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June 10th, 2005, 9:47 AM
The Celestial Beuracracy thrives on order, the order of their gods, the order of the mortal realm, and the order that maintains the balance between these two. Anything that threatens this order is ruthlessly cast out, left to become a demon or mad spirit. When Emperor Sun Li the Glorious Strategist was defeated years ago by the sole survivor of the attack on the Temple of Dirge, order was returned and the Water Dragon was restored, ending the chaos caused by the restless spirits of the dead. The Water Dragon sought no vengance, for she knew that Sun Hai and Sun Li had acted out of a lust for power and to raise their realm above that of the gods.

Not all beings were so plesed with her decision, though. One of these beings, a more minor (though undeniably brilliant and cunning) god known as the Forest Shadow manipulated her higher-ups into a civil war amongst the heavens. The chaos and bloodshed of the war amongst the gods caused a second Long Drought in the Jade Empire. Empress Sun Xian sought the guidance of the new order of Spirit Monks, guardians of the Water Dragon and her home, the Temple of Dirge. when they told her that they knew nothing, the Empress grew angry. Making the same mistake as her ancestors, Sun Xian assaulted the Temple of Dirge.

This time, though, the Water Dragon was not so forgiving. Caught in the machinations of the Forest Shadow, she grew angry and instilled the Spirit Monks with her power, making them into demigods, living insturments of her will in the world. With almost contemptous ease, they overthrew the Sun Dynasty and the reformed order of the Lotus, the Empire's guardians. Thus began the Dirge Dynasty.

The shade of the Spirit Monk who defeated Sun Li appears before you one night, telling you of the crimes against order comitted by the Forest Shadow, and of the grim fate of the Jade Empire if the Dirge Dynasty is allowed to continue. All your life, you have studied the martial and arcane arts. It is said that you are indeed, a prodigy, gifted in certain ways. It appears that seeing spirits is one of them. Just as it did to the dead Spirit Monk who appeared before you, the fate of the Empire falls on your shoulders.

Martial style: (Leaping Tiger, White Demon, Thousand Cuts, Legendary Strike)
Magical style: (Dire Flame, Stone Immortal, Tempest, Ice Shard)
Favored weapon: (Longsword, staff, double saber, double axes)

Lu Fei 21
June 11th, 2005, 10:06 AM
Name: Tan Cao
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance:A white cloak, brown sandals, brown eyes, short black hair, and a strong body.
Personality: He is quite, strong willed, kind, and had a short temper.
Martial Style: Flying Dragon
Magical Style: Stone Immortal
Favored Weapon: Long Metal Spear