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June 8th, 2005, 8:49 AM
Souls of Avalon

The Plot

In a time where there existed mythical beings, magic and beast's there was a crystal, a crystal with unspeakable magical powers. This crystal was the keeper of all things sacred and holly and was kept in the tower of the gods to protect the earth from the evils of Satan. If this crystal were to fall into the hands of an impure soul, it's magic would turn to that of a great evil, sucking to the world into a dark age, run by demons and dark beings.

5 guards were appointed the task of guarding this tower from those who wished to use it for evil. Each was of entirely different species and gave their souls to protect this holy crystal from the great evil that lurked with in the world. It was said, that if it fell into the hands of evil, Satan would be released, and God cast into a unholy darkness, unable to protect the people of earth.

These 5 guards were the earths only hope for keeping evil at bay.

Ones name was Lohard, a human of great strength who swore to protect the crystal with all his might, even if it meant his death. With his pulsing strength and dedicated attitude, he crushed all enemies who dared try to possess the sacred stone that resigned in the tower.

Another was a Vampire names Kali, a creature of the dark, but not of Satan. She was turned at the tender age of 18 and a victim to a Vampire who soon found himself turned into dust by her mighty power. With her quick thinking and agility, she brought her foes to their death in a matter of seconds.

Loretta, an elf of great wisdom, pledged her knowledge and mind to protecting this crystal and she swore that she would study the crystal and learn of its great magics. She learnt of its ability to take on the magics of either good or evil. Her smarts and powerful mind devised many plans to help her comrades bring their enemies to their downfall.

The youngest was a young mage named Komali, around 11 years old, his innocent was never to be toyed with, because his ability to call upon the great magics of the universe brought his enemies to their knees, begging for forgiveness, but he gave them none.

And the last was a Werewolf named Kyruu, his cursed soul bound to the crystal, never to leave its side. He would protect it like a faithful pet and never let it out of his sight. He was the keeper; he guarded the room in which it resigned with brute strength.

Yes, these 5 brave souls were the only ones to keep earth from being consumed by darkness. They killed without mercy and brought any who approached to their knees in pain. They were true servants to the crystal, sworn to protect it and their souls bound, they never left its side. Food was brought to them and sleep was prohibited, some say they were given the gift of eternal awakness.

This soon became legend and legend became myth in till the story was truly forgotten. The tower was said to have disappeared along with its guardians and the land in which it resigned due to the non believers of the world. It was then said that one day, a great evil would rise out of the disbelief of earths creatures and descend upon the hidden tower to take control of the crystal.

One by one, the Crystals guardians were killed without mercy in the most dreadful of ways. Tortured and tormented in till their souls gave up on any hope of saving the doomed crystal in their living forms and died due to their failure...but they did not truly give up, for their souls seek worthy counterparts who would take on their souls and then carry the chosen's to the land of Avalon so that they could save the doomed land.

But all is not so simple, these mere mortals of the 20th century do not possess the knowledge and the skills which are needed to stop this great evil and Satan himself and therefore need the training these Guardians can offer them. And before the quest to save the crystal can begin, they must fight their way to the very end, save the innocent villagers from Demons and monsters and train long and hard, to gain the abilities in which they need to bring down the great evil.

For you see, the souls of the guardians can only guide them, the task of becoming a great life form is down to them.

Sum up

Basically, you are one of the mortals of the modern age. Living a normal life up in till now, you one night discover that you have taken on the soul of one of the guardians who once protected the Holy Crystal. Now that the Tower and the land of Avalon have disappeared, the Souls of the Guardians have come to guide you to their world to rescue the land.

You must develop skills and powers to defeat this great evil, the Guardians cane guide you through it and teach you your skills, but it is up to you to learn then, they only resign in your body and guide you through the land, they cannot give you their powers.

Each of the Guardians has their own species and powers as well as skills and such. Whoever you choose to play host to will be crucial as to what your character is and what he or she learns in the world of Avalon.

For example, if you choose Kyruu, you will become a Werewolf in the world of Avalon and develop skills and powers that only Kyruu knows. You may make up your own skills, but use common sense, if you are a Werewolf, you cannot use magic like Komali can.

Below is a list of the character and what they are capable of and their effects on you:

NOTE: If you are male, it doesnt matter if you accept the a female character, it will have no effect on your gender.


Name: Lohard

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Species: Human

Weapon: Katana

Skills/ Powers: Lohard depends on his strength and skills with a sword to destroy his enemies and can cause intense earthquakes with his powerful fists. He has the power to conjure superb strength and can control the power of earth.

Weakness: Lohard has low agility and is week against wind.


Name: Kali

Gender: Female

Age: 18 (205 in Vampire years)

Species: Vampire

Weapon: Twin blades

Skills/ powers: Kali depends on her agility and skills with twin blades to bring down her foes and can take the form of small bats. She is invisible to all weapons apart from silver and holy weapons. She can dissolve into darkness and take control of Darkness.

Weakness: Kali has a weakness against all holy weapons and Light magic.


Name: Loretta

Gender: Female

Age: 22 (500 years old)

Species: Elf

Weapon: Holy Staff

Skills/Powers: Loretta depends on her magical defences to protect herself and aid her allies. She can conjure force fields and aid her comrades with white magic, therefore healing powers and defensive skills. She can control the power of Light as well has use her knowledge to aid comrades through harsh times.

Weakness: Loretta has a low attack ratio and is week against dark magic.


Name: Komali

Gender: Male

Age: 11

Species: Mage

Weapon: Dark Staff

Skills: Komali depends on his black magic skills and the ability to conjure any magics he pleases apart from that of White magic. He can conjure many magical spells which grow stronger as he progresses with his magical teachings.

Wakness: Komil is week against physical attacks.


Name: Kyrru

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Species: Werewolf

Weapon: Axe

Skills/ Powers: Kyrru depends on strength alone to take down his enemies and his abilities with an axe. He takes control over his changing from Wolf to man and can take on teh form of a wolf whenever he pleases having been blessed by the gods. Therefore he can use both axe and physical blows to take down his enemies.

Weakness: Kyrru is weak against Silver and has a slight weakness against light magic.

NOTE: the above can only be chosen once and the skills and powers that you see above, as well as weakness, weapons and species will become apart of you as you enter Avalon.

Sign ups:

Modern Description:
Avalon description:

NOTE: Fill in the above of your character, remembering that you live in modern times at first. Your modern description will only contain your modern day self and then Avalon description will be one of the Species of the Guardian you have chosen and the clothing of a Medieval person.

The below is who has been accepted and what character they have chosen, the members name will be placed next to the Characters name and bolded after they have been accepted:

Kali: RagingDragon
Loretta: Skye
Komali: The Adamant Dodger

two more sign ups!

June 8th, 2005, 10:37 AM
I'd like to take Loretta as my character's spirit if that's okay :)

Name: Skye
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Modern Description: A petite girl, Skye doesn't appear to have much strength to her. She is very fair in complexion, and her hair is a soft, fair blond but in a short pixie cut. She has very piercing indigo eyes of an almond shape. She normally dresses in comfortable clothes, like loose jeans and tank tops. Her shoes of choice are converse, of which she has a pair in every color imaginable. She stands a mere 5'2", and weighs about 115 lbs.
Avalon description: taking on the pointed ears of an elf, which suits her pixie cut and piercing eyes quite well, Skye retains the soul of Loretta, the elf. She wears an outfit dominated by emerald green. Being quite the tomboy, it is a less feminine garb than most elves, consisting of a pair of loose pants, and her top is covered by a long tunic tied with a sash. She wears a pair of sandals on her feet.
Personality: A very reserved and quiet person, Skye is somewhat easy to get along with, but often keeps her opinions and feelings to herself. It is easy to befriend her, but very diffecult to get close to her.
History: Skye is a very accomplished pianist. Her whole life (in the present world anyway) revolves solely around music, or at least, her parents think so. She has a bit of an adventurous side, and tends to be quite the skater punk when she feels like it. She lives with her family in a quiet New England town, and is an only child.

June 8th, 2005, 11:02 AM
Well, since you had to go and take Kali, you big meanie-poo... :P I'll work with Komali. Just a warning, though, it's been a while since I played a full mage, I'm far better acquainted with spellswords.

Name: Jake Devins
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Modern Description: Taller than average for one of his age, or for anyone, for that matter. Curly, dark brown hair lies in a permanantly mussed state (through no fault of his own) atop his head, usually bearing a friendly smile. Light green eyes are set deep back into his skull, usually obscuring their striking color. Typically wears a beat-up pair of blue jeans, a t-shirt with a picture of the Buddha on it and a ratty old Vietnam-era Army field jacket. Almost permanantly tanned, from a liftime spent outdoors in every imaginable kind of weather.
Avalon description: Once in Avalon, Jake's considerable frame shrinks slightly, suited more to one who has spent a liftime with books and spells over one who would rather go and be an idiot on a mountain bike. His dress changes to loose, flowing mage's robes with numerous pockets for spell ingredients and spell constructs (e.g. a wand with a chain lightning spell built in). The robes are also warded with more glyphs than anyone would think possible to fit on one piece of cloth.
Personality: Typically, a very friendly person to be around, with compassion and forgiveness being a central part of his life. He'll help almost anyone out the vast majority of the time. He has a tendentcy, though, to lapse into a minorly depressive state every few weeks. Incredibly loyal to his friends, he would willingly sacrifice himself for their sake. Indeed, harming someone he's close to is one of the few ways to make him lose control of his well-checked temper. Though his grades don't reflect it, he's surprisingly intelligent.
History: Ever since fifth grade, and an incident involving one of his friends, Jake has been self-sacrificing. He's led a rather average life, never had perfect grades, never won (or even considered running for) class president, never been published by age 16, never gotten involved with music, or art, or whatever. The only thing that ever really shook him was the death of his grandfather two years ago.
Other: N/A

June 8th, 2005, 11:13 AM
Nyah nyah, XD...It's my RPG and I wanted Kali *Pouts*...o.o Anyways.

Both your sign up's seem fine to me, so you are both in, I will bold the names of your selected character and Dodge, no worries about the mage thing, I'm sure it will be fine ^_-


Lohard and Kyruu are all thats left...First good sign up come, first served ^_-

Lu Fei 21
June 8th, 2005, 12:30 PM
I will be taking Lohard then.

Name: Kirika
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Modern Description: Blue jeans, a white top, green and blue eyes, soft brown hair that runs to her back, a pretty face that tricks people from thinking she's weak when she knows she isn't, has a strength in her called "self-belief" which she depends on to help her through thick and thin.
Avalon Description: Dark blue armor with some black lines running across it, some black make-up on her face, she has red eyes, and short black hair, she also wears a green shirt, a silver dragon hide chain-mail (it is very strong and yet very light) and green pants under her armor.
Personality: Doesn't depend on others for help, becasue she feels betrayed by everyone, kind when she chooses to, keeps her thoughts to herself, very sarcastic, rude when she looses her patience, and she lost heart on the good things in life.
History: Lost her family when she was just four years old, lived by herself for the past fourteen years, she blames herself and everyone for her familie's death, but she stays strong no matter what.

June 10th, 2005, 9:45 AM
Lu Fei, your Avalon description is too short I am afraid and your grammar isnt up to standard sorry, you may want to concider linking words instead of listing them, Okay? ^_-

Edit and we will see.

So at the moment, Kyruu is up for grabs and if he is not taken soon, then we will start none the less.

Lu Fei 21
June 11th, 2005, 2:12 PM
Ok I edited it, is this better than before?

June 12th, 2005, 7:22 AM
OOC- Lu fei- Accepted, but I still wish you to use proper grammar, but I have seen your RPG skills and they seem up to standard.

Name: Rachel Omalley

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Modern Description: Rachel has long flowing dark brown hair that extends to her mid back and a piercing emerald gaze that could stun the dead. She stands at around 56 and has a very lithe frame accompanied by slightly tanned skin.

Modern Clothing: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v342/LupinWolf/Pics/MusicGirl.jpg

Avalon description: Unlike her modern self, the long flowing brown hair has lengthened dramatically down to her waste and has taken on a midnight black colour. Her eyes instead of the Emerald green they were in Modern days have turned a sickly blood red colour which clash with her abnormally pale skin. Two pearl white canines poke at her lower lip, threatening to draw blood and her normally withered nails have grown into miniature claws.

Avalon Clothing: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v342/LupinWolf/Pics/GothGirl.jpg

Personality: Rachel is a very passive individual and shows no caring towards those who show none for her. Her cold and distant nature makes her one who is hard to befriend, but when successful, she is one of the most caring companions you could possibly wish to have. She shows great caring towards those who she considers friends and shows great loathing to those who she does not. Sarcastic and cruel though Sweet and protective, Rachel has a very complex Personality.

History: Rachel has lived a normal life up to this day, but with very few friends. The only ones she considers to be close friends who understand her are Tory and Ty, who have known her since they were all 5 years old. She has attended public school for many years now and still studies on at her local school and is the owner of a small job at her local corner shop.

Other: nothing.

(IC: )

Rachel sighed as she flipped through one of the magazines she had taken off the shelf. She took no interest in the celebrity page, no interest in the problems page and defiantly no interest in the clothing page. Closing the paper magazine she replaced it on the shelf and took another that sat next to it and began to flip through that one in the same manor.

It was another slow Saturday morning and as usual, the only ones that had entered the shop were the usual for the morning paper and a pint of milk for their breakfast and the odd kid who had decided to pick up some sweets before retreating to the park for the day.

Discarding the other Magazine, she gave up entirely on trying to find something of interest and slammed her head down on the counter, groaning in annoyance and folding her arms over her head. She had had enough of her boring life.

There was a sound of a bell ringing and she looked up to see Tory and Ty pushed their ways through the door. She gave them a small smile, which was returned as they approached her. Bored? Tory asked, leaning against the other side of the counter, Ty mimicking her only seconds later.

Rachel nodded into her arms and sighed As always

Tory patted her brown head and smiled No worries. Only another few hours left and you can go home Her voice chipper, trying hard to cheer her friend up.

Rachel snorted yeah, right She lifted her head from its current position and frowned at them Havent you got a Football torny to get to? She asked, knowing full well that the two had signed up to participate in a football tournament in the local park.

Um yeah, we better get going soon Ty piped in We dont wanna be late

Tory nodded yeah. Well see you later then Rach She announced before exiting with her male companion.

Rachel huffed and banged her head down against the counter again Whatever

(OOC- First and second post will just be going around you ordinary life and then hopefully in the third post you will be introduced to the Souls of Avalon)

June 12th, 2005, 7:44 AM
I watched with horror as my bke sailed over the ledge. Why that rock had to be right there... Why I couldn't maintain balance just those few seconds longer... Picking myself up, I brushed my clothing and took a cursory check at my hands. For once, they didn't seem to be ripped to shreds. Joy of joys. I hopped off the small ledge and groaned.

"Gods-****ing-dammit!" I shouted, taking in the condition of my przed bike. The fram was in good condition, as ever, but my rims were shot and somehow, I had no idea what had actually happened, the chain had snapped. growling, I picked the frame up, hefted it onto my shoulder and began the walk back to my car.

I was still growling under my breath as I turned the key, starting the car up. These would NOT be cheap repairs, even if I did do it myself. Spoke replacement, new rims (and in a custom size, I might add,) a new chain. This would SO put a dent in my wallet. I flipped the radio on and began the drive home.

June 12th, 2005, 9:56 AM
I will play as the warewolf.

Name: Serge Andersen
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Modern Description: He usually has a blue pair of jeans, very nicely brushed and always as cleen as possible. With a white or read T-Shirt and a jacket, that was usually green or black. He has sky-blue eyes and a nicely brushed dark hair. He lived in a house with his mom and dad. He had problems at school though, so he often had to stay there on Saturdays etc.
Avalon description: His hair becomes spiky, and his Sky-blue eyes turns into one Sky-Blue eye and one Emerald Green eyes. Everything else is as normal.
Personality: He's a very kind and giving person. He has a lot of friends and usually he's with them when he has time off from school. Even though he's not so good at school he's pretty smart.
History: He has lived with both parents since he was a child. Now he goes to school and usually get's detention. He works part-time as a journalist at a Tech Magazine.
Other: N/A

June 12th, 2005, 11:23 AM
Her fingers fell to the keys with practiced, precise power. The final chord rang through the room in truimph, and Skye lifted the damper pedal and her hands simultaneously. She took a breath and opened her closed eyes, revealing to her the comforts of her living room, her usual afternoon audience.

With a sigh, she closed the book of Beethoven Concertos and got up from the bench of her baby grand. No one was home. The house was quiet and still, and Skye found herself walking slowly up to her room.

She took off her preppy school clothes and donned a pair of black boys cargo shorts and a royal blue skater shirt. Retreating to the bathroom, she washed the make-up from her face, and removed her nail polish. With a satisfied smile, she returned to her room, dug her longboard skateboard out of its hiding place in her closet, and headed back downstairs. In the narrow entrance hall of her home, she withdrew her black Converse sneakers, pulled them on, grabbed her helmet and other skating gear, and hurried out the door.

Outside, the afternoon sun was attempting to continue to warm the world around her, and it was slowly faltering, giving in to the oncoming night. Skye dropped her skateboard to the ground, and hopped atop it, guiding it down the street expertly.

Her parents forbade her to skateboard. Ever since she had started entering piano competitions they had wanted her to change completely. They bought her preppy clothes to wear to school, urged her to wear makeup, and forced her to put her board into hiding. She was anxious for the summer so she could use her surfboard. At least then she would not have to worry about breaking her fingers.

She reached the skate park on the other side of town where no one would really recognize her. She sped over to the half-pipe, guiding her board with fluid ease, showing up most of the boys. Most of them thought her to be one, espeically with her short hair and baggy clothes. She liked it that way. She hated being treated differently because of her gender.

Her mind was so focused on boarding, on the fun she had on her own, that she took little notice of those around her. She continued to board, absorbed in her own world, attempting new tricks and refining old ones. This was her Zen...she could escape here.