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June 18th, 2005, 11:38 PM
Authors Note: This is a one timer. Please feel free to post ANY constructive feedback, I would appreciate it very much! Also, its my first pokmon story in a very long time. Thanks.

Suspending Disbelief

The steam was thick, unbearable to the average man. He wiped the sweat from his wrinkled face and made his way down the steep slope. The sun was at its highest, and it peaked itself through the mountain steam. The beating heat was all he could feel against his red, bald head. His bony hands shook as he slowly paced himself, and he balanced his weight carefully as loose rocks crumbled beneath his feet. Just a few more minutes, and he would be safe beneath the shady trees at the base of the mountain.

He approached the path leading to an area of shady pine trees. The blazing sun was torturing him, burning his rough skin and drying him out of sanity. Just a few more steps and this pain could end. He approached the base and was immediately enveloped by the chilled, breezy vegetation. Finally, he could enjoy refreshment. The trees sheltered him in a blanket of darkness The vivid green leaves, blocking the sun from view might as well have been pure gold. Thats what it felt like. He let out a sigh of relief and sat down on a nearby log. He was the king of this forest now, and it was providing him with the riches of shade and comfort.

The earth beneath his feet was rough, and covered with twigs, leaves and branches. He set his pack down to the ground, and removed his sandals. He drank from his water bottle. Reaching in his pocket, he grabbed a blue pokball with white wings painted on it. He let it break open into the air. The Wingull from inside flew out and called into the wilderness. Its wings spread out as it hovered in the air and enjoyed the shadowy forested area the old man had found.

Junior I know its been a long trip, but now you can have some fresh air. I hope it doesnt get too hot in those pokballs! Aha! The elderly man was breathing heavily. The bird flew down beside him and perched on the log. The old man stroked his companions feathers and let out another sigh of relief.

Well then You seem mighty excited! And me He stared down at his bony fingers and closed his hand into a fist. Me, Im getting too old for this stuff. The time has come for me to let the younger generation take care of things. He smiled and took in more air. He was ready to depart now. Not much longer left, he just needed to get across the river and his grandson would pick him up and take him back to Mauville City.

Time to get back in there We are almost home, Junior. The Wingull returned to its pokball and the old man stood up. He reached down towards his bag. As he picked up the pack, something behind him rustled in the bushes. He immediately dropped his pack and spun around to see if anyone was there. No sight of anything peculiar. He shrugged.

Yes Im getting too old for this, he thought to himself. He reached for his bag once more. There came the rustling again. This time it was louder, and nearer. He turned once more to reveal the culprit.

A boy, around the age of 17 stood facing him. He was tall, wore a red shirt, black pants and brown hair poked out from under a black baseball cap. He looked spoilt. A navigator showed from one of his pockets and a cell phone was attached to his belt. The boy caught the man by surprise, but he managed to catch his breath and introduce himself.

Hello young man! You startled me! I didnt see you come into this area. Dont mind me; my hearing has gotten worse and worse over the years. The boy smiled and shook the eager mans hand. The man smiled back and began to establish himself. The names Jeryl, Jeryl Dunslen. Im from Mauville City. Pleased to meet you and you are?

Tyson. Nice to meet you. The boy stood there motionless and never looked directly at the man. His eyes shifted towards his pack, and then to the path behind him. Jeryl failed to notice this and continued the conversation.

Its very nice to meet you, Tyson! Wow, its hot out today, isnt it? Youre a young trainer I suppose? Battling to climb up the latter and earn a title people will recognize around the world, am I right? Jeryl always loved to strike up a good conversation, and any chance he got to talk todays youth was a chance he always took.

I guess you could say that, but Im not battling gym leaders or anything. The boy had no expression in his face. There was something strange about him and the way he spoke with a to-the-point tone. Jeryl got the impression that he didnt care much about the conversation, but he kept talking

Ah, I see What brings you to Mt. Pyre? Trying to catch some rare pokmon? Jeryl winked at Tyson. He was a nice man, and treated the boy with a respect he would show to his own grandson. The boy stared blankly, shook his head and let out a sigh. He laughed. He brought his hand close to his forehead and closed his eyes, shaking his head again

Okay, enough of this. Im not a little boy here to battle for fun and games. Hand over your pokmon, old man. He stuck his hand out, and awaited the Jeryl to give him what he wanted.

Excuse me? You think Im going to just hand them over? Is that the way you treat you- The boy cut him off and this time spoke with more determination.

Im not here to listen to your lectures. Just give me your pokmon, and I wont harm you! Tyson looked straight through the old man, and Jeryls heart skipped a beat.

Jeryl didnt know what to say. He was in complete disbelief. Was this what the generation of young men had become? No respect for their elders whatsoever, just a bunch of whiney, snot-nosed kids who thought they could take whatever they wanted? Jeryl shook his head and replied.

Im sorry; I cant let you take my pokmon. He reached into his pocket for his pokball, and stood his ground. Its young men like you who need to learn the importance of respect and authority!

Ha! Im sorry it had to come to this Im going to have to take them the hard way Tyson pulled out a black and gold pokball from his pocket. Before unleashing the pokmon from inside, he yelled to Jeryl. Your times expired old man. Retire now.

The dark woods they stood in flooded with red light. A Sneasel took form and materialized into position upon the brown, uneven soil they stood on. It looked to its surroundings, and let a cry out into the forest.

Im going to give you one more chance, Jeryl. Surrender your pokmon to me now, or I will have Krimsy hurt you! Tyson has a sadistic smile spread across his face. His pokmon mimicked him and smiled at Jeryl.

Jeryl was still in disbelief. Suppose this young kid was in fact ready to hurt him? Jeryl wasnt intimidated this wasnt the first situation he had like this.

Im going to teach you a lesson, Tyson. I hope you respect your parents better than youve shown respect for me! His pokball soared into the air and Wingull appeared. It flew around the Sneasel for a few moments, at head height. The Sneasel carefully watched and kept its guard, awaiting its masters command.

Krimsy, give that bird a taste of your fury swipes! called Tyson in cut-to-the-chase quality. The Sneasel watched the bird carefully before making its move. It side stepped left and right, dodging the taunting peck attacks. Finally it made its move, and suddenly ran on all fours. It leapt into the air. Claws burst out. They came in contact with the Wingulls feathers. It hit once and the bird came crashing down to the ground. A loud thud resulted. Krimsy started to hack its claws across the Wingulls body again and again. Wingull let out a cry of pain as the pointy claws continued to engrave its feathered body.

Junior, get up! For Christs sake, get up! Jeryl was raising his fists as he called out to his pokmon. Junior flapped around helplessly on the ground, its wings flailed everywhere. The Sneasel didnt stop swiping at its body. The bird was starting to bleed as it let out more cries of agony. It twisted its body in every direction and managed to free itself from the sharp claws of the opposing pokmon. Junior flew back into the air, higher this time so the Sneasel couldnt bring it down.

Good job. Now hit him with steel wing! The Wingull immediately flew down and spread its wings as wide as they could go. The unprepared Sneasel took the hit and was knocked four meters across the uneven ground. It quickly sprang back up but before it could recover fully, Junior hit it with another steel wing. This time it was harder, and the impact was tremendous. The Wingull hit it in the head and Krimsy was knocked another few meters across the ground. The proud Wingull ascended and let out a loud call.

Ok, you really think you can beat old man? Im surprised by your power, but that just makes your pokmon a better prize at the end of the day! Hahahaa! Krimsy, use screech! The pokmon obeyed and let out a high pitched screeching noise. It was unbearable; Jeryl had to cover his ears. Junior drew closer to the ground and let his guard down, as the screeching became louder and louder. Junior came down to the ground and closed its eyes to ease the pain in its ears. As the screeching stopped, Krimsy withdrew into the dark forest.

Good Krimsy Use your agility and let the bird pokmon have it with slash! Junior looked around and headed back up into the air, but before he knew it, the Sneasel came out of nowhere. It used a slash attack. Again, Junior came roaring down to the ground and cried in pain. Tysons eyes were wide open, and he gave further instruction. Fury swipes! FINISH IT!

Jeryl clenched his teeth as the Sneasel sent out its final assault. Hit after hit, he could only watch as his pokmon cried out in pain. Tyson stood there smiling in triumph.

Stop this battle, call back your pokmon, you have clearly won! said Jeryl.

Not a chance! I told you to give up, this isnt a battle! Tyson yelled over the loud crying from Junior. Jeryl glared at Tyson.

I said I would teach you a lesson Jeryl reached into his pocket and pulled out another pokball. I cant believe you would harm a pokmon like this. Consider this my way of revenge.

Jeryl threw the pokball and called out, Banquo, teach this kid a lesson! The ball emitted a red light and a Blaziken was exposed. It cried out when it saw Junior on the ground getting viciously worn to shreds by the wicked Sneasel. The pokmon immediately ran and grabbed Krimsy by the neck, and tossed it against a large tree with incredible force. It hit the ground and called to its master.

Good job Banquo. Return to your pokball Junior, you did a good job. The beaten Wingull returned and the Blaziken stepped up to the plate. Tyson had a look of disbelief on his face.

Get up Krimsy! You can still beat this guy! Hes an old man, his pokmon are probably old and worn too! Sneasel obeyed the command and stood up.

Banquo, lets get some sunlight, Im tired of this shade now! The Blaziken jumped into the air and ripped down some branches from the overhanging trees. It managed to give off some sunlight. The rays instantaneously hit Banquos body as he started to bulk up. Krimsy slowly started to back into the darker trees but Banquo quickly ran towards him and tackled him to the ground.

Krimsy, enough fooling around! Use agility and start hitting it! yelled Tyson. His face was red and his teeth were showing, shut together tightly. Krimsy got up and ran around behind Banquo, but it wasnt quick enough. Banquo spun around and kicked it again with full force. It scraped along the ground a few meters and closed its eyes.

Finish him with a blaze kick; make sure it wont get back up! Jeryl didnt want this to happen; he had a look of sadness on his face. He hated harming a pokmon, but if this didnt happen the pokmon wouldnt give up. Banquo surged forward and kicked it one last time. The Sneasel cried out from its spot on the ground and it once again was launched into the air, this time in burning pain. Krimsy arched its back as it hit the ground unconscious. It was left motionless and burnt out.

Tyson called the Sneasel back to its pokball. He looked up to Jeryl and picked up his bag. Without a word he turned around and jolted down the path behind him.

Banquo, return. Jeryl sighed. He watched to make sure the boy didnt come back. After a few moments he returned to the spot with his pack and picked up his walking stick. Sliding his pack over his shoulder he stared at his bony old fingers. They were wrinkled and worn.

I cant believe Im still doing this Too many years. The old man wiped the sweat from his wrinkled face. The sun was coming down, and the winds were picking up. A breeze swept over him and cooled his bald head. Just a few more minutes, and he would be at the base of the mountain.