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Electric Hero
June 12th, 2005, 8:44 PM
Another RP... about dragons this time... I think this is the most well described RP I have ever done. Just don't Godmodd, don't power-play, don't SPAM, & Have fun!! =3

A long time ago... believe it or not... dragons existed. They ,eventually, evolved... they evolved so much, that they once had enough intelligence to create an organized community between them. Different races of dragons were joining the community... making it larger, powerful and finally... making it into big cities... towns... etc. One day... something big happen... a powerful dragon, called (in our language) Darksu Fijutsu, made the giantic community a Kingdom.

All dragons were happy. The Kingdom was obviously ruled by Darksu Fijutsu. The Kingdom lived in peace for many , and I really mean many, years now. But evil always appears. An evil dragon ,cursed with the darkest spell ever created and named Kolusus Antonius, raised against the Kingdom. Kolusus was a great wizard, fighter, and a cold-blooded assasin. He defeated armies of dragons by himself. Scared to be killed by Kolusus, dragons joined him... trying to survive the masacre. Darksu obviously fought for what he belived... in peace.

Sacrifing himself... Darksu put an end to Kolusus sending him away thanks to an spell that the Kolusus himself cursed over him. Darksu, just before passing away, put his heart in a sphere made of diamond. His heart had the power to seal Darksu forever in an abyss that really existed. The abyss is the worst thing ever... since it makes you wise, but you suffer mental illnesses at the same time. You just become enough wise to get out of the magical abyss, but exactly at the same moment you get that wise... your brain can hold all the mental illnesses you have, putting you into a coma. After the coma... your body keeps falling until it finally hits the ground... killing you. As you all possibly know, Kolusus fell into that abyss, but ... he never had that coma. He became wiser than ever, more powerful than ever, and more evil than ever... ready to come back and kill the descendants of Darksu Fijutsu and destroy the Kingdom once and for all.

He has just created another 'kingdom' by himself. Even the kingdom is small... he and his powerful army of dragons has just attacked a village... very small for an evil army. But after the village, a town was destroyed, then a city. The war has just begun. Kolusus is winning... destroying everything in its path. But the descendant of Darksu Fijutsu, Xarilion Fijutsu, is now the king. He has counter-attacked with powerful and really intelligent tactics.

Now... both kingdoms are fighting against each other with powerful tactics and crticial attacks. You have just became a soldier of the Fijutsu army with some friends of yours. Xarilion, accepting any help as possible, gives you a mission to prove if you're enough for the army.

As you all may know now... you make your way to the top, winning Xarilion's trust, and finally ,with Xarilion himself, you attack Kolusus directly. But you have to choose many things before fighting.

Races & Dark races (dark races can be role-played, but we all know who will win. All dark races are the same as the normal ones, but their colors are majority purple-colored and their tails have fire-based laser; also, Xarilion and Kolusus are NPCs):

Kashymira: One of the 'normal' dragons. They look almost identically to the Kashymra race. They exist in many colors. Their tails don't have any special ability. They walk on their four legs, and their wings are made of almost transparent skin (same color as they skin). Their heads end in a pointy mouth. Their eyes are like chinese people, and majority of them dont show pupils. Their claws are four-fingered, three infront, one in the back. They have an average toughness in their skins.

Kashymra: They're totally the same as the Kashymiras, but... their wings have holes. But yet, they still can fly. And another little thing... their heads are bigger than the Kashymiras. They have a hard toughness in their skins. Their tails can be like scissors. And they're faster than Kashymiras and stronger than them.

Zurku: If you look for flying machines... looks for Zurkus. Even their bodies are small, and have no ability in nothing completely... their wings are giantic. They can do anything, but it has to be in the sky. They specialize in magic and air combats. There are ranks, the majority have weak skin, trained ones have an average toughness of skin, and Air Aces have a hard skin. They look like the flying dinosaurs.

Deroicou: They're killing machines on ground. Look like the Komodo Dragons, but they look tougher. They exist in two types. The ones that are on the four legs ,which are the majority, or the ones that are on two legs but never are completely vertical. They don't have wings.Their skins are really hard.

Seirkuk: The Seirkuks are the dragons that look like snakes. They look like the pokmon Rayquaza. There are two types: the ones with wings, or the ones without wings... it doesn't matter, the both can fly anyway. They are three-fingered, two infront and one in the back of the claw. Their tails can have many uses, like scissors, swords, etc. They know how to fight very well in air and ground combats. They are specialized in fighting techniques instead of magic. Their skin is hard.

Drokor: They are one of the best. They are the majority of the dragon kind, or sometimes the minority. They walk on two legs. Their wings are mighty-sized and they are strong too. They are well experienced in air, and ground combat. They are average-sized, so their body parts are strong. Five-fingered, three infront, two at the back. Their eyes are normal reptile eyes, with the thin pupil. Their mouths are not pointy, nor round. Their mouths end with two teeth that are really from the skin; those two teeth grow in size as they grow older. They are well experienced in magic and fighting combats. Their tails end in a pointy and sharp 'sword', which can hit, cut, etc. Their skin toughness are average and hard.

Elite: Their names say everything. They look almost exactly to the Drokorz, but they are stronger since they are elite dragons. Their arms and really powerful, and their mouth doesn't end in two teeth from the skin. Their fangs are way bigger than everything seen. They look like the pokmon Nidoking. Their wings are really giant. They are NPCs (Non Playable Characters), but just describing you this.

Fijutsu: They are almost the most powerful being in the whole world. They are dragons with humanoid form. They are almost the best in everything. Just the Fijutsu family have this form. They are ,obviously, NPCs. Kolusus looks exactly like Fijutsus, but he's way bigger and more powerful than ever.

Breaths (there are many breaths, but I'll explain the three basic ones):

Fire: The most basic breath type ever for dragons. It can evolve from a little spark to a giantic hell.

Electric: The second most powerful breath. The only reason it is not the first, its because it doesn't make one-hit kill like the ice breath. It's color is blue.

Ice: The most powerful breath ever. We can't have this breath... at the start of the RP... as we continue to be better dragons, we start to experience some weird events with the ice breath. The ice breath kills a dragon faster than anything in the world.

This is the sign-up:

Skin Toughness: (this needs to be to the skin toughness of your race)
Main Breath:
Description: (just to tell me that if you're a race that can be in two or four legs, or other description characteristics like scars, etc.)

And this is my sign-up:

Name: Dromax Histikorious
Age: 170 years old
Gender: Male
Race: Drokorz
Skin Toughness: Average
Color: Blue; the middle line of the tail-sword is silver; eyes are silver and pupil is blue; claws of hands are silver.
Main Breath: Electric
Description: Normal Drokorz
History: Have lived with his famil until Kolusus attacked his village. His family went directly to the Castle City. His loved grandma died in the attack to the village. Two of his brothers are missed and he wants revenge. He is ready for anything that can come. And he is decided to take revenge with his friends.

Remember... as we become better dragons... our skin toughness and power, breath power, etc, become more powerful. And we all start with the weakest skin toughness for our races.