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June 14th, 2005, 11:11 AM
Okay i'm going to post my poems time from time in this thread. And could u possibly think of them?

Freedom, not here

When I thought I was finally free,
You pulled me back in
All I want is to be free of your spell, your beauty
It hurts to know that you can never be mine
Behold the pain that I lock deep inside
I was once a happy careful lady just like everybody else,
Now look at me, Im all crumpled.
You made me how I am today,
That I can never forget, never forgive
But nonetheless I still want you to be mine,
And for this unbearable pain to vanish
However I know that shall never happen,
As your heart shall never belong to me
All I can ever hope for is your friendship,
Which hurts me so.
I want to say goodbye
But I cannot pull away
You are the one person that keeps me contained
I tug and I pull,
And yet I stay in your grasp,
Stuck in this miserable pain that I shall forever be slain
Hurt me, kill me
Thats what youre doing.
Cant you see I need to be set free?
Let me go,
Release me from this pain