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June 11th, 2005, 7:04 AM
If you watched the episode where at the park, Pincer's sap was stolen by the robotic pincer built by Team Rocket, that's the story here. This is a roleplay about that fight. But, this time it is a bit different. Team Rocket isn't behind it. Its been months. Here is the catch! It doesn't take place in the pokemon world, but there aren't any animals, just pokemon. No Kanto. No Jhoto. No Hoenn. Yes, USA. This story takes place at Burke Lake Park.
To join, explain your character. EX: Species:

Speices: Heracross
Name: Heracross
Personality: Protective over its sap, brave and willing.
Description: Darkish blue exoskeleton, jagged catapult on head, yellow, shiny eyes.

Lets Begin.

It was a dark afternoon. The sky was red and pink, and the sun was fading on the horizon once more. Past the highways and cars carrying tired drivers and past pedestrians on bikes. Past houses and villages there was a small park. Few people were climbing out of their cars and walking down the path, past the sign reading, BURKE LAKE. The beautiful park was filled with trees. But that was not what the guests were coming for. They had to pick their children up from day camp. Meanwhile, deep deep in the forest, terribly far from the hiking trails, was a large tree. This was the second forest. In the tree, pincers were visible, sucking sap and threatening with their large pincer-like claws that rested atop their heads. Across a broken rope bridge was the first forest, closer to the path. Butterfree and Heracross shared this forest. "Hera. Heracross!" a happy Heracross called. The Heracrosses all jumped down from the tree and gathered in the bushes to watch the parents picking up their child. The Pincers knew it was closing time, that the humans would leave them in complete peace until tomorrow, but didn't bother gathering by the path to watch. They absolutely hated Summer Vacation. The Heracrosses started back to their trees and began sucking sap. They drank and drank til they were full. Then they gathered around each other again to sleep. "Heracross." The same Heracross that called the others to watch the pedestrians waved goodnight to the others and curled up as well. An hour passed, with the Heracross families asleep. Suddenly, in the dead of night, a troop of shadows appeared. The same heracross that called the other Heracrosses and said goodnight heard a twig snap. It looked up. "Heracross." It said. The invaders turned out to be Pincers. They were angry. The Pincers had been asleep, too, when one grew hungry and began to suck sap, but there wasn't any left. They believed the Heracrosses stole the sap. Now they wanted revenge, even though the Heracross were inoccent. "Heracross." Let the Sap Wars begin!

June 11th, 2005, 7:08 AM
sap?= nothing i am connfused

June 11th, 2005, 12:11 PM
Sap is the yellow sticky stuff in trees. This thread was about a certain pokemon episode about Heracross and Pincer. Lets put it this way.
You know how Ash has a Heracross? I'm talking about the episode where he gets it. But I've changed it a bit.