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June 16th, 2005, 8:35 PM
heres some poetry i wrote a while back
Beyond My Dreams
Beyond My Hopes
In The Darkness
I Fail To Cope
Across The Sea
Across The Land
My Soul Awaits
The Welcome Sands
Destructions Waiting,
If I Stay,
If I Go
I Free My Soul
:: Stupid, if you ask me, im juss really rather bored::

America's Answer

He Extends His Hand
One Swipe
& City's Devowered
Thei Who Hate His Movements
Is Thei Who Gave Him Power
Thei Who Voted
Expressions Frozen
When The Obeast Creation Took It's Form
Dear America
We Are The Storm
We Created War
Why Blame Bush We Bred Him


To Be Is Exsistence
For Reasons Beyond Our Mind
The Hopeless Cries, Dead Inside
Living In Frozen Time
Repeated Sadnes,
Insanity Foundry,
My Mind Is Madness
And Tragedy Never Mends
Enimies Are Your Only Friends
Plotted Weakness,
Developed Revenge
My Secrets Revealed
Beyond The Masses I Wither Away, Die Slow And Decompose, I Dip Out Of Reality, Becomming The Ghost

June 17th, 2005, 6:35 AM
Ehh...this person's banned for one reason or another so...I think I'll close it for now. Should this member be unbanned - I'll open this back up. Not to mention this is in the wrong spot anyhow. XD