy dancing, was run down and cooked.

In the silence following the final blow, the referee could be heard clearly.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I give you our winner: Bob!"

The crowd went nuts.

July 24th, 2005, 3:02 PM

"So, whyd you start that music up?"

Bob, Billy, and Ash were seated around a table in the Stadium Lounge. Steaming mugs of something rested in front of them as they discussed the battle.

Billy grinned sheepishly at Ashs question. "Heracross loves dancing and battling, but he cant do one without the other. If youd waited two seconds, he would have mopped the floor. He used to live near a Rock-n-Roll coliseum, and at every concert hed go and hit the mosh pits. He got pretty skilled with his strength, but to the point where he cant use his power without music."

Bob nodded and glanced at his cup. "Huh, Deadly Addiction, right?"

The trio laughed. Then Ash asked, "How does your Raticate do that disappearing thing? I never figured that one out."

It was Bobs turn to grin sheepishly. "Its nothing. Weve just developed his Quick Attack to the point of no return." He looked contentedly at the twelve refreshed Pokmon lounging out in the afternoon sun. Since he was in the Final Three, he was allowed to heal his team to full health. Billy had just had his healed at the PokeCenter in town, but had returned to do the handshake thing with everybody.

Suddenly, a blaring horn signaled the end of break. The trio looked regretfully at their empty cups as they rose and went outside, where Bob and Billy recalled their respective Pokmon. The three of them shook hands, and then wordlessly split, Billy heading down the trail to Pyrite and Ash striding off to the refs entrance in the side of the stadium wall. Bob stood enjoying the sunlight for a few minutes, then turned and entered the lounge, his head already filled with plans. His next opponent was rumored to be a fire freak, so he should start with Blaze, and then


Billy strode out of Pyrite Town with determination on his face. Hed get better, much better, then come back and mop the floor with the Endurance Challenge. Maybe Bob would be there, and Billy would get to test himself against him again.

He turned his face south. Hed heard a rumor in town that some kid named Brandon or Brendan or something Birch was the current Champion in Hoenn, and thought the new Champion needed a proper challenger


Well, there you have it. And with all due respect to the staff, the charcter limit is crazy. Actually, its insane. But, I'm not making any mark, so off I go. XD


July 24th, 2005, 8:55 PM
Very nice, SilverBlaze09.

Would anyone like to fight me?

Name: Lindsey


- Duskrider the Dustox
- Jupiter the Pidgeot
- Negrek the Slugma*
- Electrolite the Lanturn
- Freyalise the Belossom
- Mandarb the Absol*

August 9th, 2005, 9:29 AM
Would anyone like to fight me?

Name: Lindsey


- Duskrider the Dustox
- Jupiter the Pidgeot
- Negrek the Slugma*
- Electrolite the Lanturn
- Freyalise the Belossom
- Mandarb the Absol*

I shalt fight thee, child of the light. Pray for mercy from God, for thou shalt not receive it from...

Name: Death
Description: Author's discretion. XD
*Dusclops(Soul-reaper)-Ice Beam
*Mightyena(Bloodfang)-Hyper Beam
Tyranitar(Deathclaw)-Focus Punch

*bows* I shall await thy tale eagerly.


August 9th, 2005, 11:02 AM
Oh, and since Ionem seems to have... died... here' my info again for any who are interested:

Trainer: Mattie
Description: To each their own.
Debbie (who I should have named Mystery)/misdreavus
King Quag/quagsire

August 9th, 2005, 1:28 PM
I'll take both you and SilverBlaze09 on at once if you'd like, Act. My team info reiterated:

Trainer Name: Lindsey
Gender: Female
Description: As it pleases you
- Duskrider the Dustox
- Jupiter the Pidgeot
- Negrek the Slugma*
- Electrolite the Lanturn
- Freyalise the Belossom
- Mandarb the Absol*

Oh, and, yeah, I accept, SilverBlaze09. I'll get down to writing that. *loves writing battles*

And your character's name is Death? *strokes chin*

August 9th, 2005, 6:21 PM
It would be interesting to take part, but somehow I don't think I'd be able to write something like that - firstly, I'm no good at battles, and secondly I'm 100% incapable of writing somebody else's characters. *is a perfectionist and can't stand the thought of writing somebody OOC*

August 10th, 2005, 11:06 AM
I'll go with you, Dragonfree, so Negrek isn't swamped. I just sort of made her up... she doesn't really have a personality, so there's nothing to OOC.