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Miss Reyna
June 6th, 2005, 7:21 PM
Story Plot: This girl, Sarah, dreams of being a famous star like her grandmother but she is long from being a star. She has many dreams and the latest dreams she have been having seem more real like. Enjoy. :D

Sarah steps on to the stage. She had long beautiful hair with some red highlights. She had the perfect body and perfect covers. She looked onto the people in the audience and takes a deep breath but at that moment she heard a hard knock.

Sarah then fell out of her bed and heard her mom said in an angry tone, Wake up! You are going to be late to school. Hurry up! I also still got to check on your grandmother in the hospital.

Sarah yelled back, I awake! I awake! She then got up, put on some blue jeans and took off her overlarge night shirt to put on a small purple shirt. She then grabs an orange jacket of the hook from the corner of her room. Her room was pretty empty except for the posters of famous star singers, a dresser with a mirror and a tall tripod mirror in the corner next to her closet. She then got out of her room to see an angry mother.

Her mother then said, You needed to start waking up earlier because it was your turn to clean the dishes Sarah then step back a bit once she heard those words. Then Sarahs mother continued, When you get back from school, I want to see clean dishes in those cabinets and I still want you to clean your room and mines too.

Sarah then snickers and said, Like there anything to clean in my room. Its your room that needs cleaning.

Her mother then said, What did you say young lady?!? Then she walks out the door and yells, I dont need this right now. Agrr!! I hate stay late for work!! Sarah follows her out the house and enters the back seat of the car with her mother in the front seat driver seat.

Sarah dreams of being a great singer just like her grandmother but she is nowhere near singer perfection like in her dreams. Her body has just begun to mature and is a long way from being anything of a grown adult. She may be 13 years old, but she looks like she an 11 year old with her almost flat chest. She doesnt even have what she wants, a guitar and an amp. Her mother then drove by the Night n Sing. A night club that has been there since her grandmother teen years but it was famous for the nightly stage singers that the club hosted and its weekly signing contests.

Sarah finally arrives to school and was glad. Her mother was annoying her with the things she has to do after school. Sarah enters the building and sat down at the table she always sit in the morning. Sarah is very shy and quite. She has very few friends but she is happy with what she got.

Then out of nowhere I highly beautiful girl with two other girls following her appeared. The girl who was in the middle, which seems to be the prettiest of the three, order Sarah, Leave our table. She then yells, NOW!!

Sarah then said in a shy-like and soft voice, Sorry Lauren, but I was here first. Anyways you guys always sit over there. She pointed to across the cafeteria.
Lauren, which was the one who said the order and the leader of the three, said Well, today we want to sit here. Do you have a problem with that?

Sarah was a bit scared and was about to decide to leave the table but then a young man about he same age of Sarah, Lauren and her group of friends came and said, Go to your own table. Leave Sarah alone.

Lauren then said, What are you going to do, Michael? She and her posse then laughs and continued, Tell a teacher?

Michael then sat down next to Sarah and said to Lauren, If you dont leave I just may slip what I saw in 6th grade. You remember the towel thing, right?

Lauren then stops laughing and looks at Michael to see if he was kidding. She then motions to her other two friends to leave with her to go across the cafeteria once she saw he wasnt kidding.

Sarah then said, I glad you came. I was about to do what she told me to do.

Michael smile and said, Just because she is so popular doesnt mean you got to do what she say. She is such a stuck up snob. Good thing I know that in 6th grade, she stuff her bra with towels to make them look bigger.

Sarah then smile and laughs, she then said, I dont believe I thought they were real. I should have guessed they were fake.

Michael then asked, Did your mom take you to school early today? I called but nobody was home.

Yes Sighed Sarah, She went to see if my grandmother is ok. She is still going through therapy.

Oh said Michael. Then the bell ring and Michael then said, See you after school. Then he left the table.

Sarah is an 8th grader so she went toward the 7th and 8th grade section. Then a teacher saw her and said, I believe you going the wrong way young girl. The 6th grade section is the other way. Then he smiled.

This isnt the first time a teacher mistaken her for a 6th grader. She then showed her ID badge to the teacher and said in a soft voice, As you can see, I am an 8th grader.

The teacher then nodded and said, Oh, sorry. I didnt mean mistake you for the wrong grade. Just make sure you not late for class.

Sarah then ran to class and went on with the day as always, soon after school came and Sarah met Michael her in front of the school. Michael then began to walk Sarah home from school. Sarah then said, I dont want to go home. I tried of being boss around by my mom. I want to do something wild and crazy.

Michael gave a question look to Sarah and said, What? You dont feel like doing the stuff you got to do at home?

Sarah shook her to say no, then she said, I want to do something that if my mom find outs. It will make her go crazy. You know what I mean? They then pass a pawn shop and Sarah took some time to look at a pink guitar and matching pink amp before she continued to walk with Michael.

Michael seems to understand and said, What you want to do? The two then pass the tattoo shop and said, Get a tattoo? He then laughs a little.

Sarahs face then lit up and said, You are a genius! That will make her so mad. Lets go in. Then she grab Michaels arm and took him in the shop.

Michael then said, I was just kidding. Anyways, how are you going to pay for this thing?

Sarah then said, I got about $50 bucks. That should be able to cover for the tattoo, right?

Sarah soon found out that $50 dollars wasnt going to be enough. She then looks for the cheapest one until a worker said, Are you going to get something done or just look? Because I have better things too do then looking at you not knowing what to get.

Sarah then saw a black and white poster. This poster had a picture of Sarahs grandmother in her younger years. A black tattoo of a star with wings could be seen right below her elbow. Sarah then said, Where you got that poster of my grandmother?

The worker then laughs and said, Shes your grandmother? Right! He looks at the poster and said, She help started this place and you say she your grandmother. Ha!

Then an old man appear and said, What about somebody grandmother? He looks around and saw Sarah.

The worker then said, This girl claims that the lady on the poster is her grandmother. You believe that grandfather!

The old man looks from the poster then to Sarah then back to the poster and then to Sarah. The old man then yelled, Are you blind Willy? This is truly Andreas granddaughter. Your grandmother is name Andrea, right?

Sarah then smile and said, Yes, my grandmother name is Andrea. Andrea Smith. I am her granddaughter, Sarah Smith.

The old man then smile and said, You know that because of your grandmother help, I was able to start this tattoo shop. Did you know? She came to me asking for a cheap tattoo because she was about to go on stage to sing and she wanted to look hip. I made her promise that she must endorse and promote my stores name. Didnt think she will be so popular. After sometime, this shop was crazy with people wanting tattoos.

So can I have a cheap tattoo like the one you gave my grandmother? The same one you gave my grandmother. Please. said Sarah in her sweet little girl voice.

The old man then thinks and said, You know what? I do it for free just because your grandmother did so much to help get this place started. He then look at Willy and said, Get my old tattoo stuff. I am doing this one my self. Make sure to put the special ink in the machine.

Michael then looks at me and said, You sure you want to do this?

I nodded yes and said, If my grandmother trusted this guy. So can I! She then sat down in the seat and waited for the old man.

The old man slid down his goggles and said, Where do you want this thing?

Sarah then thought about this. She wants it in a place where she can hide it, but also show it whenever she wants too. She then said, Right above the elbow.

The old man then nodded and said, You the boss. Now relax.

Sarah finally got her tattoo after waiting for a while and was now walking out the shop and said good bye to the old man. Sarah then said, That was so cool wasnt it and WILD!!! She then raises her left sleeve and showed the black winged star and then she hid it under her sleeve.

Michael walks with Sarah and he then said, I guess, but what now? I mean you can hide the tattoo with any sleeved shirt but you still need to do the stuff your mom told you to do.

Sarah then got a bit scared and then asked Michael, Could you help me clean the house. You can wash dishes while I clean my moms room.

Michael was unsure because it was her fault she didnt get to her house sooner to start but she is his friend said he said, Why not? At least I am not cleaning your moms room. I know how messy she can get.

Once the two got to the house, Michael went straight to the dishes while Sarah got started on her mothers room. Soon after Michael and Sarah were done with the chores, Sarahs mother enters the house. He red hair was in a mess and her clothes were wrinkled.

Sarah then asked with a smile, Hard day of work in the newspaper business?

Her mother then said, Yes, those people dont know how to do anything right. It was a hard day for my department you can say. She then saw the smile on her daughters face and asked, Why are you so happy? What did you did today.

Sarah continued smiling and said, Nothing, I just had a very good day today, right Michael?

Michael was trying to make his way out of the house quietly but because of Sarah he was caught. Sarahs mother then said, What are you doing here?

Michael then said, I was just watching Sarah doing her chorus and make sure that she did them right. I am just taking my leaving now. Bye Sarah and Mrs. Smith. With that he ran out the door.

Sarahs mom brought dinner and they ate it in peace. Sarah then looks up at a picture of the family. In the picture, she was between her parents and her grandmother was right next to her father. Sarahs father is a traveling business man and right now he is in Japan for a business trip. He is very busy and not home much but whenever he comes back he always bring something back, that how she got the 8 foot tripod mirror. She always asks her dad to bring her CDs and posters of singers from the places that he goes to because she always wants to hear how other people sing and the way they look.

After dinner, Sarah went to her room and lay down on her bed. She looks at a poster of a blond hair singer in a middle of a song. She then said, I wish I was a great singer. I also wish I had the body to be famous and great. Having people admiring me for what I do is also nice too. She then took of her clothes, slip on her overlarge nightshirt and then fell asleep. At that moment, the tattoo on her arm slightly glowed.

A young woman of 19, steps onto the Night n Sing stage. The stage is set a few yards from the dance floor and there were small tables surrounding the dance floor. There was a bar to the left of the dance floor. The girl was wearing a red dress with a sleeve to cover the right arm. On the left arm, above the elbow, was a tattoo of a black star with wings. She had, what some would say, the prefect body. Her hair was night black with several ruby-red highlights in it. She had the right curves that any teenage girl would love to have.

A brown hair guy with blue glasses appeared and said, Remember, dont tell anybody I let you wear that dress. I dont want to get in trouble just because I wanted to be nice back to a person who was nice to me. Okay?

The girl winks to the brown hair guy and then walks on to the stage. An announcer then said, This girl is a new comer to the Night n Sing contest. She comes from an unknown past but she has a great voice. Put your hands together and listen to the singing of Haras DeDios.

Not many people clapped for this singer but that didnt stop Haras from starting the song she was going to sing. She took a deep breath and began to sing. Her voice was mystical and magical. Her singing amazed the audience from the people who were enjoying the company of friends to the people drinking at the bar. Once she was done, a roar of appease was heard from the audience. Haras took a bow and the announcer then said, I think we have found our winner for tonights contest. I would like to award tonights prize of $500 dollars to Haras DeDios.

Haras then said under her bearth, This should make somebody happy in the morning.

The next morning when Sarah woke up, she went to her dresser and saw, in cash, $500 dollars. She was in amaze and saw a note on top of the bills that said Use for the pink guitar and amp in the pawn shop. She then squealed in a soft voice, Ohmigosh!!

Miss Reyna
November 2nd, 2005, 5:19 AM
ooc: Sorry it took me awhile for anybody who cares about this thing.

Sarah then quickly changes for school and ready herself. She passed her mothers room on the way out and say, Thanks mom!

Her mom just rolled in her bed and said sleepily, Yes, all right. Have fun at school.

Sarah waited for Michael to get out of his house and said, Hey neighbor, whats making you so happy this morning?

Sarah smiled and showed him the $500 dollars, My mom gave it to me. I found it on the dresser with a note saying to use on the guitar.

Michael said with disbelief, You sure it is for that? OR maybe it wasnt your mom who gave you that?

Well it did have a note by it saying to use on the guitar. said Sarah showing him the note. It does look like her handwriting too.

But where did she get the money? asked Michael.

Sarah thought for a while as they walked to school, She has been working late. Maybe it just extra money she made. But then there is grandma. Hmm. But the note.

Then a bell rang in the distance. Oh no. We going to be late. Said Sarah and they started to run towards the school.


Sarah was sitting in her 3rd period class and half a sleep. Man I tired. She said with a yarn and rested her head on her desk.

Mrs. Dilos, would you like to join the class today. Said her teacher and slapping her ruler on to the desk to wake her.

Sarah rose her head ad obeyed the teacher and looked at the blackboard. Wonder why?


School was dismissed and kids now able to go home now. Sarah was making her way out when she saw a teacher putting up something on the wall. It was Mr. Williams, one of the most well know teachers in the school but not for his teaching instead for how his looks.

Sarah tried to walk past him without blushing but when she past him Mr. Williams said, Hi there Sarah. Were you trying to go home? He brush some hair out of his eyes.

Sarah smiled and said, Ummyes. I was just walking that why.

Mr. Williams smiled and said, That good but before you leave. Do you want to sign up for the talent competition? Its going to fun. He handed a pen to Sarah.

Umm, I not sure. said Sarah. I dont really have a talent.

He then frowns and said, Are you sure? I have heard that before and seen those same people do amazing things. Can you draw?

Sarah shakes her head.

Can you act?

She shackes her head again.


Not really.

Play an instrument?

Learning to play the guitar. lied Sarah.

Mr. Williams then smiled and said, Then there something. Can you sing?

A little. Said Sarah

Then try singing something for me. asked Mr. William.

I not that good. said Sarah.

Just give it a try. I be the judge of that. He said.

Ok. said Sarah. She took a deep breath and sang a soft and low melody. Mr. Williams smiled when she finished her song.

That was great. You should defiantly join the competition. He said.

You think? Am I that good? she said.

Good? You great! he said that as he handed the pen to Sarah again.

She was about to sign the sheet but was push out of the way by Lauren.

Opps, sorry. I didnt mean to push you. she said as Sarah tries to regain balance. Lauren then looks to Mr. Williams and said, I here to sign up for the talent competition.

Mr. Williams then said, Just sign up here on the sheet and pay the five dollars to compete. What talent are you going to do?

Lauren smiled and said, I going to sing. She then sang a chore badly. I can sing and after this everybody will know it.

Well, we see. said Mr. Williams.

Lauren finally left and Sarah walks up to the sign up sheet. Mr. Williams then says She seems very friendly right?

She nodded and signed the form. Here the five dollars.

Mr. Williams shook his head and gave her money back. Its on the house. I pay the fee for you.

Thank you she said as her face turn red. Then she walked away.

Mr. Williams then looks at the sign-up sheet and said, You going to singing and play the guitar? That should be interesting.


The pulling of guitar stings could be heard from Sarahs room. Michael then comes into her room through the window. Where you got that?

I brought it today on the way back from school. Like it? she said.

In Sarahs arms was a pink guitar connected to a small pink amp. Isnt that the guitar in the display window at the pawn shop? Michael asked.

Sarah nodded and smiled, Yep. I also enter the talent competition at school and the talent I be performing is a song with guitar compliance by me.

You are going to compete? Are you sure? Because I know that you can be a bit shy when place in front of a large crowd. He said.

That why I practicing now so I can feel confident when I do play. said Sarah.

Michael then said, Yes but remember in 3rd grade in the Christmas pageant.

Sarah looked back when she was a little girl

Sarah was just a little girl and wasnt very tall. She had one of the lead parts of the pageant and it was time to perform her solo. Then young Sarah took a look for her parents but realize how many people were in the crowd. She froze up. Then it was time for her solo and all she was able to do was just stand still. The teacher motion her to sing but she couldnt. Then she took another look at the audience and ran off the stage.

Dont reminded me said Sarah

Well just telling you the truth. Sorry said Michael. He only wants to protect Sarah.

Well, how about you listen to this? How does it sound? she asked.

She played a chore on the guitar. It was soft and harmonic. Then the sound became a hard rock tone and died off. Sarah then smiled shyly.

Michael then clapped and said, Very good. Maybe the best I heard even on TV.

Sarah blushed and said, You just saying that because you are my friend. She then played the chore but messed up and stopped. See, I not that good.

Michael then said, You just need some confidence in yourself. If you keep practicing and with a little confidence you be able sweep the competition.

Whatever. She then played a few notes on the guitar. If only I was that good. Then her tattoo slightly glowed black.

Later that night at Night n Sing, Haras took the stage in an orange and black long dress and with a smile on her face. A brown hair guy came and said, So you back again?

Haras nodded to say yes and brush some hair out of her eyes.

The brown haired guy then said, Looks like you doing something extra. I bet you going to be a real crowd pleaser tonight.

Haras then looked around as if looking for something and then a look of fear was on her face. Then a voice from the other side of the curtain said, For your entrainment pleasure. The people of Night n Sing present Haras DeDios. The people on the outside began to clap for her to appear.

Haras looked some what distressed but the brown hair guy threw something at her and she caught it. She then opens up her palm and smiled to see it was a guitar pick.

I saw that you were missing one. smiled the brown hair guy. Remember. Dont tell anyone. He then pushes her on to the stage.

Haras then grabs the mike and started off with a soft melody with her voice. It was so lovely to the crowd as they watch in awe to her singing. After a few lines of sing, she put the mike on the stand. Then smiled as she walks towards a pink guitar and picked up. Then with a wave of her arm she played some power cords that rocked the crowd with excitement. She then started to sing along with the hard cord.

Rocking out loud. She said after her performance was over.

The next morning, Sarah awoke feeling somewhat tired like she didnt rest much. She saw her guitar on the floor and notice a small black star on the guitar. When was that put on there?

Sarahs mother then walks by and notices that Sarah has just awoken. Good morning honey she said tiredly. Nice guitar. If you want me, I be in bed. Another overnighter, Night honey.

Sarah tries to remember the dream of the girl on guitar in the Night n Sing. She then quickly changes and ran out the door to meet Michael and tell him about her dream.