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Sumomo & Kotoko
June 14th, 2005, 10:16 AM
I don't know if this is much of a poem, but it was a speech my friend had to give in her speech class, and I thought it would be nice to share it with every one here at PC.

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if God did not exist?

If God were really dead
by Robert Williams.

If God is dead, why live? How can we endure? Can there be a reason apart from from God as to why we are here in this place? If God is dead, how did we come to life, how did man begin? The world cries aloud, "Evolution, Evolution," but let me ask, how did evolution begin? Where did even the tiniest cell come from? Who was its creator?

If God is not alive, then neither is there any eternal life, for eternal life is in God. If this be true then who could be so cruel as allow us to even hope for a life hereafter? Who thought up the idea of Man? Was he invented as a toy? Why were we allowed to be born? If God is dead, the reason for life is dead. The reason for you, each one of you, died with Him. Dead and gone is the sense behind our struggling to keep body and soul in one. Dead and gone are the reasons for enduring the pains and, yes, even the joy of parenthood. Would a man and his wife be so heinous as to bring a new life into this world only to face the fact of a dead God? Cursa the day that we were born.

If God is dead, then let me die!

If God is dead, who gave life? As a tiny infant emerges from the protection of its mother's womb, Who breathes the breath of life? Who tells the child to breathe, to swallow, to cry? How does a mother know to love her child? How does a husband know to love his wife; a child his father; a sister her brother? except by example? And from whence came this example if God is dead? For God is LOVE! If God is dead, then love is dead. If love is dead, what unites a husband and his wife? What unites a family? What is the binding force throughout the whole world? Why not crush the very life out of all those who are weaker then we?

If God is dead, then why this tremendous desire of man to live? Why the effort to prevent crimes, to prevent accidental deaths, to prevent suicides, to invent cures for killing diseases? Why succh a diligent war against death if death is inevitable? There surely can be no ratonality to this.

If God is dead, then let me die!

If God is dead, who created beauty? Who made us aware of that witch is beautiful? From whence came flowers? Who paints the sunsets? Who splashes the skies with glorious reds, vibrant yellows, and robust oranges? Who makes the soft white mountains of clouds, the clouds that lovers dream under? Who makes the rainbow, the trees, the grass? Why is there beauty in the ocean as it smashes a thousand tiny droplets of water on the jagged rocks? Who made the eye to see this beauty? Who made the mind to interpret it? Who keeps beauty alive and vibrant?

If God is dead, then let me die!

If God is dead, what is a Christian? A fool - - a fool I think! If He is dead, then every belief, every promise of Christian life is dead too. The promises, the hope, the encouragment are gone; distroyed; useless.

If God is dead, one great Christian only uttered one true statement, "I am of all man most miserable". All of the teachings of Paul would be nullified by the death of God. His Words would have no meaning; "for me to live is Christ and die is . . . nothing". What a fool he was if God is dead.

If God is dead, our sanctuaries are occupied by fools. Your are a fool! His Word is dead. Eternal life? - - there is none. It is dead. You have watched your loved ones depart from this earth; if you hope to see them again you are a fool! Every hope is mashed and crushed, if God is dead.

But the biggest fool of all, if God is dead, is the One Who came down from Heaven's glory that we might have life and have it more abundantly. This He can not give us if God is dead. All of His Words, His promises are nothing. "Jesus never fails" is a lie. "He that cometh unto me, I will in no wise cast out" is a lie. I and my Father are One" is a lie. "No man cometh into the Father but Me" is a lie!

Every word He said, every act He did is a lie, if God is dead and we are fools to believe it.

If God is dead then let me die . . . for I am DEAD!

But praise God, Hallelujah! I am alive because He is alive! He lives! He is alive! HE IS ALIVE!!